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Table of Contents,Message to the Instructor 3,Suggested Lesson Plans 4. Narration Selections,Salvation Langston Hughes 22,Coming to an Awareness of Language Malcolm X 27. 37 Who Saw Murder Didn t Call the Police Martin Gansberg 32. Description Selections,Fifth Avenue Uptown James Baldwin 37. Marrying Absurd Joan Didion 42, A Partial Remembrance of a Puerto Rican Childhood Judith Ortiz Cofer 47. Monuments to Our Better Nature Michael Byers 52,Process Selections.
Why Leaves Turn Color in the Fall Diane Ackerman 57. Chronicles of Ice Gretel Ehrlich 62,Definition Selections. The Company Man Ellen Goodman 67, The Green Eyed Monster Envy Is Nothing to Be Jealous Of Joseph Epstein 72. Pride Dagoberto Gilb 77,Division and Classification Selections. Growing Up Asian in America Kesaya Noda 82,The Truth about Lying Judith Viorst 87. Doublespeak William Lutz 92,What Secrets Tell Luc Sante 97.
Comparison and Contrast Selections,Two Views of the Mississippi Mark Twain 102. The Men We Carry in Our Minds Scott Russell Sanders 107. Two Ways to Belong in America Bharati Mukherjee 112. Like Mexicans Gary Soto 117,Example and Illustration Selections. A Few Kind Words for Superstition Robertson Davies 122. Black Men and Public Space Brent Staples 127,Forbidden Things Bailey White 132. Cause and Effect Selection, Where Have All the Parents Gone Barbara Dafoe Whitehead 137. If Hitler Asked You to Electrocute a Stranger Would You Probably Philip Meyer 142. Shattered Sudan Paul Salopek 147,The Value and Price of Food Carlo Petrini 152.
Analogy Selection,The Myth of the Cave Plato 157,Body Ritual among the Nacirema Horace Miner 162. The Cosmic Prison Loren Eiseley 167,Argument and Persuasion Selections. Tapping into Text Messaging Janet Kornblum 172, Texting in the Class Is Rampant Michael Rubinkam 177. Should This Student Have Been Expelled Nat Henkoff 182. To Any Would Be Terrorists Naomi Shihab Nye 187,Why I Want a Wife Judy Brady 192. Mixed Strategies Selections,Mother Tongue Amy Tan 197.
On Dumpster Diving Lars Eighner 202,Answer Key 207. Instructional Manual for Reading Teachers 75 Readings Plus 10th edition Buscemi Smith EHCW 8 13 12. Message to the Instructor, This manual contains materials for thirty seven articles from 75 Readings Plus Tenth Edition by. Santi V Buscemi and Charlotte Smith McGraw Hill Companies Inc 2013 For each article teachers. A brief introduction with teaching suggestions, A check quiz for quick evaluation of students completion and comprehension of an assigned. A study guide of comprehension and discussion questions with paraphrasing exercises for. increasing students vocabulary, A final quiz for evaluation of students understanding of the reading following analysis. Textual analysis resources and suggested activities appear in the first section grouped according to. textbook chapters Each reading s set of materials appears in the order it is found in the book Answer. keys are included at the end of the manual , The check quizzes allow teachers to check for basic comprehension of an assigned reading.
and are designed for use at the start of a lesson They are short and designed to be completed in. about 10 minutes open book or not according to the teacher s discretion and can be quickly graded. afterwards if one so chooses They are also a means for assessing whether students have read the. article and can be used as a springboard for class lessons . The study guides can be used as homework assignments and or class activities They include. a mix of questions that require students to show their basic comprehension paraphrase their. understanding of specific sentences and then analyze the articles critically for class discussion . Questions are generally given in the order the answers appear in the text The study guides can be. assigned to be completed for homework prior to class lessons and reviewed during class or used as a. class activity and completed for homework They are suitable for individual or small group exercises. and whole class discussion Although the questions are reminiscent of some of the questions that. follow each article in the text those included in this manual are intended for use in a developmental. reading course , The final quizzes are designed for students to be able to complete in about 15 minutes in class . They are intended for use following independent and class analysis of the articles as an assessment. tool for understanding and skill They often repeat items found in the study guide so students who. complete the study guides benefit the most Teachers should use their discretion in deciding whether to. allow open book quizzes , Instructional Manual for Reading Teachers 75 Readings Plus 10th edition Buscemi Smith EHCW 8 13 12. SUGGESTED LESSON PLANS,NARRATION SELECTIONS Chapter 1 . Salvation Langston Hughes , In this brief narrative Langston Hughes recalls the moment in his life when he stopped believing. in Jesus Christ By using a first person s perspective Hughes conveys his message that the meaning. of a religious ritual can be empty when reduced to figurative language that is taken literally by its. participants Students should examine the effectiveness of Hughes use of internal monologue and of. the first person perspective over that of a second or third person perspective . Suggested Activity 1 Ask the students to rewrite one of the paragraphs of Hughes story by replacing. first person pronouns with Langston and third person pronouns Then ask them to analyze the. differences in the effects of each approach , Suggested Activity 2 Ask the students to think of specific examples of religious rituals or beliefs that.
can be understood both literally and contextually Then ask them to think about how the figurative. language in those examples might be confusing to a child . Coming to an Awareness of Language Malcolm X , Before discussing this excerpt from The Autobiography of Malcolm X it is important to provide. some background to make sure students understand the context of his place in American history This. includes a brief discussion of the Civil Rights Movement approximate time period and important events. and figures and the contribution of Malcolm X to that era Another subject about which students might. need more information before starting is the Islamic religion and Black Muslim sect Also the Columbia. University website noted in the book has useful information about his life . Suggested Activity Since this excerpt is about becoming literate students will more easily identify his. thesis if they are first directed to consider their own ideas about literacy Present the quote below from. another American author as a springboard to such a discussion and analysis Ask students to. paraphrase it write what they think it means in their own words Assign each student a partner with. whom to share this writing Pairs combine their ideas to collaboratively create a single paraphrase of. the quote Randomly ask three student pairs to approach the board together to write their new. statement and share with the entire class Other students are to compare their work on the board . Note the similarities and differences between the statements and decide as an entire group which ones. are most accurate , Didn t I realize that reading would open up whole new worlds A book could. open doors for me It could introduce me to people and show me places I never. imagined existed , Richard Rodriguez from his autobiography Hunger of Memory. 37 Who Saw Murder Didn t Call the Police Martin Gansberg . Although this piece was published long ago the issues of violence and community are universal. and still present in our society so students should be able to identify with the piece about a young. woman whose neighbors did not act to prevent a fatal stabbing In addition to the facts of the case a. more recent incident can be added to the discussion by accessing a brief news clipping about 20. Minnesotan residents who allegedly observed a rape yet did not intervene at. www shortnews com start cfm id 64470 Following the article is a series of blog responses from. everyday citizens who anonymously offer what they think they would do if they had witnessed the rape . The candid responses range from expressions of horror and disapproval to those of pardon and kindred. fear hence they may act as a stimulating discussion piece for students . Suggested Activity To stimulate discussion of this essay you may want to write one or more of the. following quotes on the board and then ask students to interpret and explain them . So much attention is paid to the aggressive sins such as violence and cruelty and greed with all. their tragic effects that too little attention is paid to the passive sins such as apathy and laziness . which in the long run can have a more devastating effect Eleanor Roosevelt . Instructional Manual for Reading Teachers 75 Readings Plus 10th edition Buscemi Smith EHCW 8 13 12. The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most. of the world s problems Mohandas Gandhi , Instead of saying that man is the creature of circumstances it would be nearer the mark to say that. man is the architect of circumstance Thomas Carlyle . DESCRIPTION SELECTIONS Chapter 2 , Fifth Avenue Uptown James Baldwin .
This essay describes the poverty and despair of Fifth Avenue in Harlem during the 1940s You. should provide the students with background information about Harlem and you may want to indicate. the location of Harlem on a map of New York City Cheryl Lynn Greenberg s Or Does It Explode . Black Harlem in the Great Depression outlines the financial devastation from which the people of. Harlem would have been trying to extricate themselves in the 1940s and Lewis A Erenberg s Swingin . the Dream Big Band Jazz and the Rebirth of American Culture describes how Harlem turned to jazz as. an emotional outlet for its suffering While Baldwin does not discuss music in his essay the added. information may be interesting to students who can use that medium as a way of connecting with the. psychological pain as well as the strength and perseverance of Harlem s residents . www harlem org people name html provides a list of Harlem jazz musicians some of whose music you. may to bring to class as a way of setting the essay s tone or of obtaining the students interest . Snippets of Langston Hughes Montage of a Dream Deferred would accompany this text and lesson. effectively because the poem is written in onomatopoeic way that expresses the sound of jazz. improvisation bepop and other genres that stem from jazz and that played a significant role in Harlem. life Meanwhile the poem also highlights the difficulties of living in the pervasive poverty of Harlem . You may also want to explain what a housing project is while the students have likely heard the term . not all of them will know its actual meaning and some may similarly attach various unfair connotations. Suggested Activity 1 Explain what a dominant impression is in descriptive writing and clarify how. concrete words can create a physical description while abstract terms in combination with physical. terms can create a psychological description To do this provide your own examples or examples. from a text other than Baldwin s Then place the students in pairs or groups and ask them to locate. three instance of physical description in Baldwin s essay and three instances of psychological. description in the essay You may want to help them to find one such description before they begin . since the activity may be difficult for them Then ask the students to share their answers and lead them. in an analysis of the effectiveness of the combined descriptions in Baldwin s essay . Suggested Activity 2 Ask the students to write a paragraph that describes the street on which they. grew up or on which they currently reside Ask them to include both physical and psychological. descriptors and to be prepared to share their paragraphs with the rest of the class Compare the. socioeconomic conditions of the students streets to those of Fifth Avenue This activity may help the. students to step outside of their own schemata to recognize that not everyone has the same level of. economic ease and advantage and it will also help them to understand the rhetorical mode of. description , Marrying Absurd Joan Didion , This essay about Las Vegas weddings consists of ironic examples of how the sacrament of. marriage has become a corrupt commercialized industry motivated by money and indulged by couples. who seem to have forgotten the holiness the ritual once had To compare this 1967 depiction of Las. Vegas marriages with today s Las Vegas marriages students can go to www vegas com weddings . which provides links to various chapels that advertise weddings with such themes as that of Elvis and. helicopter rides They can examine the language on each site and bring their reactions to class You. will also probably need to provide some geographical information about the city so they can understand. its description as a geographical implausibility Paragraph 2 and how that contributes to the absurdity. of the Las Vegas wedding You will also need to provide some background about the Viet Nam War so. students understand why so many couples were married their on August 26 1965 Paragraph 1 . 3 Instructional Manual for Reading Teachers 75 Readings Plus 10th edition Buscemi amp Smith EHCW 8 13 12 Message to the Instructor This manual contains materials for thirty seven articles from 75 Readings Plus Tenth Edition by Santi V Buscemi and Charlotte Smith McGraw Hill Companies Inc 2013

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