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About the World Faiths Development Dialogue, The World Faiths Development Dialogue WFDD is a not for profit organization working. at the intersection of religion and global development Housed within the Berkley Center for. Religion Peace and World Affairs at Georgetown University in Washington D C WFDD. documents the work of faith inspired organizations and explores the importance of religious. ideas and actors in development contexts WFDD supports dialogue between religious and. development communities and promotes innovative partnerships at national and international. levels with the goal of contributing to positive and inclusive development outcomes. Acknowledgments, Crystal Corman program manager at WFDD led the research and activities for this project. and is the primary author of this report Desk review began in September 2014 with travel to. Kenya to meet with key informants in November 2014 and April 2015 Additional interviews. and meetings were held before and after a workshop held August 4 2015 in Nairobi with. secular and faith actors to explore the roles of religion in peace and stability in Kenya An. event summary is available online at https berkleycenter georgetown edu events peace and. stability in kenya the role of religious actors Various student research assistants supported the. research needs of this study including Alex Levy Sarah Radomsky and Zachary Karabatak. Katherine Marshall executive director of WFDD provided project oversight and direction. WFDD extends our appreciation to Mike Eldon Daniel Ritchie Steve Kirimi and Nicole. Bibbins Sedaca for reviewing drafts of this report and providing feedback and valuable critique. This research was deeply enriched and shaped by conversations with more than 40 peace and. development practitioners secular and faith based in Kenya Their voices perspectives and. experiences shaped this research and report as well as its recommendations Several though not. all interviews with these practitioners can be accessed online at https berkleycenter george. town edu themes kenya Funding for this project was provided by the GHR Foundation. Design by Sensical Design Communication, Cover photo A minute of silence during an inter faith service following the attack at Garissa University in April. 2015 Centre for Christian Muslim Relations St Paul s University. This publication uses photographs from the Centre for Christian Muslim Relations St Paul s University Crystal. Corman WFDD Mahamud Hassan AMISOM Photo Stephine Ogutu Global Communities Kenya Women. of Faith Network Inter Religious Council of Kenya Fred Bobo Eastleigh Fellowship Centre Vincent Kiplagat. Daima Initiatives for Peace and Development Charles Apondu Finn Church Aid REGAL IR and the Alliance of. Religions and Conservation,Table of Contents,List of Acronyms 4. Executive Summary 5,Key findings 5, Recommendations for those working on development and peace agendas 7.
Recommendations for religious actors engaged in development and peace work 7. Introduction 8,Overview of Conflict in Kenya 9,Religious Landscape of Kenya 11. Religion ethnicity and geography 12,Religious institutions and international ties 13. Drivers of Conflict and the Intersection of Religion 15. Ethnicity politics and violence 15,Religious leaders engaged in politics 17. Inequality and marginalization 21,Challenges for youth 22. Religious intersections of marginalization and ethnicity 23. Violent extremism and separatist groups 24,Religious rhetoric of violent extremists 26.
Urban crime and violence 27, Building Peace and Social Cohesion in Multi Religious Kenya 32. Faith leaders mobilize for constitutional reform 32. Inter religious organizations active in Kenya 34,Fostering inter religious relations 37. Christian Muslim relations 37,WORLD FAITHS DEVELOPMENT DIALOGUE 1. Looking Ahead Peace and Justice in Multi Religious Kenya 41. From the angle of development and peace 41,From the angle of religious actors 42. Appendix I FIOs Working in Underdeveloped and Muslim Majority Regions 44. Appendix II Religion at the Development and Peace Nexus in Kenya 46. From humanitarian relief to post conflict reconstruction 46. Building the infrastructure for peace from the grassroots 47. Conflict sensitive development and connector projects 48. Peace education and peace clubs 49,Engaging and empowering youth 50.
Women peace and security 52,2 RELIGION IN VIOLENCE AND PEACE. Map of Kenya Counties,West Pokot,Trans Nzoia Isiolo. Uasin Baringo,Nandi Meru,Siaya Vihiga,Kericho Nyandarua Tharaka Nithi. Nakuru Nyeri,Homa Bay Kirinyaga Garissa,Nyamira Embu. Kisii Bomet Murang a,Narok Nairobi Machakos,Tana River.
Makueni Lamu,Taita Taveta,d maps com,WORLD FAITHS DEVELOPMENT DIALOGUE 3. List of Acronyms, AACC All Africa Conference of Churches LTLT Learning to Live Together Programme. ACLED Armed Conflict Location Event Data MRA Moral Re Armament. AKDN Aga Khan Development Network MRC Mombasa Republican Council. AIC African Independent and Instituted Churches NARC National Alliance Rainbow Coalition. ATPU Anti Terrorist Policy United NAMLEF National Muslim Leaders. BRAVE Building Resilience Against Violent Extremism NCC National Constitutional Conferences. CC Cooperation Circles NCCK National Council of Churches in Kenya. CCMRE Centre for Muslim Christian Relations in Eastleigh NGO Non governmental Organization. CICC Coast Inter Faith Council of Clerics NSC National Steering Committee on Peacebuilding and. CIPEV Commission of Inquiry on Post Election Violence Conflict Management. CIPK Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya OAIC Kenya Organization of African Instituted. CKRC Constitution of Kenya Review Commission Churches Kenya. CRS Catholic Relief Services ODM Orange Democratic Movement. CYU Chemchemi Ya Ukweli PCEA Presbyterian Church of East Africa. EAK Evangelical Alliance of Kenya PNU Party of National Unity. ECEP Ecumenical Civic Education Programme PROCMURA Programme for Christian Muslim Relations. FECCLAHA Fellowship of Christian Council and Churches in Africa. in the Great Lakes and Horn of Africa PTC Pre Trial Chamber. FIO Faith Inspired Organization RfP Religions for Peace. HCK Hindu Council of Kenya SDA Seventh Day Adventists. HIPSIR Hekima Institute of Peace Studies and International SHIA Shia Inthna Asheri Muslim Association. Relations SID Society for International Development. ICC International Criminal Court SUPKEM Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims. IEBC Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission TJRC Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission. IofC Initiatives of Change UMA United Muslims of Africa. IPK Islamic Party of Kenya UNDP United Nations Development Programme. IRCK Inter Religious Council of Kenya UNSC United Nations Security Council. ISS Institute for Security Studies URI the United Religious Initiative. KANU Kenya African National Union WCRP Kenya World Conference on Religions for Peace. KCCB Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops Kenya, KDF Kenyan Defense Force WFDD World Faiths Development Dialogue. KNBS Kenya National Bureau of Statistics YEDF Youth Enterprise Development Fund. LRPG Least Reached People Groups,4 RELIGION IN VIOLENCE AND PEACE. Executive Summary, enya has won recognition for relative stability set of these practitioners as well as their partners and colleagues.
against the conflicts in neighboring countries This This report aims to support the work of secular and faith. stability has been threatened in the past decades by actors interested in peacebuilding as well as inter religious. recurring intercommunal violence especially around elec relations in Kenya and beyond Coming shortly before the. tions terrorist attacks high rates of sexual and gender based 2017 general elections its timing is propitious It is also a. violence mistrust of police significant and visible inequalities resource for those engaged explicitly in countering violence. and reactions to high levels of corruption and a culture of im extremism in the region The report provides an overview. punity Regional spillover of conflict affects Kenya which now of the various types of violence in Kenya and reviews the. hosts over 600 000 refugees Somalia based Al Shabaab has religious landscape pointing to the complex overlapping of. expanded into Kenya with attacks increasing in frequency and ethnicity and religious affiliation The multiple types and. scale The intensity and gravity of violent incidents in Kenya drivers of conflict are explored highlighting religious roles. challenge stability and reveal deep social and economic fault and actors The study focuses on inter religious relations in. lines Grievances and tensions are thus deep and complex with multi religious Kenya thus peacebuilding examples where. long historical roots inter religious cooperation emerged are highlighted notably. In response a large number of initiatives reflecting aware the Ufungamano Initiative Various inter religious organiza. ness of tensions and efforts to build peace have emerged and tions operating in Kenya are introduced including analysis. many engage development practitioners and agendas Conflict of a growing awareness of the potential for collaboration for. and violence affect social and economic development eroding mutual benefit Christian Muslim relations as well as historic. positive gains interrupting progress and causing harm and and contemporary tensions are also explored Two appendices. suffering Development actors have begun to adapt strate feature examples of faith actors using various approaches and. gies in fragile and conflict affected situations in an effort to focal areas merging development and peace in Kenya. mitigate these risks or manage conflict dynamics In Kenya. many religious institutions faith leaders and faith inspired Key findings. organizations FIOs engaged in development activities are It is impossible to understand the complexity of the drivers. among those who have responded creatively at times urgently of conflict and multiple efforts to address them without. to increasing violence taking into account Kenya s many religious actors and be. The World Faiths Development Dialogue WFDD with liefs Grievances and perceptions of marginalization often. financial support from the GHR Foundation selected Kenya fall along religious identity lines For example the Coast. for a case study to identify and better understand the roles re and North Eastern regions with majority Muslim popu. ligion plays in building peace and stability at the country level lations have not received equal development investments. with particular attention to inter religious relations and col historically the result is significant inequalities in levels. laboration Kenya offers a unique case given its dynamic peace of development across many sectors Al Shabaab has used. and development sectors complex religious landscape and the this to their advantage when seeking recruits Some Kenyan. longstanding engagement of religious actors in peace work Muslims have responded with prominent leaders working to. WFDD analyzed existing literature interviewed 40 peace counter extremist narratives engage with vulnerable youth. practitioners secular and faith inspired working in Kenya and deal with broader tensions between Christians and Mus. and hosted a workshop in Nairobi in August 2015 with many lims Religious adherence often aligns with ethnic identity in. WORLD FAITHS DEVELOPMENT DIALOGUE 5, Vincent Kiplagat Daima Initiatives for Peace and Development DiPaD. A trauma awareness and resilience building workshop for religious leaders begins in Mpeketoni town Lamu County April 2014. Kenya due to historic missionary focus in different regions roles that development work plays in fostering stability and. In this complex social milieu religious institutions and lead sustainable peace or in some instances exacerbating conflict. ers were on the front lines when ethnic clashes erupted in Within this dynamic space however there is little purpose. the 1990s providing safe haven and relief to those displaced ful or systematic coordination and at times competition for. National and international faith inspired institutions FIOs resources Efforts tend to be coordinated only within highly. responded and many shifted their focus beyond development structured religious traditions under national or regional um. and emergency approaches endeavoring to understand and brella organizations or within a given geographic area around. address underlying grievances Religious approaches and a specific agenda. beliefs was also a prime motivation for individuals and or With so many actors engaged in differing ways judging. ganizations to mobilize for community dialogue with for impact and effectiveness is exceptionally difficult Evaluation. example active non violence training strategies are only now emerging within the peace field so. Faith inspired actors are prominent in Kenya s crowded there is little robust information as to the extent to which the. and growing peace sector They are engaged at the national large number of peace clubs and community dialogue pro. level in advocacy and participate actively in high level meet grams achieve their objectives to foster resilience and social. ings with government officials Perhaps more significant is cohesion that can withstand future tension Priorities also. their involvement at the grassroots level in myriad localized shift based o. Religion in Violence and Peace Exploring inter religious peacebuidling efforts in Kenya August 2016 WORLD FAITHS DEVELOPMENT DIALOGUE Acknowledgments Crystal Corman program manager at WFDD led the research and activities for this project and is the primary author of this report Desk review began in September 2014 with travel to Kenya to meet with key informants in November 2014 and April

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