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The computer program SAP2000 and all associated documentation are proprietary and. copyrighted products Worldwide rights of ownership rest with Computers and. Structures Inc Unlicensed use of the program or reproduction of the documentation in. any form without prior written authorization from Computers and Structures Inc is. explicitly prohibited, Further information and copies of this documentation may be obtained from. Computers and Structures Inc,1995 University Avenue. Berkeley California 94704 USA,tel 510 845 2177,fax 510 845 4096. e mail info csiberkeley com,web www csiberkeley com. Copyright Computers and Structures Inc 1978 2004, The CSI Logo is a registered trademark of Computers and Structures Inc.
SAP2000 is a registered trademark of Computers and Structures Inc. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. AutoCAD is a registered trademark of Autodesk Inc, FrameWorks Plus is a trademark of Intergraph Corporation. DISCLAIMER, CONSIDERABLE TIME EFFORT AND EXPENSE HAVE GONE INTO THE. DEVELOPMENT AND DOCUMENTATION OF SAP2000 THE PROGRAM HAS. BEEN THOROUGHLY TESTED AND USED IN USING THE PROGRAM. HOWEVER THE USER ACCEPTS AND UNDERSTANDS THAT NO WARRANTY. IS EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED BY THE DEVELOPERS OR THE DISTRIBUTORS. ON THE ACCURACY OR THE RELIABILITY OF THE PROGRAM THE USER. MUST EXPLICITLY UNDERSTAND THE ASSUMPTIONS OF THE PROGRAM. AND MUST INDEPENDENTLY VERIFY THE RESULTS,ACKNOWLEDGMENT. Thanks are due to all of the numerous structural engineers who over the years have given. valuable feedback that has contributed toward the enhancement of this product to its. current state, Special recognition is due Dr Edward L Wilson Professor Emeritus University of. California at Berkeley who was responsible for the conception and development of the. original SAP series of programs and whose continued originality has produced many. unique concepts that have been implemented in this version. Chapter 1 Welcome to SAP2000 1 1,Program Versions and Features 1 1.
Chapter 2 Getting Started 2 1,Installing SAP2000 2 1. If You are Upgrading 2 1,About the Manuals 2 2,Watch Learn Movies 2 3. Technical Support 2 3,Help Us to Help You 2 4,Phone Support 2 4. Online Support 2 4,Chapter 3 The Structural Model 3 1. Objects and Elements 3 3,Groups 3 4,Coordinate Systems and Grids 3 5.
Properties 3 5,Load Cases 3 6,Functions 3 7,Analysis Cases 3 8. SAP2000 Getting Started,Combinations 3 9,Design Settings 3 10. Output and Display Definitions 3 11,Learning More 3 12. Chapter 4 The Graphical User Interface 4 1,The SAP2000 Screen 4 1. Main Window 4 2,Menu Bar 4 2,Toolbars 4 3,Display Windows 4 4.
Status Line 4 4,Using the Mouse 4 5,Viewing Options 4 6. 2 D and 3 D Views 4 6,Perspective 4 6,Pan Zoom and 3 D Rotate 4 6. Limits 4 7,Element View Options 4 7,Other Options 4 8. Refreshing the Display Window 4 8,Basic Operations 4 8. File Operations 4 8,Defining Named Entities 4 9,Drawing 4 11.
Drawing Objects 4 11,Snap Tools 4 13,Drawing Controls 4 13. Selecting 4 14,Selecting Graphically 4 15,Selecting by Feature 4 16. Editing 4 17,Assigning 4 18,Undo and Redo 4 19,Analyzing 4 19. Displaying 4 20,Graphical Displays 4 20,Model Definition 4 20. Analysis Results 4 21,Function Plots 4 22,Tabular Displays 4 22.
Designing 4 23,Locking and Unlocking 4 23,Entering Numerical Data 4 24. Setting Options 4 25,Getting Help 4 25,Chapter 5 Working with Data Tables 5 1. Classification of Tabular Data 5 1,Model Definition 5 1. Analysis Results 5 2,Design Results 5 2,Tables and Fields 5 2. Uses for Tabular Data 5 3,Formatted Tables for Presentation 5 4.
Structured Database Tables 5 4,Displaying Tabular Data 5 5. Printing Tabular Data 5 7,Custom Report Writer 5 7. Format Control for Display and Printing 5 8,Interactive Table Editing 5 9. Exporting Tabular Data 5 10,Importing Tabular Data 5 11. Automatic Export During Save 5 12,SAP2000 Getting Started.
Export During Analysis 5 12,Tabular Database File Formats 5 13. Microsoft Access Database 5 13,Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet 5 13. Plain Text File 5 14,More Information 5 15,Welcome to SAP2000. SAP2000 represents the most sophisticated and user friendly release of the. SAP series of computer programs When initially released in 1996 SAP2000. was the first version of SAP to be completely integrated within Microsoft. Windows It features a powerful graphical user interface that is unmatched in. terms of ease of use and productivity Creation and modification of the model. execution of the analysis and checking and optimization of the design and. production of the output are all accomplished using this single interface A. single structural model can be used for a wide variety of different types of. analysis and design,Program Levels and Features, The latest release of SAP2000 is available in three different analytical levels. that all share the same graphical user interface SAP2000 Basic SAP2000. PLUS and SAP2000 Advanced, All of these programs feature sophisticated capabilities such as fast equation.
solvers force and displacement loading non prismatic frame elements. tension only braces post tensioning tendons highly accurate shell elements. Eigen and Ritz modal analysis multiple coordinate systems for skewed. geometry many different constraint options the ability to merge independently. SAP2000 Getting Started, defined meshes a fully coupled 6 by 6 spring stiffness and the option to. combine or envelope multiple dynamic analyses in the same run. The SAP2000 PLUS program adds unlimited capacity bridge live load. analysis capabilities a complete range of finite elements and time history. analysis options Ground motion effects with multiple base excitations can be. The SAP2000 Advanced level extends the PLUS capabilities by adding a. nonlinear link element gaps hooks isolators dampers and multi linear. plasticity a multi linear plastic hinge for use in frame elements cable. behavior geometric nonlinearity and frequency dependent springs Analysis. capabilities include static nonlinear analysis for material and geometric effects. including pushover analysis nonlinear time history analysis by modal. superposition or direct integration buckling analysis and frequency domain. analysis both steady state and power spectral density types. All of the above programs feature powerful and completely integrated design. for steel concrete aluminum and cold formed steel all available from within. the same interface used to create and analyze the model The design of steel. and aluminum frame members features initial member sizing and iterative. optimization The design of concrete frame members includes the calculation. of the amount of reinforcing steel required Members can be grouped for. design purposes and a single mouse click on an element brings up the detailed. design calculations A wide variety of the latest national and international. design codes are supported and more are being added all the time. Additional add on modules which integrate completely within the SAP2000. interface are available for,Object based bridge design. Staged construction with time dependent effects,Offshore wave loading. Heat transfer analysis,SASSI 2000 soil structure interaction interface. 1 2 Program Levels and Features,Chapter 1 Welcome to SAP2000.
All SAP2000 data including model information analysis results and design. results can be accessed using a tabular data structure Tabular data can be. edited and displayed in the interface or exported to a Microsoft Access. database file a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file or a simple text file You can. use exported data to create reports or to perform specialized calculations This. same tabular data can be imported into SAP2000 enabling you to generate or. modify models outside SAP2000 Import and export capabilities also exist for. other popular drafting and design programs, The SAP name has been synonymous with state of the art analytical solutions. since the introduction of SAP SOLIDSAP and SAP IV thirty years ago. followed by its implementation on the PC with SAP80 and SAP90 To these. sophisticated numerical techniques SAP2000 adds a tremendously easy and. complete graphical user interface linked with powerful design capabilities The. result is an analysis and design program unequaled in efficiency and. productivity that is used by thousands of engineering firms in more than one. hundred countries,Program Levels and Features 1 3,Getting Started. SAP2000 is a full featured program that can be used for the simplest. problems or the most complex projects This chapter describes program. installation and support options,Installing SAP2000. Please follow the installation instructions provided in the separate. installation document included in your SAP2000 Package or ask your. system administrator to install the program and give you access to it. If You are Upgrading, If you are upgrading from version 6 or 7 of SAP2000 you should be. aware of the following significant changes in the program particularly. The model is defined in terms of objects which are. automatically and internally meshed into elements during. Load cases and analysis cases are now separate and distinct. SAP2000 Getting Started, Text based input has changed to be consistent with the new.
database capabilities, These changes significantly improve the capabilities of the program in a. consistent and forward looking way, We recommend that you read the rest of this manual to familiarize. yourself with the new concepts Please also see the topic What s New in. Version 9 in the Welcome topic of the Help facility within the program. to learn more about the new and improved features in SAP2000. About the Manuals, This manual and the other manuals in this volume are designed to help. you quickly become productive with SAP2000 The next chapter gives. an introduction to the basic concepts of the graphical user interface and. overall use of the program, The second part of this volume the SAP2000 Basic Analysis Reference. manual gives an introduction to the fundamental concepts underlying the. structural model and the analysis techniques used by SAP2000 It is. recommended reading, The third part of this volume the SAP2000 Introductory Tutorial.
manual is intended to provide first time users with hands on experience. using the modeling analysis and design features of SAP2000. It is strongly recommended that you read this manual and work the. tutorial before attempting a real project using SAP2000. Additional information can be found in the on line Help facility available. within the SAP2000 graphical user interface and in the other manuals. supplied with the program The manuals are available in Adobe Acrobat. PDF format on the SAP2000 CD and can also be accessed from within. the program using the Help menu They include, SAP2000 ETABS and SAFE Analysis Reference containing. information about the advanced modeling and analysis features. of the program,2 2 About the Manuals,Chapter 2 Getting Started. Various SAP2000 design manuals containing detailed design. features specific to supported design codes, SAP2000 Verification Manual containing examples showing the. capabilities and verifying the accuracy of the analytical features. of the program,Watch Learn Movies, One of the best resources available for learning about the SAP2000. program is the Watch Learn Movies series which may be. accessed on the SAP2000 CD or through the CSI web site at. http www csiberkeley com Those movies contain a wealth of. information for both the first time user and the experienced expert. covering a wide range of topics from basic operation to complex. Technical Support, Free technical support is available from Computers and Structures Inc.
CSI or your dealer via phone and e mail for 90 days after the software. has been purchased After 90 days priority technical support is available. only to those with a yearly Support Upgrade and Maintenance plan. SUM Customers who do not have a current SUM subscription can. obtain technical support but via e mail only and at the non priority level. Please contact CSI or your dealer to inquire about purchasing a yearly. SUM subscription, If you have questions regarding use of the software please. Consult the documentation and other printed information. included with your product,Check the on line Help facility in the program. If you cannot find a solution then contact us as described in the. following sections,Watch Learn Movies 2 3,SAP2000 Getting Started. Help Us to Help You, Whenever you contact us with a technical support question please. provide us with the following information to help us help you. The program level Basic PLUS or Advanced and version. number that you are using This can be obtained from inside the. program using the Help menu About SAP2000 command, A description of your model including a picture if possible.
A description of what happened and what you were doing when. the problem occurred, The exact wording of any error messages that appeared on your. A description of how you tried to solve the problem. The computer configuration make and model processor. Microsoft Access Database 5 13 Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet 5 13 Plain Text File 5 14 More Information 5 15 1 1 Chapter 1 Welcome to SAP2000 SAP2000 represents the most sophisticated and user friendly release of the SAP series of computer programs When initially released in 1996 SAP2000 was the first version of SAP to be completely integrated within Microsoft Windows It features a

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