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STUDY GUIDE,simple keys for,self deliverance,DENNIS and DR JEN CLARK. Copyright 2015 Dennis Clark and Dr Jen Clark, All rights reserved This book is protected by the copyright laws of the United States of. America Without prior written permission of the publisher no portion of this book may. be reproduced stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means. electronic mechanical photocopy recording scanning or other except for brief. quotations for personal or group study which is permitted and encouraged Permission. will be granted upon request Unless otherwise designated Scripture quotations are taken. from the Holy Bible New King James Version Copyright 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Inc Used by permission All rights reserved Scripture quotations marked KJV are from. the King James Version Scripture quotations marked ERV are from the Holy Bible. Easy to Read Version Copyright 2006 by World Bible Translation Center Used by. permission Scripture quotations marked NLT are from the Holy Bible New Living. Translation copyright 1996 2004 2007 by Tyndale House Foundation Used by. permission of Tyndale House Publishers Inc Carol Stream Illinois 60188 All rights. reserved Scripture quotations marked AMP are from the Amplified Bible Copyright. 1954 1958 1962 1964 1965 1987 by The Lockman Foundation Used by permission. www Lockman org Scripture quotations marked CEV are from the Contemporary. English Version Copyright 1995 by the American Bible Society New York NY All. rights reserved Scripture quotations marked NASB are from the NEW AMERICAN. STANDARD BIBLE Copyright 1960 1962 1963 1968 1971 1972 1973 1975. 1977 1995 by The Lockman Foundation Scripture quotations marked NIV are from the. HOLY BIBLE NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION Copyright 1973 1978 1984. Biblica Used by permission of Zondervan All rights reserved Scripture quotations. marked ONMB are from the One New Man Bible Copyright 2011 William J. Morford True Potential Publishing Inc Traveler s Rest SC All rights reserved Used. by permission Emphasis within Scripture quotations is the author s own. Destiny Image, Live Free Discover the Keys to Living in God s Presence 24 7. Deep Relief Now Free Healed and Whole,The Supernatural Power of Peace. Releasing the Divine Healer Within The Biology of Belief and Healing. Destiny Image eBooks,Simple Keys to Heal Loneliness.
Simple Keys to Heal Rejection,Simple Keys for Self Deliverance. The Great God Quest Series for Children,The Great God Quest The Beginning. The Great God Quest Forgiveness and the God Emotions. The Great God Quest Gold Goes to the School of the Spirit. Xulon Press,Was Jesus a Capitalist,Chapter 1 Hitchhikers 7. Chapter 2 Legal Ground 12,Chapter 3 Emotions and Forgiveness 22. Chapter 4 Pesky Thoughts 35,Chapter 5 Connect Own Express 41.
Chapter 6 Religious Spirits 45,Chapter 7 Seducing Spirits Agendas. and Soulish Prayers 55,Chapter 8 Militant Peacemakers 67. The Protestant Reformation began to restore the truth of. the priesthood of the believer In practice however most of. the body of Christ is still encouraged to be an audience. instead of an army The times are changing Simple Keys. for Self Deliverance is not intended to be a comprehensive. guide on the subject of deliverance nor do we suggest that. the church no longer needs experts in deliverance or. deliverance ministries It just means there are some things. we should learn to do ourselves For example just because. we learn to brush our own teeth doesn t mean that we never. need a dentist, God has given all believers spiritual weaponry and. authority but many have never been taught how to use. their spiritual equipment When leaders train their. congregations to rely on Christ within for daily spiritual. hygiene they can trust more in God and rely less on other. people As pastors we rejoice to see Christians in our own. fellowship taking personal responsibility for growing in. spiritual prowess As far as we are concerned it is very. fulfilling to serve as coaches equipping the team to play. the game 1, 1 Clark Dennis and Jen Simple Keys for Self Deliverance Shippensburg. PA Destiny Image Publishers 2014 5,Hitchhikers,Out of the Blue.
We have all had times when a person or, circumstance triggered an emotional overreaction that. seemed to come out of the blue When we say someone or. something pushes our buttons we are referring to hidden. triggers in us Often the presence of demonic activity will. manifest at these times,When a button is pushed in us we feel a negative. emotion reacting internally with anger guilt fear,or shame and so forth. Most people then react outwardly by engaging in,ungodly behavior. Sometimes we may also feel the presence of a,demonic hitchhiker attached to the toxic emotion.
What are some buttons you recognize in your own life. When we come before the Lord like a child trusting. and teachable He will reveal the entry point for,these triggers and heal and deliver us. We don t have to engage in mental analysis but,simply go to God in prayer and ask Him. Our attitude Trust and a teachable heart,Our responsibility Pray and inquire of the Lord. God s part Revelation healing and deliverance,Where Did that Come From. David always asked God for answers and the Lord, always responded with the strategy necessary for victory.
over the enemy When we want to know when a button was. installed we simply ask God to show is It s that easy. David inquired 1 Samuel 23 2 4 30 8 2 Samuel,2 1 5 19 5 23 21 1 1 Chronicles 14 10 14. David also trusted God to reveal hidden things,lurking in his own heart. The Lord always revealed what David needed to,We too should inquire of God and anticipate an. Search me O God and know my heart try me and,know my anxious thoughts and see if there be any. hurtful way in me and lead me in the everlasting,way Psalm 139 23 24.
Self Deliverance,There is powerful connection between our internal. issues and demonic hitchhikers, I Dennis felt anger and shame in my gut but I also. felt shame draped over me like a blanket on the, outside In a flash I saw myself looking in the mirror. but my face was covered by a slimy stocking mask, with holes for eyes like burglars wear As I received. forgiveness from Christ within see Colossians 1 27. and John 7 33 the toxic feelings inside me were, washed out and I simultaneously felt a spirit of shame.
lift off me and saw the mask pulled off in my mind s. eye I instantly felt a deep peace replace the shame and. If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive. us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1 9,Two Principles of Self Deliverance,First Start with the emotion. We feel emotions inside of us,Carnal emotions are flesh. Demonic activity hitchhikes on negative emotions,Forgiveness washes out negative emotions. Negative emotions are then replaced by super,natural peace which is the fruit of the Spirit. Second Demonic hitchhikers leave when we deal with our. internal issues,We feel demonic hitchhikers on the outside.
Negative emotions give the enemy permission to,torment us. When we take back the legal ground in our hearts,we submit to God and demonic activity must flee. S ubmit to God Resist the devil and he will flee,from you James 4 7. We can rely upon Jesus the deliverer in us for self. deliverance,I AM I AM the LORD Besides Me there is no. Deliverer Savior Isaiah 43 11 ONMB 2,DISCUSSION,Since our negative emotions give the enemy legal.
ground to harass us where do you think negative,emotions originated. 1 Clark Dennis and Jen Simple Keys for Self Deliverance Shippensburg. PA Destiny Image Publishers 2014 6, 2 The One New Man Bible uses LORD to translate the tetragrammaton. the four letter name of God The name is a Hebrew word meaning I was. I AM I always will be He never changes In the New Testament there is. a problem because the authors of the Septuagint used the same Greek. word Kurios that the authors of the New Testament used to translate the. name of God which is always translated in English as Lord In the New. Testament the word Kurios is used in reference to both Y shua or to the. LORD when quoting or alluding to the LORD in Hebrew Scripture. There is no distinction in the Greek text between the word Lord in. reference to Y shua or to the LORD Therefore in the One New Man. Bible I AM is always translated as LORD to make a differentiation. W J Morford One New Man Bible Traveler s Rest SC True Potential. Publishing Inc 2011 ii,Legal Ground,Displacement, Demonic activity cannot stay in a territory ruled by. God It is the principle of displacement this includes areas. in our own heart,Wherever God is ruling demonic activity is dis. placed or pushed out,The presence of God evicts evil.
When the enemy shall come in like a flood the, Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against. him and put him to flight Isaiah 59 19 AMP,We grow spiritually as more and more areas of our. heart are surrendered to the presence of God,J ust as you accepted Christ Jesus as your Lord. you must continue to follow him Let your roots,grow down into him and let your lives be built on. him Then your faith will grow strong in the truth,you were taught and you will overflow with.
thankfulness Colossians 2 6 7 NLT,How do we grow spiritually. Why do you think that is true,God has given all believers spiritual weapons or. God Tools so we can live victorious lives,To mature spiritually we must learn how to use. our God tools also known as the weapons of our,warfare see 2 Corinthians 10 4 and be diligent in. applying them to transform our thoughts emotions,and impulses choices into the structure of a life.
shaped by Christ and lives of obedience into,maturity 1. We use our powerful God tools for smashing,warped philosophies tearing down barriers erected. against the truth of God fitting every loose thought. and emotion and impulse into the structure of life. shaped by Christ Our tools are ready at hand for,clearing the ground of every obstruction and. building lives of obedience into maturity 2,Corinthians 10 5 6 MSG. DISCUSSION,God has given every believer the same spiritual.
weapons or God Tools Why do you think so many,believers are living less than victorious lives. Mind Will and Emotions,God created us as thinking willing feeling beings. To live in victory we must be submitted to God in,our thoughts choices and emotions. Prior to salvation our thoughts choices and,emotions operated independently from God. After salvation the Holy Spirit begins the process. of bringing all three under the lordship of Jesus, What are some examples from your own life when you.
were ruled by God,Godly thought,Godly choice,Godly emotion. What are some examples from your own life when you. know you were in the flesh,Godly thought,Godly choice. Releasing the Divine Healer Within The Biology of Belief and Healing Destiny Image eBooks Simple Keys to Heal Loneliness Simple Keys to Heal Rejection Simple Keys for Self Deliverance The Great God Quest Series for Children The Great God Quest The Beginning The Great God Quest Forgiveness and the God Emotions The Great God Quest Gold Goes to the School of the Spirit Xulon Press

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