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Second Edition,2017 Our Compliance Reflects Our Values. Dear Colleagues, Through its transformation into a performance driven organization. Kuwait Petroleum Corporation KPC has established itself to be. among the leaders in the Petroleum Industry, We monitor industry best practices and adopt those that provide. KPC with more flexibility innovation and competitive advantages in. a challenging environment, Our focus will be on promoting high caliber competencies within the. oil sector We strongly believe they are valuable assets for us to. grow develop and retain, We are proud of the value system that adheres to the basic principles.
of honesty reliability fairness equality integrity and respect to all. We conduct business professionally and ethically across the. entire oil sector KPC culture secures means for success through. transparency as well as promoting customer satisfaction and. We like to consider our community as one family working under. clear governance and serving Kuwait within an encouraging and. stimulating environment All employees know what is expected of. them and what their rights are, In line with these pillars there emerged the need to produce a code. of conduct that clearly illustrates the expected patterns of behaviors. from employees, The code of conduct can be considered as a reference point to our. community A roadmap for our culture and our values in the Kuwait. oil sector In addition to other important critical pillars that we take. pride in such as team spirit innovation and social responsibility. The code of conduct represents an administrative tool establishing. corporate values responsibilities duties and the ethical aspirations. of KPC and the K Companies, This booklet provides general guidelines to assist employees to. make sound and responsible decisions at work avoiding any. disparities that can hinder the working environment. I expect all of you to review the booklet and ensure our core. competencies and pillars stay ingrained in our corporate culture at. KPC and K companies,Nizar Al Adsani,Introduction,1 Staff Appreciation. 1 1 Respecting Others,1 2 Harassment,1 3 Individual Rights.
2 Commitment to Health Safety Security and,Environment HSSE System 13. 3 Citizenship and Social Responsibility 15,3 1 Compliance with the Law 16. 3 2 Drug Abuse 16,3 3 Social and Political Relations 17. 4 Ethical Business Conduct 19,4 1 Work Ethics 20,4 2 Conflict of Interests 20. 4 3 Bribery and Corruption 21,4 4 Gifts and Entertainment 22.
4 5 Working for a Third Party 22,4 6 Prevention of Fraud and Theft 23. 5 Confidentiality 25,5 1 Information and Knowledge Management 26. 5 2 Requests for Employees Information 26, 5 3 Representation of KPC or Speaking on its Behalf 26. 5 4 Information Technology Privacy and Security and. Copyright 27,5 5 Information Confidentiality 27,6 Reporting 29. 7 General Guidelines 31,Code of Conduct, This Code of Conduct applies to all those employed by Kuwait.
Petroleum Corporation KPC and all of its direct and indirect. subsidiaries to the extent permitted by corporationm applicable law. The intent of this document is to provide a set of guidelines. to all employees in the conduct of their business and professional. activities Especially when dealing with colleagues vendors. customers contractors government agencies and the public This. document serves as a reminder to all employees that it is important. for all of us to uphold the highest standards of integrity and personal. conduct in all matters that involve the KPC, You should also be aware that breaches of these values and. hiding any transgressions negatively impacting the KPC s interests. might result in disciplinary action References to disciplinary action. in this code are to disciplinary action in accordance with locally. applicable policies and laws and may extend to termination of. employment in appropriate cases In addition to such disciplinary. action employees may be subject to legal action in case of any. infraction of public law, The KPC requires compliance to this Code of Conduct from. all who perform works for its benefit including but not limited. to consultants contractors suppliers internal contractors and. I pledge to respect my colleagues irrespective,of their nationality faith or gender dealing with. changes in the workplace environment based on,loyalty and team spirit. 1 Staff Appreciation, The KPC policy is based on respecting other people s faith and religious.
rites hence each and every employee is responsible for respecting. other people s rights,1 1 Respecting Others, No employee is allowed to undermine the faith and religious rites of. other employees, No employee is allowed to engage in any form of racial and sectarian. discrimination by any means within the KPC, No employee is allowed to publish or distribute any material related. to sectarian discrimination or incite hostility or contempt for segments. of the society through speech writing illustrations use of modern. technology media or social network sites, No employee is allowed to accuse others or make malicious statements. that damage or offend their reputation either orally in writing or through. modern technology or media and social network platforms. No employee is allowed to undermine the rights of individuals with. recognized disabilities and every employee should respect those. rights Undermining the rights of individuals with recognized disabilities. constitutes a violation of KPC s policy and an infringement of the law. 1 2 Harassment, The KPC seeks to create a healthy environment void of all immoral.
behavior toward employees contractors suppliers or clients. All forms of sexual harassment are strictly forbidden including verbal. physical ogling or any form of harassment using modern technology. media and social network platforms, It is strictly forbidden to falsely accuse others of harassment or to. make derogatory comments to damage or offend another employee s. reputation whether verbally or in writing using modern information. technology media and social network platforms, All complaints and investigations shall be immediately carried out and. shall be handled in strict confidentiality,10 Our Compliance Reflects Our Values. 1 3 Individual Rights,1 Conducive Work Environment. The KPC seeks to create a secure healthy and enabling work. environment for all employees, All employees must treat their colleagues and subordinates with respect.
and not engage in verbal abuse altercation insult defamation or any. similar behaviors,2 Compensating Employee, The KPC shall compensate employees former or current in the event. of civil or criminal charges arising due to an employee s performance. or due to carrying out instructions received from the KPC The KPC. shall be liable for all the costs including sums paid to settle any action. filed and any fines enforced against the employee at any level of legal. proceedings and matters in accordance with the following conditions. The employee acted with good intention in the subject of the lawsuit. and believed the actions served the interests of the KPC. In case a criminal or civil lawsuit is filed or procedures have been. commenced involving penalties or financial liabilities the employee has. considerable justification to believe that the actions in which he was. engaged were not in violation of the law, The employee reports the matter to the KPC immediately after. becoming aware of the commencement of legal process. The employee is permitted to make a legal defense, The employee allows the KPC to take part in the defense. The employee obtains prior written consent from the KPC before. reaching a settlement related to the lawsuit or the subject matter. 3 Equal Job Opportunities, The KPC policy ensures equal job opportunities in line with all applicable. laws and regulations related to employing qualified candidates The. KPC implements staff regulations relevant programs and practices. in a form void of discrimination in all aspects of employment relations. and conditions including employment assignment promotion. redeployment termination entitlements wages and selection for. training programs,Our Compliance Reflects Our Values 11.
4 Fair Treatment Promotion Development Accountability. Employees are the KPC s future and greatest asset hence the KPC. ensures fairness and justice in the decisions that have a direct bearing. on job status particularly in the following, Promotion is based on merit and good performance and the KPC. implements clear criteria to select candidates and fill vacancies. Development the KPC creates an environment conducive to. building the capacity and skills of employees in accordance with. their job grades and in line with the regulations and rules set by the. KPC and employee training plans, Accountability in applying disciplinary actions against an. employee the KPC ensures legal guarantees for the employee in. accordance with the set disciplinary rules that ensure the protection. of the employee s rights by permitting the employee to present a. defense with supporting documentation as well as hearing witness. accounts if necessary during administrative investigations The. employee has the right to appeal or seek review of a disciplinary. penalty in accordance with the rules and regulations set by the KPC. 5 Participation, The KPC encourages employees to submit proposals and ideas to. improve products services rules regulations and procedures in. addition to encouraging the submission of any proposals aimed at. reducing costs and maximizing profits,12 Our Compliance Reflects Our Values. I pledge to protect the environment and to maintain. workplace health safety security and environment,practices for the wellbeing of my colleagues and.
to accept change and innovation,Our Compliance Reflects Our Values 13. Commitment to Health Safety,Security and Environment. HSSE System,2 Commitment to Health Safety Security and. Environment HSSE System, The KPC seeks to achieve a minimum number of incidents injuries and. chronic diseases and to preserve the environment when conducting. its business The KPC strives to ensure the safety of employees at all. work sites through compliance with HSSE standards and the safety of. operations and operational units, Employees should comply follow and implement HSSE work related.
standards measures and practices that are in place and documented. in HSSE Management Systems It should be noted that any violation of. HSSE standards within the KPC may lead to a disciplinary action. Second Edition 2017 writing illustrations use of modern technology media or social network sites The KPC seeks to create a secure

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