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10 Playing through Courses,11 Special Courses,13 Share the Adventure. 14 Assist Play,15 Ghost Mii Characters,16 Miiverse. 17 Basic Actions,18 Special Actions,19 Power Ups,20 Mario s Forms. About This Product,21 Legal Notices,Troubleshooting. 22 Support Information,1 Important Information,Thank you for selecting the Super Mario 3D.
World game for the Wii U system,Important Information. Please read this manual carefully before using this. software If the software will be used by children,the manual should be read and explained to them. by an adult,Also before using this software please read the. content of the Health and Safety Information,application on the Wii U Menu It contains. important information that will help you enjoy this. 2 Controllers and Sound Settings,The following controllers can be used with this.
software when they are paired with the console,Wii U Wii U Pro. GamePad Controller,Wii Remote,Wii Remote,Wii Remote. Controller Pro,Up to four people can play together This requires. one Wii U GamePad 6,Only one Wii U GamePad controller can be used. A Wii Remote Plus can be used instead of a Wii,You can use a Classic Controller instead of a.
Classic Controller Pro,Pairing Controllers,From the HOME Menu. select Controller Settings,to display the screen,shown to the right. Select Pair and then,follow the on screen instructions to pair the. controller,Surround Sound,This game supports 5 1 channel linear PCM. surround sound In order to experience surround,sound select System Settings from the Wii U.
Menu choose the TV item and then change the,audio output type to Surround. In order to experience surround sound with this, software you will need to connect your Wii U console. with a receiver that has a built in HDMI port using a. High Speed HDMI Cable For more information about, how to configure and connect your receiver see the. instruction manual for the receiver,3 Online Features. Connect to the Internet to use the,Nintendo Network online service Once you.
progress a little way into the game you ll be able. to receive Ghost Mii characters 15 and use,Miiverse 16. Nintendo Network settings can be changed in the,menu accessed from the world screen. See the Internet Connection Requirements section of. the printed Wii U Operations Manual for more, information about the equipment required to connect. to the Internet Once you have all the required,equipment select Internet from System Settings. in the Wii U Menu to configure an Internet,connection.
4 Note to Parents and Guardians,You can restrict use of the following features by. selecting Parental Controls from the Wii U,Item Content. Restricts the use of Miiverse and the,Interaction in. exchange of Ghost Mii characters,Restricts posting on Miiverse and or. viewing other p lay ers Miiv ers e,p os ts It is po ssi bl e to restric t.
p osting on ly or to restrict bo th,posting and viewing Restricting. posting and viewing will also restrict,t h e exc h an g e of Gh ost Mi i. characters,Access to this game as well as other games. can also be restricted through the Game Rating,item in Parental Controls. 5 Starting the Game,To start a game from,the beginning select.
any file marked New,To continue a game,from where you left off. select a file containing,Throughout this manual if no controller is. specified the controls refer to the Wii U,Remaining lives. Number of Green Stars collected,Number of Stamps collected 12. Copying and Deleting Save,To copy a file press and select a file To.
delete a file press,Save files cannot be recovered once they have. been deleted so please be careful,Data will be saved automatically whenever. you clear a course 10 and return to,the world screen 7. 6 Character Selection,Select a character to play Controllers other. than the GamePad will be added in the order,that they connect.
Each player uses one controller,Menu and Other Screen. Select option, The controls for the Classic Controller Pro are the. same as those of the GamePad and the Wii U Pro,Controller. 7 World Screen,On this screen you can move around freely. and choose courses that you want to play,When playing as a group the lead player.
selects the courses,1 Current world and course,2 Remaining lives. 3 Number of Green Stars collected,4 Number of Stamps collected. 5 Collected coins 12,6 Item storage 9,These show if a course has been cleared or not. Not cleared,Cleared by grabbing the top of the Goal Pole. A fearsome boss lies in wait for you at the end of. these stages Defeat the boss so you can move on,to the next world.
9 Captain Toad s Adventures 11,Other Locations,There are a number of other locations where. you can battle enemies or gain items,If you defeat these. Enemies enemies new,courses will appear,Open the big or small. Toad House box to get the items,Sprixie Find new Stamps. House here,There are other exciting locations too,8 World Screen Controls.
Dash while moving,When using the Wii U GamePad or Wii U Pro. Controller has the same function as and,has the same function as. The controls for the Classic Controller Pro are the. same as those of the GamePad and the Wii U Pro,Controller. World game for the Wii U system Please read this manual carefully before using this software If the software will be used by children the manual should be read and explained to them by an adult

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