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Driving lessons, The duration of a driving lesson is one hour and parking lesson is two hours. We are available six days per week from 07h00 to 18h00. Cancellation of an appointment must be done at least 24 hours before the time or. you will be held responsible for the lessons fee, A qualified instructor will meet you at the address that you specified. You must bring Ur identity document and Learners License with on each driving. It does not matter if you are a complete beginner or if you can drive well The. Instructor will adjust his training methods to Ur driving ability. Vehicles are covered by comprehensive insurance and are fitted with dual. Remember there is a difference between driving and driving for a driver s test. You will need to do all the driving and parking the K53 way This means following. new methods and principles of driving and parking You cannot learn this a day or. two before the time On the test day you will need to be confident in these. Driver s Test, Our vehicle is available for you to use on the day of Ur Driver s Test Please book. it in time to avoid disappointment, We will collect you take you to the Testing Centre where you need to be and see. you through the whole testing process, If you are not familiar with the Testing Centre we will show you the order in.
which things will happen during the test and drive with you on the route that you. will drive during the Driver s Test You will be charged for a driving lesson. The Testing Officer will introduce himself to you Strange but not all of them are. evil Some are actually human, After Ur Driver s Test we will return you safely home. Ur Driving School cc,Smart Driver s created by good training. We do ALL Code s Learners and Driver s icense,VEHICLES FULLY INSURED REGISTERED. QUALIFIED INSTRUCTERS,DUAL CONTROLLED VEHICLES,Franci 072 070 7277. Office 076 272 3747,Fax 086 662 3747,Email info urdrivingschoolco za.
www urdrivingschool co za, Ur Driving School Tel 072 070 7277 Fax 086 662 3747 Page 2. Procedure for booking Driver s,License Test Dates for our clients. What we can do for you, 1 We will collect and take you to the Testing Centre to do the eye test and to pay and. confirm the appointment Our fee for this service is R450 00 in Pretoria It does. NOT include the R 228 00 appointment fee payable to the Testing Centre for the. appointment,What you must do, 1 Deposit the amount of R 678 00 into our bank account Standard Bank Silverton. Branch The Branch code 010545 Account name Ur Driving School account. number 011 673 184 For Ur Ref put Ur name, 2 Fax an uncertified copy of Ur ID learner s license and the deposit slip to Fax no.
086 662 3747 Also include all Ur contact details and address for collection. 3 Documents may also be emailed to info urdrivingschool co za. 4 We accept Internet and cash payment Please request a receipt on cash payments. On the day of confirmation you will need,a Ur original ID book and a copy. b Ur original learner s license and a copy,c Two black and white passport photos. d Proof of residence Get a letter from Ur parents to confirm that you are living with. them if it is not in Ur name, e R 228 00 in cash for the appointment fee payable to the Testing Center. 1 You need to be available on weekdays during office hours for the confirmation. 2 We have built a relationship with testing Centres as appointments are available in. Waltloo Centurion Mabopani Temba Rayton and Bronkhorstspruit. 3 Attached please find our pricelist, 4 Test dates available are approximately 4 to 8 weeks. Ur Driving School Tel 072 070 7277 Fax 086 662 3747 Page 3. Price List For Manual Car code B 2 K53,Driving Lessons.
One 1 hour lesson R180 00 p h pay as you go R 180 00. One half 1 5 hours lesson pay as you go R 270 00, Two 2 hours lesson R175 00 p h pay as you go R 350 00. Four 4 hours lesson R 170 00 p h pre paid R 680 00. Six 6 hours lesson R 165 00 p h pre paid R 990 00, Twelve 12 hours lesson R 160 00 p h pre paid R 1 920 00. Sixteen 16 hours lesson R 155 00 p h pre paid R 2 480 00. Twenty 20 hours lesson R 150 00 p h pre paid R 3 000 00. Learners Licence, Test Date confirmation Fee payable to the testing station R 108 00. Transportation Accompany booking Centurion Waltloo less R50 R 250 00. Issue of Learners License fee payable to the testing station R 60 00. Transportation Accompany test day Centurion Waltloo less R50 R 250 00. Training material R 100 00,Personal training R 200 00. Assessment Lesson R 180 00,Drivers Test Booking, Test Date confirmation Fee payable to the testing station R 228 00.
Transportation Accompany booking Centurion Waltloo less R100 R 450 00. Explore the route on booking day R 90 00,Drivers Test day. Issue of Drivers License fee payable to the testing station R 228 00. Transportation Accompany test day Centurion Waltloo less R100 R 450 00. Geared up training R 290 00,Car hire for test R 200 00. Parking area fee p h payable to the Parking Area Life Style Presley s Lynnwood and Klippan str R 25 00. A Dummy pre test with experience instructor R 390 00. Ask us for Pricelist on Automatic car Truck and Bikes. We cannot be held liable for any problems at the testing stations If we take you to a testing station to confirm Ur. appointment and there is something wrong at the testing station we will have to charge you R150 for every return. trip to the testing station No refund on Packages after we started Test station fees are included in prices Please. note that the price list shown only applies to Mabopani Temba the Pretoria testing area Waltloo and. Centurion For test in Bronkhorstspruit Rayton Jhb and surrounding areas additional fees will be charged Go to. our website www urdrivingschool co za for Terms Conditions. Ur Driving School Tel 072 070 7277 Fax 086 662 3747 Page 4. K53 method of driving,What is K53, It simply is a name for the curriculum whereby testing is conducted to maintain a standard. The system is designed to teach a beginner defensive driving skills which are focused on. safety responsibility and good road manners The way in which the controls of a vehicle is. handled is advisable for the vehicle to take the least amount of strain during driving. therefore it will last much longer than with conventional bad habits such as unnecessary. use of the clutch to minimize wear and tear, Similar systems have been used for much longer in other countries and more road users. know about it and are therefore more content with a driving school vehicle in front of. Some issues such as violation of any traffic law dangerous action loss of control touching. any obstacle or rolling to let wheels move in opposite direction as indicated by the gear. the car is in will cause an immediate fail of Ur test. The incorrect performance of specific observations required as well as the incorrect use of. controls will result in penalty points gained which should not be above a specified. What you will learn,The starting procedures, Basic stopping moving off and the changing of gears.
K53 driving on a public road,The rules of the road. How to read understand and apply road signs correctly. K53 blind spots and observations while driving,The road test. The yard test,The 3 point turn,The parallel parking. The alley docking, Moving off from a steep incline without rolling back. The pre trip inspections inside and outside the vehicle. The test for roadworthiness,How the point system works during a driver s test.
Ur Driving School Tel 072 070 7277 Fax 086 662 3747 Page 5. Controlling A Car At The Wheel, The Three 3 Foot Controls Of A Vehicle A ccelerator Brake C. The accelerator the brake and the clutch To learn more please read below. Accelerator, The accelerator pedal is used to apply pressure on the car and therefore speeds it up The. accelerator is used by the right foot and works together with the clutch to obtain clutch. control Be very careful with the accelerator as it is very sensitive The term petrol refers to. how much pressure you put on the acceleration pedal. When you hear the driving instructor say brake it means stop The brake pedal is the. main foot control that is used to stop the car The right foot is used when applying the. brake When you do Ur drivers licence test you will be required to do an emergency stop. This is when you brake as hard as you can to stop the car in the smallest amount of time. possible Ask Ur driving Traffic school instructor to show you the safest way to the. emergency stop When doing the emergency stop there is a chance that you might loose. control over the car that is why it is vital to learn how to do this safely. The clutch is used to change gear and only the left foot is used for the clutch control It is. essential that during Ur driving lessons you learn to control the clutch because during the. driving test the instructor will be testing you on how Ur legs control the clutch The clutch. is the main pedal used in a manual car The car stall Turns off when the clutch is not. used properly so learn this well Train Ur foot never to rest on the clutch while driving. And take note when you want to slow down Ur vehicle use the clutch and the foot brake. simultaneously Remember the clutch pedal must be in all the way to change gears Also in. Ur driving license test do not only use the clutch to slow Ur car down Everything you need. to know about the clutch will be taught to you by Ur driving school instructor. The Steering Wheel, The steering wheel of a car is what controls the vehicles movements By law both Ur hands. should always be on the steering wheel thumbs on the inside rim Most people are used to. driving a car with one hand but in Ur driving licence test both Ur hands have to be on the. steering wheel at the ten to two or quarter to three position The only time both Ur hands. do not need to be on the steering wheel are when you are changing gears or when using. the hand brake Remember after turning the steering wheel bring it back to the position it. was in before you turned The best way to learn to steer is in an anti power steering car as. no power steering is normally present in the car you do Ur driver s license test in. Ur Driving School Tel 072 070 7277 Fax 086 662 3747 Page 6. Car Lights, It is important to know how to turn the lights on in Ur vehicle that you will be doing the. test in Also please check before Ur licence test that all Ur lights are in good working order. If they are not you will be failed,Indicators, The indicators can be tricky to get used to Make sure you are confident with Ur indication.
methods before you do Ur test Just remember that the indicators work on the basis of. which way you are turning i e downwards left and upwards right. Hand Brake, The hand brake is applied when Ur car is at a stand still and is used to prevent Ur car from. moving When doing Ur driving licence test you need to pull up Ur hand brake at every. stop to ensure that Ur car does not roll forward or backwards. The Gear Lever, Always start Ur car with the gear lever Stick in neutral A very important rule about. using Ur gear lever is to always press the clutch in with Ur foot every time when changing. gears And don t attempt to change the lever whiles turning on a sharp curve. How To Start A Car, If you have never done it before starting a car can prove to be a difficult process Before. you get inside the car check if there are any obstructions underneath or near the sides of. the car The car s seatbelt is a very important device and buy law the driver has to wear. one Then check to see if the hand brake is up and the gear lever is in neutral Before you. put the key in the ignition check the rear view mirror to see if it s in Ur desired position. and you have full vision of the road behind you Check Ur side mirrors too You are now. ready to start Ur vehicle When you turn the ignition on the lights and gauges will be. activated Then when you start the car you will hear the motor start up Do all Ur necessary. checks put the car into first gear by using Ur clutch pedal and gear lever obtain clutch. control release hand brake and move off Use the accelerator and brake where necessary. When changing gear change between 2500 and 3200 revs per minute When changing. gears look at the road ahead of you Keep practicing and you will get the hang of it. Both Hands on Steeringwheel, You must at all times have both hands on steeringwheel when. Go arount a corner when turning,When slowing down or braking to stop.
Over a intersection or when accelerating,Through a water puddle and over a speed bump. Ur Driving School Tel 072 070 7277 Fax 086 662 3747 Page 7. The Starting procedure,Check that the handbrake is applied. Check that the gearlever is in neutral,Do not press the clutch when starting the engine. Turn the key Check the oil pressure and ignition,Start the engine. Moving off from a parked position, Check left blind spot mirrors and right blind spot 5 point obs.
Select 1st gear,Obtain clutch control, Check left blind spot mirrors and right blind spot 5 point obs. Release handbrake,Changing the gears,0 km h 1st gear. 20km h 2nd gear,35km h 3rd gear,45km h 4th gear,80km h 5th gear. Stopping and moving off on the road,Press the brake slowly to reduce speed. Press the clutch completely 5m from the stop line, Keep both hands on the steering wheel until the vehicle is completely stationary.
Starter Pack Drivers K53 Ur Driving School Tel 072 070 7277 Fax 086 662 3747 Page 2 Driving lessons The duration of a driving lesson is one hour and parking lesson is two hours We are available six days per week from 07h00 to 18h00 Cancellation of an appointment must be done at least 24 hours before the time or you will be held responsible for the lessons fee A qualified instructor

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