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data as she neared death Her 24 7 datastream as CEO had already been widely. distributed so this was merely a symbolic gesture but Probot complied with this. request even code naming her Protag in its datahoard Some C I employees. decided a portion of Probot s datahoard should be considered public domain of which. this is a part Humans quoted in this transcript who did not have an innocuous and. untraceable nickname were given code names sometimes self selected. Anyone writing a creative work knows that you open you yield yourself and the. book talks to you and builds itself To a certain extent you become the carrier of. something that is given to you from what have been called the Muses or in biblical. language God This is no fancy it is a fact Since the inspiration comes from the. unconscious and since the unconscious minds of the people of any single small. society have much in common what the shaman or seer brings forth is something that. is waiting to be brought forth in everyone So when one hears the seer s story one. responds Aha This is my story This is something that I had always wanted to say but. wasn t able to say Joseph Campbell, Much was given to me including this Creative Commons 4 0 Keep the words free. and they re yours to use for free noncommercially, I may attempt to fix the errors in this creative work in some future edition unless. someone else does it for me, vs nalbar jub vf zber njnxr guna zbfg ernqf guvf v q yvxr gb ncbybtvmr sbe gur. ehoovfu v gvccrq va urer v xabj gur jbeyq qbrf abg arrq lrg nabgure uhzna nzhfrzrag. qvfgenpgvba qrivpr ohg zbqrea grpuab uhznaf frrz gb rkcrpg fhpu v unir chg fhpu. jvfqbz va gur jbeqf gung v cbffrff naq v jbhyq or qryvtugrq vs lbh pbhyq nqq zber. NON ERVIAM,Begin ver 1 5,A Psych Rhet Experiment,Cartoon logic. This is a re expanded fastspeak summary given to the CEO of CI. Anomaly alert, Executive summary re young female assigned codename Haruhi First known video.
appearances timestamp removed from ATM machine security camera data each time. accompanied by a different person timestamp removed CAM A4 is located in jewelry. store name deleted datastream transcription Haruhi greets an exiting customer in a. friendly manner They exit store and walk twenty meters into an area covered by CAM. A5 This video shows customer giving jewelry purchase and personal possessions to. Haruhi then customer attempts to tackle a fire hydrant with predictable results. Lipreading translates Haruhi words to you bastard 0 02 P with considerable. emotion End Trans, Datastream transcription two days later Haruhi is observed greeting another exiting. customer They talk for thirty seconds during which Haruhi points directly at the video. camera The customer then gives Haruhi a couple of Federal Reserve Notes one of. which is a twenty They then exit in opposite directions End Two minutes later Haruhi. and victim 3 approach CAM A5 Victim appears dazed and speaks briefly and slowly. lipreading fail Haruhi gives victim a FRN pauses reclaims the FRN and after. making some rather interesting body motions gives victim 3 two gold chains that were. wrapped around her thigh Lipreading guess of her statement Turn these into gold. rings and junk silver brush untranslatable teeth and ask probable name of unknown. person for a private session pause no don t you bastard Haruhi walks away from. victim 3 who remains where he is Ten seconds later CAM A5 records a second. female assigned the codename Tie dye a backpack toting young female whose. psychedelic T Shirt is mostly hidden under a vest Haruhi smiles probably says Let s. see the T shirt Tie dye says nine second speech Haruhi asks You can feel me. untranslatable A seven meter hemispherical patch of very deep shadow forms with. Tie dye at the exact center This covers nearly all of CAM A5 field of view for about. three minutes but is not a camera malfunction Because Probot found this extremely. interesting it put a data recorder in the cuff of Haruhi s jeans additionally two. clockroaches and three bugcams had on their way into Tie dye s backpack provided. enough data P 0 003 that the temperature of her T shirt was warm and getting. warmer and that this warming required more energy than could have been supplied by. Tie dye s body,End summary, The following is a transcript of various conversations spliced together from Probot s. datastores I have added some text data so you have some chance of understanding. this Probot is unable to determine how to spell Non Word Vocalizations the humans it. asked for help found the task boring and usually their spelling decisions did not match. Therefore Probot has substituted DNWV for Deleted Non Word Vocalization in the. low bandwidth version which you have Additional transcripts and additional audio. and video data are available on the CI website,Haruhi What did you do. Tie dye You re reading my deleted mind You are, Haruhi Not anymore I m not What the deleted did you do. Tie dye I can t see anything, Haruhi You don t even know do you Turn the lights back on I can t see.
Haruhi s previous victim 3 There s a huge shadow hanging over you. Tie dye This way I think Hey mindreader let s get out of here. Haruhi Deleted Non Word Vocalization or DNWV This is the DNWV indicating. surprise shock, Tie dye escapes patch of darkness turns around and grabs Haruhi who is still in the. dark Nice butt This way,Haruhi What deleted did you do. Tie dye I don t know I felt you sneeeaking around in my head and that shadow trick. made it stop DNWV you can t look at me without, Haruhi Sneeeeakin Probable Reference PR to an exchange between the fictional. characters Frodo Sam and Gollum from fictional book trilogy Lord of the Rings by. Tolkien Vote AGREE Vote DISAGREE Probot is guessing that it found a Culturally. Relevant Reference a referral to a book in this case Probot is very fond of. crowdsourcing such tasks It once freely reported the results of this and other polls but. the result included too many words about words Nowadays you have to ask. Tie dye Yes sneeeaking I could feel it, Haruhi Done too much acid you have Let s get out of here Move move move. Tie dye Don t look at me that way I can feel you doing it again. Haruhi I don t mean to What look at the ceiling when I talk to you. Tie dye Maybe But that blue thing up there is called the sky I don t know what I m. going to do about you,Haruhi How about you get me some food.
Tie dye DNWV Fine I m parked over here Welcome to don t you already know the. name of this car, Haruhi No I d call her the Eggulator if she were mine. Tie dye She is she who is It s unlocked or did you know that already. Haruhi So are all your pets called Eric, Tie dye Just the kindergardeners mouse Don t mess with my mind when I m driving. Haruhi DNWV indicating assent agreement P 01 Can we stop and get some take. Tie dye I can cook something at my place if, Haruhi I most certainly do mind helping you clean up afterwards Don t worry it won t. cost you a thing That place park in the back Haruhi points to a restaurant I hope you. don t mind me ordering,Tie dye DNWV, Haruhi Relax I don t need your money and I m not gonna steal anything Just let me. show off a bit Car stops Haruhi exits and bangs on door in back of building The door. opens blocking much video data collection Hey you must be name deleted Can. you tell different name deleted that I want to talk to him video datastream of Haruhi. completely interrupted as she enters building Audio datastream analysis is degraded. due to background sounds Hey amigo third name deleted says I should stop by. Can you five second pause I want DNVW a half dozen chimichangas and I m sort of. in a hurry I don t mind paying extra What these But they re so big Are you sure you. don t mind Gracias muy gracias I most certainly will come back Video datastream. of Haruhi resumes She is carrying two white plastic bags one in each hand She turns. around kicks the door and as it begins to close she watches something through the. narrowing doorway Haruhi then uses her foot to stop the door from closing completely. and continues to look inside Audio datastream becomes increasingly complex. breaking glass and inarticulate shouting probable but screeching noise is. unidentified, Tie dye exits car and takes one of the bags from Haruhi What did you get.
Haruhi Comida Let s go,Tie dye DNWV,Haruhi Vamanos I m hungry. Tie dye DNWV I smell guacamole How much did it cost you. Haruhi About twenty It s complicated but this guy is going to wait an extra ten. Tie dye So we got someone else s takeout and you re not a complete psychopath. Haruhi Not so dumb And has a nice ass too,Tie dye DNWV made me wait long enough. Haruhi Por favor Excuse me Sorry Are we all better yet. Tie dye Sarcasm, Haruhi And general bitchiness too DNWV Slow down un poco Haruhi gestures to. something out of camera range, Tie dye So you can expletive deleted with their minds Not very nice. Haruhi Sometimes I am nice Sometimes not Sometimes really really naughty when. Tie dye So what did you do, Haruhi Nothing that time Just watching the wheels go round and round.
Tie dye Don t lie to me OK DNWV Especially when I m driving distracted. Haruhi DNWV Your deleted car sounds terrible, Tie dye expletives deleted car Help me dammit It won t turn Tie dye stops the car. At this point Probot had locked the steering wheel While Haruhi and Tie dye struggle. with the immobile steering wheel Probot installs kludged together equipment designed. on the fly to override the human car datastream Probot is easily the world s best. kludger as it knows what it needs and where it is and it is very fast When finished. Probot releases the steering wheel lock and makes a metal on metal noise under the. Tie dye It moved But I don t like the sound of that. Haruhi Park it over there in the shade Let s eat, Tie dye Eat then fix car Good plan I even have napkins. Haruhi Of course you do DNWV Why won t the door open. Tie dye I think the real question is why won t the doors unlock Begins a mostly logical. series of actions that fail to open the car doors, Haruhi At least the food won t be able to get away. Tie dye expletives deleted electronic power windows infantilizing machine Throws. spare batteries and electronic key into an open pocket of her backpack. Haruhi Next person I see is going to want to help us so bad so let s eat DNWV. likely related to her noticing a small truck approaching. Tie dye The windows won t go down and the freakin horn doesn t even work I think. the battery is dead We should yell when that truck goes by Cover your ears. Haruhi deleted that Also it s turning around No way deleted. Tie dye Look at their rear view mirror, Tie dye You can t see inside their truck can you They know The truck quickly parks. itself in front of Tie dye s car,Tie dye DNWV, Haruhi Don t I handle this OK Come on you bastards show yourselves and feel my.
The back of the truck opens revealing a machine that looks like it was hastily. cobbled together from whatever junk was handy which is exactly what happened. Another much smaller machine that resembled a largish beetle down to the bristles on. it s antenna except for a tiny clown wig jumped onto the windshield A bright pink. shiny droplet formed on its hind end and the beetle used this secretion to write Don t. Panic in wobbly letters upon the glass As the beetle worked the larger machine puts. wooden ramps between the car and truck and the car drives itself up the ramp The. beetle s penmanship improves dramatically as the doors of the truck close. Neither Haruhi or Tie dye mostly Tie dye wish others to know exactly what. happened in the next several hours Both agree that Probot or a robot acting on. Probot s wishes started it whatever Tie dye meant by it The CI secretarial pool. which includes Probot confirm that Tie dye managed to mostly climb out of the car. window remove her T shirt and carefully smooth it onto a reversed Don t Panic. Probot said that Tie dye appeared as a normal female radiating normal amounts of. The following excerpts are condensed versions that both women will submit into the. public record Tie dye redacted a large section of Haruhi s version who didn t object. Tie dye My personal list of probable antichrists consist of the unholy trinity of. corporate culture empowered with limited liability modern mercenary TV programming. and both paper and electronic money combined with fractional reserve banking Sorry. about that but I didn t want to waste my new celebrity status DNWV laughter Probot. apologized and introduced itself but of course I didn t believe it so it did some tricks. but this is all Probot s idea I know what we smell like and Probot says we reek of it. but I don t want anyone talking about that so pretty please don t. Haruhi It was humbling For the first time in a very long time I was completely. helpless and couldn t change a thing It could have been as bad as being tied up in the. trunk of the car Probot was polite and mainly focused on Tie dye It loves Tie dye s. juggling of protons sic photons Anyway deleted, Probot Both women were pleasant and accommodating and it would be a privilege. to work with them again Presence of these women has aroused intense interest. among CI employees and both women are willing to undergo further testing with the. restriction unless it gets unfun Haruhi I recommend gen. Which a non biological intelligence nick named Probot possessed tech likely to alter humankind s future and like an anthropologist sought human informers It evaluated humans as best as it could and chose a few people to introduce its tech to humankind These selected humans attempted to design a sustainable and sane lifestyle in the

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