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new tools are designed to work Wheel Bearing 4 Remove the rotor. only with tapered roller bearings Installation Procedures. The complete repair procedure The following is a summary of 5 Unstake and remove the. can be found in Subaru Service the revised wheel bearing installa axle nut. Publication Booklet tion procedures A PDF version of. MSA5TT0201 Booklet Number MSA5TT0201 6 Remove the lateral link bolt. Subaru has also authorized the containing the complete proce. installation of a taper roller type dure photographs and tool list 7 Push the bearing housing out. bearing part number ings is available for download on ward and slide the axle out. 28016AA030 as the replacement the End Wrench website at. part on the applicable Impreza www endwrench com Do not 8 Set the axle below the lateral. and Forester models This taper attempt this procedure without link bolt and reinstall the lateral. bearing is the same bearing that the proper tools They may be link bolt. is applicable to 1999 model year purchased from Kent Moore by. and prior Legacy models calling 800 345 2233 Note Inspect the axle for any. If you have diagnosed a failed deep scratches pitting or damage. rear wheel bearing repair it with 1 Remove the wheel dust shield Replace if necessary. the new procedure and check the, condition of the remaining side 2 Remove the caliper 9 Connect the slide hammer to. Replace only if needed mounting bolts the wheel bearing hub Do not. The new genuine Subaru rear use the original wheel lug nuts. wheel bearings are not to be 3 Secure the caliper Place a Note After threading on the five. packed with grease of any kind mark on the hub and rotor so lug adapter to the slide hammer. The bearing is ready to install that they can be reassembled the thread on the nut and tighten the. out of the box same way they came apart adapter to the nut. Subaru Wheel Bearing Replacement,Make sure the groove is outward. Place the OTC 314308 with a wash,er onto the puller bolt This will be. placed into the bearing housing,Apply the included special grease to. the puller bolt once during disassem,bly and again during reassembly.
Set the axle below the lateral link bolt and,reinstall the lateral link bolt. Carefully thrust the slide outward,until the wheel bearing hub is. Remove the snap ring, Remove the inner seals from the Install the special tool. bearing housing,The OTC 311887 with washer and,nut will be placed onto the opposite. end of the puller bolt after it has been,inserted into the bearing housing If.
the wrong side of OTC 311887 is,placed against the bearing the tool will. become jammed into the inner race,Use a slide hammer to remove the. wheel bearing hub,Place OTC 311882 over the bearing. housing The groove must face out,ward Step 19,Position the tools for bearing removal. Rotate the OTC 311882 as it is, installed and make sure it is making Position the tools for bearing.
full contact with the backing plate removal,www endwrench com. Place the OTC 311883 into the Secure a wrench on the nut located. OTC 311882 on the backside of the bearing hous, ing Using a breaker bar begin ment between X and Y is Note All three included washers. tightening the puller bolt more than 020mm replace the are the same thickness. housing with a new one, Switch to the air ratchet after The J45697 1 larger diameter. the initial tension of the bearing Prepare the new tapered roller surface will face the wheel bearing. has been overcome bearing for installation Do not housing on the inner side after the. remove the bearing stay plastic puller bolt has been inserted into. Remove the bearing and tools piece inside the bearing at this the bearing housing. from the outside of the bearing time,housing Position the tools on the bearing. Note Do not disassemble the housing front side for installation. Clean and inspect the bearing bearing Do not add any grease. housing for damage Use the test to the bearing Position the tools on the back. outlined below to check for out side of the housing for installation. of roundness condition Replace Set the bearing assembly into. bearing housing if out of round the bearing housing Secure the nut on the inner. side with a wrench and begin, Note Measure the roundness of Assemble the tools for wheel tightening the bolt with an air.
the housing where the bearing is bearing installation Place a wash ratchet. installed as follows er on the bolt followed by OTC. 311888 open end facing toward Tighten the last few turns with. Measure inner diameter X and the wheel bearing housing Place the breaker bar if necessary. Y at both A and B positions another washer on the bolt fol Installation is complete when. by using cylinder bore gauge lowed by J45697 9 Apply the OTC 311888 makes contact with. If difference of the measure included grease to the puller bolt the bearing housing. Subaru Wheel Bearing Replacement,Remove the old inner bearing race. Measure the bearing housing Install a set of press plates below. the old inner race and remove with, Remove the tools appropriate press and press tools. Insert the snap ring If the snap ring Reinstall the tone wheel 5 4 ft lb if. will not seat properly the bearing is equipped Insert the puller bolt with. not fully installed washer into the hub,Place the J45697 1 with the smaller. diameter surface facing inward onto,the puller bolt after it has been insert. ed through the bearing housing,The slot will be used to insert a.
depth gauge,Secure a wrench on the nut and,begin tightening the puller bolt with. the air ratchet Finish the installation,with the breaker bar. Install the new bearing,Thread seal installer J45697 11 with. the smaller diameter facing outward,onto driver handle J8092. Install the outer seal,Remove all tools from the puller.
bolt Push out the bearing stay from,the center of the installed bearing. using the head of the bolt,Prepare the hub for installation. Remove the old outer seal from the,www endwrench com. hub Install and torque the lateral link bolt,Remove the tone wheel if equipped. Check the installed depth of Reverse the J 45697 10 on the Legacy 87 116 ft lb. the hub with the following pro driver handle J 8092 Place the. cedure Measure through the pro inner number two seal on the tool Impreza. vided slot on J45697 1 Remove and install the seal and Forester 101 14 ft lb. the washer if necessary and rein, stall nut Using an appropriate Note The seal is fully installed Install the brake rotor Match the.
depth gauge measure from the when the seal is flush with the marks made during disassembly. top of J 45697 1 to the top flat bearing housing Install and torque new axle nut. edge of the wheel bearing This, will represent A Measure Check the rolling resistance of Legacy Impreza and Forester. again to the top flat of the hub the hub with the supplied torque 137 14 ft lb. This will represent B Use the wrench The hub should turn. following formula B A C C smoothly Starting force should Stake the axle nut Then. should equal 2 0 0 3 mm the be 7 to 17 inch pounds install the brake caliper mount. correct installed depth of the and torque the bolts to 38 4 ft. wheel bearing hub Remove the lateral link bolt lb, Thread seal installer J 45697 Push the bearing housing out Install the wheel and torque. 10 onto driver handle J 8092 ward and slide the axle in the lug nuts. with the pictured surface facing, outward Place the inner number Install and torque the lateral Legacy Impreza and Forester. one seal on the tool and install link bolt Use a new self locking steel wheels 65 7 ft lb. the seal The tool will make con nut, tact with the bearing housing Pump the brake pedal before. when the seal is fully installed Note Do not use impact tools moving the vehicle. Subaru Wheel Bearing Replacement SubaruSubaru Wheel Bearing Replacement 10 Ongoing studies of vehicle repairs and service procedures have lead to the development of a new rear wheel bear ing replacement procedure for the fol lowing vehicles 1998 2003 Forester 1993 2003 Impreza excluding WRX 1990 1999 Legacy Additionally several design changes have been made to increase the

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