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It s clear that climate change,is a threat that can only be. tackled through the combined,efforts of the international. The solution must be based,on diverse clean renewable. and environmentally sound,sources of energy,Geothermal power. could benefit an,additional 750,million people,around the world.
At least 70 countries have utilizable geothermal,energy potential With today s technology. more than 140 000 MW of electric power,can additionally be harnessed in the world s. high temperature geothermal fields These,areas are for example in the African Rift Valley. and the Pacific Ring of Fire including the,archipelagos of East Asia Central and South. America and the Wester United States Vast,low temperature areas as can be found.
in China and Europe can provide heat for,district heating and other direct use Deep. drilling projects currently underway and the,enhanced geothermal systems are likely to. dramatically increase the power production,The switch from. coal to geothermal,energy reduces CO2,emission by 96. The total CO2 reductions from the world s,largest geothermal heating system in Reykjavik.
Iceland are between 2 5 and 4 million tons,annually The calculation is based on other. possible alternatives in the case of Reykjavik,this would have been the use of fossil fuels. such as gas oil or coal Fossil fuels have to be,imported to Iceland therefore the CO2 saving is. much higher,Hellisheidi power plant,Reykjavik area Iceland. Only 1 3 of the,world s potential,hydropower resources.
have been developed,Hydropower projects that are developed and. operated in an economically viable environ,mentally sound and socially responsible. manner represent sustainable development,Hydropower already produces one sixth of. the world s electrical power and is one of the,world s most important sources of renewable. energy Much of the remaining potential is,in countries where the need for energy is the.
greatest For example only 7 of the hydro,power potential in Africa has been harnessed. The world s daily,consumption of,oil is 82 5 million. barrels Hydropower,already saves,burning the,equivalent of 4 4. million barrels of,oil every day,Burfell hydropower plant. in southern Iceland,Meet Iceland,The nation which,has already made.
the transformation,to renewable energy, Iceland s story is a showcase of the success which can be achieved in clean energy development. The country has succeeded in doing what many consider impossible transforming its energy. systems from fossil fuels to renewable energy The use of geothermal energy in Iceland is highly. cost effective reliable clean and socially important It has also dramatically increased the. quality of life for the inhabitants,An outdoor geothermal. swimming pool in,central Reykjavik,House heating in Iceland. 90 by source 1970 2008,1970 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005. Geothermal Electricity Fossil Fuels,Heating houses.
without a carbon,A large part of global CO2 emissions comes. from burning fuels for heating houses,Iceland enjoys one of the most advanced. geothermal district heating systems in the,world The fact that CO2 emissions from the. total house heating in the cool Icelandic,climate are almost zero demonstrates exciting. opportunities for the world,Icelandic families enjoy life in.
geothermally heated houses,at a low cost,Geothermal water has been. used for hygienic purposes,for centuries The picture. shows women washing,clothes in Reykjavik in the,early 20th century. More than 80 of Iceland s,primary energy consumption. comes from renewable resources, Over 80 of Iceland s energy demands are met with local sustainable energy resources.
This record breaking achievement consists of geothermal energy and hydroelectric sources. Iceland s first geothermal district heating system was started 100 years ago Around the same. time the country s first hydropower plant was built The systems were built gradually over. the decades When global interest in clean energy resources peaked after the oil crisis in the. 1970s Iceland was continuing its development When other countries fell back to using fossil. fuels after the crisis Iceland fortunately kept its pace of developing indigenous geothermal. and hydroelectric energy resources,100 Primary Energy. Consumption,North South Europe Middle Africa Asia Iceland. America America Eurasia East Paffic,Hydropower Nuclear Power Coal Natural Gas Oil. renewables,Use of Primary Energy,Over the decades Iceland. has gradually built its,geothermal district,heating system.
Iceland generates,almost 100 of,its electricity,with clean energy. In many countries the most difficult energy,challenge is to change electricity systems. from fossil fuels to clean energy Iceland,has achieved this The benefits are clear. low production cost 24 hour base load,power and reliable peak hours availability. Iceland now benefits from having generated,electricity commercially by hydroplants and.
geothermal steam for decades,Ljosafoss hydropower plant. When global interest in clean energy resources peaked after the oil crisis in the 1970s Iceland was continuing its development When other countries fell back to using fossil fuels after the crisis Iceland fortunately kept its pace of developing indigenous geothermal and hydroelectric energy resources More than 80 of Iceland s primary energy consumption comes from renewable resources

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