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SAP Web Dynpro,About the Tutorial, SAP Web Dynpro is a standard SAP UI technology to develop web applications using. graphical tools and development environment integrated with ABAP workbench The use. of graphical tools reduces the implementation effort and helps maintain components in. ABAP workbench, This tutorial explains the key concepts of Web Dynpro with relevant screenshots for better. understanding, This tutorial is designed for all those who want to learn the basics of SAP Web Dynpro and. advance in the field of software development,Prerequisites. Basic knowledge of ABAP is a must to understand this tutorial Understanding the Model. View Controller MVC model and having experience in web applications is a plus. Disclaimer Copyright,Copyright 2018 by Tutorials Point I Pvt Ltd.
All the content and graphics published in this e book are the property of Tutorials Point I. Pvt Ltd The user of this e book is prohibited to reuse retain copy distribute or republish. any contents or a part of contents of this e book in any manner without written consent. of the publisher, We strive to update the contents of our website and tutorials as timely and as precisely as. possible however the contents may contain inaccuracies or errors Tutorials Point I Pvt. Ltd provides no guarantee regarding the accuracy timeliness or completeness of our. website or its contents including this tutorial If you discover any errors on our website or. in this tutorial please notify us at contact tutorialspoint com. SAP Web Dynpro,Table of Contents,About the Tutorial i. Audience i,Prerequisites i,Disclaimer Copyright i,Table of Contents ii. 1 WEB DYNPRO OVERVIEW 1,Key Benefits of Using Web Dynpro 2. 2 WEB DYNPRO CONFIGURATION INTEGRATION 3,Internet Communication Manager 3.
Internet Communication Framework 4,Layout Editor in View Designer 5. 3 WEB DYNPRO ARCHITECTURE 6,Metadata 6,Graphical Tools 6. 4 WEB DYNPRO NAVIGATION 8,How to Create a New View 10. 5 WEB DYNPRO COMPONENT 11,Navigation Links and Plug In 12. View Set 12,Web Dynpro Window 13,SAP Web Dynpro,6 WEB DYNPRO MAPPING DATA BINDING 15.
Binding User Interface Elements 16,7 WEB DYNPRO EVENT ACTIONS 18. 8 WEB DYNPRO APPLICATION 20,9 WEB DYNPRO URL OF AN APPLICATION 21. 10 WEB DYNPRO CREATING AN APPLICATION 23,How to Create a View and Assign It to a Window 26. How to Create a View Context for MAINVIEW 31,How to Create a Web Dynpro Application 38. Calling a Web Dynpro Application 40,11 WEB DYNPRO COMPONENT INTERFACES 41.
Creating a Web Dynpro Component Interface Definition 41. 12 WEB DYNPRO FACELESS COMPONENTS 44,How to Create a Faceless Component 44. 13 WEB DYNPRO ASSISTANCE CLASS 46,14 WEB DYNPRO SERVICE CALL IN AN APPLICATION 47. 15 WEB DYNPRO USING A SERVICE CALL 54,16 WEB DYNPRO DEBUGGING AN APPLICATION 55. How to Start the Debugging Process 55,17 WEB DYNPRO VERSION MANAGEMENT 57. How to Perform Version Comparison 58,18 WEB DYNPRO MESSAGES 60.
SAP Web Dynpro,19 WEB DYNPRO INTEGRATION MESSAGES 61. 20 WEB DYNPRO PERSONALIZATION CONFIGURATION 63,Configuration of Application 63. How to Start Component Configurator 63,Delta Handling in Personalization 64. 21 WEB DYNPRO PORTAL INTEGRATION 65,22 WEB DYNPRO INTEGRATE WDA IN PORTAL 66. 23 WEB DYNPRO INTERACTIVE FORMS 70, How to Create Web Dynpro Application Using Forms 70.
Inserting Forms Using Scenarios 71,How to Insert an Interactive Form 71. 24 WEB DYNPRO SAP LIST VIEWER ALV 72,How to Create an ALV 72. Using Filters in ALV Output 80,25 WEB DYNPRO ADMINISTRATION 81. Trace Tool 81,ICM Tracing 83,HTTP Browser Tracing 84. 26 WEB DYNPRO MONITORING AN APPLICATION 85,1 Web Dynpro Overview SAP Web Dynpro.
Web Dynpro is a standard SAP UI technology that allows you to develop web applications. using graphical tools and development environment integrated with ABAP workbench. Using graphical tools reduces the implementation effort and you can better reuse and. maintain components in ABAP workbench, To access Web Dynpro runtime environment and graphical tools in ABAP workbench you. can use Transaction code SE80,SAP Web Dynpro,Key Benefits of Using Web Dynpro. Following are the key benefits of using Web Dynpro for developers in ABAP environment. You can easily maintain and reuse the components for development. Less implementation time with the use of graphical tools. You can easily change the layout and navigation using graphical tools. Easy structure changes, With the use of data binding you can use automatic data transport. Ease of integration in ABAP environment, Web Dynpro ABAP is the same as Web Dynpro Java and supports the same set of functions. for the application development, 2 Web Dynpro Configuration Integration SAP Web Dynpro.
Once you install ABAP application server it is necessary to configure it properly for. application development, To find the details about ABAP configuration you can go to SAP Reference IMG SAP. NetWeaver Application Server, If you are using SAP Solman you can check this configuration by going to T Code. SOLAR LIBRARY, To use Web Dynpro with ABAP application development you have to make additional. configuration for web Dynpro programming,Internet Communication Manager. You need to set HTTP HTTPS in ICM service A service contains following different. components,Service Port,Protocol used in service HTTP HTTPS.
Processing timeout,Keep alive timeout,Service status Active inactive. You can choose Go To Service to create delete activate or deactivate services To. display the ICM server cache statistics choose Goto Statistics. SAP Web Dynpro,Internet Communication Framework, You should activate the Internet Communication Framework ICF service You can. activate this service by going to SPRO SAP Reference IMG SAP NetWeaver. Application Server Internet Communication Framework Activate HTTP service. When you install Application server ABAP all ICF services are in inactive state You can. maintain ICF services using T code SICF under ICF tree. You can activate ICF service in the following ways. Using the menu option Service Host Activate, Using the context menu and choosing Activate Service. SAP Web Dynpro,Layout Editor in View Designer, You should activate all the services in SICF for Web Dynpro ABAP to use the layout editor. in the view designer,Single Sign On,You should set SSO on the relevant host.
You should use fully qualified domain names FQDN and short forms should be avoided. 3 Web Dynpro Architecture SAP Web Dynpro, Web Dynpro is an ABAP environment for web development and is based on the Model View. Controller MVC concept of UI programming It is available for both Java and ABAP as per. the platform and supports similar functions,Web Dynpro has the following features. Separation of display and business logic, Easy change in the layout with the use of graphical tools. No platform dependency of interfaces, Following are the key concepts as part of Web Dynpro architecture. Web Dynpro provides you with an environment for the development of web based. applications and you can use graphical tools to define web Dynpro application in the form. of metadata in application development You can also define your own events however. event handling should be defined in a separate code and that has to be executed when an. event is triggered, The user interface in Web Dynpro application consists of small elements defined by using.
Web Dynpro tools You can also change or enhance the user interface by changing these. elements at run time or integrate the elements again. Graphical Tools, There are a wide range of graphical Web Dynpro tools that you can use to generate web. based applications You don t need to create source code for this Following are the key. features of graphical tools in Web Dynpro application. Define properties of user interface elements,User interface layout. For all these properties you can use graphical tools without creating a source code. SAP Web Dynpro,Business and Application Logic, Web Dynpro allows you to run your application on the front end and the back end system. can be accessed using service locally or via a remote connection Your user interface is. maintained in Dynpro application and persistent logic runs in the back end system. You can connect Web Dynpro application to the back end system using an adaptive RFC. service or by calling a web service,MVC Programming Model. Web Dynpro applications are based on MVC model, Model This allows the access to back end data in a Web Dynpro application.
View This is used to ensure the representation of data in a web browser. Controller This is used to control communication between Model and View where it takes. input from the users and gets the processes data from the model and displays the data in. the browser,4 Web Dynpro Navigation SAP Web Dynpro. In Web Dynpro application you can navigate from one view to the other view using plugs. Run T code SE 80 and create a simple Web Dynpro component. We have created a Web Dynpro component with two nodes and two views. VIEW DISPLAY displays the output in a tabular format and VIEW MAIN performs search. parameters In VIEW MAIN you have configured the search layout and VIEW DISPLAY. contains the display layout,SAP Web Dynpro, In VIEW MAIN you have configured inbound plugs IN MAIN and OUT FROM MAIN as. outbound plugs Similarly create an inbound and outbound plugs for VIEW DISPLAY. SAP Web Dynpro,How to Create a New View, Step 1 Click the component in object tree and go to the context menu as shown in the. following screenshot,Step 2 Enter view name and click on tick mark. SAP Web Dynpro 6 Web Dynpro is an ABAP environment for web development and is based on the Model View Controller MVC concept of UI programming It is available for both Java and ABAP as per the platform and supports similar functions Web Dynpro has the following features Separation of display and business logic Easy change in the layout with the use of graphical tools No platform

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