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To compete and win in a market that leaves little room for error requires innovative ideas. and processes Organizations are challenged to create a new supply network model where. silos are broken down and collaboration exists between internal and external partners from. idea to delivery, The 2012 conferences for Logistics and Supply Chain Management Product Lifecycle. Management Manufacturing and Procurement and Supplier Management provide an. opportunity to learn from SAP leaders business peers and independent experts how. companies have and can improve innovation manage and mitigate the risks of today s global economy and. position themselves for future growth across the idea to delivery spectrum. By attending these events you ll learn what new capabilities are available today and planned for the future. from SAP to enable business processes that support seamless end to end idea to delivery from new product. development and introduction across responsive supply networks that encompass sourcing sales planning. and production to storage and delivery to after market parts management In addition to hearing from SAP. you ll have the opportunity to hear from fellow practitioners and learn how they are using SAP solutions to. impact their businesses and gain a competitive edge. I hope that you will join us and look forward to seeing you in Orlando. Hans Thalbauer,Senior Vice President, Line of Business Solutions for Supply Chain and R D. Jumpstart Day Conference March 19 22, Sunday March 18 Monday March 19 Tuesday March 20 Wednesday March 21 Thursday March 22. 8 00 am Registration opens 7 00 am Registration opens 7 30 am Registration opens 7 30 am Registration opens 7 30 am Registration opens. 9 00 am Morning Jumpstart 8 30 am General assembly 8 30 am Educational 8 30 am Educational 8 30 am Educational. sessions sessions sessions sessions,10 30 am Educational. 12 00 pm Lunch sessions 10 15 am Educational 10 15 am Educational 10 00 am Educational. sessions sessions sessions,2 00 pm Afternoon 11 45 am Lunch.
Jumpstart 11 30 am Lunch 11 45 am Educational 11 30 am Educational. 1 15 pm Educational,sessions sessions sessions,sessions 1 00 pm Educational. 5 00 pm Registration closes sessions 1 00 pm Lunch 12 45 pm Conference. 2 45 pm Educational,sessions 2 45 pm Educational 2 30 pm Educational. sessions sessions,4 15 pm Educational,sessions 4 15 pm Educational 4 00 pm Educational. sessions sessions,5 30 pm Welcome reception, Ask the Experts 5 30 pm Cocktail reception 5 15 pm Sessions conclude. Ask the Experts, For more information and to register visit www sapscm2012 com or call SAPinsider at 1 781 751 8700.
Overview 3,Jumpstart Day Sunday March 18, Pre conference foundational orientation and networking sessions. SAP technology innovations and updates,Orientation sessions. Enhanced networking activities including a special networking lunch. Intensive half day educational workshops for organizations that are evaluating and just getting started with. SAP initiatives, Conference March 19 22 More than 200 sessions spanning 12 tracks. 2012 strategies for improved measurement analysis Page 12. and performance,Track 2 Forecasting and planning Page 16. Track 3 Inventory optimization Page 21,Track 4 Order promise and fulfillment Page 23.
Track 5 Warehouse management Page 25, Track 6 Procurement and supplier management Page 27. Track 7 Transportation management Page 30,Track 8 Quality tracking and compliance Page 32. Track 9 Production planning and scheduling Page 34. Track 10 Shop floor visibility and integration Page 36. Track 11 Product development and lifecycle management Page 38. Implemenations upgrades and technology updates, Track 12 Special sessions to help guide your technology decisions and implementation and. upgrade projects, For more information and to register visit www sapscm2012 com or call SAPinsider at 1 781 751 8700. Educational and networking opportunities,More than 200 educational sessions and forums.
Expand your skills and knowledge by learning from the top experts at SAP independent consultants. and your industry counterparts,Jumpstart Day, Take advantage of comprehensive sessions to build skills and increase your logistics and supply chain. management IQ Obtain best practices and hear the latest product updates Attend introductory. sessions if you are new to the SCM functionality in SAP. Ask the Experts, Sit down one on one with the leading experts to ask questions and get detailed. authoritative answers, Live logistics and supply chain management solution demonstrations. See demonstrations and hear directly from SAP and leading vendors about SCM innovations and. their impact on SAP applications you want to extend develop or introduce to your employees and. Customer led case studies, Take away best practices and methodologies taught by the companies that practice them Learn. from highly experienced SAP customers to solidify your own strategies and tactics. Interactive discussion forums, Hear about your peers projects challenges and ongoing initiatives during forums facilitated by an.
expert moderator,Exhibit hall receptions, Interact with the best and the brightest minds working with SAP software Build a lasting network of. peers and meet with leading product and service vendors. SCMexpert LIVE, This popular forum offers attendees the opportunity to meet leading authors from SCM Expert and. discuss topics from recent articles Follow the framework of the article as the author guides you. through the most important parts You re not just a reader you re a participant. For more information and to register visit www sapscm2012 com or call SAPinsider at 1 781 751 8700. Jumpstart Day 5,Join us for Jumpstart Day Sunday March 18. Special three hour sessions that enable you to, Fortify your understanding of critical SAP technologies and solutions. Explore new trends and strategies, Enhance your learning experience at the main conference.
By registering for Jumpstart Day you can,Attend any sessions of interest to you. Benefit from expert led instruction demos guidelines and dedicated. question and answer time, Gain online access to the session slides and exclusive take home. materials from all presentations, Participate in a networking lunch with other attendees. Jumpstart Day Sessions,Sunday March 18,Morning session 9 00 am 12 00 pm. SAP SCM A comprehensive guide to critical implementation and upgrade considerations Page 6. Should you could you and how would you deploy SAP Extended Warehouse. Management SAP EWM Page 6, A comprehensive guide to implementing SAP APO functionality for production planning.
and detailed scheduling PP DS Page 7, How when and why to get started with SAP Supplier Relationship Management 7 0 Page 7. A complete and up to date guide to SAP Product Lifecycle Management SAP PLM Page 8. Interactive workshop Breaking down the barriers between business and IT Page 8. Lunch 12 00 pm 2 00 pm,Afternoon session 2 00 pm 5 00 pm. An A to Z guide to charting a successful course to your SAP Transportation. Management project, New strategies and best practices to improve collaboration with customers. and suppliers, Fixing your sales forecast won t work How to effectively manage capacity constraints. through your S OP processes, A practical guide to developing a cohesive and comprehensive product lifecycle.
management PLM strategy and methodology, From capacity to capabilities The future factory and the role of technology Page 11. The latest guide to track and trace compliance Tips for enhancing supply chain. security to ensure product authenticity and reduce opportunities for illicit trade. Jumpstart Day continued on next page, For more information and to register visit www sapscm2012 com or call SAPinsider at 1 781 751 8700. Jumpstart Day 6,Morning Sessions 9 00 am 12 00 pm, SAP SCM A comprehensive guide to critical Should you could you and how would you. implementation and upgrade considerations deploy SAP Extended Warehouse Management. Ashish Saxena IBM,Lyle Berry Catalyst,9 00 am 12 00 pm. 9 00 am 12 00 pm, Whether you are considering an SAP Supply Chain Manage.
ment SAP SCM implementation planning to upgrade or Whether you re newly implementing SAP Extended Ware. expanding your SCM footprint this three hour session will house Management SAP EWM or migrating from SAP WM. help you understand the full functionality and application or a third party solution you will benefit from this detailed. history of SAP SCM both on its own and in relation to the introduction to SAP EWM s features functionality and sys. SAP ERP features it supplements tem architecture, y Get an overview of all five components of SAP SCM y Compare and contrast SAP WM and SAP EWM to. understand the differences in features business benefits. SAP Advanced Planning Optimization upgrade paths deployment options and system. SAP APO architecture,SAP Supply Network Collaboration SAP SNC. SAP Forecasting and Replenishment y Observe and actively participate in a day in the life of. SAP Event Management SAP EWM an interactive demonstration that highlights. SAP Extended Warehouse Management SAP EWM s role in daily operations across all levels of the. SAP EWM supply chain from the warehouse floor all the way to. executive management,y Examine the architecture technology landscape. dependencies and requirements needed to implement y Explore SAP EWM s labor management capabilities that. one a few or all of the SAP SCM applications track operational efficiencies and see how this data can. be used to effectively manage your workforce,y Learn how to assess the costs and benefits of. implementing SAP SCM y Learn how to leverage warehouse monitor to analyze. real time data and make sound decisions on inventory. y Get steps to build the business and technical criteria to levels and consolidation space utilization and order fill. help you prioritize which applications to implement first rates. next and last,y Get tips for using SAP EWM to create warehouse.
y Examine the requirements and challenges of integrating operations to schedule transactions and guarantee all. SAP SCM with SAP ERP products are periodically evaluated and optimally slotted. y Understand how all the SAP SCM components work y Take home a sample SAP EWM project plan and a guide. together to enable an efficient end to end supply chain to SAP EWM project implementation approaches and. technical considerations, y Gain insight into how to determine if whether and how. to replace or enhance existing SAP ERP functionality with. For more information and to register visit www sapscm2012 com or call SAPinsider at 1 781 751 8700. Jumpstart Day 7,Morning Sessions 9 00 am 12 00 pm, A comprehensive guide to implementing SAP How when and why to get started with SAP. APO functionality for production planning and Supplier Relationship Management 7 0. detailed scheduling PP DS,Sachin Sethi The SRM Experts TSE. Alan Hendry K2 Professional Services,9 00 am 12 00 pm. 9 00 am 12 00 pm, This special three hour session offers a comprehensive intro.
This special three hour session provides an in depth review duction to the latest SAP Supplier Relationship Management. of the production planning and detailed scheduling PP DS 7 0 SAP SRM features and capabilities as well as expert rec. features and functions delivered with SAP APO and provides ommendations for implementing and maintaining SAP SRM. a roadmap to getting started with PP DS, y Get a detailed understanding of the end to end SAP SRM. y Get an overview of the main capabilities of PP DS functionality that drives. Self service procurement,Heuristics based planning Catalog management. Sequence optimization Contract management,The detailed scheduling board Supplier evaluation. The alert monitor Supplier collaboration,Evaluation of planning results. y Understand how SAP SRM integrates with your SAP ERP. y Compare and contrast production planning functionality environment that includes the materials management. between SAP ERP and PP DS to understand which best financials and human resources modules. suits your organization s planning needs, y Compare and contrast real life SAP SRM deployment.
y Understand what master data is required by PP DS scenarios such as classic extended classic and standalone. to understand how each scenario impacts your project. y Get tips for sourcing and managing data from your SAP. schedule and timeline, ERP system including which data is required to get. started with the detailed scheduling board y Walk through the infrastructure requirements you ll need. to support your SAP SRM project design, y Receive tips to maximize resource and labor utilization. and optimize your schedules based on capacity and y Find out what s included in SAP SRM enhancement. productivity package 1 including a simplified shopping cart an. enhanced catalog user interface portal and SAP, y See how to set up alerts and exception reporting using. NetWeaver BW independence supplier management,the plan monitor feature. y Learn what it takes to fully leverage PP DS s built in. y Come away from this session with insight to create a. optimizer to reduce downtime for line changeovers,roadmap to support your SAP SRM initiative and an.
y Understand common problems in integrating supply understanding . www sapscm2012 com Register by February 17 and SAVE 200 Strategies and skills development for Supply chain management Inventory control Demand and supply planning Fulfillment Warehouse management Logistics and transportation management Replenishment Production planning and manufacturing execution Procurement and materials handling Supplier and contract management

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