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Campbell Cover,Johann and his troops take on an, easy assignment destroying a monster But things go bad when the civilians. protecting it fight back and the Bureau agents turn against Johann leading to. a traumatic turning point in the ghost, agent s career This volume collects B P R D Hell on Earth 130 134. TP FC 144 pages 7 x 10 SRP, HELLBOY AND THE B P R D 1953 THE PHANTOM HAND THE KELPIE. Mike Mignola W Cover Ben Stenbeck A and Dave Stewart C. Hellboy s first experiences with, Bruttenholm in England involve the phantom hand of a murderer and a demonic. water spirit in stories reminiscent of the early Mignola masterpiece The. Hellboy s first ghost hunt,A magnificent introduction to the.
universe Hellboy occupies Comic Book Resources,This is a supremely enjoyable. comic and deserves a wide audience Multiversity Comics. All the makings of another,classic Hellboy story IGN. FC 32 pages SRP,THE GOON IN THEATRE BIZARRE, Eric Powell W A Cover and John Dunivant A Variant cover. In this special Halloween one shot Goon finds himself trapped in the. Theatre Bizarre at the mercy of Zombo the,Clown and burlesque queen Roxi Dlite. Theatre Bizarre is a real life Halloween event held annually in Detroit the. brainchild of artist John Dunivant,Smartly written and terrifically drawn Fangoria.
With its beautiful art and, stories that blend genuine tragedy disturbing horror and the physical comedy. comes from having a main character who makes a habit of punching out. street walking mules Eric Powell s The, Goon is hands down one of my favorite comics on the stands ComicsAlliance. FC 32 pages SRP,THE STEAM MAN 1 OF 5, Mark Alan Miller W Joe R Lansdale W Piotr Kowalski A Cover. and Kelly Fitzpatrick C,The Old West but not as we know. it Giant steam powered robots are created to take down invading Martians and. armies of killer albino apes in an all out brawl The Steam Man a giant metal. man operated by a team of monster,hunters seems to have the town protected and.
the West under control until a crazed and powerful vampire comes. to town to,bring forth the apocalypse, Cowritten by Joe R Lansdale Cold in July and beautifully. illustrated by Piotr Kowalski Sex,A crazy wild west premise with. some beautiful art by Piotr Kowalski that blends multiple genres Bloody. Disgusting,FC 32 pages SRP,DEAD VENGEANCE 1 OF 4,Bill Morrison W P Cover and Keith Champagne I. It s 1940 and a phony body on, exhibit in a carnival sideshow suddenly springs to life and shambles away Not. phony after all he is John Doe radio commentator and archenemy of. Detroit s notorious Purple Gang But why did,he disappear in 1930 and why did.
the mayor the mob and the cops all want him dead,Perfect for fans of The Goon. 12 June 2015,FC 32 pages SRP,THIS DAMNED BAND 3 OF 6. Paul Cornell W Tony Parker A Cover and Lovern Kindzierski C. Relationships crumbling groupies, gone missing owing money to drug dealers meeting the devil himself you. say the band Motherfather has problems So what s the perfect place to record. their latest album A haunted,house of course More hellish high jinks from Paul. Cornell Wolverine Action Comics and Tony Parker Mass Effect. Foundation,A writer with a wicked sense of, humor a razor sharp ear for dialogue and plenty of crazy ideas IGN.
FC 32 pages SRP,CREEPY COMICS 22, Alex de Campi W Damon Gentry W Ben Towle A Troy Nixey A and. Glenn Fabry Cover, Creepy and Dark Horse know how to make your Halloween hellacious. Party like a pagan with page after page of,poetic pictorial panels from Alex de. Campi Damon Gentry Ben Towle and Troy Nixey Ghouls rule. Featuring a fearsome,fish out of water story from Alex de Campi Archie. vs Predator,There s no denying the fun of,this particular edition of Creepy Multiversity.
b w 40 pages SRP,DEATH HEAD 4 OF 6, Zack Keller W Nick Keller W Joanna Estep A Kelly Fitzpatrick. C and E M Gist Cover, The mystery behind ghostly Rosie s death is revealed and at the zoo. Justine makes an unnerving discovery about,blood Back in Reyes Niles attempts. to unearth the history of the Plague Doctor but the sheriff works mercilessly. to protect his town s secret,Eisner nominated madness. FC 32 pages SRP,COLDER TOSS THE BONES 2 OF 5,Paul Tobin W and Juan Ferreyra A Cover.
Ever feel that someone is, watching staring at you as you go about your day murdering people all around. feasting on the madness of the unfortunate insane Ever feel that someone. is sitting in your home unseen grinning,a gap toothed smile waiting to. feast You should you re not alone,Written by Eisner winner Paul. Art by Juan Ferreyra Constantine Futures End Batman Eternal. Visually this book is leaps and bounds above 99 of the other. books on the stands IGN,FC 32 pages SRP,HARROW COUNTY 6. Cullen Bunn W and Tyler Crook,It s said that everyone has an.
evil twin and in Emmy s case that may be true But if Kammi is evil she s also. charming clever and sweet and she could lure Emmy down a dark and dangerous. path one that leads ever, closer to fulfilling the legacy of the long dead witch. Hester Beck, Harrow County is worth checking out if you re a horror comic. fan Clive Barker,One of the most haunting comics,to come out in a while IGN. 12 June 2015,FC 32 pages SRP,HARROW COUNTY VOLUME 1 COUNTLESS HAINTS TP. Cullen Bunn W and Tyler Crook A Cover,Emmy always knew that the woods.
surrounding her home crawled with ghosts and monsters But on the eve of her. eighteenth birthday she learns that she is connected to these creatures and to. the land itself in a way she never,imagined Collecting the first four issues. of the southern gothic fairy tale from the creator of smash hit The. Gun beautifully and hauntingly realized by B P R D s. Tyler Crook,For fans of The Sixth Gun Rachel Rising and Locke. A masterful creation that lingers, in the small moments of terror from our daily lives Bloody Disgusting. A beautifully illustrated,page turner of a story Bleeding Cool. TP FC 7 x 10 144 pages SRP,THE STRAIN VOLUME 6 THE NIGHT ETERNAL TP.
David Lapham W Mike Huddleston A Dan Jackson C and E M. Gist Cover,The rebels victory at Camp, Liberty has emboldened their efforts against the Master s vampire army but a. traitor in, their ranks leaves an opening for the Master to strike back even. harder The fate of humanity ultimately resides,with one man Will Dr Ephraim. Goodweather finally snap and make a deal to see his son Or will he use some. newfound information to destroy the Master once and for all Collects The Strain The Night Eternal 7 12. If you re enjoying the TV series,then you better get the Strain comic. right now Bloody Disgusting,TP FC 7 x 10 160 pages SRP.
GRINDHOUSE DOORS OPEN AT MIDNIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE VOLUME 4 LADY DANGER. NEBULINA TP, Alex de Campi W Mulele Jarvis A John Lucas A Marissa Louise. C Ryan Hill C Afua Richardson Cover and,Francesco Francavilla Cover. If humankind were not meant to get, nasty we wouldn t have evolved the capacity to make COMICS Celebrate. proclivity for freaky foulness with another volume in Grindhouse s sweet sweet flipbook series this time. chronicling, mastermind Alex de Campi s collaborations with Mulele Jarvis and Marissa Louise. on the story of a,superfly superspy in Lady, Danger and John Lucas and Ryan Hill on the star bound sex romp Nebulina Collects.
Grindhouse Drive In Bleed Out issues 5 8,Includes making of sections. comic strips and Coming Attractions pinups,TP FC 7 x 10 112 pages SRP. JACK THE RIPPER HC,Fran ois Debois W and Jean Charles Poupard A. Spring 1889 Months have passed, since Whitechapel was covered in blood and while the mystery surrounding Jack. the Ripper goes cold Inspector Frederick Abberline is still a man obsessed. But when a series of killings identical to,the Ripper s occur in Paris.
Abberline must risk everything to close history s most famous murder case once. A wonderful companion to Dark,Horse s Sherlock Holmes collection. HC FC 7 x 10 104 pages SRP,THE EC ARCHIVES WEIRD SCIENCE VOLUME 1 HC. 12 June 2015, Bill Gaines W Al Feldstein W A Cover Harry Harrison W A. Gardner Fox W Harvey Kurtzman A Wally Wood,A Jack Kamen A Graham. Ingels A Marie Severin C and Carlos Badilla C,Find out what made EC among the most.
influential comic book lines ever in this complete and newly recolored. collection Collects Weird Science issues 12 15 and 5 6 in glorious full. Features celebrated comic, artists Al Feldstein Harvey Kurtzman Wally Wood Jack Kamen and Graham. HC FC 8 3 16 x 11 216 pages SRP,ANGEL FAITH SEASON 10 19. Victor Gischler W Will Conrad A Michelle Madsen C Scott. Fischer Cover and Mike Norton Variant cover,While Faith and Fred are still. reeling from their unresolved encounter with Drusilla Angel returns to Magic. and brings a Big Bad along with him,FC 32 pages SRP. BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER SEASON 10 20, Christos Gage W Megan Levens A Dan Jackson C Steve Morris.
Cover and Rebekah Isaacs Variant cover,Called in for a. supernatural crimes case Buffy and Spike discover an incubus demon is. targeting women in San,Francisco Meanwhile Xander and Giles work on an. exorcism that stirs up some questions about Ghost Anya. Guest artist Megan Levens Madame,Frankenstein,FC 32 pages SRP. THE ROOK 1 OF 4, Steven Grant W Paul Gulacy A Cover and Jesus Aburto C. The Rook is back Bill DuBay s time traveling adventure classic. returns penned and illustrated by comics masters, Steven Grant Two Guns and Paul Gulacy Jonah Hex Restin Dane is ready for.
action anyplace anytime,He s got history in his gun. The return of the, internationally acclaimed Warren Publishing classic. FC 32 pages SRP,BARB WIRE 4, Chris Warner W Patrick Olliffe P Tom Nguyen I Gabe Eltaeb C. and Adam Hughes Cover,Wyvern Stormbl d is on a murderous. rampage and Barb Wire is the focus of the drunken disaster s fury Barb s. the one weapon capable of dropping the besotted behemoth and if it can t be. found among the wreckage of a,shuttered steel mill she ll be laid off for.
FC 32 pages SRP,KING TIGER 3 OF 4, Randy Stradley W Doug Wheatley A Cover and Rain Beredo C. In the ruins of a once thriving, city King Tiger battles alone against the Dragon and its brood It s a fight. win if he is to confront the most damning secret of his life a secret. made monstrous all devouring flesh If Tiger,falls so does the world. Written by Randy Stradley Star Wars Aliens vs Predator. Illustrated by Doug Wheatley Star Wars Aliens,Visit the Dark Horse Youtube. channel to see out King Tiger videos,FC 32 pages SRP.
12 June 2015,DARK HORSE PRESENTS 15, Carla Speed McNeil W A Cover Alex de Campi W Brendan McCarthy. W A Shawn Aldridge W Steve Horton W,David Chelsea W A Jerry Ordway. A Julius Gopez A and Chris Marrinan A, Carla Speed McNeil s Finder returns to Dark Horse Presents with a new serial entitled Torch Shawn. Aldridge and, Julius Gopez weave a terminal tale of superheroism in Last Act Steve Horton and Chris. Marrinan s Mike Fortune,adventure and David Chelsea brings us a Snow.
Angel Halloween,Plus new chapters of,Alex de Campi and Jerry Ordway s Semiautomagic. and Brendan McCarthy s Dream Gang,By providing creators with a. forum for creative expression for almost 30 years Dark Horse Presents ensures that. while the comics anthology may, never be as prevalent as it once was it will always have a place in the. FC 48 pages SRP,NEXUS INTO THE PAST AND OTHER STORIES TP. Mike Baron W Steve Rude A Cover and Glenn Whitmore C. Nexus is back and this time the, galactic judge jury and executioner is stalking history s most dangerous.
Clayborn across time itself But when justice comes at an enormous. personal cost to Nexus himself can the Merc s,chosen champion still do what s. right Collects Nexus short stories from Dark Horse Presents 12 15 23 26. TP FC 7 x 10 144 pages SRP,ADAM 3 3 OF 5,Scott Kolins W A Cover. Continuing the best work of his career Scott Kolins Flash Avengers Solomon Grundy. shows the terrifying cost of,evil as Adam battles monsters who were once his. closest friends How many will suffer as S E E D S Part 3. Epidemic threatens to destroy all life,on the island paradise. FC 32 pages SRP,NEGATIVE SPACE 4 OF 4,Ryan K Lindsay W and Owen Gieni A Cover.
Guy enters the belly of the evil, corporate beast dead set on preventing Kindred Corp from waging full scale. emotional warfare Now beset on all sides by enemies Guy must employ his. newfound depressive powers to curb,the grim menace once and for all. MIND MGMT meets Locke,FC 32 pages SRP, Brian Wood W Matthew Woodson A Jordie Bellaire C and Tula. Lotay Cover,A standalone one shot story, featuring the lush artwork of Matthew Woodson Northlanders Meathaus. this issue,takes the American folktale of Molly Pitcher and.
brings to it fresh relevance as a poignant commentary on the. of veterans rights and women in combat Not to be missed. FC 32 pages SRP,THE PAYBACKS 2,12 June 2015, Donny Cates W Eliot Rahal W Geoff Shaw A Cover and Lauren Affe. When the world s greatest superhero team the Command defaults on their. loans their secret underwater base,becomes the prop. PREVIEWS 323 VOL XXV 8 AUG15 PREVIEWS PUBLICATIONS PREVIEWS 325 OCTOBER 2015 SAME GREAT PREVIEWS NEW LOWER PRICE 3 99 Since 1988 PREVIEWS has been your ultimate source

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