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2 Service Manual Compact Induction Cookers,1 Safety measures 3. 2 Maintenance interval 3,3 Functions 3,3 1 Induction cooking 3. 3 2 Operation 3,3 3 Technical properties 4,3 4 Cooking pots 4. 3 5 Functions in the generator 4,3 6 Ventilation Cooling 5. 4 Technical data Electric diagram 5,5 Maintenance check list 7.
6 Components Removal and Installation 8,7 Function checks 10. 7 1 In general 10,7 2 Pot recognition test 10,7 3 Power control test 10. 7 4 Test of max power rating 10,7 5 Ventilation test 10. 8 Faults Rectifying faults 11,8 1 Troubleshooting check list 11. 8 2 Rectifying faults 13,8 3 Testing of components 13.
9 Exchange of parts 14,10 Appendix 15,10 1 Connections 15. 10 2 Further Development of Therma cookers 17,10 2 1 Modifikations 17. 10 2 2 Compatibility 17,10 2 3 Operation Settings 18. 3 1 DIP switch settings 18,3 2 Jumpers 19,3 3 Operating lamp 19. 3 4 Status display on the CPU pcb 20,ADDITIONAL DOKUMENTS.
Operating and Installation Instructions 72 6254,Spare parts list 72 6286. SERIAL NUMBER of the appliance YWWXXXXX, The serial number is marked on the type plate The 8 digits give following information. Y last digit of the year of production,WW week of production. XXXXX running number,Service Manual Compact Induction Cookers 3. 1 SAFETY MEASURES on which electrical connections are located must be. Maintenance work adjustments conversions and Parts requiring replacement are only to be replaced by. repairs may only be carried out by an authorized original spares. technician These technicians must be instructed by the After the appliance has been connected up the service. manufacturer and carry out the work in accordance with agent must carry out a test of all functions in the course. specific national and local regulations Parts requiring of which all the programs and operating states of all. replacement are only to be replaced by original spares operating elements as laid down in the operating. Follow strictly the attention and warning label indications instructions are checked. on the appliances The conclusion of a maintenance agreement should be. Cleaning and maintenance may only be carried out recommended to the user. when the appliance is cold, Before beginning any servicing all appliances must be.
disconnected from the power supply Disconnection from 2 MAINTENANCE INTERVAL. the power supply is effected by switching off at the main. switch pulling out the plug or removing the fuses fitted to Recommendation approx 1 year. the power supply, The internal wiring in the appliance as well as the earth. connections must be carried out in accordance with the. complete electrical schematic Basically all metal parts. 3 FUNCTIONS,3 1 INDUCTION COOKING, With induction cooking the cooking pot is heated up with this area of the magnetic field an eddy current is initiated. electro magnetic waves The induction coil is fed with a in them This current penetrates the metallic objects that. high frequency alternating current which generates a is the bottom and wall of metal pots and thus heats up. powerful magnetic field If metallic objects are placed in their content. Components,a Mains connection,b Frequency changer,c Operating panel. d Parallel condenser,e Induction coil,f Ferritic shield. g Glass ceramic plate,h Magnetic field,3 2 OPERATION.
The required heating levels can be set in 9 steps by. turning the control knob The induction cooker s Position. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9, performance is depending of the position of the control of knob. knob and of the size and material of the pan Capacity. off 10 15 20 25 30 50 65 85 100, The appliance is switched off when the control knob is in. position 0 When the control knob is switched on the green. lamp lights The setting positions correspond to following. heating capacities,4 Service Manual Compact Induction Cookers. 3 3 TECHNICAL PROPERTIES takes about 1 4 s to complete a cycle The duration of an. high performance and immediate readiness for operation impulse varies according to the set levels. high efficiency Progressive positions, electric energy is directly transformed into heat in the pot Within these positions the power rating augments steadily. bottom with increasing position numbers,high energy saving.
stepless power regulation by the operation of a rotary Pot recognition system. regulator The generator has an automatic pot recognition system A. pot recognition system control impulse of the induction coil checks about every. minimal loss of energy when on standby 1 4 s whether there is a pot on the cooking zone and if this. pot is suitable or not If a suitable pot is placed on the. 3 4 COOKING POTS cooking zone the inductive heating goes on automatically. With induction cooking it is very important to use suitable If the pot is removed the inductive heating goes off. pots The pot bottom is the element that closes the automatically The inductive heating must only switch on. magnetic field generated by the induction coil The when the pot placed on the cooking zone is of the required. following requirements must be met They apply to pots minimal size approx 12 cm This prevents small. with level bottoms as well as to WOK pans misplaced metallic objects from being heated up on the. The pots and pans must be made of a magnetic metal cooking zone. such as iron enamelled iron carbon steel cast iron. multilayered metal with a ferromagnetic layer on the Temperature control. bottom iron containing stainless steel etc Pots made of a Induction coil. copper or aluminium must be equipped with a bottom The temperature of the induction coil is controlled by a. made of steel or stainless steel with iron Check the temperature sensor If a coil is heated up to more than the. magnetic permeability with a permanent magnet A pot is tolerated maximum level this generator will switch off and. suitable for induction cooking when it has a bottom that get blocked After the coil has cooled down and resetting. strongly attracts a permanent magnet We recommend the the cooking zone is ready for operation again. use of cooking pots that were specially designed for b Power module. induction cooking However it is possible to use some of The temperature of the power module is controlled by a. the traditional pots too such as the Lyon pan pots and thermostat safety thermostat If the heat of the power. pans made of ferromagnetic stainless metals enamelled module on the heat sink increases 55 C the fan is. pots pots made of cast iron You may also heat up certain switched on At temperatures over 70 C the power will be. magnetic non conductive pot materials on the induction reduced by 1 3 If the temperature still increases this. range However this is not recommended as those pots generator will switch off After the temperature around. do not transmit the heat properly heat sink has dropped the generator will switch on. Pans made of multi layered metals with open aluminium automatically no reset necessary. core should not be used c Temperature inside the appliance. The maximum power generated by the induction coil On each control print there is a temperature sensor which. depends on the quality of the pot and the size of its controls the temperature inside the appliance If the heat. bottom The larger the pot bottom the more heat is exceeds the tolerated level on the control print the. generated in the pot and released to the food generator will switch off If the temperature on the control. print drops the same generator switches on automatically. 3 5 FUNCTIONS IN THE GENERATOR no reset necessary,Fan control Over current protection. The fan is controlled by a thermostat and does only switch If non ferromagnetic metallic objects e g aluminium. on if the temperature in the heat sink reaches 55 C The copper brass chrome nickel steel etc are placed on the. fan switches off once the temperature in the heat sink has cooking zone the current in the induction coil can. reached the lower level of the thermostat When the considerably increase To protect the power module from. appliance is switched off the fan stops destruction due to too fast a temperature rise within this. module there is a current control in the coil If the current. Induction coil surpasses the tolerated level the concerned generator. The connections of the coil must be wrenched and gets blocked To release this blockage of the generator. protected by an isolating hose Each coil has a built in switch off the concerned cooking zone reset for a. temperature sensor moment With the usual induction pots normally the. maximum coil current will not be exceeded,Power switch. On position 0 the power switch is turned off and the Voltage control. output signal has the resistance value 0 On positions 1 to A supervision of excessive or low tension voltage of the. 9 the power switch is turned on and the output signal has mains is integrated in the power board When the tension. the corresponding resistance value max 9 k limits are reached the appliance is switched off. Setting the power rating, The power rating is set with the potentiometer The force Radio interference suppression. of the inductive power depends on the position of the A mains filter for the radio interference suppression is. potentiometer and on the size and metal of the pot The integrated in the power board. inductive power can also be diminished by removing the. pot from the center of the cooking zone The power control. is sequential for the lower and progressive for the higher. position numbers,Sequential positions, Within these positions there are power impulses emitted It. Service Manual Compact Induction Cookers 5,3 6 VENTILATION COOLING appliance.
Generator Induction coil, The generator is force cooled with a fan The thermostat The coil is cooled only naturally. control prevents the interior part of the appliance from. being severely soiled The fan operates at high power Recommendation. levels only during cooking If small pots are used or if the Do not disconnect the plug of the appliance from the. temperature is set to a low level the fan operates not or mains socket while the fan is running. just periodically There is an air filter underneeth the. 4 TECHNICAL DATA,Type VARIO INDUC VI VI 230 VI 400 VI 440. Wattage kW 3 5 5 5,Voltage 230V 1 N 400V 3 N 440V 3 N. Current A 15 2 7 2 6 5,Ceramic hob mm 340 x 340 340 x 340 340 x 340. Appliance dimensions B T H mm 400 x 475 x 120 400 x 475 x 120 400 x 475 x 120. Net weight kg 13 13 13,Type VARIO WOK VW VW 230 VW 400 VW 440.
Wattage kW 3 5 5 5,Voltage 230V 1 N 400V 3 N 440V 3 N. Current A 15 2 7 2 6 5,Ceramic bowl diameter mm 290 290 290. Appliance dimensions B T H mm 400 x 475 x 180 400 x 475 x 180 400 x 475 x 180. Net weight kg 13 13 13, For all types Minimal diameter of the pot bottom about 12 cm. Power factor cos 0 90 typical 0 95 Maximum ambient temperature. Leakage current 4 mA storage room 20 70 C,during operation 5 42 C. Safety elements Maximum humidity of air, 1 Protection switch per induction coil temperature storage room 10 90.
sensor 180 C during operation 30 90, 1 Protection switch per power unit power reduction of. 1 3 at 70 C cut off at 80 C Tests certificates, 1 Protection switch per mains logic board temperature All electric appliances are tested by VDE They fulfill. sensor 65 C following standards and EC Directives The appliances are. 1 Overcurrent protection per power unit marked with the CE marking on the specification plate. 1 Electric fuse per control circuit EN 60335 Safety. EN 55014 Interference emission,Miscellaneous EN 55104 Disturbance immunity. Maximum tolerance of the mains nominal voltage LV Directive 73 23 EEC Low Voltage Directive. 6 10 EMV Directives 89 336 EEC Electro magnetic,Supply frequency 50 60 Hz compatibility. Protection class IP X2,6 Service Manual Compact Induction Cookers.
Electric diagram VARIO INDUC VI VARIO WOK VW 400V 230. A1 Mains control power unit M1 Fan,A2 Logic board S1 Power switch. B1 Temperature sensor of the coil L1 L2 L3 Phases,H1 Control lamp green N Earth. L1 Induction coil K Connection cable,Service Manual Compact Induction Cookers 7. 5 MAINTENANCE CHECK LIST,Check Fault Remedy,Connections for protective conductors. Check that all electric connections and contacts to terminals. coils switches and junctions are tight If contacts are loose tighten contacts. Measure the individual phase currents with a clamp on ammeter Identify defective consumers heating systems by carefully. on the power supply immediately before the connection terminals measuring the individual currents If major deviations are. with the appliance switched on full and compare the currents with discovered replace. the Technical data, Inspect internal wiring If cables are faulty replace cables.
Check the cooking zones for continuous operation Check power. consumption with the largest possible pan filled with water. Check the generator and cooling block for internal contamination If heavily soiled with grease and dust clean with a brush or a. cloth and a spray cleaner intended for electronic components. and blow out with compressed air, Check the fan for operation and dirt Note when the fan cuts in If the fan is dirty clean with a brush or with co mpressed air. should cut in after approx 1 2 min under full load Fan must spin. Service Manual Compact Induction Cookers 5 3 6 VENTILATION COOLING Generator The generator is force cooled with a fan The thermostat control prevents the interior part of the appliance from being severely soiled The fan operates at high power levels only during cooking If small pots are used or if the temperature is set to a low level the fan operates not or just periodically There is

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