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Editor s C O M M E N T S, Jesus More compelling than His shadow COLLEEN TINKER. O ne day in 1995 I received a phone call from,a dear friend We had walked with each. other through a variety of life changing events,lords Savior Redeemer and King began to. The Jesus revealed in the Bible was far more, during the past six years and we had talked powerful and compelling than the Jesus we knew. often about our growing cognitive disso This biblical Jesus is the Lamb slain from the cre. nance between what we believed to be ation of the world before Adam sinned. truth and what we were experiencing as Revelation 13 8 He did not supplicate the Father. we immersed ourselves in studying the for permission to die for humanity He is God and. Bible and investigat chose to die The real Jesus disarmed Satan and his. ing the foundations angels his rebellious creations when He died on. of our faith the cross Colossians 2 15 He is not locked into a WEEKEND PRESENTERS. As we discovered Jesus we discov Consequently I battle with a legitimate adversary Satan The real. was surprised but not Jesus died as our Substitute became a curse Gal. completely shocked 3 13 and became our sin so that we might. ered He fulfilled all the shadows of when she dropped become not attain the righteousness of God 2. her bombshell she Cor 5 21 He did not die to demonstrate our deprav. Himself in the law and the prophets and her husband had ity or to begin the process of our salvation He died. decided to leave the and rose and ascended to the Father completing. Adventist church everything we need for salvation, As the days passed The biblical Jesus opened a new living way.
her announcement bothered me more and more through his body to the Father Hebrews 10 19 Galen and Joan Yorba Gray Gary Inrig Elizabeth Inrig Leslie Martin Mark Martin Dale Ratzlaff Greg and Paula Taylor. deeply I cognitively understood their decision 20 He is not vindicating his fairness or determin. except for one thing No matter how I looked at the ing who is to be saved His fairness is not in ques. Vol 7 Issue 6 November December 2006 issue I could not understand how they could leave tion the cross demonstrated His justice Romans SCHEDULE. Founding Editor the Sabbath 3 25 26 and God does not have to explain his sov Friday February 16 2007 6 00 to 7 00 PM Arrival and registration LODGING. Dale Ratzlaff Richard was as disturbed as I was and we dis ereign decisions to His creations Romans 9 20 21 Meetings and breakout sessions Friday through Saturday evening You must make your own lodging and. cussed their defection repeatedly Isaiah 45 9 transportation arrangements. Editor Worship service with Trinity Church on Sunday morning. Colleen Tinker I don t understand it Richard would say How As Jesus revealed Himself to us through His. do they justify leaving the Sabbath Word we discovered He fulfilled all the shadows of COUNTRY INN SUITES New. Copy Editor Oh I would reply I believe they ll come back Himself in the law and the prophets With humility I TO REGISTER SPACE LIMITED TO THE FIRST 200 1650 Industrial Park Ave. Cristine Cole Redlands CA 92374, They have to walk away from the day in order to get finally realized that I had misjudged my friends leav 65 per person on or before Dec 31 2006 75 per person on or before January 19 2007. Design Editor 909 792 7913 909 792 2413, perspective They ve had so many painful experi ing the church They did not leave because of You must register by January 19 2007 so that we can make meal plans. Richard Tinker ences they have to give up the Sabbath in order to painful experiences they left because Jesus was far Make check payable to LAM and return in enclosed envelope COMFORT SUITES. Life Assurance Ministries Inc rediscover how wonderful it is more compelling than His shadow Fee includes cost of sessions handouts three meals and snacks Scholarships are available 1230 W Colton Ave. Board of Directors But they didn t come back On the contrary my In this issue David Dykes senior pastor of Green You must make your own lodging transportation arrangements Redlands CA 92374. Richard Tinker President CFO friend was not only delighting in her worship at a Acres Baptist Church exegetes Colossians 2 16 17 909 335 9988. Colleen Tinker Secretary Christian church but she was also making plans to and shows how misunderstanding the shadows of www comfortsuites com. Bruce Heinrich pursue a masters degree in theology at an evan Christ result in unhealthy churches Dale Ratzlaff FOR MORE INFORMATION PHONE TOLL FREE 877 349 6984. Carolyn Ratzlaff gelical seminary responds to Jud Lake s presentation at the Ellen DYNASTY SUITES. Dale Ratzlaff Meanwhile Richard and I were discovering Jesus White Summit held in Gladstone Oregon in 1235 W Colton Ave. Oh we had accepted Him over and over November 2005 Geoff Drew and Karen Earp share. YES I WANT TO REGISTER for the Former Adventist Fellowship weekend at Redlands CA 92374. Proclamation is published bimonthly by Life, Assurance Ministries Inc P O Box 11587 throughout our lives We had struggled to make the their stories of coming to true faith in Jesus and I Trinity Church in Redlands California February 16 18 2007 909 793 6648. www dynastysuites com, Glendale AZ 85318 Copyright 2006 Life Sabbath holy and relevant We believed we had examine what it means to be born again Name. Assurance Ministries Inc All rights reserved, finally figured out how to live with Ellen White s We pray that you will be drawn to the Jesus of BEST WESTERN.
Printed in U S A Editorial Office 909 794, writings by considering her to be a significant his the Bible as you read these pages In Him are joy Address. Proclamation,9804 Toll Free 877 349 6984 SANDMAN HOTEL. torical figure whom God used but whose writings peace freedom and complete security He is King of 1120 W Colton Ave. Website were not all intended to be taken literally today As kings and Lord of lords City State ZIP Redlands CA 92374. www LifeAssuranceMinistries org we pursued deep Bible study however reading To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb 909 793 2001 909 792 7612. Number attending X 65 each person Total amount enclosed. Vegetarian YES o NO o 75 each person after December 31 2006. E mail proclamation gmail com whole books in context the Jesus we had known be praise and honor and glory and power for ever bestwestern com. faded as the real Jesus the eternal God Lord of and ever Revelation 5 13. Please return with check or money order in included envelope. 2 Proclamation November December 2006 LIFE ASSURANCE MINISTRIES PO BOX 905 REDLANDS CA 92373 November December 2006 Proclamation 23. L E T T E R S to the Editor,Thank you for Proclamation. I am writing to acknowledge receipt of the,opinion as drilled into me by the culture. which in reality had become my savior,Please remove my name.
Wouldn t it be better if you lived what you,Hello we d like to. Proclamation magazines you sent to me I am,so grateful for the support you people are giv. ing to us The magazines are wonderful and can,do a lot to help us reach out to Adventists very. fast The articles in them are well researched,I did not realize that in my youthful presump. tion after giving my heart to Jesus I turned to the. Adventist culture and legalism for my way my,truth and my life Thank God when my empty.
heart finally realized the new covenant was a new,believe rather than throwing dirt at other. churches I am not interested in condemning,others or hearing condemnation from others. and presented I only wish we could have more,copies so that our members could have a copy. each Thanks for everything and may God sup,ply all your needs for the support of his work. and effective way of salvation no longer would I,listen to the investigative judgment heresies and.
doubt my salvation The veil was removed 2,Corinthians 3 16 and I saw Jesus alone as my. Redeemer I was free at last No longer did I look,at my sins and doubt my salvation The law like. Reading Dale Ratzlaff s book Cultic Doctrine,of Seventh day Adventists validated my whole. experience with the Adventist church I studied,my way into the doctrines of the church. through materials provided by them Three,years later I studied my way out by use of the.
ourselves Richard Tinker president and Dale Ratzlaff founder. Philemon Omwega Aroni the husband in Romans 7 only condemned me Bible and the Bible alone I now know that You along with our regular subscribers are receiving this special mailing of Proclamation because of generous. Director One Flock Ministries Kenya and never lifted a finger to help me But I died to there is no church that holds 100 truth and donations which made it possible for us to send it to a large number of Adventist leaders in North America Our. that law husband and my new husband Jesus that Jesus and His saving work is the founda prayer is that God will reveal Himself to you in new ways as you read and that the desire of your heart will be to. Too much protest has a higher standard Don t murder don t even tion of our faith When an organization requires know and act in truth. Me thinks thou dost protest too much If you hate don t commit adultery don t even lust 28 fundamental beliefs that large requirement Proclamation is produced every two months by Life Assurance Ministries It is created for people who are ques. no longer wish to be Adventists then no longer Jesus does all for me the law demanded and I should be a red flag I look forward to more tioning Adventism for those who are Sabbatarians and for others who are studying Adventism Subscriptions are. be Adventists But to put together a slick publica have no condemnation The greatest truth one issues of Proclamation and am sharing it with free All past issues of Proclamation are available as PDF files online at www formeradventist com If you would like to. tion devoted to spewing your anger pain disbe can know is that therefore there is now no con others Thank you for all your efforts they are. confirm your continued free subscription return the attached envelope. lief whatever seems so mean spirited How can demnation to them that are in Christ Jesus life saving indeed. it be from God Romans 8 1 What a relief what joy, Spanish translations of Proclamation in PDF format beginning with January February 2006 are also available at. When I was a pastor some days were grim Transitioning out www formeradventist com. Christ the solid Rock When I saw that in spite of my laying down the I m writing to you to tell you how much I m. I was a pastor and preacher for around thir law people were breaking it and breaking my. ty years Actually during that time very little of heart and worse yet I was breaking it every. enjoying your study on Romans found on,www FormerAdventist com My husband and I. What is Life Assurance Ministries, what I preached was truth even though I night I went to bed condemned I prayed that my are transitioning out of Adventism Someday I ll Dale Ratzlaff founded Life Assurance Ministries in 1999 He is author of Sabbath in Christ The Cultic Doctrine of. would not allow myself to think otherwise I name would not come up in the investigative tell you the story When we left the church I Seventh day Adventists The Truth About the Seventh day Adventist Truth and Adventist to Christian. studied the Bible feverishly to prove first to judgment I would try harder and hopefully received an email from a church member She Dale was an Adventist pastor for 13 years seven of which he spent teaching Bible at Monterey Bay Academy La. myself and then to others what I preached was tomorrow would be better Most of the time was concerned that we had left the church Selva Beach California During his doctoral studies at Andrews University in the 1980 s Dale became convinced that. absolutely true After all it came from the Bible things went worse Wretched man was I Who and was worried that we were not keeping the. But there was a veil that covered my mind so could deliver me from this condemnation. the investigative judgment could not be supported by Scripture Since he could no longer teach this doctrine he. Sabbath anymore I wrote back and told her, that I could not understand the truth 2 Cor Thank God Christ removed the veil I passed and his wife Carolyn left the Adventist denomination. that I was surprised that she wasn t interested, 3 15 Had you told me that was the case I the judgment and entered into life John 5 24 I in my relationship with Jesus but she was more.
Richard and Colleen Tinker officially left the Adventist church early in 1999 after discovering the true gospel of. would not have believed you After all I gave am no longer under condemnation I m under interested in the fact I wasn t worshiping on the grace by studying the New Testament one book at a time with their Christian neighbors Although they had some. my heart to Jesus and then I joined His true the blood and had been for over 40 years and Sabbath initial thoughts that they might convert their neighbors they soon discovered that what the Bible actually said was. church the remnant Sabbath keeping didn t know it The veil is gone and I see Jesus Anyway she wrote to me about a recent different from what they had understood it to say from their Adventist perspective Coming to know they were. church On Christ the solid Rock I stand All other study she had done on Romans She wrote that secure in Jesus finished work transformed them. It finally became clear to me that most of ground is sinking sand the book was all about keeping the 10 Richard. Signs of the Timesmagazine Concurrently I was praying that Jesus would lead us to teach our children more about Him Almost everything I read was from an Adventist publisher so things seemed to fit together neatly I was happy in my understanding of my religion In October 2000 God led me in my first step toward knowing Him truthfully I changed jobs and started work at a hospital closer to home

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