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02 09 Project,02 10 Multiple Choice,02 11 Module Two Oral Component. Module 3 MILESTONE II,03 01A Table Manners The Thesis Statement. 03 01B Table Manners Notes and Thesis Statement,03 02 Table Manners Creating an Outline. 03 02A Table Manners Creating an Outline,03 02B Outline. 03 03 Table Manners Documentation,03 04 Journey of Enlightenment Ulysses.
03 05 A Spiritual Journey The Knight,03 06 Journey of Choice The Road Not Taken. 03 07 Journey of Art and Intellect Sailing to Byzantium. 03 08 Journey Interrupted A Dream Deferred,03 09 Journey of Patriotic Love The Soldier. 03 10 Journey of Emptiness The Hollow Men, 03 10A Journey of Emptiness The Hollow Men Annotation. 03 10B The Hollow Men, 03 11 Unsuspected Destination A Good Man Is Hard to Find. 03 12 Journey of Survival The Most Dangerous Game,03 13 Journey into Darkness Heart of Darkness.
03 13A Heart of Darkness Major Works Data Sheet,03 13B Heart of Darkness Theme and Motif. 03 13C Heart of Darkness Painting and Racism,03 13D Heart of Darkness AP Practice Essay. 03 14 Journey Project,03 15 Multiple Choice,03 16 Open ended Essay Practice. 03 17 Module Three Oral Component,Module 4 MILESTONE II. 04 01 Rough Draft and Peer Editing Guide,04 02 Love for the Moment To His Coy Mistress.
04 02A To His Coy Mistress,04 02B To His Coy Mistress. 04 03 A Valediction Forbidding Mourning,04 04 The Reality of Love Shakespeare s Sonnets. 04 04A Shakespeare s Sonnets,04 04B Shakespeare s Sonnets. 04 05 How Do I Love Thee Analysis Chart,04 06 A Haunted House. 04 07 The Gift of the Magi Analysis Chart,04 08 Research Paper Final Draft.
04 09 The Romance of Love Wuthering Heights,04 09A Major Works Data Sheet. 04 09B Wuthering Heights Character Chart,04 09C Romanticism Essay. 04 10 Romance Is Still Alive Wuthering Heights,04 10A Essay Wuthering Heights and Remembrance. 04 10B Wuthering Heights and Fortress Around Your Heart Questions. 04 10C Contemporary Romanticism Chart,04 11 Multiple Choice. 04 12 Potluck Preview,04 13 Oral Component,04 14 Exam Review.
04 14 Segment One Exam,Module 5 MILESTONE III,05 01 A Family s Good Fortune good times. 05 01A good times,05 01B good times,05 02 Queens 1963. 05 03 Daddy, 05 04 A Son s Plea Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night. 05 05 Potluck Preparation,05 06 A Reconstructed Heritage Everyday Use. 05 06A Everyday Use,05 06B Everyday Use,05 07 The Lottery.
05 08 Multiple Choice,05 09 A Family s Journey The Grapes of Wrath. 05 09A The Grapes of Wrath,05 09B The Grapes of Wrath. 05 10 A Family s Journey The Grapes of Wrath,05 10A Song Comparison The Grapes of Wrath. 05 10B Project The Grapes of Wrath,05 10C Essay The Grapes of Wrath. Module 6 MILESTONE III,06 01 A King s Enigma Oedipus Rex.
06 01A Oedipus Rex,06 01B Oedipus Rex,06 01C Oedipus Rex. 06 02 The Book of Sand,06 02A The Book of Sand,06 02B The Book of Sand. 06 03 The Equivocal Nature of an Enemy A Poison Tree. 06 04 Potluck Preparation,06 04A Potluck Preparation. 06 04B Potluck Preparation,06 04C Potluck Preparation. 06 05 Paul s Case,06 06 A Jury of Her Peers,06 07 Hamlet Discussion.
06 08 A Prince s Enigma Hamlet,06 08A Hamlet,06 08B Hamlet. 06 09 A Prince s Enigma Hamlet,06 09A Hamlet Part II. 06 09B Hamlet Part III,06 09C Hamlet Part IV,06 09D Hamlet Part V. 06 10 A Prince s Enigma Hamlet,06 10A Hamlet Oral Preparation. 06 10B Hamlet,06 10C Hamlet Major Works Data Sheet.
06 11 The Equivocal Nature of a Lover The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock. 06 12 Multiple Choice Practice,06 13 Open ended Essay Practice. 06 14 Project,06 15 Module Six Oral Component,Module 7 MILESTONE IV. 07 01 Aunt Jennifer s Tigers,07 02 Barbie s Perspective Barbie Doll. 07 02A Barbie Doll,07 02B Barbie Doll,07 03 Woman Work. 07 04 Quinceanera,07 05 To Autumn,07 06 Potluck Preparation.
07 07 The Yellow Wallpaper,07 08 An Introspective View The Awakening. 07 08A The Awakening Major Works Data Sheet,07 08B The Awakening. 07 08C The Awakening,07 09 Multiple Choice,07 10 Open ended Essay Practice. 07 11 Project,Module 8 MILESTONE IV, 08 01 A Satire of Manners The Importance of Being Earnest. 08 01A The Importance of Being Earnest,08 01B The Importance of Being Earnest.
08 01C The Importance of Being Earnest,08 01D The Importance of Being Earnest. 08 02 Open ended Essay Practice,08 03 The Irony of Education The History Teacher. 08 04 The Irony of Wealth Richard Cory,08 05 The Irony of Tyranny Ozymandias. 08 06 Potluck Preparation Appetizers,08 06A Appetizers. 08 06B Appetizers, 08 07 The Irony of Revenge The Cask of Amontillado.
08 07A The Cask of Amontillado,08 07B The Cask of Amontillado. 08 08 An Economic Satire A Modest Proposal,08 08A Satire Examples. 08 08B A Modest Proposal Quiz,08 09 Module Eight Oral Component. 08 10 Multiple Choice,Module 9 MILESTONE V,09 01 Salad Is Served. 09 02 What s for Dinner,09 03 Dinner Is Served,09 03A Dinner Is Served.
09 03B Major Works Data Sheet,09 04 What s for Dessert. 09 05 Dinner Conversation,09 05A Dinner Conversation. 09 05B Dinner Conversation,Module 10 MILESTONE V,10 01 Tying Up Loose Ends. 10 02 Semester 2 Exam Study Guide,10 03 AP Exam Final Reminders. 10 04 Segment Two Exam,Module 11 AP REVIEW MILESTONE V.
Red Comet AP English Literature amp Composition For a year participate in an AP upscale dining experience in the AP Literature and Composition course Students act as food critics of exquisite literary cuisine Menu items include reading analyzing writing rewriting and discussing creations by the master chefs renowned authors With intensive concentration on composition skills and on

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