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DETAILED CONTENTS,Initiating the Marketing Process. 1 CREATING CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS AND VALUE,THROUGH MARKETING 2. At Chobani Marketing Is Nothing But Good 2,Understanding Consumers Food Values 2. Reaching Customers 2,Chobani Today 3,Chobani Marketing and You 3. What Is Marketing 4,Marketing and Your Career 4,Marketing Delivering Value to Customers 5.
The Diverse Elements Influencing Marketing,What Is Needed for Marketing to Occur 6. How Marketing Discovers and Satisfies Consumer,Discovering Consumer Needs 7. The Challenge Meeting Consumer Needs with New,Products 7. Satisfying Consumer Needs 9,The Marketing Program How Customer Relationships. Are Built 10, Relationship Marketing Easy to Understand Hard to Do 10.
The Marketing Program and Market Segments 12, 3M s Strategy and Marketing Program to Help Students. How Marketing Became So Important 14,Evolution of the Market Orientation 14. Focusing on Customer Relationship Management 15, Ethics and Social Responsibility in Marketing Balancing the. Interests of Different Groups 16,The Breadth and Depth of Marketing 17. Learning Objeetives Review 19,Learning Review Answers 19.
Focusing on Key Terms 20,Applying Marketing Knowledge 20. Building Your Marketing Plan 20,Video Case 1 Chobani1 1 Making Greek Yogurt a. Household Name 21,Chapter Notes 24,2 DEVELOPING SUCCESSFUL ORGANIZATIONAL AND. MARKETING STRATEGIES 26,Making the World a Better Place One Scoop. at a Time 26,Today s Organizations 28,Kinds of Organizations 28.
What Is Strategy 28,The Structure of Today s Organizations 28. Making Responsible Decisions Social Entrepreneurs Are. Creating New Types of Organizations to Pursue Social. Strategy in Visionary Organizations 30,Organizational Foundation Why Does It Exist 30. Organizational Direction What Will It Do 32,Organizational Strategies How Will It Do It 33. Tracking Strategie Performance with Marketing Analytics 33. Applying Marketing Metrics How Well Is Ben,Jerry s D ing 35. Setting Strategie Directions 35,A Look Around Where Are We Now 35.
Growth Strategies Where Do We Want to Go 36, Marketing Matters Filling the Shoes of Apple CEO Tim Cook. Where Will Apple s Projected Future Growth for Its Major. SBUs Come From 37,The Strategie Marketing Process 40. The Flanning Phase of the Strategie Marketing Process 40. The Implementation Phase of the Strategie Marketing. Process 43, The Evaluation Phase of the Strategie Marketing Process 45. Learning Objectives Review 47,Learning Review Answers 48. Focusing on Key Terms 49,Applying Marketing Knowledge 49.
Building Your Marketing Plan 49, Video Case 2 IBM Using Strategy to Build a Smarter. Chapter Notes 57, Appendix A Building an Effective Marketing Plan 54. 3 SCANNING THE MARKETING ENVIRONMENT 70, Is Connecting the World an Ambitious Vision Not If You Are. Facebook 70,Facebook in the Future 70,Environmental Scanning 72. Tracking Environmental Trends 72,An Environmental Scan of Today s Marketplace 73.
Social Forces 74,Demographics 74, Making Responsible Decisions Millennials Are a Force. for Good 77,Culture 80,Economic Forces 82,Macroeconomic Conditions 82. Consumer Income 83, Marketing Insights About Me American FactFinder Your. Source for Economic Information 83,Technological Forces 84. Technology of Tomorrow 84,Technology s Impact on Customer Value 85.
Technology Enables Data Analytics 86,Competitive Forces 86. Alternative Forms of Competition 87,Components of Competition 87. Small Businesses as Competitors 88,Regulatory Forces 88. Protecting Competition 88,Product Related Legislation 89. Pricing Related Legislation 90,Distribution Related Legislation 91.
Advertising and Promotion Related,Legislation 91,Marketing Matters Online Tracking Is Big Brother. Watching 92,Control through Self Regulation 92,Learning Objectives Review 93. Learning Review Answers 93,Focusing on Key Terms 94. Applying Marketing Knowledge 94,Building Your Marketing Plan 94. Video Case 3 Geek Squad A New Business for a New,Environment 95.
Chapter Notes 97,ETHICAL AND SOCIAL RESPONSIB1LITY FOR. SUSTAINABLE MARKETING 100, Anheuser Busch Becoming the Best Beer Company in a. Better World 100,Alcohol Responsibility 100,Environmental Preservation 101. Nature and Significance of Marketing Ethics 102,An Ethical Legal Framework for Marketing 102. Critical Perceptions of Ethical Behavior 103, Four Factors Affect Ethical Marketing Behavior 103.
Societal Culture and Norms 103,Business Culture and Industry Practices 104. Making Responsable Decisions Corporate Conscience in the. Cola War 106,Corporate Culture and Expectations 106. Marketing Insights About Me Is Commercial Bribery More. or Less Common in My Country 107, Your Personal Moral Philosophy and Ethical Behavior 107. Understanding Social Responsibility for Sustainable Marketing 110. Three Concepts of Social Responsibility 110,Marketing Matters Will Consumers Switch Brands. for a Cause Yes If 112,The Social Audit and Sustainable Development.
D ing Well by D ing Good 113,Turning the Table Consumer Ethics and Social. Responsibility 114,Learning Objeetives Review 115,Learning Review Answers 116. Focusing on Key Terms 116,Applying Marketing Knowledge 116. Building Your Marketing Plan 117, Video Case 4 Toyota Building Cleaner Greener Cars 117. Chapter Notes 120,5 UMXRSTAMXNG CONSUMER BEHAVIOR 122.
Enlightened Carmakers Know What Custom h ers and,Influenc h ers Value 122. Consumer Purchase Decision Process and Experience 124. Problem Recognition Perceiving a Need 124,Information Search Seeking Value 124. Alternative Evaluation Assessing Value 124,Purchase Decision Buying Value 125. Postpurchase Behavior Realizing Value 126, Marketing Matters How Much Is a Satisfied Customer. Consumer Involvement Affects Problem Solving 129,Situational Influences That Affect Purchase.
Decisions 129,Psychological Influences on Consumer Behavior 130. Consumer Motivation and Personality 130,Consumer Perception 131. Making Responsable Decisions The Ethics of Subliminal. Messages 132,Consumer Learning 133,Consumer Values Beliefs and Attitudes 134. Consumer Lifestyle 135,Marketikglnsights About Me What Motivates You. Identifying Your VALS Profile 136,Sociocultural Influences on Consumer Behavior 137.
Personal Influenae 137,Reference Group Influenae 138. Marketing Matters BzzAgent The Buzz Experience 139. Family Influenae 140,Social Class Influenae 142,Culture and Subculture Influences 142. Learning Objectives Review 144,Learning Review Answers 145. Focusing on Key Terms 146,Applying Marketing Knowledge 146. Building Your Marketing Plan 146, Video Case 5 Groupon Helping Consumers with Purchase.
Decisions 146,Chapter Notes 149,6 UNDERSTANDING ORGANIZATIONS AS CUSTOMERS 152. Buying Is Marketing Tool Purchasing Publication Paper for. JCPenney 152, Business to Business Marketing and Organizational Buyers 154. Organizational Buyers 154,Organizational Markets 154. Measuring Organizational Markets 155,Characteristics of Organizational Buying 156. Demand Characteristics 156,Size of the Order or Purchase 157.
Number of Potential Buyers 157,Organizational Buying Objectives 157. Organizational Buying Criteria 158, Marketing Insights About Me Do I Buy frorn Organizations. That Promote Diversity among Their Suppliers and in Their. Workplaces 158, Buyer Seller Relationships and Supply Partnerships 159. Marketing Matters At Milsco Manufacturing Our Marketing. Philosophy Is Designed to Develop Partnerships and Deliver. a Great Ride for Customers Seats 160, Making Responsible Decisions Sustainable Procurement for. Sustainable Growth at Starbucks 161, The Organizational Buying Function and Process and the.
Buying Center 161,The Buying Function in Organization 161. Stages in the Organizational Buying Process 161,The Buying Center A Cross Functional Group 162. Online Buying in Business to Business Marketing 164. Prominence of Online Buying in Organizational,Markets 164. E Marketplaces Virtual Organizational Markets 165,Marketing Matters eBay Means Business for. Entrepreneurs 165,Online Auctions in Organizational Markets 166.
Learning Objeetives Review 167,Learning Review Answers 168. Focusing on Key Terms 168,Applying Marketing Knowledge 168. Building Your Marketing Plan 169,Video Case 6 Trek Building Better Bikes through. Organizational Buying 169,Chapter Notes 172,7 UNDERSTANDING AND REACHING GLOBAL CONSUMERS. AND MARKETS 174, Building a Two Billion Dollar Business in India the.
Dell Inc Way 174,Dynamics of World Trade 176,Global Perspective on World Trade 176. U S Perspective on World Trade 177,Marketing in a Borderless Economic World 177. Decline of Economic Protectionism 178, Making Responsible Decisions Global Ethics and Global. Economics The Case of Protectionism 178,Rise of Economic Integration 179. A New Reality Global Competition among Global Companies. for Global Consumers 181,Marketing Matters The Global Teenager Market f.
2 Billion Voracious Consumers 183,Emergence of a Networked Global Marketspace 184. Growing Prevalence of Economic Espionage 185,A Global Environmental Scan 185. Cultural Diversity 185,Economic Considerations 188. Marketing Insights About Me Checking My Country s,Political Risk Rating Are You Surprised 191. Political Regulatory Climate 191,Comparing Global Market Entry Strategies 192.
Exporting 192, Marketing Matters Creative Cosmetics and Creative Export. Marketing in Japan 193,Licensing 193,Joint Venture 194. Direct Investment 194,Crafting a Worldwide Marketing Program 195. Product and Promotion Strategies 195,Distribution Strategy 196. Pricing Strategy 197,Learning Objeetives Review 198.
Learning Review Answers 198,Focusing on Key Terms 199. Applying Marketing Knowledge 199,Building Your Marketing Plan 199. Video Case 7 Mary Kay Inc Building a Brand in India. Chapter Notes 202,Targeting Marketing Opportunities. 8 MARKETING RESEARCH FROM CUSTOMER INSIGHTS,TO ACTIONS 204. Marketing Research Goes to the Movies 204,A Film Industry Secret 204.
The Role of Marketing Research 206,What Is Marketing Research 206. The Challenges in D ing Good Marketing Research 206. Five Step Marketing Research Approach 207,Step 1 Define the Problem 207. Set the Research Objeetives 207,Identify Possible Marketing Actions 208. Step 2 Develop the Research Plan 208,Specify Constraints 208. Identify Data Needed for Marketing Actions 209,Determine How to Collect Data 209.
Step 3 Collect Relevant Information 210,Secondary Data Internal 210. Secondary Data Externa 211, Advantages and Disadvantages of Secondary Data 211. Marketing Matters Online Databases and Internet Resources. Useful to Marketers 212,Primary Data Watching People 212. Primary Data Asking People 214,Primary Data Other Sources 218. Applying Marketing Metrics Are the Carmex Social Media. Programs Working Well 220,Advantages and Disadvantages of Primary Data 222.
Analyzing Primary Data Using Gross Tabulations 222. Making Responsible Decisions No More Personal Secrets. The Downside of Data Mining 223,Step 4 Develop Findings 224. Analyze the Data 225,Present the Findings 225,Step 5 Take Marketing Actions 226. Make Action Recommendations 226,Implement the Action Recommendations 227. Evaluate the Results 227,Sales Forecasting Techniques 227. Judgments of the Decision Maker 228,Surveys of Knowledgeable Croups 228.
Statistical Methods 228,Learning Objectives Review 229. Learning Review Answers 230,Focusing on Key Terms 231. Applying Marketing Knowledge 231,Building Your Marketing Plan 232. Video Case 8 Carmex A Leveraging Facebook for,Marketing Research 232. Chapter Notes 235,9 MARKET SEGMENTATION TARGETING AND.
POSITIONING 236, Zappos com Is Powered by Service and Segmentation 236. Segmentation Is a Key to Success 236,Delivering WOW Customer Service 236. Why Segment Markets 238,What Market Segmentation Means 238. When and How to Segment Markets 239,Steps in Segmenting and Targeting Markets 242. Step 1 Group Potential Buyers into Segments 242,Marketing Insights About Me To Which Flock Do You.
Belong 245, Step 2 Group Products to Be Sold into Categories 248. Step 3 Develop a Market Product Grid and Estimate,the Size of Markets 250. Step 4 Select Target Markets 251, Step 5 Take Marketing Actions to Reach Target Markets 252. Market Product Synergies A Balancing Act 254, Marketing Matters Apple s Segmentation Strategy Camp. Runamok No Longer 255,Positioning the Product 256,Two Approaches to Product Positioning 256.
Writing a Positioning Statement 256,Product Positioning Using Perceptual Maps 256. A Perceptual Map to Reposition Chocolate Milk,for Adults 257. Learning Objeetives Review 258,Learning Review Answers 258. Focusing on Key Terms 259,Applying Marketing Knowledge 259. Building Your Marketing Plan 259,Video Case 9 Prince Sports Inc Tennis Racquets.
for Every Segment 260,Chapter Notes 262,Satisfying Marketing Opportunities. MARKETING Thirteenth Edition Roger A Kerin Southern Methodist University Steven W Hartley University of Denver Mc Graw Hill Education DETAILED CONTENTS Initiating the Marketing Process 1 CREATING CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS AND VALUE THROUGH MARKETING 2 At Chobani Marketing Is Nothing But Good 2 Understanding Consumers Food Values 2 Reaching Customers 2 Chobani Today 3 Chobani Marketing

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