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Page 2 NORTHEAST NEWS TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 17 2019,SCHOOL COMMUNITY NEWS. COMMUNITY AISD Schools Celebrate District Receives 1 35 Million for. CALENDAR Grandparents Day School Improvement Initiatives. Funding will increase options for families and students who attend great schools. Citizenship,Workshops By Leticia Fehling,Bonding Against Aldine ISD recently re. Adversity will host a ceived 1 35 million for,citizenship workshop school improvement initi. Saturday September 28 atives that will dramati,2019 at Hosanna Lutheran cally improve schools. Church 16526 Ella Blvd create more options for,Houston TX 77090 8 00 families and ensure that.
a m Questions Please call more students attend,281 799 9076 or Text 832 great schools. 906 4214 School Action Fund,SAF grants funded by,TEA provide districts in. Explorer Post cluding Aldine ISD with Superintendent Dr LaTonya M Goffney second from. By Valonia Walker funds to develop transfor,at HCEC mative programs that will. right standing visits with students at Goodman, Elementary School Under her leadership the district. The Harris County Several Aldine ISD schools celebrated Grandparents improve the quality of ed moved from a C rating to a B Goffney s new five. Emergency Corps will soon Day on Friday Sept 6 Grandparents were invited to ucation for students who year strategic plan lays the foundation to ensure. be the home of a new campuses across the district to spend time with their attend schools that have students have access to high quality schools. Explorer Post Exploring is historically struggled TEA. grandchildren during their special day of recognition and Aldine ISD are com. an after school program Grandparents Day was originally recognized by mitted to relentlessly fo four A schools that re theory of action that knits. for young men and,women ages 14 20, President Jimmy Carter in 1978 Grandparents Day is cusing on improving ceived those high marks together our priorities.
celebrated each year on the Sunday after Labor Day low performing schools Additionally Aldine ISD with these bold actions. Learning includes EMT, Aldine ISD would like to recognize grandparents for the through the implementa now has 4 435 fewer stu This framework will serve. paramedic dispatcher and, strength love and guidance they provide to our tion of transformative ac dents learning in D and F as the district s foundation. more Be also focusing on, tions that create more schools And that is not all to increase the number of. leadership healthcare students National Grandparents Day will be celebrated. choices and opportunities With the district s 2018 top rated schools. skills such as CPR and first around the world on Sunday Sept 8 Check out some 2019 scores the Aldine SAF Funds Will Help. aid and will offer fellow of our campus celebrations in the photo gallery below for students. This opportunity from ISD moved from a C to a AISD. ship opportunities, the state means Aldine B These funds are addi Dramatically improve. To learn more please, ISD will have fewer C D tional supports to help student achievement.
attend an Open House, and F schools and more A meet Aldine s goals in A Implement social and. Tuesday October 1 2019, and B schools said Super New Way Forward emotional learning to max. from 7 9 p m 2800 Aldine, intendent Dr LaTonya M Superintendent Dr imize student engagement. Bender Rd Houston TX, Goffney We want every LaTonya M Goffney and Develop strong lead. child in Aldine to be in a the Office of Transforma ers throughout Aldine ISD. great school and these tion is taking bold action Strategically organize. Events at Buckner funds are part of our vision to create opportunities to resources to accelerate stu. formerly Aldine for A New Way Forward at ensure all students have dent outcomes and. Aldine ISD access to high quality Build stronger commu. Youth Aldine ISD has already schools nications and outreach ef. ZUMBA Mondays seen significant improve The System of Great forts. Wednesdays and Fridays ments Last year the dis Schools framework in the To learn more about. 8a 9a 1 for members trict had one campus that district s new five year school actions please visit. 2 for non members would have been rated an strategic plan A New Way the Center for School Ac. AEROBICS w toning and A This year AISD has Forward is the unifying tion website. stretching Mondays,Wednesdays and Fridays,9a 10a 1 for members.
2 for non members,Seniors Social Club and,Bingo It meets on the 2nd. and 4th Fridays of the,District Sets Dates for Fall. month at 10 30 a m until,about 12 30 p m This,event is FREE for Seniors. www facebook com 2019 Open House Nights,65 and over. For more information NENewsroom grade level This practice not a time to discuss your. please 281 449 4828 By Leticia Fehling will give you an idea of child s individual needs. what academics your If you have concerns over, School Open House child s grade level is your child s academic.
Night helps parents to studying If you have dif progress or classroom be. stay informed about their ficulty finding the stan havior write an email to. NORTHEAST NEWS, children s progress The dards call the school or the teacher or send a let. event also allows parents schedule a parent teach ter in your child s folder. and teachers to continue er conference You can also call to sched. to strengthen communi View curricula before ule a parent teacher con. Pick up Locations cation to ensure students,have positive school expe. the event These are the,adopted reading materi,To ensure you have a. Jed s Hardware Paint Harris County Branch Library riences als activities and items productive parent teach. 5415 Aldine Mail Rt 11379 Airline Open House Night is used to teach students er conference prepare. Greenspoint Mall Medical Clinic also an excellent opportu Some may be available questions beforehand. Greenspoint Drive 8002 Airline nity to see everything in online to view If not con Collect samples of your. Lone Star College Greenspoint Aldine High School action Parents will get tact the campus or your child s work Parent. 250 Sam Houston Pkwy E Airline West Rd an overview of school cul child s teacher to sched. Sheriff s Storefront Las Banderas Meat Market teacher conferences. ture teachers curricu ule a time to go over the should center on three. 5202 Aldine Mail Route 11381 Airline lum and unique. East Aldine Office Food Store curricula major topics the child. programs Due to limited time at the classroom and the fu. 5333 Aldine Mail Route 1700 Airline, RED BOX Heart s Liquor Fall Open House Open House Night focus ture Remember to take. 5327 Aldine Mail Route 3801 Aldine Mail Rt Nights by Date on big picture questions notes And do schedule an. Dance Town USA Bingo Pilgrim Place Apts Please call your child s or general issues Save immediate follow up. 7214 Airline Drive 4655 Aldine Mail Rt school for specific times individual student needs meeting if something is. Pan Riko Bakery Aldine Y O U T H Comm Ctr or visit the campus web i e academics behavior unclear. Aldine Mail Rt 4700 Aldine Mail Rt site for information for a parent teacher con. MacArthur High School Chevron Parent teacher confer. aldineisd org ference ences should occur as,Aldine Mail Rt 8400 Irvington September 24 Early.
High Meadows Branch Library Harris County Courthouse Topics to Discuss at soon as parents notice a. Childhood Prekindergar School Open House student struggling Par. 4550 Aldine Mail Rt Annex, Prosperity Bank Eastex Fwy Will Clayton Parkway ten Kindergarten Schools Find out your child s ent teacher conferences. 3945 Little York Harvest Time Church September 30 Ninth schedule i e lunch re can provide useful insight. Prosperity Bank Little York Imperial Valley Grade Schools cess for immediate and clear. 1615 Little York World Food Mart October 1 Elementa Learn how to best next steps Time is cru. Prosperity Bank Aldine Greens Rd Imperial Valley ry Schools contact the teacher cial for students learning. 1906 Aldine Bender Green Way Washateria October 2 High Update your contact. Mobile Station 917 Greens Rd and progress Parents,Schools information should come out of discus. 9140 Eastex Freeway 7 9 Grocery October 9 Middle, Texaco Food Mart 330 Gulf Bank Ask about volunteer sions with actions they. Schools opportunities at the can do to help their chil. 9225 Eastex Freeway K Stop Food Store, Conoco 340 Gulf Bank What Parents Can Do school dren. 11219 Eastex Freeway Office Building to Prepare for Your Learn about class Parents can also try to. Handy Plus 69 Parker Road Child s School Open room expectations connect with the school. 11420 Eastex Freeway HC Senior Center House Learn how to support guidance counselor He or. Hartz Chicken Hardy Road To make the most of your child s learning at she can provide informa. 12231 Eastex Freeway HC Senior Center open house night talk to home. Hair Authority Beauty Salon Bentley tion about the resources. your children before the Find out about home the school offers Possibil. 10767 Eastex Freeway HC Courthouse event and do a little re. Beasley Tire Wil Clayton Parkway work expectations ities could include gifted. search Read any infor Ask about special up testing as well as resourc. Eastex Freeway METRO Park Ride, Dairy Queen Eastex Freeway mation sent home before coming events es outside of school Call.
E Mt Houston Eastex Fwy Stripes the event Questions Not to Ask the campus to find the. D Bertha Hair Salon Aldine Bender At Open House Night at Open House correct personnel. 4828A Mt Houston Beltway 8 Travel Plaza there is little time for a It s important to re By working together. Ranchero King Buffet N Sam Houston Pkwy lengthy conversation member that your child s every child can have a. North Freeway UT Health Clinic Read school policies and teacher wants to cover a. Mi Rancho Crosstimbers Jensen positive educational ex. procedures beforehand if lot of information with all perience and make more. 11132 Aldine Westfield Mannie s Seafood Grille you have questions about. Police Store Front E Mt Houston the parents The teacher significant learning. these Parents can find will have a short amount gains. Little York 45 Maxim s Seafood, Aldine ISD Services Office Eastex Freeway them posted online of time while still having We can t wait to see. Aldine Westfield Rosita s Review the state stan a few moments to answer you at School Open. Houston Discount Sales Bentley Drive dards for your child s questions This event is House Nights. 101 Little York Airline Drive,You I Grocery,8009 Airline. Airline Grocery,8104 Airline,Quick Mart,8320 Airline. And more call 713 266 3444 if,you would like to be on the list. Take Pride in our,H M C Clinic,Aldine Bender rev0819.
Keep it Clean,TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 17 2019 NORTHEAST NEWS Page 3. COMMUNITY NEWS, Houston Symphony opens the FBI and law enforcement. 2019 2020 Classical Season partner to host ThinkBefore. HOUSTON Sept 11,2019 Houston Sympho,ny Music Director Andr s. Orozco Estrada launches,the 2019 20 Classical Sea,YouPost PSA contest. son with an all Stravinsky, program Stravinsky s Winners Announced Entry date TBD.
Firebird at 8 p m Sept 19, By Leticia Fehling February 28 2020 2020 Houston Live. and 21 and 2 30 p m Sept Educating the Public stock Show and Rodeo Sil. 22 in Jones Hall The FBI Houston Crime The FBI s ThinkBefor ver Guest Badge for each. Houston Symphony is Stoppers of Houston and eYouPost campaign aims team member. livestreaming the Sunday the FBI Houston Citizens at ending hoax threats by The first place team will. matinee performance of Academy Alumni Associa educating students and also receive. the classical subscription tion have partnered to host parents about the conse Recognition in a pre. concert marking its first a video Public Service An quences of making such game ceremony at an As. ever online video broadcast Houston Symphony Music Director Andr s Orozco nouncement PSA contest threats Issuing a threat of tros 2020 game date TBD. of a concert Estrada for Houston area high targeted violence against Television or radio ap. Celebrating his sixth school students The cam schools and other public pearance on a local station. season as Music Director ater District For tickets ally making it the largest paign aims at educating places through social In 2018 there were over. Orozco Estrada opens the and information please performing arts organiza the public about the seri media via text message or 160 hoax threats in Hous. program with Stravinsky s call 713 224 7575 or visit tion in Houston Addition ousness of issuing hoax email is a crime The ton that the FBI and law. Scherzo fantastique an h o u s t o n s y m p h o n y o r g ally musicians of the school threats against a PSA s message should ad enforcement partners re. inventive work inspired by Tickets may also be pur orchestra and the Sympho school or another public dress what students sponded to and investigat. the buzzing lifecycle of chased at the Houston ny s four Community Em place is a serious federal should do if they see or ed to determine if there. bees Renowned for his su Symphony Patron Servic bedded Musicians offer crime A thoughtless re hear about a threat of vio was a threat to public safe. perb musicianship and the es Center in Jones Hall over 1 000 community mark on social media can lence and the consequenc ty Each one of those . Fast amp Furious Presents Hobbs amp Shaw PG 13 12 00pm 3 00pm 6 00pm 9 00pm Closed Caption THE LION KING in RealD 3D PG 12 45pm 6 15pm Closed Caption RealD 3D Spanish Dubbed THE LION KING PG 3 30pm 6 15pm 9 00pm Closed Caption THE LION KING PG 3 30pm 9 00pm Closed Caption Spanish Dubbed THE LION KING PG 12 45pm THE WEEKEND R 12 30pm 2 40pm 4 50pm 7 00pm 9 15p

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