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At any level an active,shooter is essentially,one bad guy with a gun. Whether he is shooting,at hundreds of people or,just at you nobody has. more control over your,survival than you do,It can happen anywhere at. any time so preparation,and a defensive mindset,are key to your survival. You must be vigilant and,PROFILE OF AN ACTIVE SHOOTER.
Identifying Characteristics Of A Typical Active Shooter. There is no exact profile of an active,shooter but they do share some WARNING SIGNS. common characteristics If you are around a person who. Desire to end human life or inflict Starts talking about committing. acts of violence,extreme harm on an individual or a. Begins making plans to carry out,group of people,the act of violence and. Look for easy targets and,Loads up on weapons and ammo. opportunities quickly,Most shooters have NO previous.
Pay attention and report it,arrests for violent attacks. History of social isolation and,Interaction with mental health MOTIVATION. professionals Reasons vary but there are some,consistencies Active shooters often. No matter what laws or restrictions are F eel wronged and want to get revenge. in place the shooter will always find Have severe mental illness and. access to weapons magazines and D esire to make a name for themselves. ammo to carry out their goal,TARGETED LOCATIONS,Source Federal Bureau of Investigation 2018. STATISTICS TO KNOW,TYPICAL ACTIVE SHOOTER OUTCOMES.
Source Federal Bureau of Investigation 2018,An active shooter incident involves. a person or persons whose single,minded purpose is to hurt or kill. They choose confined and populated of active shooters. areas in order to do the most harm 96 2 were male,In most cases active shooters do not. utilize patterns or methods to select Source Federal Bureau of Investigation 2000 2013. their victims,56 percent 14 minutes 15 minutes, of active shooting National average for Typical duration. events are over before law enforcement to of an active. police arrive arrive on the scene shooter situation. STEP 1 RECOGNIZE AND REACT,Don t allow yourself to be a victim.
Ask yourself have you done everything you can to prepare for survival In today s. world we can no longer go through life without thinking about possible survival. scenarios You have to be prepared to fight for your life Even when you are. unarmed you can protect yourself by developing a defensive mindset. Key elements of survival are awareness think clearly Having a plan will help. knowledge evasion and preparation you react immediately when every. second counts,BE AWARE of your surroundings of, others around you and of uncommon If you think you hear unusual sounds. sounds and behaviors BE PREPARED move toward an exit so you can quickly. to react Always report suspicious leave Always assume it is what you. behavior think it is Do not wait,When you first enter a location identify. the exits restrooms windows and,stairwells Make a quick assessment. of active shooters,develop a plan in your mind and 98 7 acted alone. rehearse it Ask yourself what would I, do Devise a plan Source Federal Bureau of Investigation 2000 2013.
If you have to plan your escape during,a stressful event it is already too late. Stress causes sweating increased heart,rate dilated pupils and the inability to. We are not preparing for,the world we live in we are. preparing for the world we,find ourselves in,MICHAEL MABEE. Veteran Author,Prepping for a Suburban or Rural,Community Building a Civil Defense Plan.
for a Long Term Catastrophe,STEP 2 RUN AND ESCAPE, Listen to your intuition Follow your gut reaction Act fast. Instinct takes control use what you ve gathered from your surroundings and. act on what you know,At the first feeling of danger react. At the first sign or sound of an active Casualties of an active. shooter run AWAY from the sound of 2 217 shooter incident from. 2000 to 2017,gunfire You will hear loud popping, noises The louder the noises the closer Source Federal Bureau of Investigation 2000 2017. the shooter is to you,Remain low or crawl if necessary. Do not hesitate Move quickly to the, nearest exit AWAY from the shooter Continue to move toward exits locate.
or noises the closest exit door stairwell elevator. or window Use caution as you enter,Try to get as many people as you can open areas. to evacuate with you but do not let, others slow you down with indecision Keep an eye out for approaching law. or fear If someone doesn t evacuate enforcement and keep your hands. do NOT wait for them leave open and above your head with fingers. spread out when approaching police,Leave all personal belongings behind. and just run Forget purses backpacks Once in a safe area use your phone to. briefcases and jackets If you have a call 911,gun grab it quickly Do not go back. for anything,A good plan now is a whole lot,better than a perfect plan an.
hour from now,TRENT LOZANO,Law Enforcement Officer. STEP 3 HIDE,When running or escaping are not options. You ve tried running to escape the situation without success What are your. available options at this point,PICTURE THIS, An active shooter is firing All possible exits are either Hiding and securing your. rounds towards a crowd of blocked crowded or location may be your best bet. people inaccessible for survival, If you are in an area where you Close blinds and window coverings. cannot evacuate safely hide to the Cover any glass or windows to obstruct. best of your ability and fortify your the view inside. position Think of a way out for when,Barricade the entry points with.
it becomes safe,large heavy objects such as desks, Examine the room for possible exits refrigerators and sofas If people are. or available weapons even alternative present ask for help to move items. ones e g chairs fire extinguishers,Stay low and hide behind heavy or. lamps etc Think about what to do to,dense objects but think about what. defend yourself if you are found,you can do if discovered. Coordinate a quick plan if others are,Stay quiet and put your phone on.
in the room with you,SILENT NOT VIBRATE,Remain out of the shooter s view. Call 911 only if it safe to do so,Turn off all lights. Lock all entry points doors windows,patios etc,STEP 4 FIGHT. When hiding is no longer an option,Use as a LAST RESORT to defend your life. If you cannot evacuate after you hide get your hand on the attacker s gun. and barricade you need to begin control the barrel and direct it toward. looking for ways to defend yourself the ground Keep the shooter from. pointing the gun at anything other than,Look for edged weapons blunt objects.
the floor Stand on the weapon once,fire extinguishers and of course. it is away from the shooter Everyone,firearms Even if you have a firearm do. else should attack the shooter and take,NOT go out and attempt to confront or. all weapons from him as he may have,find the shooter Stay in your location. multiple guns or knives,and defend the people in your group.
This is going to be terrifying and,Plan your attack with others if possible. chaotic It will be loud The gun WILL,Make assignments if there is time Be. fire Count on it People in your group,ready to throw objects like books. WILL be injured,backpacks staplers coffee mugs etc. at the shooter to disorient and possibly,injure them or to create a diversion.
If the shooter enters the room you are,in everyone needs to attack together. Your attack should be VIOLENT and,SWIFT Don t stop once you start. Remember survival is key If you,STEP 5 SURVIVE, Trust your instincts take action survival is your responsibility. Keep a level head and make the right decisions that will keep you alive. Survive for you your family your loved On 911 call. ones and friends Prevent others from Provide location and address. walking into the danger zone Prepare Give quick details of the situation. a plan with co workers practice it in Share a description of the shooter. your mind and talk with security Even State how many shooters are. if the shooter is neutralized you will present if possible and. likely have to remain in place for some State how many possible injuries. time Keep calm help others remain, calm and care for the wounded as When police arrive. much as possible Stay calm do not raise your voice. point or scream,Avoid common mistakes Stay still and avoid quick.
Putting yourself in a corner with movements especially toward. no options to move officers, Choosing interior seats or the Let them know you are a victim. middle of crowds with no means Cooperate fully,to easily escape Keep your hands above your. Making yourself stand out head with fingers open and drop. Selecting locations with obstacles anything in your hands such as. blocking your exit route bags or jackets and, Trying to take video or pictures COMPLY WITH ALL COMMANDS. Freezing in place and IMMEDIATELY, Coming into contact with items Keep in mind to the police everyone. the shooter leaves behind there can be a suspect,could be evidence bombs more.
weapons ammo etc Due to the nature of the call every. agency around will respond You will,see many different uniforms Law. enforcement will likely be wearing,Active shooter tactical gear with heavy vests and. 250 incidents 2000 2017 carrying rifles,Source Federal Bureau of Investigation 2000 2017. EDUCATION IS YOUR NUMBER ONE DEFENSE,Don t be a helpless bystander. With this Surviving An Active Shooter Incident 5 Steps to Stay Alive you now have. the knowledge to better ensure your survival should you ever find yourself in the. midst of an active shooter,TOPICS LEARNED, ACTIVE SHOOTER PROFILE You may be out manned and out.
There is no definitive set of characteristics gunned but keep your wits about you. LOCATIONS AND OUTCOMES evaluate your surroundings and you. Always have a plan,WILL have a better chance at making. RECOGNIZE AND REACT it home,Develop a defensive mindset. RUN AND ESCAPE KIRK EVANS,President U S LawShield, HIDE Come and join us for an active shooter seminar so. Secure your position look for an exit you can learn more about how to protect yourself. FIGHT and have all of your questions answered,Should be your last resort. SURVIVE Receive real life knowledge and guidance from. Avoid mistakes to stay alive law enforcement professionals trained to handle. these life threatening situations Then learn from,experienced Independent Program Attorneys as.
they explain how to navigate the legal aftermath,of an incident. LESSONS LEARNED IN THE CLASSROOM, EMPOWERING YOU WITH THE SKILLS TO PRESERVE YOUR LIFE. What it all comes down,to is you making it,back home alive You. deserve that moment,at the end of every day,but obtaining it is your. Special Report SURVIVING AN ACTIVE SHOOTER INCIDENT 5 STEPS TO STAY ALIVE 19 95 At any level an active shooter is essentially one bad guy with a gun Whether he is shooting at hundreds of people or just at you nobody has more control over your survival than you do It can happen anywhere at any time so preparation and a defensive mindset are key to your survival You must be

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