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This course text is part of the learning content for this Edinburgh Business School course. In addition to this printed course text you should also have access to the course website in this subject. which will provide you with more learning content the Profiler software and past examination questions. and answers, The content of this course text is updated from time to time and all changes are reflected in the version. of the text that appears on the accompanying website at http coursewebsites ebsglobal net. Most updates are minor and examination questions will avoid any new or significantly altered material for. two years following publication of the relevant material on the website. You can check the version of the course text via the version release number to be found on the front. page of the text and compare this to the version number of the latest PDF version of the text on the. If you are studying this course as part of a tutored programme you should contact your Centre for. further information on any changes, Full terms and conditions that apply to students on any of the Edinburgh Business School courses are. available on the website www ebsglobal net and should have been notified to you either by Edinburgh. Business School or by the centre or regional partner through whom you purchased your course If this is. not the case please contact Edinburgh Business School at the address below. Edinburgh Business School,Heriot Watt University,United Kingdom. Tel 44 0 131 451 3090,Fax 44 0 131 451 3002,Email enquiries ebs hw ac uk. Website www ebsglobal net, The courses are updated on a regular basis to take account of errors omissions and recent.
developments If you d like to suggest a change to this course please contact. us comments ebs hw ac uk,Strategic Negotiation, Strategic Negotiation was written by Professor Gavin Kennedy BA MSc PhD a Professor at Edinburgh. Business School Heriot Watt University Edinburgh Scotland since 1984 He ran one of the UK s first. courses on negotiation at Brunel University London in May 1972 and has worked for many blue chip. organisations in the public and private sectors in the UK and many other countries France Germany. Poland Netherlands Norway Sweden Spain Portugal Switzerland Italy Romania Israel Palestine. China Hong Kong Malaysia Singapore Australia Papua New Guinea USA Canada and South Africa as a. negotiation trainer and consultant His experiences as a negotiator from operational level for senior. managers to strategising managing and preparing for major complex and high value contracts at Board. level for CEOs and directors have been distilled in numerous books. Professor Kennedy s latest book Adam Smith s Lost Legacy Palgrave Macmillan 2005 introduces the early. contributions of the famous 18th century Scottish Enlightenment philosopher to the analysis of negotia. tion Smith was the first to state the role of the conditional proposition If Then in negotiation see. www lostlegacy co uk, Many of his books such as Everything is Negotiable Random House 1983 3rd edition 1997 The Econo. mist Pocket Negotiator 1988 5th edition published as The Economist Essential Negotiation 2004 Profile. Books and the Economist Negotiation 1992 2nd edition 1998 Kennedy s Simulations for Negotiation. Training 1993 2nd edition 1996 Gower Kennedy on Negotiation 1997 Gower and The New Negotia. tion Edge a behavioural approach for results and relationships 1998 Nicholas Brealey have been translated. into numerous languages including Swedish Dutch Spanish Portuguese Polish Bulgarian Romanian. Armenian Russian Hebrew Chinese Japanese Arabic Indonesian Greek and Italian. Professor Kennedy retired from full time academic work in 2005 but continues to facilitate the Negotia. tion Influence and Strategic Negotiation courses at EBS as well as undertaking negotiation consultancy for. major corporates Among the organisations he has worked with are IBM Motorola Digital Honeywell. Shell British Petroleum Total CWS Royal Bank of Scotland Barclays Bank NHS Scottish Enterprise. Allied Irish Bank Scottish Water British Rail Atlantic Container Line Xerox SPAR Standard Telephones. and Cables Cable Wireless BBC United Distillers National Power and Scottish Power. First Published in Great Britain in 2006,Gavin Kennedy 2006. The rights of Gavin Kennedy to be identified as Author of this Work has been asserted in accordance. with the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988, All rights reserved no part of this publication may be reproduced stored in a retrieval system or. transmitted in any form or by any means electronic mechanical photocopying recording or otherwise. without the prior written permission of the Publishers This book may not be lent resold hired out or. otherwise disposed of by way of trade in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is. published without the prior consent of the Publishers. For Felix and Ren,Acknowledgements xi,Preface xiii.
General xv,Introduction,PART 1 THE PROCESS MODEL, Module 1 The Strategic Negotiation Process Model 1 1. 1 1 Introduction 1 1,1 2 Foundations of the Business Plan 1 2. 1 3 Analysis and Diagnosis 1 3, 1 4 Overview of the Seamless Strategies and Process 1 5. Review Questions 1 19,PART 2 FOUNDATIONS,Module 2 Basics of Contracts 2 1. 2 1 Introduction 2 1,2 2 Promises Promises 2 2,2 3 Elements of Contracts 2 2.
2 4 Anatomy of a Contract 2 3,2 5 Contracting as a Bargaining Process 2 18. 2 6 Negotiating Contracts 2 26,Review Questions 2 30. Module 3 Pay Benefits and Union Negotiations 3 1,3 1 Introduction 3 1. 3 2 National Pay Bargaining 3 3,3 3 HR Considerations 3 4. 3 4 Union Recognition and Representation 3 8,3 5 Gradations of Recognition 3 10.
3 6 Formal Negotiation Procedures 3 13,3 7 Communicating for Major Negotiations 3 15. Review Questions 3 18, Strategic Negotiation Edinburgh Business School vi. Module 4 Managing Complex Negotiations 4 1,4 1 Introduction 4 1. 4 2 Transaction Logistics 4 2,4 3 Corporate Risk 4 4. 4 4 Public Sector Negotiations 4 7,4 5 Managing the Negotiation Team 4 9.
Review Questions 4 13,Module 5 Organisational Growth Strategies 5 1. 5 1 Introduction 5 1,5 2 Organic Growth 5 4,5 3 Licensing 5 8. 5 4 Master Franchise Agreements 5 25,5 5 Joint Ventures 5 28. 5 6 Mergers and Acquisitions 5 32,5 7 Threats and Vulnerabilities 5 35. 5 8 Three Growth Options 5 39,Review Questions 5 42.
PART 3 TOOLS, Module 6 Bid Strategies and Tender Negotiations 6 1. 6 1 Introduction 6 2,6 2 Bid No Bid Decisions 6 2,6 3 Bid Traps 6 6. 6 4 Bid Theory and Practice 6 7,6 5 Bid Strategies 6 11. 6 6 Two Erroneous Opening Bid Strategies 6 14,6 7 Entry Price PB Strategies 6 18. 6 8 Requests for Proposals RFPs 6 21,6 9 Post RFP Negotiations 6 23.
6 10 Strategic Choice of Bid Targets 6 24,6 11 Bidders and the Process Model 6 27. Review Questions 6 32,Module 7 Analysis and Diagnosis 7 1. 7 1 Introduction 7 1,7 2 Force Field Analysis 7 2,Exercise 7 1 Drawing a force field 7 6. Strategic Negotiation Edinburgh Business School vii. 7 3 Atkinson s Expanded Force Field 7 7, 7 4 Atkinson s Measure of the Balance of Power 7 17. 7 5 McKinsey s Multi Stakeholders Model 7 27,Review Questions 7 39.
Module 8 The Negotiation Agenda 8 1,8 1 Introduction 8 1. 8 2 The Approach 8 2,8 3 Derivation of the Negotiation Agenda 8 9. 8 4 Content of a Negotiation Agenda 8 15,8 5 Assembling a Negotiation Agenda 8 24. 8 6 Compiling the Negotiation Plan 8 28,Review Questions 8 43. Module 9 Foundation Skills for Negotiators 9 1,9 1 Introduction 9 1.
9 2 What is Negotiation 9 1, 9 3 A Simple Diagram of the Buyer Seller Dilemma 9 2. 9 4 The Negotiators Surplus 9 4,9 5 Preparation Phase 9 6. 9 6 Debate Phase 9 8,Basic Skills Test 9 26,Appendix 1 Practice Final Examinations A1 1. Practice Final Examination 1 1 2,Practice Final Examination 2 1 6. Examination Answers 1 10,Appendix 2 Answers to Review Questions A2 1.
Module 1 2 1,Module 2 2 3,Module 3 2 5,Module 4 2 6. Module 5 2 9,Module 6 2 12,Module 7 2 14,Module 8 2 20. Module 9 2 22, viii Edinburgh Business School Strategic Negotiation. Strategic Negotiation Edinburgh Business School ix. Acknowledgements, I acknowledge my intellectual debts to my late partner and friend John Benson He. contributed to our work on the Strategic Negotiation consultancy project from the. start He was Chairman of Negotiate Ltd our consultancy and we worked together. from 1971 to 1975 to devise and deliver one of the early UK negotiation skills. courses Workshop Bargaining for the Management Programme at Brunel. University and at Scottish Newcastle Brewery from 1974 to 1980 From this. John and I delivered consultancy and training courses in many companies in the. UK the rest of the European Union and Australia and trained many others to do. John s career in personnel took him to the main Boards of three major PLCs. Scottish Newcastle Nabisco and Reed Packaging In 1980 we co authored. Managing Negotiations published by Random House which went through four. editions and placed our 8 Steps Four Phases model of the negotiation process into. the public domain reinforced when the Rank Organisation made a highly successful. training video from it The Art of Negotiation Our last co authored book Local Pay. Bargaining published by the Management Development Group in Scotland in 1994. and from which I draw materials in Module 8 is an example of the Strategic. Negotiation Process Model applied to a set of negotiation problems in 52 UK. publicly funded hospitals and elsewhere since in the public and private sectors It. is illustrative also of the high professional standards of competence John brought. to his negotiations John died suddenly in February 2000. Strategic Negotiation was written in 2003 4 but its origins as a book rather than. from my work in complex negotiations were prompted in February 2001 in a letter. of friendly advice from an EBS MBA graduate Louise Hart at that time a Group. Projects Manager at Railtrack UK She noted that the Negotiation course was limited. to skills and to fairly non complex negotiations and wondered why the course had. nothing to say about the particular problems posed by very large and complex. transactions which are becoming increasingly commonplace She went on to. provide an impressive list of topics that should be covered in such a module. I agreed to add a module to the Negotiation course along the lines she had sug. gested in 2001 2 following the launch of our eMBA programme and I rashly. implied this would be done quickly a not uncommon mistake with beginners who. depend on a major IT project to be completed on time However and as ever with. IT programmes everything took longer than envisaged and cost more than budget. ed itself an illustration of the common problem of complex projects In 2003 I. drafted an additional module along the lines suggested by Louise Hart. The original intention of adding a single module to the Negotiation course was. revised because what was intended to become Module 12 of the MBA course grew. rapidly beyond its boundaries when I added materials on other aspects of strategy. and complex negotiations EBS agreed to a delay though neither my colleagues nor. I expected such a long one in the inclusion of the new module in our programme. Strategic Negotiation Edinburgh Business School xi. Acknowledgements, while I wrote Strategic Negotiation I am grateful however to Louise Hart for her.
impressive foresight in suggesting one of the themes for this course. Professor Lumsden Director of EBS gave me space to work on it between EBS. assignments and my family were as accommodating as ever when my writing. intruded into their notions of the appropriate work life balance Charles Ritchie. editor of Negotiation and in retirement also continued to sort the wheat from the. chaff as he has done for myself and many other authors in the EBS series of. courses Any literary merits the text contains are credited to my editor. Professor Alex Scott ever interested in anything strategic also cast his profes. sional eye over my approach applied his notorious fastidiousness for rigour and. clarity and chased me over wandering deadlines but always with good humour yet. firmly qualities for which he is tolerably well known The text you are about to read. was rearranged into a more coherent order following his advice. Connie Anderson undertook the daunting secretarial work of preparing the man. uscript for publication together with its associated website materials. xii Edinburgh Business School Strategic Negotiation. Strategic Negotiation is an Elective for postgraduate courses at Edinburgh Business. School currently Strategic Focus Human Resource Management and Project. Management Its focus is on the generation and implementation of negotiation. The EBS MBA Elective text Negotiation 1992 2001 on the other hand concen. trates on negotiation as a behavioural skill set in a unique universal process It. introduces the Four Phases of negotiation Prepare Debate Propose and Bargain. and the three styles of behaviour Red Blue and Purple the conditional proposi. tion A brief reprise of the content is provided for information in Module 9 it is. not examinable in Strategic Negotiation,However no matter how skilled at neg. Bargaining published by the Management Development Group in Scotland in 1994 and from which I draw materials in Module 8 is an example of the Strategic Negotiation Process Model applied to a set of negotiation problems in 52 UK publicly funded hospitals and elsewhere since in the public and private sectors It

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