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Shows Department general telephone 020 3176 5800, Botanical Art Judging Panel Secretary Charlotte Brooks Lindley Library. Tel 020 7821 3050,picturecommittee rhs org uk,Application forms contact details badges passes. Exhibitor Services Coordinator,Imogen Grubin,Tel 020 7821 3357. imogengrubin rhs org uk,Exhibitor Services,Tel 020 7821 3123. exhibitorapplications rhs org uk,Judging enquiries.
Shows Judging Coordinator,Harriet Brimsted,Tel 020 7821 3331. harrietbrimsted rhs org uk,Press office Marketing office. Tel 020 7821 3043 Tel 020 7821 3036,showspr rhs org uk showsmarketing rhs org uk. Horticultural Halls Accounts office,Tel 020 7828 4125 Tel 01483 479743. Fax 01483 212399,SELECTION NEW EXHIBITORS, Artists who have not previously exhibited at a RHS show must first submit a sample of four pieces of work to the Picture.
Panel for assessment and approval, Selection meetings are held annually to consider artists for future years The next selection meeting will be on 9 July. 2020 to consider artists to exhibit in 2021 or subsequent years Please contact the Picture Panel Secretary. picturecommittee rhs org uk for further information and to make delivery arrangements before sending any work. Artists may submit their works to the Lindley Library between Monday 22 June and Thursday 2 July The library is open. Monday Friday 10am 5pm except bank holidays, After the selection meeting the Picture Panel Secretary will write to each artist informing them of the Panel s. assessment The artist s contact details will be held on a mailing list and passed to the RHS Shows Department. Invitations to exhibit are issued by the Shows Department and eligible artists may apply for space Artists considered. suitable to exhibit should stage an exhibit within 5 years otherwise they must be assessed and approved again. A very high standard of work equivalent at least to a Silver RHS medal is required to be selected to display botanical. illustration at a RHS show Emphasis is placed primarily on botanical accuracy in combination with aesthetic appeal. Artists should present examples of their work that is of the highest quality and has been completed in recent years. Selection guidelines,Four pieces of work are to be submitted. Each piece should be labelled in pencil on the reverse with the artist s name and address date produced. medium and the subject or title of the piece of work. The pieces do not need to be presented on a theme,Selection criteria. Quality of botanical illustration,Quality of the presentation.
Overall impression, There is not an application form for submissions artists will be issued with a receipt upon delivery. Artists based in the UK and Ireland, Please present all artworks individually mounted not framed. Whilst every effort is taken to ensure the safekeeping of original artwork it is recommended that artists hand deliver. and collect their pieces from the Lindley Library by appointment with the Picture Panel Secretary If however it is not. possible to do so alternative arrangements can be made with the Picture Panel Secretary If artworks are posted from. within the UK it is strongly recommended that they are sent Special Delivery or by Art courier The RHS cannot take. responsibility for the condition of artworks received by post or courier. Please note the postcode to be used for couriers and Sat Nav ONLY is SW1P 2PB. Artists based outside the UK, Please send four actual sized prints NOT original artwork labelled as above It is recommended that prints are un. mounted rolled in a poster tube marked 0 value Please be aware it is not possible to return prints. Group submissions, Artists may apply to exhibit as a group and should ensure that one piece of work from each artist is submitted labelled. SELECTION FOR EXHIBITION, Only artists who have been accepted by the Picture Panel are eligible to apply for space.
Applications for space to display exhibits of botanical illustration should be made using the online application form. emailed by the RHS Shows Department Botanical illustration will be exhibited at the London Art Photography Show. Contact details for eligible artists are automatically sent to the RHS Shows Department following acceptance by the. Picture Panel however artists should ensure that the Secretary is kept informed of any changes to their contact details. by emailing picturecommittee rhs org uk and that only one email address is supplied for use for show. correspondence, Artists remain eligible to apply for exhibition space for 5 years following the date of acceptance or the date of previous. exhibition It may not be possible to accommodate all of the artists who apply for space If this is the case a selection. criteria will be employed taking into consideration previous exhibition and medal history. RULES REGULATIONS FOR EXHIBTING, All artists or groups of artists must display at least six pieces of work presented on a coherent theme The choice of. subject is left to the exhibitor, There is no upper limit on the number of pieces but the display must fit into the allotted space which will be a maximum. of 5 5 metres of display boards, Whether the artwork is shown framed or unframed is up to the artist but the display must not be a mixture of both. Work should preferably be presented in off white mounts Frames should be of a neutral colour and simple in style so. as not to detract from the artworks, Artwork should be on white or off white material paper or vellum only Manuscript vellum is recommended rather.
than raw or unprepared vellum Where non white vellum is chosen any natural colouration to the surface must not. detract from the artwork as visual clarity in the detail of the picture is of paramount importance. Artwork should have been produced recently and certainly within the last 5 years. With the emphasis on botanical accuracy please ensure all artwork is correctly labelled see Labelling Plant Names. below to also include the drawing medium, Artwork should be life size and if not a scale must be evident. Artists are strongly advised to paint from living plant specimens and to make use of photographs for reference only. paintings directly copied from photographs are not acceptable. Miniatures are unsuitable for RHS Shows, Artists sending work from abroad may arrange for someone in the UK to hang and take down the work on their behalf. Please ensure enough time has been allowed for artworks to clear through Customs the RHS cannot be responsible for. artworks delayed at Customs, Artists may only display work previously exhibited at an RHS show in exceptional circumstances and with prior. permission from the Picture Panel Secretary,No charge is made for exhibits at RHS Shows. Manning of exhibits, Artists selling their work must ensure that their display is manned throughout the open hours of the show Should an.
exhibitor have to leave their stand for a short time they should ask a neighbouring artist to keep an eye on their display. and clear details of contact name and telephone number should be visible. Artists are asked to show consideration to neighbouring exhibitors and avoid encroaching on their display space e g. obscuring the work of neighbouring exhibitors when conducting business with prospective clients. Price Lists, Artists are not obliged to sell their work Where works are for sale price lists should not be displayed until after judging. has taken place see section on Signage for printing guidelines. Every picture that is available for sale must be labelled with an indicative letter or number referring to a price list A. maximum of two price lists should be displayed the prices of works may not be advertised in any other way. Removal of exhibits, No painting or drawing forming part of an exhibit considered for a medal may be removed or substituted before the. end of the show, Exhibitors may be required to remove all or part of an exhibit that is considered unsuitable. Signage is considered as part of the overall presentation of the exhibit and will be judged accordingly Labels should be. typed and printed and adhered to the display boards using double sided Velcro or white tac It is recommended that. a minimum of 18pt type is used, Each picture should bear a label giving the name of the plant or plants depicted correctly presented in Latin. The Picture Panel encourages artists to present a short written piece approx 150 words about their working method. to be displayed with their exhibit The medium watercolour pencil coloured pencil etc on paper or vellum should be. included as part of the description or included as part of the title of the exhibit. The exhibitor s name and title for the display should be adhered to the display board and be in place prior to judging. Using information provided by the artist these will be provided by the Shows Department. LABELLING PLANT NAMES, Labelling is considered as part of the overall presentation of the exhibit and will be judged accordingly Each piece.
should include a label giving the name of the plant or plants depicted in Latin Please see below and contact the Picture. Panel Secretary picturecommittee rhs org uk for further information if required. All artwork must be labelled with the correct scientific Latin name of the plant. Genus and species should be in italics,Genus names must begin with an upper case letter. Species names must begin with a lower case letter, The cultivar name is in Roman not italics placed in single quotation marks The main words begin with an upper. case letter, The abbreviations for subspecies variety and forma subsp var and f must not be italicised. Plant family names must be italicised,Why do plants have scientific names. All living organisms have a scientific Latin name and many also have vernacular or common names The scientific name. is preferable because the common name can be ambiguous or mis leading For example the English bluebell. Hyacinthoides non scripta is a different plant to the Scottish bluebell Campanula rotundifola. How to write scientific plant names, Scientific Latin plant names must be italicised or underlined.
The scientific name of a plant has two parts genus and species For example with the English common harebell the. first word Campanula is the name of the genus and the second word rotundifolia is the name of the species. Genus species,Campanula rotundifolia, The genus name always comes first and begins with an upper case letter The species name is always in lower case even. when it commemorates a country or a person such as Rosa chinensis the China rose or Rosa banksiae named for the. wife of Sir Joseph Banks, The abbreviations for subspecies variety and forma subsp var and f must be written in Roman not italic for. example Narcissus romieuxii subsp albidus Clematis montana var rubens. Artists who wish to include plant family names on their paintings should note that family names such as Campanulaceae. must be written in italics,Plant name authorities, Every scientific name is followed by the name of an authority meaning the person or persons who originally published. the name This is often abbreviated for example Campanula rotundifolia L denotes that the name was first published. by Carl Linnaeus, Inclusion of the authority name on artwork labelling is at the discretion of the artist it does not need to be included. on the labelling, A cross between plants of two different species results in a hybrid For example Lilium parkmanii is the name given to.
the cross between Lilium speciosum and Lilium auratum The indicates the hybrid status and should be written as. not x and must not be italicised, Cultivar means cultivated variety Cultivar names are given to denote variation within species and that generated by. hybridisation in cultivation They are not printed in italics and should be enclosed in single quotation marks For. example Clematis Huldine or Clematis cartmanii Joe. All the main words in a cultivar name must begin with an upper case letter for exampleCampanula latifolia Roger. Wood or Campanula persicifolia Coerulea Flore Pleno Other less grammatically important words do not begin with. a capital for example Lilium Pot of Gold Lilium Musik der Nacht. Genus species Cultivar,Campanula latifolia Roger Wood. The names of cultivars are complicated by trade designations selling names which are names that are used to market. a plant when the cultivar name is considered to be unsuitable for marketing purposes for example Clematis Evijohill. has been given the trade designation JOSEPHINE Trade designations are usually written be in SMALL CAPITALS and not. italicized Trade designations must not be placed between quotes When cited together with the cultivar name the. order does not matter but generally it is preferable to put the best known name first for example. Clematis BLUE ANGEL B kitny Anio,Clematis INSPIRATION Zoin. Clematis ROSEMOOR Evipo002,Clematis Warszawska Nike MIDNIGHT SHOWERS. Clematis Helios AZTEK, For non botanists the use of cultivar names and trade designations can understandably be very confusing It is.
recommended that artists should refer to and follow the RHS website or the latest edition of The RHS Plant Finder. where plant names are correctly cited, Remember that plants bought from garden centres or nurseries may be misnamed Artists should endeavour to ensure. that the names that appear on their paintings are the correct names Misnamed plants and or incorrectly labelled.

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