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2017 SURVEY REPORT,Executive Summary,About the Survey. In late 2016 Rimini Street conducted a survey to understand Risks. the state of support for the Oracle Database product line in. preparation for 2017 planning have Oracle Database instances that are. no longer fully supported but are still,paying full annual maintenance fees. The survey objectives were,Explore the challenges of supporting Oracle. Uncover key pain points for database and procurement. professionals,Understand what drives companies to change their. database support strategy,67 consider Oracle Database maintenance.
cost to be too high,Evaluate the value of third party support and new. database alternatives,Alternatives,WHO RESPONDED,There are about 300 database options. The survey was sent to Oracle Database licensees including now available to reduce the Total Cost of. CIOs IT Management and DBAs Survey respondents include Ownership TCO and improve agility. 168 current Oracle Database licensees from a wide range of source DB Engines com. industries and company sizes in North America Asia Pacific. and Europe,2017 SURVEY REPORT,How many Oracle Database instances. The Dark Side of do you have,Database Support 1 10. The Survey on Oracle Database confirmed a common, problem Most companies have multiple database instances.
that are difficult to keep track of Over 75 of respondents. have more than 10 database instances in their database. ecosystem Thirty three percent have over 100 database. instances and nearly 8 have more than 1 000,TAKEAWAY 19 7. A large number of instances can make it difficult to monitor. and maintain a database landscape 501 1000,of respondents have more. 5 7 than 10 database instances,2017 SURVEY REPORT,An Instance Not. Fully Supported A 74,Vulnerable Database of respondents have. database instances,that are no longer fully, In fact 74 of respondents have database instances that supported by Oracle.
are no longer fully supported by Oracle Another 15 don t. The 74 of respondents who continue to run Oracle Database. release 11 1 or earlier are in Oracle Sustaining Support1 That. don t know or are, means according to Oracle s Lifetime Support Policy they are confused about what. no longer receiving is supported in their,database environment. New updates fixes security alerts data fixes and,critical patch updates. New upgrade scripts, Certification with new third party products versions TAKEAWAY. Certification with new Oracle products Companies are paying full maintenance fees for. databases that aren t fully supported and these instances. come with high costs can drain valuable IT resources. and present a high risk for business disruption, Lifetime Support Policy Coverage for Oracle Technology Products October 2016.
2017 SURVEY REPORT, Database Budgets in How do you feel about the cost of. Oracle support and maintenance,Distress for database. According to the survey 67 of respondents state that Oracle. Database maintenance costs are too high In addition the. numbers suggest they are not getting value from their annual of respondents feel that Oracle s. maintenance dollars These wasted funds can be reallocated database maintenance costs to. be too high, for strategic initiatives that are critical to your business needs. With the continued high cost of Oracle Database support 52 6. budgets are squeezed and resources stretched thin Companies. are looking for better and more cost effective support. PAYING TOO COSTS ARE WAY OUT FEES ARE IT S A,MUCH OF CONTROL FAIR BARGAIN. 2017 SURVEY REPORT,No Value No ROI, Many IT departments feel compelled to take matters into.
their own hands to resolve support issues Fifty five percent. of respondents resolve the majority of cases on their own. avoiding contact with Oracle which incurs additional costs and. strains internal resources of respondents resolve the. majority of cases on their,own without Oracle, In addition 66 of respondents find it difficult to stay current. on the latest releases and nearly 1 in 4 upgrade simply to keep. DBAs technically proficient with no expected ROI, Despite paying significant annual support fees companies. are not receiving the value they deserve from their Oracle. Database maintenance investment Plus the constant pressure find it hard to stay current. to upgrade in order to remain fully supported not only disrupts on the latest releases. business but wastes funds and resources You can avoid forced. upgrades and get higher quality support for less,2017 SURVEY REPORT. Database Alternatives,Gain Ground, Respondents agree the relevance of their Oracle Database is. significant More than three quarters rank Oracle Database as a. primary or important database strategy for their company. However 46 are adding open source and non Oracle cloud. options to their database strategy for greater agility and lower. TCO As popular as cloud is today less than 6 are seriously. considering Oracle Database in the cloud perhaps showing. are adding open source and,non Oracle cloud options to.
concern over being further locked in to the vendor. their database strategy for,greater agility and lower TCO. Today there are about 300 database options now available. including open source and cloud alternatives like MongoDB. PostgreSQL and Amazon the database market has been. commoditized According to Gartner2 open source databases. have now reached parity with Oracle in terms of functionality. tools and available resources all with a lower TCO Companies. fed up with paying high Oracle Database costs are considering. these options to reduce costs and speed time to results. Gartner The State of Open Source RDBMSs 2015 April 21 2015. 2017 SURVEY REPORT,4 Recommendations for Avoiding Oracle Database. Maintenance Risks, Consider independent Realize cost savings of up to Research nimble and cost Invest in innovative new. support options which will 90 of your Oracle Database effective cloud and open projects like Big Data. allow you to expand the use maintenance budget when source databases like solutions enterprise. of your stable on premise all factors are considered MongoDB PostgreSQL and mobility or social media. Oracle Database without Amazon for new hybrid IT with budget normally. forced upgrades projects reserved for database,maintenance. ABOUT RIMINI STREET, Rimini Street is a global provider of enterprise software products and services and the leading independent support provider for Oracle and SAP products The company has.
redefined enterprise support services since 2005 with an innovative award winning program that enables licensees of IBM Microsoft Oracle SAP and other enterprise software. vendors to save up to 90 percent on total support costs Clients can remain on their current software release without any required upgrades for a minimum of 15 years Over 1 300. global Fortune 500 midmarket public sector and other organizations from a broad range of industries rely on Rimini Street as their trusted independent support provider. To learn more about reducing Oracle Database maintenance costs and redirecting IT resources to more strategic initiatives contact Rimini Street at www riministreet com. contact us or email at info riministreet com, 2017 Rimini Street Inc All rights reserved Rimini Street is a registered trademark of Rimini Street Inc in the United States and other. countries and Rimini Street the Rimini Street logo and combinations thereof and other marks marked by TM are trademarks of Rimini Street. Inc All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders LT US 080417. HIDDEN TRUTHS ABOUT ORACLE DATABASE SUPPORT SURVEY REPORT 2017 SURVEY REPORT 2 About the Survey In late 2016 Rimini Street conducted a survey to understand the state of support for the Oracle Database product line in preparation for 2017 planning The survey objectives were Explore the challenges of supporting Oracle databases Uncover key pain points for database and procurement

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