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c Contents,JOHN CHAMBERLAIN 1,T h e Death of Q u e e n Elizabeth 1603 1. T h e Marriage of Princess Elizabeth 1613 2,LANCELOT A N D R E W E S 5. A Sermon Preached Before the King s Majesty at Whitehall 1609 5. NICHOLAS BRETON 15,The Good and the Bad excerpts 1616 15. A n Atheist or Most Bad M a n v 15,A W an to n W o m a n y 16. A Quiet W o m a n i 16,A n U n w o r t h y Lawyer 16.
M A R Y S I D N E Y H E R B E R T C O U N T E S S OF P E M B R O K E 18. The Psalms of David v 1 9,Psalm 52 Quid Gbriaris 19. Psalm 58 SiVere Utique v 20,Psalm 74 Ut Quid Deus 21. Psalm 120 AdDominum 23,FRANCIS BACON i 24,Essays e x c e r p t s 2 5. O f T m t h v 2 5, O f S i m u l a t i o n a r i d D i s s i m u l a t i o h 2 6. O f M a r r i a g e a n d S i n g l e L i f e 28,O f Love 28.
O f Seditions a n d Troubles 30,O f Travel V s i 3 3. O f Empire A I 3 5, O f t h e T r u e G r e a t n e s s o f K i n g d o m s arid Estates 3 8. O f Plantations 4 3,O f Masques and Triumphs v 44,O f S t u d i e s 1 5 9 7 J 4 5. O f Studies 1625 46,Aphorisms excerpts 47,T h e I d o l s X V 49. Idols of the Tribe 51,Idols of the Cave 52,Idols of the Market place 53.
Idols of the Theatre 54,Application of the Method 57. MICHAEL DRAYTON 63,To the Virginian Voyage 63, To the Cambro Britons and their Harp his Ballad of Agincourt 64. Sonnet 61 Since there s no help come let us kiss and part 66. KING JAMES VI I 67,A Speech to the Lords and Commons 1610 67. THOMAS CAMPION 7 0,from A Book of Airs 71, Let him that will be free and keep his heart from care 71. Follow your Saint follow with accents sweet 71,from Two Books of Airs 71.
Sweet exclude me not nor be divided 71,As by the streams of Babylon 72. from The Third Book of Airs 72,If Love loves truth then women do not love 72. from The Fourth Book of Airs 72,There is a garden in her face y 72. HENRY WOTTON 74,On his Mistress the Queen of Bohemia 74. The Character of a Happy Life 74,Upon the Death of Sir Albert Morton s Wife 75.
On a Bank as I Sat a Fishing A Description of the Spring 75. De Morte 75,AEMILIA LANYER 76,Salve Deus Rexjudaeorum excerpts 16. To All Virtuous Ladies in General 76,The Author s Dream to the Lady Mary 78. To the Virtuous Reader 83,Salve Deus Rexjudaorum excerpts 84. The Description of CopkeTham r 93,LADY MARGARET HOBY n 97. The Diary ofLady Margaret Hoby 1599 1605 excerpts 97. JOHN DONNE Z 102,Songs and Sonnets 103,The Apparition 103.
The Flea C 103,The Good Morrow 103,Love s Alchemy 104. The Indifferent 104,The Anniversary 105,TheSunRising 106. The Canonization 106,Confined Love 107,t Air and Angels 108. Twicknam Garden 108,AValediction of Weeping 109,The Ecstasy V 109. Farewell to Love 111,AValediction forbidding Mourning 112.
A Nocturnal upon S Lucy s Day being the shortest day 112. The Relic 113,Elegies 114,ElegyVI 114,Elegy VII 1 15. Elegy VIII The Comparison 115,Elegy IX The Autumnal 116. Elegy XIX To His Mistress Going to Bed 117,Elegy XVIII Love s Progress 118. Satires 120,Satire III v 120,Divine Poems 122,Holy Sonnets 122. Holy Sonnets from the Westmoreland MS 124,Good Friday 1613 Riding Westward 125.
A Hymn to Christ at the Author s last going into Germany 126. A Hymn to God my God in my sickness 127,A Hymn to God the Father 127. Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions excerpts 128,IV Expostulation f 128. V Meditation 129,XVII Meditation 130,XXI Meditation 131. The Second of my Prebend Sermons January 29 1626 132. BENJONSON J 146,To the Reader 146,To Alchemists 7 146. On Something that Walks Somewhere 147,To William Camden 147.
On My First Daughter 147,OnMy First Son V 147,On Lucy Countess of Bedford 148. To Sir Henry Savile 148,To Sir Thomas Roe 1 49,To the Same 149. Inviting a Friend to Supper 149,To Penshurst 1 5 0. To Heaven 1 5 2,Song To Celia c l 152,Her Triumph 153. An Episde to Master John Selden yl53, An Epistle Answering to One that Asked to be Sealed of the.
TribeofBen 155,An Ode To Himself 156, To the Immortal Memory and Friendship of that Noble Pair. Sir Lucius Cary and Sir H Morison 157,The Praises of a Country Life 159. On The New Inn Ode To Himself 160,To the Memory of My Beloved The Author. Mr William Shakespeare 161,Clerimont s Song 162,A Vision of Beauty 163. WILLIAM LAUD Z 164,Diary selections 164,ELIZABETH CLINTON COUNTESS OF LINCOLN J 183.
The Countess ofLincoln s Nursery excerpts w 1 8 3,ROBERT BURTON iy v 188. The Anatomy of Melancholy excerpts 188,Democritus Junior To the Reader 188. Love of Learning or Overmuch Study 201,THE OVERBURIAN CHARACTER 218. A G o o d Woman J 218,A Fair and Happy Milkmaid 219. A Waterman 219,A Prisoner 220,RICHARD CORBETT 222, Upon an Unhandsome Gentlewoman who made Love u n t o him 222.
T h e Fairies Farewell O r God a Mercy Will 223,T h e Distracted Puritan 224. EDWARD LORD HERBERT OF CHERBURY 227,An Ode upon a Question moved Whether Love should. continue for ever 227,LADY MARY W R O T H y 230,Pamphilia to Amphilanthus 230. 1 When night s black mantle could most darkness prove 230. 8 Love leave to urge thou know st thou hast the hand 231. 13 Cloyed with the torments of a tedious night 231. 15 Dear famish not what you yourself gave food 231. 16 Am I thus conquered Have I dost the powers 232,22 Come darkest night becoming sorrow best 232. 25 Like to the Indians scorched with the sun 232,26 When everyoneto pleasing pastime hies 233.
39 Take heed mine eyes how you your looks do cast 233. 40 False hope which feeds but to destroy and spill 233. 48 If ever Love had force in human breast 234,Song 74 Love a child is ever crying 234. A Crown of Sonnets Dedicated to Love i,77 In this strange labyrinth how shall I turn 234. 78 Is to leave all and take the thread of Love 235. 79 His flames are joys his bands true lovers might 235. 80 And be in his brave court a glorious light 235, 81 And burn yet burning you will love the smart 235. 82 He may our prophet and our tutor prove 236, 83 How blest be they then who his favours prove 236. 84 He that shuns love doth love himself the less 236. 85 But where they may return with honour s grace 236. 86 Be from the Court of Love and Reason torn 237,87 Unprofitably pleasing and unsound 237.
88 Be given to him who triumphs in his right 237, 89 Free from all fogs but shining fair and clear 238. 90 Except my heart which you bestowed before 238,103 My muse now happy lay thy self to rest s 238. THOMAS HOBBES 239, Leviathan or The Matter Form and Power ofa Commonwealth. excerpts 239,The Introduction 239,Chapter XIII 240. Chapter XVII 243,Chapter XVIII 246,ChapterXLX 250,Chapter XX 256.
Chapter XXI 258,Chapter XLVII 261,A Review and Conclusion 267. WILLIAM BROWNE 272,On the Countess Dowager of Pembroke 272. LADY ELEANOR DAVTES i 273,The Lady EleanorHerAppeal excerpts 1646 273. SIR ROBERT FILMER 279,Patriarcha excerpts 279, Directions for Obedience to Government in Dangerous or. Doubtful Times 286,WILLIAM BRADFORD 290,History of Plymouth Plantation excerpts 290.
B o o k I C h a p t e r 9 290,B o o k II C h a p t e r 1 9 293. ANNE CLIFFORD 297,TheKnoleDiary 1603 1619 excerpts 298. ROBERT HERRICK v 309, To the Most Illustrious and Most Hopeful Prince Charles r. Prince of Wales j 309,The Argument of his Book 309. When he would have his verses read 310,The Difference Betwixt Kings and Subjects 310.
Upon the Loss of His Mistresses 310,Cherry Ripe 310. To the King and Queen Upon Their Unhappy Distances 311. Delight In Disorder Cv 311,Duty to Tyrants 311,To Dianeme 311. Corinna s Going A Maying 3 1 1, To live merrily and to trust to Good Verses r v 313. To the Virgins To make much of Time 314,The Hock cart or Harvest home 314. To Anthea who may command him anything 315,STo Meadows 316.
h Upon Prudence Baldwin her sickness 316,Pnhimself 316. Casualties 316,T o Daffodils J l 317,Matins or morning Prayer 317. Evensong 317,The Bracelet to Julia 317,The Departure of the Good Daemon 317. f The Power in the People L318,To His Book 318,Shame no Statist 318. Fresh Cheese and Cream 318,i His Winding Sheet 318.
His Prayer to Ben Jonson 319,An Ode for him 319,My Ben 319. The bad season makes the Poet sad 320,His return to London 320. Grange Or Private Wealth 320,Upon Julia s Clothes 321. A Thanksgiving to God for his House 321,His Litany to the Holy Spirit 322. BENJAMIN LANEY 324,The Study of Quiet in Two Sermons 324.
A Sermon Preached Before His Majesty at Whitehall,March 12 1665 324. A Sermon Preached before the King At Whitehall,March 18 1666 U 335. FRANCIS QUARLES 343,Emblem III from Book III 343,Emblem VII from Book III 344. Epigram III from BookIV V r 345,Eclogue VIII 347,HENRY KING 354. An Exequy to his Matchless never to be forgotten Friend 354. Upon the Death of my ever Desired Friend Dr Donne,Dean of Paul s 356.
Sic Vita 357,WILLIAM CAVENDISH DUKE OF NEWCASTLE 358. Advice to Charles excerpts 358,For Trade 359,For Ceremony and Order 359. The Errors of State and Their Remedies 360,The Recreations for Your Majesty s People 361. GEORGE HERBERT 363,TheAltar i 363,Redemption 363,Easter Wings 364. Affliction I 364,Prayer I 365,Jordan I 366,The H Scriptures I 366.
The H Scriptures II 366,Church monuments 366,The Windows 367. Denial 367,Vanity I 368,Virtue 369,T h e Pearl M a t t h 1 3 4 5 3 6 9. J o r d a n II 3 7 1,The Quip 371,Providence L 372. Paradise 375,The Pilgrimage 375,The Collar 376,The Pulley 7 s s 376. The Flower 7 377,The Elixir 378,Love III 379,L Envoy 379.
THOMAS CAREW 380,A deposition from Love 380,Disdain returned 381. To Saxham 381,A Rapture 382,ToBenJonson 385, An Elegy Upon the Death of the Dean of Pauls Dr John Donne 385. To a Lady that desired I would love her 387,A Song 387. The second Rapture 388,In praise of his Mistress 388. EDWARD W I N S L O W 390,Good News from New England excerpt 390.
The Religion and Customs of the Indians Near New Plymouth 390. JAMES SHIRLEY 396,The glories of our blood and state 396. RACHEL SPEGHT 397,A Muzzle for Melastomus 397,To Joseph Swetnam 397. Of Woman s Excellency 398,TheDream 400,THOMAS EDWARDS 407. Gangraena 1646 excerpt 407,The Catalogue of Errors a 407. KING CHARLES I 420, A Proclamation and Declaration to Inform Our Loving Subjects.
of Our Kingdom of England of the Seditious Practices of. Some in Scotland 1639 420,BATHSUA M A K I N 424, An Essay to Revive the Ancient Education of Gentlewomen excerpts 425. To her Highness the Lady Mary 425, Care ought to be taken by us to Educate Women in Learning 426. Postscript 433,WILLIAM WALWYN 434,The Bloody Project 1649 434. J O H N EARLE 443,Microcosmography 443,To the Reader 443. A Child 443,ASurgeon 444,Paul s Walk 445,O W E N FELLTHAM 446.
Resolves 446,Of Puritans 446,Of Poverty 448,OfWoman 450. Of Poets and Poetry 451,A Rule in Reading Authors 454. THOMAS RANDOLPH 455,The Second Epode of Horace Translated 455. An Elegy upon the Lady Venetia Digby 456,Upon his Picture 457. An Ode to Master Anthony Stafford to hasten him into the Country 457. An Answer to Master Ben Jonson sOde 459,On the Death of a Nightingale V 460.
A Pastoral Courtship 460,WILLIAM HABINGTON 463,nocti indicat Scientiam 463. SIR THOMAS BROWNE 465,Religio Medici 465,To the Reader 465. The First Part excerpts 466,The Second Part excerpts 483. Hydriotaphia Urne Burial i 489,Chapter 1 excerpts 490. Chapter 2 excerpts 490,Chapter 5 493,E D M U N D WALLER 498.
O n a G i r d l e i v 498,Go Lovely Rose 498,Upon His Majesty s Repairing of Paul s 499. O n St James s Park As Lately Improved by His Majesty 500. Of the last verses in the book 502,JOHN MILTON POETRY 503. O n the Morning of Christ s Nativity 504,L Allegro 510. II Penseroso 513,Lycidas 516,Sonnet 7 520, Sonnet 12 O n the detraction which followed upon my writing. certain treatises 521, 0 Sonnet 18 On the Late Massacre in Piedmont i 522.
1 Sonnet 19 522, On the New Forcers of Conscience under the Long Parliament 523. Sonnet 15 On the Lord General Fairfax at the Siege of Colchester 524. SamsonAgonistes i 524,JOHN MILTON PROSE 554,from The Reason of Church Government 1641 555. Areopagitica 1644 561, Of True Religion Heresy Schism and Toleration 1673 589. Sir John Suckling u 596,To the Reader 596,A Ballad Upon a Wedding 597. The Constant Lover 599,A Barley break 600,Sonnet I 600.
Sonnet II 601,Sonnet III 601,The Wits 602,A Candle s 605. QUEEN HENRIETTA MARIA 606,The Queen s Letter 606, The Queen s Letter Sent to the King s most excellent Majesty. from Holland 607,EDWARD HYDE EARL OF CLARENDON 609. The Life of Edward Earl of Clarendon and The History of the. Rebellion and Civil Wars in England excerpts 609,The Character of William Laud 609. The Temper and Spirit of the Nation after 1660 618. The Broadview Anthology of SEVENTEENTH CENTURY VERSE amp PROSE EDITED BY ALAN RUDRUM JOSEPH BLACK amp HOLLY FAITH NELSON BROADVIEW ANTHOLOGIES OF ENGLISH LITERATURE1 bnadview press

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