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Technical specifications,Model and system,Model Lenovo K910L System Android 4 3. Size and weight,Height 149 mm Width 77 mm Depth 7 9 mm. Weight 147 g,CPU and capacity,CPU Qualcom 8974 Quad core 2 2 GHz. Capacity 16 GB,Pixels 13 0 MP back 5 0 MP front,Power and battery. Battery 3000 mAh Built in battery,Size 5 5 inches Screen Multi touch display.
Resolution 1080 1920 LCD type IPS,Wireless communication. Bluetooth 4 0 WLAN WCDMA GSM,Based on actual measurements. First glance,1 Receiver 2 Power on off 3 Front camera. 4 SIM card slot 5 Microphone 6 Micro USB,7 Back camera 8 Flashlight 9 Earphone jack. 10 Volume key 11 Speaker,Installing the Micro SIM card.
A Micro SIM card provided by your carrier is required in order to use. cellular services Install the Micro SIM card as shown. Step 1 Insert the Micro SIM eject tool into the hole on the Micro SIM. Step 2 Pull out the Micro SIM card tray and place the Micro SIM. card in the tray,Step 3 Carefully replace the tray. Only Micro SIM cards work with your phone, DO NOT insert or remove the Micro SIM card while your phone is. turned on Doing so may permanently damage your Micro SIM card. Charging the battery,Charge the battery as shown, Method 1 Connect your phone to a power outlet using the included. cable and USB power adapter,Method 2 Charge the battery using a computer. Low battery Fully charged Charging, For more information about battery safety see the Important Product.
Information Guide,Learn more, For more information about Lenovo Mobile Phone functions. Regulatory Notices and other useful manuals go to,http support lenovo com. Legal notices, Lenovo and the Lenovo logo are trademarks of Lenovo in the. United States other countries or both, Other company product or service names may be trademarks. or service marks of others,First Edition December 2013.
Copyright Lenovo 2013,5SC9A6MXBS,Printed in China,. Lenovo K910L Quick Start Guide v1 0 Read this guide carefully before using your phone For more information about Lenovo Mobile Phone functions

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