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U411C110418 0418, Responding Effectively to Assessments with Curriculum and Teaching REACT. PART A Need For Project Part A 1 Absolute and Competitive Priorities. Absolute Priority 5 Improving Achievement and High School Graduation Rates Rural. LEAs DNCUSD is listed on the Rural Low Income Schools list because of the high numbers. of Socioeconomically Disadvantaged students in the District low income and the distances. students travel to schools DNUSD has made significant improvements in the area of graduation. rates over the last four years but over 20 of our students are still not graduating high school. Graduation Rates,2006 07 2007 08 2008 09,Del Norte Unified 67 6 74 6 79 8. State Average 80 6 80 2 78 6, Absolute Priority 3 Innovations That Complement the Implementation of High Standards. and High Quality Assessments REACT meets Absolute Priority 3 by training teachers and. administrators how to use formative and summative assessments stored in the. or displayed on a Data Wall to analyze student performance improve the effectiveness. of instructional practices and to target instructional needs of students in the general and. subgroup populations using Professional Learning Community PLC Data Teams site and. district Data Data Coaches and Data Informed Instruction DI2 strategies. Competitive Preference 6 Innovations for Improving Early Learning Outcomes REACT. Project will partner with California First Five Commission to hire and train an Early Childhood. Education Teacher as a Data Coach to implement a Coaching Model to assist teachers in. selecting county wide ECE assessments collect and display data and conduct data meetings. with Preschool Teachers to improve the readiness of children entering Kindergarten. Competitive Preference 8 Innovations to Address the Unique Learning Needs of Students. with Disabilities and Limited English Proficient Students Two of the Data Coaches hired for. the Project will have ELL and Special Education backgrounds We will use their expertise to. PR Award U411C110418 1,U411C110418 0418, Responding Effectively to Assessments with Curriculum and Teaching REACT. support improved learning with appropriate assessment tools instructional strategies like. SDAIE and specialized curriculum to close achievement gaps for these subgroups. Part A 2 gaps in services infrastructure or opportunities. Del Norte is the northern most coastal county in California with a population of 29 114 It is. not only rural but at the end of the road that is seven hours by car to San Francisco or Portland. Oregon the closest big cities DN has the lowest per capita income in the state at 25 980 the. median household income in 2008 was 36 729 Pelican Bay State Prison Redwood National. Park wood products schools county government and fishing are the major employers in the. county Isolation and rural poverty heavily impact student achievement in Del Norte County. DNCUSD is a single county wide district with twenty schools spread across 1230 square. miles Connectivity through high speed Internet Digital California reached us in 2005. Elementary schools average 3 5 students per computer the middle school 2 9 to each and high. schools 3 1 and all teachers have an online computer in their classrooms However the majority. of our families do not have computers in their homes REACT will focus on the challenges of. rural students rarely computers except at school and come from homes with low expectations. DNCUSD is not in Program Improvement but it has not met AYP criteria for ELA and Math. in the past two years This year there are five district schools in Program Improvement and. several others may well join the list in 2011, School Grades PI Yr S E D ELL Students AYP Criteria not.
w Disabilities met 2009 10,Joe Hamilton K 5 2 82 17 20 ELA SwD. Smith River K 8 1 74 34 9 ELA or Math,ELL or SwD,Redwood K 8 1 42 4 10 Math. Sunset HS 10 12 4 70 2 5 None met,Del Norte 9 12 1 52 12 13 Math White. PR Award U411C110418 2,U411C110418 0418, Responding Effectively to Assessments with Curriculum and Teaching REACT. The following charts show county wide tests results that confirm the need for interventions. 2010 Del Norte County English Language Arts CST Results. Grade 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th,Students 287 258 282 242 264 263 290 291 376 364.
Basic 63 63 43 44 58 46 53 52 68 71,2010 Del Norte County Mathematics CST Results. Grade 2 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th,Students 287 259 283 244 264 262 303 308 353 285. Basic 47 40 36 43 63 49 70 84 82 60, Targeted Subgroups 2010 Del Norte County CST Results. Basic Below Basic or Far Below Basic,Sub Group ELA Math. Soc Econ Disadvantaged 64 73,English Learners 86 75.
Students With Disabilities 87 91, Over the past three years DNCUSD high school students have shown a failing trend on the. CASHEE California s exit exam In 2006 07 50 7 of students passed ELA but by 2010 only. 40 passed Math scores showed the same losses with 53 1 passing in 2006 07 and only. 37 in 2009 10 A disproportionate percentage of students in subgroups are not completing. high school graduation requirements Socioeconomically Disadvantaged SED students only. 61 graduate English Language Learners ELL 72 Students with Disabilities SwD 52. Asian students 75 These low completion rates along with poor student outcomes support the. need for implementation of this innovative district wide project designed for rural schools. Part A 3 Strength of Research Significance of Effect Magnitude of Effect. Strength of Research Two of our schools Joe Hamilton Elementary a school where 97 of. PR Award U411C110418 3,U411C110418 0418, Responding Effectively to Assessments with Curriculum and Teaching REACT. students qualify for free and reduced price meals and an interdisciplinary team at Crescent Elk. Middle School have an exceptional record of improving achievement in ELA Scores on the CST. over several years with improvement in Math scores as well It is a reasonable hypothesis that. this growth is directly attributed to use of a Data Coaching Model and Data Informed Instruction. The process at both sites has included an ongoing cycle of 1 using formative assessments to. measure student growth 2 recording organizing and displaying this data digitally as well as. on a data wall 3 using a Data Coach to facilitate data analysis meetings with teachers and 4. teachers planning targeted interventions to improve student outcomes The recent research by. Dr Anthony Bryk 2009 documents the success of coaching and the improved scores in all. subgroups His four year longitudinal Coaching Model study of teaching and student. achievement found that students average rates of learning in grades K 2 increased by 32 in the. third implementation year Teacher expertise increased substantially as did professional. communication amongst teachers and Data Coaches became central to school communication. This process implemented at JH and Crescent Elk is the rationale for the REACT research. project California Standards Testing data evidence. Joe Hamilton Successful trend of students scoring Proficient or Advanced on CST. CST 2006 2007 2007 2008 2008 2009,ELA 22 33 44,MATH 35 44 46. Crescent Elk Team Successful trend of students scoring Proficient or Advanced on CST. CST 2007 2008 2008 2009 2009 2010,ELA Cohort 1 38 64. Math Cohort 1 36 66,ELA Cohort 2 47 67,Math Cohort 2 56 68.
PR Award U411C110418 4,U411C110418 0418, Responding Effectively to Assessments with Curriculum and Teaching REACT. These results from implementing the Data Coaching Model go beyond the summary level and. are reflected in every significant subgroup represented at the two school sites. Percentage of Joe Hamilton Students Scoring Proficient or Advanced. Significant AYP Subgroups JH ELA 2007 JH ELA 2008 JH ELA 2009. American Indian 18 2 29 4 38 5,Asian 26 1 37 5 41 4. Hispanic 12 5 13 2 42 5,White 25 9 38 8 50 5,Male 17 4 28 4 42 2. Female 27 3 37 5 46 3,Socioeconomically 20 9 28 2 41 4. Disadvantaged,ELL 24 2 30 8 37 0,Students with Disabilities 17 1 22 32 6.
Percentage of Crescent Elk Team Students Scoring Proficient or Advanced. Significant AYP Subgroups ELA 2007 ELA 2008 ELA 2009. American Indian cohort 1 0 0,cohort 2 50 60,Asian cohort 1 12 38. cohort 2 57 100,Hispanic cohort 1 35 65,cohort 2 44 67. White cohort 1 46 71,cohort 2 47 65,Male cohort 1 38 64. cohort 2 32 65,Female cohort 1 39 64,cohort 2 60 69. Socio economically cohort 1 26 55,Disadvantaged cohort 2 40 60.
ELL cohort 1 15 54,cohort 2 42 83,Students with cohort 1 0 33. Disabilities cohort 2 0 0, 100 of American Indian students did improve at least one proficiency level. The above charts are evidence confirming results from our systematic study on a limited. PR Award U411C110418 5,U411C110418 0418, Responding Effectively to Assessments with Curriculum and Teaching REACT. scale and in a limited setting that is results for one elementary school and one middle school. interdisciplinary team using Data Coaches and DI2 Summary and Subgroup results on CST. tests warrant further research on this Coaching Model Our hypothesis is that a district wide. implementation of the support structures Data Coaching Data informed instruction and Data. PLC teams will increase teacher effectiveness and positively impact student outcomes. The Data Wall use for analysis of curriculum based assessment results is pivotal to the. REACT Project An expansion of this program to all district schools is needed in order to study. its impact in other sites with different demographics within a small school district with a model. for coaching in all academic subjects and with developmental measures in preschools REACT. will expand our model in a comprehensive fashion across the district for use with pre schools. ELA and Math at the elementary level and all core subjects at high school Peer Data Coaching. and the Data Wall process are the two essential components The Project will serve 3 893. students and 196 teachers in Del Norte County, Significance of Effect The significant progress made at a single school site and an. interdisciplinary team at a middle school warrant further study to investigate efficacy REACT. will scale up the core elements implemented at the two sites to a county wide district The. district includes diverse school sites such as Margaret Keating Elementary with 80 American. Indian student population Smith River elementary with a large ELL migrant population and. Bess Maxwell Elementary with 84 Free and Reduced Lunch The results of the REACT. evaluation plan will allow other districts to understand the impact of data coaching and data. informed instruction on this wide diversity of schools and grade levels. Magnitude of Effect With a cohesive process of data analysis with tiers of interventions we. anticipate a moderate to large size effect for CST scores 2 3 standard deviation higher. PR Award U411C110418 6,U411C110418 0418, Responding Effectively to Assessments with Curriculum and Teaching REACT.
over the four years of REACT for students in grades 2 6 ELL Students with Disabilities and. Socio economically Disadvantaged subgroups We anticipate that we will significantly close. achievement gaps for preschoolers entering kindergarten by improving their success on Desired. Results Developmental Profiles given in each preschool Student achievement in grades 7 12. will show a moderate change in scores 2 standard deviation higher overall but we predict a. significant growth for AYP subgroups Focus on data participation at teacher academies and. teacher collaboration will help teaching practice, REACT will show other districts in rural counties ways to 1 more effectively share. resources both human and technological and 2 effectively build a team to lead their district. through change by using data analysis to change student achievement and teacher practice. Part B Project Design Part B 1 Goals Objectives and Strategy. Goals and Objectives The Data Coaching Model with Data Wall process used by the two. schools will be the core of the REACT Project I3 funds will support fully implementing the. Data Coaching Model that has shown high potential but has not been implemented district wide. We intend to use Data Walls in preschool to high school classrooms as an integrated assessment. and intervention system that identifies students at risk for poor learning outcomes monitors. student progress and provides evidenced based interventions at multiple levels. Improving achievement and High School Graduation rates will be a REACT Project. focus District administration is committed to the idea that Data tells us where we are where. we need to go and who most is at risk Arne Duncan June 8 2009 Using research based. successful methodologies REACT seeks to show significant increases in percentages of all. students scoring in the Proficient or Advanced portions of CST. PR Award U411C110418 7,U411C110418 0418, Responding Effectively to Assessments with Curriculum and Teaching REACT. REACT Goals Objectives and Performance Measures, GOAL 1 Implement an effective and innovative instructional model. OBJECTIVE 1 1 90 of DNCUSD schools will implement data driven instruction in Pre K to 12th. grade classrooms using Data Teams and Site District Coordinators by the end of year 2 Measure Data. rates over the last four years but over 20 of our students ar e still not graduating high school Graduation Rates 2006 07 2007 08 2008 09 Del Norte Unified 67 6 74 6 79 8 State Average 80 6 80 2 78 6 Absolute Priority 3 Innovations That Complement the Implementation of High Standards and High Quality Assessments REACT meets Absolute Priority 3 by training

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