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THE BEST START,for licensees new to the field, Congratulations on your new career as an insurance broker And. welcome to the CNS IBABC New Broker Essential Skills Certificate. Program the best possible footing for a successful life long. career in the property and casualty insurance industry. Developed in response to the stated needs of brokerage managers. and with the significant support of CNS one of B C s largest. insurers the New Broker Essential Skills Certificate Program. provides a full range of technical and interpersonal skills all the. practical skills necessary for long term success in this complex. and challenging field,PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD ABOUT THE PROGRAM 4. ON YOUR MARK GET SET ENLIST A MENTOR 5,YOU RE OFF AND RUNNING PROGRAM SYLLABUS 7. THE FINE PRINT 10, Thank you CNS for making this program possible CNS part of the CONTACT INFORMATION 11. RSA Canada group of companies is the leading insurance company. in B C doing business only in B C and only through brokers CNS and. RSA foster leadership and business skills within the insurance industry. through their sponsorship of education programs like the New Broker. Essential Skills Program and the Making Partner Program respectively. PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD Program fees, The Program application fee is 95 for IBABC members 195 for non members and is non.
The insurance broker profession demands mastery of complex technical knowledge and the. refundable This fee covers the processing of your application and administrative services during. people skills to gain your clients confidence trust and loyalty You provide the right coverage. the program New Broker Essential Skills courses and seminars are paid for separately as you. for their important assets and all of the follow up service and advocacy that goes along with it. register for them, Often such as when a major loss occurs you re doing this during some of the most emotionally. charged times of your clients lives, The New Broker Essential Skills Certificate Program provides a combination of product knowledge ON YOUR MARK GET SET. and soft skills to give you a solid foundation on which to develop as an insurance professional This guide contains information about the program curriculum and how to proceed through it. The program takes a step by step approach to ensure that you have the support you need to. Enrolment eligibility make your learning experience the best it can be. This program is right for you if you re currently licensed and employed by a B C brokerage and. have been licensed as an insurance broker for less than 4 years Enlist a mentor. To obtain your general insurance salesperson s Level 1 licence you completed either the Many leading brokers credit much of their success to a mentor who helped them along the way. Fundamentals of Insurance or CAIB 1 course Your career goals likely include obtaining your CAIB Mentorship is a traditional and important part of the insurance profession. designation and advancing to your Level 2 license and higher It s common for people in new challenging environments to be hesitant about asking for help With. The New Broker Essential Skills program augments that process by including CAIB courses in the that in mind the New Broker Essential Skills Program formalizes a mentor mentoree relationship. program syllabus and adding courses developed specifically to meet the demands of today s to give students experience in forging such relationships that will help them gain knowledge. brokerage environment throughout their careers, You are asked to enlist a mentor a more senior broker who will commit to providing direction and. What you ll gain guidance as you work your way through the program When inviting a broker to be your mentor. arrange for him or her to read the New Broker Essential Skills Mentor Guide just as you have been. Once enrolled in the program you ll quickly and effectively learn the essentials of being an. directed to access this Guide, insurance broker through a 3 step series of courses and seminars You ll be learning in many ways. and at various times mostly online and at the brokerage where you work and you ll be applying Some of the characteristics to look for in a mentor. that knowledge on the job We re confident that you ll benefit from your studies and that you ll. Someone you respect with industry experience up to date knowledge and technical skills. enjoy the program, You might also look for someone with experience in the part of the insurance industry that.
Learn practical skills in addition to the technical aspects of insurance contracts interests you most. Advance faster increase your value to your employer It s preferable but not essential that your mentor works at the same brokerage as you do You. may also want to also consider approaching a retired broker about mentorship. Develop a mentor relationship that will help provide context for what you learn and provide a. foundation for similar knowledge sharing relationships throughout your career Patience a willingness to help and an ability to explain things clearly. Gain confidence and identify professional and personal growth opportunities as they arise A commitment to life long learning and professional development. Good time management,Certificate criteria, A balanced positive outlook enthusiasm for his or her job an interest in other people and a. Each student is asked to enlist a mentor please see below sense of humour. Each step must be completed in order,How to be a good mentoree. Students have 4 years maximum to complete the program. Stay focused on goals At your first meeting with your mentor be ready to share your goals for. Graduates will receive a certificate in their specialization stream suitable for framing. enrolling in the New Broker Essential Skills Program and for your career Be forthright about. Students can complete both the Personal Lines and Commercial Lines streams if they wish a your strengths and weaknesses so you can grow professionally. separate program fee is required for the second stream. After your first meeting with your mentor prepare a mentoring statement of intent that granted Exceptional circumstances such as pregnancy or illness will be reviewed by the IBABC. includes such things as Education Department Manager. Goals By completing the program within 4 years you ll demonstrate your professional commitment. your time management skills and your ability to finish what you start all qualities that brokerage. Scheduled meeting times set deadlines and work toward them. managers value highly, Initial duration of mentoring relationship e g 6 months a year. To receive maximum benefit from the program proceed through the steps in order Don t do more. Preferred means of communication email face to face than one step at a time but feel free to take the prescribed courses and seminars within each. Topics of interest step in any order you want, Confidentiality agreement If you have already taken any of the program s courses or seminars through IBABC or another. Canadian insurance brokers association it will count toward your New Broker Essential Skills. Accept responsibility for your learning your mentor will guide you but you will be doing the certificate Please note that while we make every effort to approve course equivalencies they re. work assessed on a case by case basis Please contact the IBABC Education Department Manager for. Maintain a positive attitude equivalency consulting and approval. Communicate regularly and efficiently Address problems as they arise Ask for help if you need it At Step 3 you ll be asked to choose either the Personal Lines or the Commercial Lines stream You. can complete both if you wish A separate enrolment fee will be charged for the second stream. Be cooperative and flexible remember that your mentor is giving generously of his or her time. and you ll have 2 years to complete the additional stream. for your benefit Be helpful and supportive to your mentor in return. Keep trust levels high through confidentiality and professional conduct. YOU RE OFF AND RUNNING, Keep an open mind Accept and give feedback with grace and tact.
The New Broker Essential Skills Program is a mix of licensing courses and continuing education. Go beyond your comfort zone Recognize that your path to learning is your responsibility CE seminars available online and or in the classroom taken via 3 mandatory steps Please go to. Be a team player www ibabc org for full course descriptions. Initiate and participate in discussions,Seek information and opinions. Try to ease tensions be positive CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR THE INSURANCE PROFESSIONAL CSIP COURSE. Seek ways to help other team members succeed The Customer Service for the Insurance Professional CSIP course is online and includes the. Be fair when giving and accepting praise or criticism following 4 modules. Volunteer for your share of tasks and do what you say you re going to do Module 1 The Role of the CSR. Reflect on experiences and what you ve learned Module 2 Adding Value to the Brokerage. Please keep in mind that your greatest responsibility in the mentoring relationship is to yourself Module 3 Brokerage Operations. The more you invest in this relationship the greater the returns Giving anything less than 100 Module 4 Industry Issues. is only cheating yourself, DURATION Most students complete all 4 modules of the CSIP course within 3 to 6 months. If you have difficulties enlisting a mentor please speak with the IBABC Education Department depending on learning speed and commitment Students receive a certificate of CSIP course. Manager completion at the end of this step, CE CREDITS Due to current Insurance Council of B C continuing education CE regulations there. Plan your progress through the program are no CE credits available for completing the CSIP course You and your brokerage will benefit. Just like a high performance athlete you have a team of supporters helping and cheering you on from it immensely however as it is full of highly important useful and practical information. that team includes your mentor your work colleagues your friends and family and the education FINAL EXAM There is a multiple choice quiz at the end of the CSIP course You must score 60. staff at IBABC Consider this program a timed event You must complete it within 4 years from the or higher on this quiz to successfully complete the course Each module includes exercises and a. date of your initial program enrolment to receive a completion certificate No extensions will be summary and review at the end including multiple choice and short answer questions. FEES For course fees go to www ibabc org and follow the links STEP 3. COURSE REGISTRATION As this is an online course you must register and pay for the CSIP. course online Go to www ibabc org and follow the links STREAMED COURSES AND SEMINARS. Please be sure to review the System Requirements page and ensure you have the needed Welcome to Step 3 the final stage in the program At this point you ll choose a personal focus. computer hardware and software before registering Personal Lines or Commercial Lines. COURSE MATERIALS Each CSIP module has a corresponding student workbook When your. registration for the CSIP course is received the IBABC Education Department will send all 4 Personal Lines. workbooks to you right away While the online modules will direct your studies you will need the CAIB 1 self study or online 8 CE Credits. workbooks to study from and complete the required exercises. How to Complete the Personal Lines Application 6 CE Credits. STEP 2 How to Read and Interpret Personal Property Wordings 3 CE Credits. How to Read and Interpret Personal Liability Wordings 3 CE Credits. CORE SEMINARS,Insuring Home based Businesses 2 CE Credits. In Step 2 you ll participate in the following 5 online seminars over a 3 to 6 month period. Residential Building Construction ITV Issues Residential Cost Calculators 6 CE Credits. Claims Reporting and Advocacy Techniques 3 CE Credits. Customer Relationship Management Brokerage Management Systems 1CE Credit OR. Errors Omissions Prevention for New Brokers 3 CE Credits. Commercial Lines,Ethics for Insurance Brokers 6 CE Credits.
CAIB 2 self study classroom or online 8 CE Credits. Insurance Fraud Indicators at the Point of Sale 3 CE Credits. CAIB 3 self study classroom or online 8 CE Credits. These online seminars may be taken in any order, Business Interruption Insurance An In depth Study 6 CE Credits. STEP 2 DURATION Most students will complete all of these online seminars within 3 to 6. Commercial Building Construction 3 CE Credits, months depending on their schedule and learning commitment. Effective Commercial Lines Account Renewal Plans 3 CE credits. CE CREDITS All New Broker Essential Skills seminars are accredited for continuing education CE. credits Please refer to the online seminar description for the amount of CE credits granted How to Complete Commercial Lines Applications 3 CE Credits. FINAL EXAMS There is a brief multiple choice quiz at the end of each online seminar You must How to Read and Interpret Commercial Property Wordings 3 CE Credits. score 60 or higher on the quiz to successfully complete the seminar. How to Read and Interpret Commercial Liability Wordings 3 CE Credits. ONLINE SEMINAR REGISTRATION Please register at IBABC s Online Learning Centre for all. These courses and online seminars may be taken in any order. online seminars and be sure to purchase an annual subs. FINAL EXAM There is a multiple choice quiz at the end of the CSIP course You must score 60 or higher on this quiz to successfully complete the course Each module includes exercises and a summary and review at the end including multiple choice and short answer questions

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