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TABLE OF CONTENTS Pages,Lesson 1 Introducing the novel 1 7. Resource 1 1 The Outsiders Anticipation Guide 8 9, Resource 1 2a Stereotype Gallery Walk Photos 10 22. Resource 1 2b Gallery Walk Student Response Resource 23. Resource 1 3 The Outsiders Book Starter 24,Resource 1 4 Outsiders Slang 25 26. Resource 1 4 Outsiders Slang Answer Key 27,Lesson 2 Character Perceptions Chapters 1 3 29 37. Resource 2 1 The Outsiders Vocabulary Notebook 39 44. Resource 2 2 Sizing up People 45,Resource 2 3 Richard Corey 46.
Resource 2 4 Ticket out the Door 47, Resource 2 5 Text dependent Questions Canvas Discussion Questions 48. Resource 2 6 Dialectical Journal 49 50, Resource 2 7 Layered Curriculum Rubric Directions 51 54. Lesson 3 Setting Analysis and Symbolism Chapters 4 6 55 63. Resource 3 1 Vocabulary Notebook 65 69,Resource 3 2 Text Dependent Questions 70. Resource 3 3 Dialectical Journal 71 72,Resource 3 4 The Outsiders Setting Resource 73. Resource 3 5 Analyzing Poetry Resource 74,Resource 3 5b Nothing Gold Can Stay 75.
Resource 3 6 PA Cop Shooting Suspect Now Federal Fugitive 76 79. Resource 3 8 Symbolic Poem Resource 80, Lesson 4 Conflict Meaning Making and Oral Argumentation Chapters 7 9 81 94. Resource 4 1 The Outsiders Vocabulary Notebook 95 100. Resource 4 2 Idioms Graphic Organizer 101 102,Resource 4 3 Dialectical Journal Quotes 103 104. Resource 4 4 Conflicts Graphic Organizer 105, Resource 4 4b Conflicts Graphic Organizer Answer Key 106. Resource 4 5 Text Dependent Questions Canvas Discussion Board 107 108. Resource 4 6 Google Slides Plot Elements 109 115,Resource 4 6b Plotting the Plot of a Story 116. Resource 4 6a Plot Collage with Answers 117,Resource 4 7 Can Murder Be Justified 118 119.
Resource 4 8 Dialogue vs Debate 120,Resource 4 9 Philosophical Chairs 121. Resource 4 9b Philosophical Chairs Reflection 122,Resource 4 9C Philosophical Chairs Rubric 123. Resource 4 10 Think Pair Share Westside Story Chart 124. Lesson 5 Theme and Oral Argumentation Chapters 10 12 125 134. Resource 5 1 The Outsiders Theme Pre Test 135, Resource 5 2 The Outsiders Vocabulary Notebook 136 139. Resource 5 3 Dialectical Journal Outsiders 140 141. Resource 5 4 Canvas Discussion Board Text Dependent Questions 142. Resource 5 5 Loss of Innocence 143 145,Resource 5 6 Dialogue vs Debate 146. Resource 5 7 Socratic Seminar Preparation 147 149, Resource 5 8 Socratic Seminar Observation Form 150.
Resource 5 9 SOAPS Tone Strategy 151 152, Resource 5 10 Lives Forever Changed by Gang Violence 153 154. Lesson 6 Summary Analysis Reflection and Application Chapters 155 164. Resource 6 1 Text Dependent Questions Canvas Discussion Board 165. Resource 6 2 Performance Task 166,Resource 6 3 How to Write an Obituary 167. Resource 6 4 How to Write a Newspaper Article 168,Resource 6 5 How to Write an Editorial 169. Resource 6 6 Writing an Editorial Graphic Organizer 170 171. Resource 6 7 Final Analysis Prompt 172, Resource 6 8 Writing an Interview Graphic Organizer 173 175. SAUSD Common Core Lesson Planner Teacher,Unit The Outsiders Grade Duration 3 4 days.
Novel Unit Level Course Date,Lesson 1 7th grade,Content Standards. RL 7 2 Determine a theme or central idea of a text and analyze its development over the course of the text provide. an objective summary of the text, RI 7 4 Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text including figurative connotative and. technical meanings analyze the impact of a specific word choice on meaning and tone. W7 8 Gather relevant information from multiple print and digital sources using search terms effectively assess the. Common Core and credibility and accuracy of each source and quote or paraphrase the data and conclusions of others while avoiding. Content Standards plagiarism and following a standard format for citation. SL 7 1 Engage effectively in a range of collaborative discussions one on one in groups and teacher led with. diverse partners on grade 7 topics texts and issues building on others ideas and expressing their own clearly. L 7 4a Use context e g the overall meaning of a sentence or paragraph a word s position or function in a sentence. as a clue to the meaning of a word or phrase, L 7 6 Acquire and use accurately grade appropriate general academic and domain specific words and phrases gather. vocabulary knowledge when considering a word or phrase important to comprehension or expression. Materials Resources The Outsiders by S E Hinton, Lesson Preparation Anticipation Guide Resource 1 1. Prezi presentation, https prezi com tl4qgmgel9no the outsiders a look into the 1960s.
Slang Vocabulary Resource 1 2,Book Starter Resource 1 3. Gallery Walk Photos Resource 1 4, S E Hinton Biography http www sehinton com bio html. Text Dependent Questions Canvas Discussion,Content Language. 1 Students will reflect on their beliefs Students will write complete sentences under the key. about a series of statements by justifying ideas when completing the summary of the Cornell Notes. their opinions, 2 Students will analyze multi media Students will use standard English when making. images in a Prezi presentation Discussion Board posts. 3 Students will understand the identifying, traits of slang and language evolution Students will use standard English when writing an.
4 Students will analyze the text by analytical paragraph. Objectives answering Text Dependent Questions, and or students will reflect and respond to Students will use academic and content vocabulary to. text Dependent Questions using on line respond in writing. chats in Canvas,5 Students will accurately understands the. components of a book by looking at the,cover and author background. 6 Students will build background,knowledge and context by learning about. the book s author, Depth of Knowledge Level 1 Recall Level 2 Skill Concept.
Level Level 3 Strategic Thinking Level 4 Extended Thinking. Demonstrating independence Building strong content knowledge. Responding to varying demands of Valuing evidence,College and Career. audience task purpose and discipline Comprehending as well as critiquing. Ready Skills, Using technology and digital media strategically and capably. Coming to understand other perspectives and cultures. SAUSD Common Core Lesson 1 1, Building knowledge through content rich nonfiction texts. Common Core, Instructional Shifts Reading and writing grounded from text. Regular practice with complex text and its academic vocabulary. KEY WORDS ESSENTIAL TO,WORDS WORTH KNOWING,UNDERSTANDING.
PROVIDES Analyze reflect justify evolve stereotypes. EXPLANATI popular culture,The fuzz the cops Greaser poor kids from. the east side heater a gun Hood a,criminal A weed a cigarette Lone it doing. something alone Broad a girl Jumped,attacked by a rival group Boozed up. drunk Slugged punched Wise cracker,someone trying to be funny Tuff cool. sharp Lift steal Dig OK with that Turf, Vocabulary territory or location belonging to a group.
Hacked off angry Chessy cat fictional,Chesire cat from Alice in Wonderland a. FIGURE OUT trickster Rolled to rob someone Rumble,THE a fight Savvy you understand Scrap a. fight Cuss to swear or curse Rank not,cool Let s split let s get out of here Blade. a knife Lighting up lighting a cigarette,Kool popular brand of cigarette in the. 1960 s Cooler jail Socs rich kids from the,west side Shut your trap be quiet or shut.
your mouth Cancer stick cigarette,Corvair type of car owned by socs Bull. session young people talking Souped up,modified or upgraded for looks Beef him. to have a problem with someone,Pre teaching,Considerations. Lesson Delivery Comprehension,Check method s used in the lesson. Instructional Modeling Guided Practice Collaboration Independent Practice. Guided Inquiry Reflection,Preparing the Learner,1 Anticipation Guide.
2 Gallery Walk Stereotypes, 3 Prezi https prezi com tl4qgmgel9no the outsiders a look into the 1960s. Interacting with the Text, Book Starter S E Hinton Biography http www sehinton com bio html. Extending Understanding,SAUSD Common Core Lesson 1 2. Outsiders Slang Activity,Prior Knowledge Context and Motivation. Anticipation Guide Resource 1 1, Students will reflect on their beliefs about a series of statements by justifying their opinions.
Step 1 Have students complete the anticipation guide. students will decide whether they strongly agree agree disagree or strongly disagree. with a series of statements, Space is provided so students can rationalize why they believe the way they do about. the statements, Step 2 Tally share responses as a class to help guide future discussions. Preparing the,Stereotype Gallery Walk Resource 1 2. The students will explore how they may personally stereotype people who are different from. themselves, Step 1 Using the pictures in Resource 1 2 from Joel Par s Photography pull up one image. on 7 chromebooks ipads or other digital devices For full effect of seeing the stereotype of. SAUSD Common Core Lesson 1 3, each person use a digital device to see the same person change clothes and appearance so.
students can fully experience a change of perspective. Step 2 Place the digital devices around the room numbered Divide students into small groups. of the number of pictures you have by numbering them off. Step 3 Students go to that number to start Then on teacher signal move clockwise to the next. numbered picture until all pictures are visited Possible questions Resource 1 2B that. students are answering as they look at the pictures include these and any others the teacher may. want to add,What is important to this person,What kind of job does or will this person have. If I met this person would we be friends Why or why not. Step 4 Students will have a collaborative discussion at the group table about their personal. responses to the questions posed, Step 5 At the end groups will share out to class the findings of each group s gallery walk. SAUSD Common Core Lesson 1 4,Prezi presentation, The purpose of the Prezi is the provide background information regarding the 1960s culture. that will be highlighted and touched upon in the book The Prezi introduces music clothing. major events etc,Step 1 Follow the Prezi link, https prezi com tl4qgmgel9no the outsiders a look into the 1960s. Step 2 Use each slide of the presentation as a springboard for discussion on the 1960 s. Students should be able to grasp concepts presented including music popular culture movies. and events, Step 3 Students will create a bubble map describing the 1960 s based on their understanding.
Differentiated, Interacting with Book Starter S E Hinton Biography Resource 1 3 Instruction. the Text Students will accurately understands the components of a book by English Learners. looking at the cover and author background,Teachers may want to read slang. Step 1 Students will explore the website terms aloud to help with. understanding,http www sehinton com bio html,Teachers may want to re watch. Step 2 Teachers will lead students to explore the novel for important the Prezi with students to help. publishing copyright and author information with clarifications. Step 3 Students will use the Book Starter page to record the Teachers may want to utilize a. summary format frame that, information discovered through their investigations contains sentence starters for the. Cornell Notes, Step 4 Students will then discuss in small or whole group why such.
information is important in literature,Students Who Need. Additional Support,Teachers may want to read slang. terms aloud to help with,understanding,Understanding Teachers may want to re watch. the Prezi with students to help,with clarifications. Teachers may want to utilize a,summary format frame that.
contains sentence starters for the,Cornell Notes,Accelerated Learners. SAUSD Common Core Lesson 1 5,Teachers may want to,provide links to additional. websites that discuss and,describe the 1960 s,http www history com to. pics 1960s,Have students write a,summary of their findings. Outsiders Slang Activity Resource 1 4, This activity is meant to increase students understanding of specific.
slang terms used in the novel It is also designed to show students. how language and terminology changes over time, Step 1 Have students review slang terms without giving them any. definitions or hints, Step 2 Students will determine the best possible meaning for. each term and write their answers next to the words. Step 3 Students will share and discuss the possible meanings with an. elbow partner, Step 4 Project the answer key on the board and have students. add correct or adjust any meanings Have students use the words. orally in a sentence to practice, Step 5 Use the Kahoot link below or ctreate your own Kahoot to. have students test their knowledge of the slang words. http bit ly 2hvmqqE,SAUSD Common Core Lesson 1 6,Lesson Reflection.
Reflection,Evidenced by,SAUSD Common Core Lesson 1 7. Anticipation Guide Resource 1 1, Directions Below are a series of statements Circle the response that reflects how you feel. about the statement then explain your answer using complete sentences. Resource 5 6 Dialogue vs Debate 146 Resource 5 7 Socratic Seminar Preparation 147 149 Resource 5 8 Socratic Seminar Observation Form 150 Resource 5 9 SOAPS Tone Strategy 151 152

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