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look at pornography have a higher tolerance for abnormal sexual. behaviors sexual aggression promiscuity and even rape In addition men. begin to view women and even children as sex objects commodities or. instruments for their pleasure not as persons with their own inherent. Effect on the Body Pornography is very addictive The addictive. aspect of pornography has a biological substrate with dopamine hormone. release acting as one of the mechanisms for forming the transmission. pathway to pleasure centers of the brain Also the increased sexual. permissiveness engendered by pornography increases the risk of. contracting a sexually transmitted disease or of being an unwitting parent. in an out of wedlock pregnancy, Effect on the Heart Pornography affects people s emotional lives. Married men who are involved in pornography feel less satisfied with their. marital sexual relations and less emotionally attached to their wives. Women married to men with a pornography addiction report feelings of. betrayal mistrust and anger Pornographic use may lead to infidelity and. even divorce Adolescents who view pornography feel shame diminished. self confidence and sexual uncertainty,I Introduction. The conjugal act the act of sexual intercourse brings humanity into existence. and sets in motion the next generations of society Sexual intercourse like atomic. energy is a powerful agent for good if channeled well but for ill if not Healthy. societies maintain their stability by channeling the sexual energies of young. adults into marriage an institution that legitimizes sexual intercourse protects. the children that are the fruit of intercourse and channels the giving and. receiving of sexual pleasure in a way that builds up rather than tears down. society Sexual taboos are one set of the normal mechanisms of social control of. the sexual appetite They are analogous to the control rods of a nuclear reactor. plant they block the sexual from straying off course and into destructive. One of the biggest tasks of adolescent members of all society is to come to grips. with their burgeoning sexuality Some have always tested the limits of sexual. expression even when strong social controls were in place In well ordered. societies such testing triggers immediate social sanctions from parents mentors. and community, In today s media saturated society these sanctions operate in fewer and fewer. quarters A substantial factor in this shift has been the growth of digital media. and the Internet This digital revolution has led to great strides in productivity. communication and other desirable ends but pornographers also have harnessed. its power for their profit The cost has been a further weakening of the nation s. citizens and families a development that should be of grave concern to all The. social sciences demonstrate the appropriateness of this concern. Two recent reports one by the American Psychological Association on hyper. sexualized girls and the other by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen. Pregnancy on the pornographic content of phone texting among teenagers make. clear that the digital revolution is being used by younger and younger children to. dismantle the barriers that channel sexuality into family life 2. Pornography hurts adults children couples families and society Among. adolescents pornography hinders the development of a healthy sexuality and. among adults it distorts sexual attitudes and social realities In families. pornography use leads to marital dissatisfaction infidelity separation and. divorce Society at large is not immune to the effect of pornography Child sex. offenders for example are often involved not only in the viewing but also in the. distribution of pornography, Pornography is powerful enough even to overwhelm individuals couples and. families despite earlier affectionate relationships whether between the mother. and father or between the parents and the child But loving family relationships. can help mute many of the factors that encourage the use of pornography long. before its addictive power takes root in a user s life. The effect of regular viewing of pornography on marriage and family is dealt with. first for there its greatest damage to the innocent can be seen Then the source. of this damage is reviewed the effects on the individual user his psyche and his. behavior Adolescent usage patterns and effects are then delineated for during. this period the habit of viewing pornography is often developed in stages Finally. the effects of sexually oriented businesses on their local environs are reviewed. II Family Consequences of Viewing,Pornography, Pornography has significant effects during all stages of family life For a child.
exposed to pornography within a family setting pornography causes stress and. increases the risk for developing negative attitudes about the nature and purpose. of human sexuality For adolescents who view pornography their attitudes. toward their own and others sexuality change and their sexual expectations and. behavior are shaped accordingly For adults pornography has harmful and even. destructive effects on marriage, Report of the APA Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls American Psychological. Association Washington D C 2008 at http www apa org pi wpo sexualizationrep pdf and. National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy SEX And TECH Results from. a survey of teens and young adults Washington D C 2008 at. http www thenationalcampaign org SEXTECH PDF SexTech Summary pdf. A Impact on Children, The impact of a parent s use of pornography on young children is varied and. disturbing Pornography eliminates the warmth of affectionate family life which. is the natural social nutrient for a growing child Other losses and traumas. related to the use of pornography when a child is young include. encountering pornographic material a parent has acquired. encountering a parent masturbating,overhearing a parent engaged in phone sex. witnessing and experiencing stress in the home caused by online sexual. activities, increased risk of the children becoming consumers of pornography. themselves, witnessing and being involved in parental conflict.
exposure to the commodification of human beings especially women as. sex objects, increased risk of parental job loss and financial strain. increased risk of parental separation and divorce, decreased parental time and attention both from the pornography. addicted parent and from the parent preoccupied with the addicted. Also parents may disclose their struggle with the addiction to pornography to. their children intentionally or unintentionally thereby distorting their children s. sexual development 4,B Impact on Adolescents, Pornography viewing among teenagers disorients them during that developmental. phase when they have to learn how to handle their sexuality and when they are. most vulnerable to uncertainty about their sexual beliefs and moral values 5 A. study of 2 343 adolescents found that sexually explicit Internet material. significantly increased their uncertainties about sexuality 6 The study also showed. that increased exposure to sexually explicit Internet material increased favorable. attitudes toward sexual exploration with others outside of marriage and. decreased marital commitment to the other spouse 7 Another study by Todd G. Morrison professor of psychology at the University of Saskatchewan and. Jennifer P Schneider Effects of Cybersex Addiction on the Family Results of a Survey. Sexual Addiction Compulsivity 7 2000 31 58, M Deborah Corley and Jennifer P Schneider Sex Addiction Disclosure to Children The. Parents Perspective Sexual Addiction Compulsivity 10 2003 291 324. Jochen Peter and Patti M Valkenburg Adolescents Exposure to Sexually Explicit Internet. Material Sexual Uncertainty and Attitudes Toward Uncommitted Sexual Exploration Is There a. Link Communication Research 35 2008 579 601 581, Peter and Valkenburg Adolescents Exposure to Sexually Explicit Internet Material 596.
Peter and Valkenburg Adolescents Exposure to Sexually Explicit Internet Material 595. colleagues found that adolescents exposed to high levels of pornography had. lower levels of sexual self esteem 8, A significant relationship also exists between frequent pornography use and. feelings of loneliness including major depression 9. Finally viewing pornography can engender feelings of shame In a study of high. school students the majority of those who had viewed pornography felt some. degree of shame for viewing it However 36 percent of males and 26 percent of. females said they were never ashamed of viewing pornography 10 giving some idea. of the level of desensitization already reached in society. High adolescent consumption of pornography also affects behavior Male. pornography use is linked to significantly increased sexual intercourse with non. romantic friends 11 and is likely a correlate of the so called hook up culture. Exposure to pornographic sexual content can be a significant factor in teenage. pregnancy A three year longitudinal study of teenagers found that frequent. exposure to televised sexual content was related to a substantially greater. likelihood of teenage pregnancy within the succeeding three years This same. study also found that the likelihood of teenage pregnancy was two times greater. when the quantity of that sexual content exposure within the viewing episodes. was high rather than low 12, Todd G Morrison Shannon R Ellis Melanie A Morrison Anomi Bearden and Rebecca L. Harriman Exposure to Sexually Explicit Material and Variations in Body Esteem Genital. Attitudes and Sexual Esteem Among a Sample of Canadian Men The Journal of Men s Studies. 14 2006 209 22 216 7, Michele L Ybarra and Kimberly J Mitchell Exposure to Internet Pornography among. Children and Adolescents A National Survey CyberPsychology Behavior 8 2005 473 86. Vincent Cyrus Yoder Thomas B Virden III and Kiran Amin Internet pornography and. Loneliness An Association Sexual Addiction Compulsivity 12 2005 19 44 30 This was a. study of 400 individual Internet pornography users. Thomas Johansson and Nils Hammar n Hegemonic Masculinity and Pornography Young. People s Attitudes Toward and Relations to Pornography The Journal of Men s Studies 15. 2007 57 70 64, E H ggstr m Nordin U Hanson and T Tyd n Associations between Pornography. Consumption and Sexual Practices among Adolescents in Sweden International Journal of STD. AIDS 16 2005 102 7 104 5, Anita Chandra Steven C Martino Rebecca L Collins Marc N Elliott Sandra H Berry.
David E Kanouse and Angela Miu Does Watching Sex on Television Predict Teen Pregnancy. Findings from a Longitudinal Survey of Youth Pediatrics 122 2008 1047 1054 1052. C Impact on Marriage, Marital Dissatisfaction Pornography use undermines marital relations and. distresses wives 13 Husbands report loving their spouses less after long periods of. looking at and desiring women depicted in pornography 14. In many cases the wives of pornography users also develop deep psychological. wounds commonly reporting feelings of betrayal loss mistrust devastation and. anger in responses to the discovery or disclosure of a partner s pornographic. online sexual activity 15, Wives can begin to feel unattractive or sexually inadequate and may become. severely depressed when they realize their husbands view pornography 16 The. distress level in wives may be so high as to require clinical treatment for trauma. not mere discomfort 17, Viewers of pornography assign increased importance to sexual relations without. emotional involvement 18 and consequently wives experience decreased intimacy. from their husbands 19, The emotional distance fostered by pornography and cybersex interactive. computer contact with another regarding pornographic sexual issues can often. be just as damaging to the relationship as real life infidelity 20 and both men and. women tend to put online sexual activity in the same category as having an. affair 21 The estrangement between spouses wrought by pornography can have. tangible consequences as well when the viewing of pornography rises to the level. Ana J Bridges Raymond M Bergner and Matthew Hesson McInnis Romantic Partners Use. of Pornography Its Significance for Women Journal of Sex Marital Therapy 29 2003 1 14. Dolf Zillmann and Jennings Bryant Pornography s Impact on Sexual Satisfaction Journal of. Applied Social Psychology 18 1988 438 53 439 440 quoting S E Gutierres D T Kenrick and. L Goldberg 1983 August Adverse effect of popular erotica on judgments of one s mate Paper. presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association Anaheim CA. Schneider Effects of Cybersex Addiction on the Family 31 58. Schneider Effects of Cybersex Addiction on the Family 38. Barbara A Steffens and Robyn L Rennie The Traumatic Nature of Disclosure for Wives of. Sexual Addicts Sexual Addiction Compulsivity 13 2006 247 67. Zillmann and Bryant Pornography s Impact on Sexual Satisfaction 448. Raymond M Bergner and Ana J Bridges The Significance of Heavy Pornography. Involvement for Romantic Partners Research and Clinical Implications Journal of Sex. Marital Therapy 28 2002 193 206 197, J P Schneider Effects of Cybersex Problems on the Spouse and Family Sex and the Internet.
A Guidebook for Clinicians ed A Cooper New York Brunner Routledge 2002 169 86 180. Monica Therese Whitty Pushing the Wrong Buttons Men s and Women s Attitudes toward. the underlying studies he could not have prepared this paper Their work suffuses the whole project These reviews include Jill C Manning The Impact of Internet Pornography on Marriage and the Family A Review of the Research Sexual Addiction amp Compulsivity 13 2006 131 65 Stephanie Sargent Weaver The Effects of Teens Exposure to Sexually Explicit Materials on the Internet

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