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Reloading is an enjoyable and rewarding hobby that can be conducted safely But careless. ness or negligence can make reloading hazardous This product has been designed from the. beginning with the user s safety in mind, When reloading some safety rules must be followed By observing these rules the chance of a. hazardous occurrence causing personal injury or property damage is minimized. Use all equipment as the manufacturer recommends Study the instructions carefully and become. thoroughly familiar with the operating of the tool Don t take shortcuts. Observe good housekeeping in the reloading area Keep tools and components neat clean and. orderly Promptly and completely clean up primer and powder spills. Reload only when you can give your undivided attention Do not reload when fatigued or ill Develop. a reloading routine to avoid mistakes Avoid haste load at a leisurely pace. Always wear adequate eye protection, If any unusual resistance is encountered when moving the operating handle STOP IMMEDIATELY and. investigate the cause To proceed against unusual resistance may damage equipment and or cause. serious personal injury,LOADING DATA, Use only laboratory tested reloading data We highly recommend the use of the SPEER Reloading. Manual or RCBS load reloading software, OBSERVE ALL WARNINGS ABOUT THE USE OF MAXIMUM LISTED LOADS. PRIMERS AND POWDER, Store primers and powder beyond the reach of children and away from heat dampness open flames.
and electrical equipment,DO NOT use primers of unknown identity. Keep primers in original factory container until ready to use Return unused primers to the same factory. packaging for safety and to preserve their identity. DO NOT store primers in bulk The blast of just a few hundred primers is sufficient to cause serious injury. to anyone nearby,DO NOT force primers Use care in handling primers. DO NOT use any powder unless its identity is positively known Discard all mixed powders and those. of uncertain or unknown identity, If you use a powder measure replace the lids on both the powder hopper and powder can after the. powder hopper has been filled, Before charging cases settle the powder in the powder hopper Load and check the weight of at least. ten charges This will assure you that the correct powder charge is being loaded. After a reloading session ends pour the remaining powder back in its original factory container This. will preserve the identity and shelf life of the powder. DO NOT smoke while handling powder or primers,RECORD KEEPING.
Keep complete record of reloads Apply a descriptive label to each box showing the date produced and. the primer powder and bullet used Labels for this purpose are packed with SPEER bullets. Since RCBS has no control over the choice of components the manner in which they are assembled the. use of this press or the firearms in which the resulting ammunition may be used no responsibility either. expressed or implied is assumed for the use of ammunition reloaded with this press. INTRODUCTION, The Rock Chucker Supreme Press has been designed specifically for heavy duty reloading. case forming and bullet swaging It is engineered to handle the largest and longest magnums. down to 17 caliber The compound leverage system of the Rock Chucker Supreme Press can full. length resize cases with less effort than other presses neck size Using RCBS Case Forming Dies. this press will form 30 06 cases into many other calibers. By combining the famous RCBS block O frame with the compound leverage system the. Rock Chucker Supreme will develop work pressure that would spring other presses out of align. ment To insure alignment under these pressures the Rock Chucker press frame provides a full. four inches of ram bearing surface to rigidly support the one inch diameter main ram The. compound leverage action is similar to that of a power punch press As the handle pressure. increases the leverage is compounded building up a maximum work pressure in the main ram as. it travels the full length of the stroke The toggle block links and pins are engineered to withstand. the punishment of heavy duty reloading The handle is made of solid steel and features a comfort. able ball type handle grip The Rock Chucker Supreme Press has standard 7 8 14 thread for most. popular reloading dies and accessories,ACCESSORIES. The Rock Chucker Supreme Press is designed to utilize a primer arm This priming system is. equipped with interchangeable primer plugs and sleeves for seating large and small primers. The Primer Catcher keeps spent primers from dropping to the floor and is easily removed for. Unpack the press carefully and look for the items listed below Refer to the parts list for. identification,Primer Catcher, Accessory Pack Contains handle nut Primer Arm large and small primer plugs and sleeves coil spring. RELOADING DIE,Not Included,SHELL HOLDER,CATCHER PRIMER ARM. TOGGLE BLOCK,INSTALLATION, Mount the Rock Chucker Supreme Press to a sturdy workbench or table with two 3 8 bolts of.
sufficient length to penetrate the press base and bench. Attach the handle nut to handle Install the threaded portion of the handle to either the right or. left side of the toggle block and lock down with the handle nut See photo 1 The handle nut must. remain tight at all times to avoid damage to the handle and toggle. Install the Primer Arm as show in photo 2, Slip the primer catcher between the ram and rear portion of the frame Snap the feet of the. primer catcher into slots on the side of the press frame See photo 3. The Rock Chucker Supreme press ram accepts removable type shell holders To install insert. the shell holder into the ram and twist slightly to the left To remove twist slightly to the right See. TO AVOID INJURY READ AND FOLLOW THESE SAFE PRIMING PRACTICES. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PRIME MILITARY CARTRIDGE CASES WITH CRIMPED PRIMER. POCKETS UNTIL THE CRIMP HAS BEEN REMOVED WITH A COUNTER SINK A. SPECIAL REAMER OR BY SWAGING PRIMERS SEATED INTO CRIMPED POCKETS. ARE SUBJECT TO DEFORMATION WHICH CAN CAUSE MISFIRES AND EVEN. DETONATION DURING SEATING WHICH CAN CAUSE SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SEAT PRIMERS AGAINST EXCESSIVE RESISTANCE WHICH. MIGHT CAUSE DETONATION AND POSSIBLE SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY CHECK. TO BE CERTAIN THAT THE CASE WAS NOT PREVIOUSLY PRIMED THAT THE FIRED. PRIMER WAS REMOVED THAT A PORTION OF THE PRIMER CUP WALL MIGHT STILL. BE IN THE PRIMER POCKET AND THAT YOU ARE USING THE CORRECT SIZE PRIMER. DO NOT MODIFY THE PRIMING SYSTEM IN ANY MANNER OR ATTEMPT TO USE. SIMILAR PARTS OR PRIMING SYSTEMS FROM OTHER MANUFACTURER S TO DO SO. COULD RESULT IN PRIMER DETONATIONS RESULTING IN SERIOUS PERSONAL. NEVER SEAT A PRIMER INTO A POWDER CHARGED CASE, DECAPPING LIVE PRIMERS IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS AND IS NOT. RECOMMENDED, To use the primer arm first make sure the correct size primer plug and sleeve are in position. To install the primer plug and sleeve drop the primer plug through the sleeve Place the spring on. the primer arm body Thread the plug and sleeve into the primer arm body and tighten the. assembly with a small nail or paper clip through the cross hole in the primer plug Do not over. tighten Check from time to time to be sure the primer plug remains tight. Insert lubed case into shell holder lower the press handle to size the case and remove the. spent primer To prime simply place the correct size primer anvil side up into the primer sleeve. See photo 5 Then gently and slowly raise the press handle As the case is drawn out of the die. the primer arm will guide into the slot in the ram the case will be lowered onto the live primer. seating it to the bottom of the primer pocket See photo 6. After the primer is seated lower the press handle enough to allow removal of the case from the. shell holder Be sure not to lower the handle too far or the decapping pin in the die will push the. live primer back out Always inspect the primed case to make certain the primer is properly seated. The Rock Chucker Supreme does not accept the Auto Primer Feed accessory 9550 9580. MAINTENANCE, This press was lubricated at the factory However it is necessary to lubricate all moving parts. from time to time with gun oil If rust spots appear swab lightly with gun oil and wipe dry Care. should be taken not to apply oil where it could come in contact with primer pockets or primers Oil. will deactivate primers It is a good practice to clean the press prior to lubrication to remove grit. and other residue You will note ease at which the epoxy enamel paint wipes clean This finish is. impervious to oil and is extremely chip and fade resistant. Photo 1 Photo 2,Photo 3 Photo 4,Photo 5 Photo 6,ROCK CHUCKER SUPREME.
PRESS PARTS LIST,Key Part Description Key Part Description. 1 709193 Frame 13 109121 Handle Ball, 2 788902 Linkage Arm 2 14 109136 5 8 18 Hex Jam Nut. 3 709127 Link Pin Left 15 709138 Press Bushing, 4 709128 Link Pin Right 16 709195 RC IV Primer Arm Pin. 5 709196 Toggle Block 17 109145 Primer Catcher Front. 6 709197 Toggle Block Pin 18 109146 Primer Catcher Back. 7 187212 7 16 20 Nyloc Nut 2 19 788212 Primer Arm,8 709194 Ram 20 709506 Primer Sleeve LG. 9 109112 Ram Clip Spring 20 709507 Primer Sleeve SM. 10 788255 Ram Pin 21 709554 Primer Plug LG, 11 187219 1 4 28 x 3 8 Setscrew 21 709555 Primer Plug SM.
12 709198 Handle 22 109508 Primer Plug Spring,REFERENCE TABLE. Primer Primer,Shell Plug Shell Plug,Holder Sleeve Holder Sleeve. Caliber Number Size Caliber Number Size, 17 Remington 10 Small 7 5mm xx 54 French MAS 2 Large. 218 Bee 1 Small 7 5mm Schmidt Rubin 2 Large,22 Hornet 12 Small 7 62 x 39mm 308 311 32 Large. 22 K Hornet 12 Small 7 62 x 54Rmm Russian 308 311 13 5 Large. 22 Remington Jet 6 Small 7 65 x 53mm Belgian Mauser 3 Large. 22 Savage High Power 2 Large 7 7 x 58mm Japanese Arisaka 3 2 Large. 22 250 22 Varminter 3 Large 32 Automatic 7 65mm Auto 17 Small. 220 Swift 11 Large 32 H R Magnum 23 Small, 221 Remington Fireball 10 Small 32 Smith Wesson Long 23 Small.
222 Remington 10 Small 32 Winchester Special 2 Large. 222 Remington Magnum 10 Small 32 20 Winchester 1 Small. 223 Remington 5 56mm 10 Small 32 40 Winchester 2 Large. 5 6mm x 50 Rimmed 6 Small 8mm Remington Magnum 4 Large. 240 Weatherby Magnum 3 Large 8mm 06 3 Large, 243 Winchester 3 Large 8 x 57mm Mauser 8mm Mauser 3 Large. 6mm PPC 32 Small 8 x 68Smm Magnum 34 5 Large 2, 6mm Remington 244 Remington 3 Large 338 Lapua 14 37 7 Large. 25 Auto 25 ACP 29 6 Small 338 Remington Ultra Magnum 38 4 Large. 25 06 3 Large 338 Winchester Magnum 4 Large,25 20 Winchester 1 Small 338 06 3 Large. 25 35 Winchester 2 Large 338 378 Weatherby Magnum 14 Large. 250 Savage 250 3000 Savage 3 Large 340 Weatherby Magnum 4 Large. 257 Roberts 3 11 Large 348 Winchester 5 5 Large, 257 Roberts Improved 40 3 11 Large 35 Remington 9 Large. 257 Weatherby Magnum 4 Large 35 Whelen 3 Large, 260 Remington 3 Large 350 Remington Magnum 4 Large.
264 Winchester Magnum 4 26 Large 356 TSW 16 Small,6 5mm 06 3 Large 356 Winchester 2 Large. 6 5mm x 54 Mannlicher Schoenmauer 9 Large 357 Magnum 6 Small. 6 5mm x 55mm Swedish Mauser 2 Large 357 Remington Maximum 6 Small. 6 5mm x 57mm Mauser 3 Large 357 SIG 27 Small,6 5mm x 68Smm 34 5 Large 2 358 Winchester 3 Large. 270 Weatherby Magnum 4 Large 9mm FAR 16 Small,270 Winchester 3 Large 9mm Luger 16 Small. 270 Winchester Short Magnum 43 Large 9mm Makarov 16 Small. 280 Remington 7mm Exp Rem 3 Large 9 x 21mm 16 Small. 284 Winchester 3 Large 9 3 x 62mm Mauser 3 Large 2. 7mm Bench Rest Remington 3 Small 9 3 x 74Rmm 4 Large. 7mm Remington Magnum 4 26 Large 375 H H Magnum 4 Large. 7mm Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum 38 4 Large 375 Remington Ultra Magnum 38 4 Large. 7mm Remington Ultra Magnum 38 4 Large 375 Winchester 2 Large. 7mm Shooting Times Westerner 4 Large 376 Steyr 42 Large. 7mm Thompson Center Ugalde 10 Small 378 Weatherby Magnum 14 5 Large. 7mm Weatherby Magnum 4 Large 38 Colt Super Auto 39 Small. 7mm Winchester Short Magnum 43 Large 38 Special 6 Small. 7mm 08 Remington 3 Large 380 Automatic ACP 10 Small. 7 x 57mm Mauser 7mm Mauser 3 11 Large 38 40 Winchester 35 5 Large. 7 x 64mm Brenneke 3 Large 38 55 Winchester Ballard 2 Large. 7 x 65mm Rimmed 26 Large 40 S W 27 Small, 7 30 Waters 2 Large 40 65 Shiloh Sharps 408 14 5 Large. 30 M 1 Carbine 17 Small 400 CorBon 3 Large, 30 Luger 7 65mm Luger 16 Small 405 Winchester 24 Large.
30 Mauser 7 63mm Mauser 16 Small 10mm Auto 27 Large. 30 Remington 19 Large 41 Magnum 30 Large, 30 06 Springfield 3 Large 416 Remington Magnum 4 Large. 30 30 Winchester 2 Large 416 Rigby 37 5 Large, 30 338 Winchester Magnum 4 Large 44 Magnum 18 Large. 30 357 Aet 6 Small 44 Special 18 Large, 30 378 Weatherby Magnum 14 5 Large 444 Marlin 28 Large. 30 40 Krag 7 Large 44 40 Winchester 35 5 Large, 300 H H Magnum 4 Large 45 Automatic 45 ACP 3 Large. 300 Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum 38 4 Large 45 Colt 20 Large. 300 Remington Ultra Magnum 38 4 Large 45 70 U S Government 14 5 Large. 300 Savage 3 Large 450 Marlin 4 Large,300 Weatherby Magnum 4 Large 454 Casull 20 Small.
300 Winchester Magnum 4 26 Large 458 Winchester Magnum 4 Large. 300 Winchester Short Magnum 43 Large 460 Weatherby Magnum 14 5 Large. 303 British 7 Large 475 Linebaugh 1 400 40 5 Large. 307 Winchester 2 Large 480 Ruger 40 Large, 308 Norma Magnum 4 Large 50 Action Express 33 5 Large. Manual or RCBS load reloading software OBSERVE ALL WARNINGS ABOUT THE USE OF MAXIMUM LISTED LOADS PRIMERS AND POWDER Store primers and powder beyond the reach of children and away from heat dampness open flames and electrical equipment DO NOT use primers of unknown identity Keep primers in original factory container until ready to use Return unused primers to the same

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