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HUMANITIES DESCRIPTION Humanities courses provide instruction in the history key themes principles. terminology and theory or methodologies used within a humanities discipline or the humanities in. Students will learn to identify and to analyze the key elements that shape thought These courses. emphasize clear and effective analysis and approach issues and problems from multiple perspectives. o HUMANITIES SLOS, Identify describe and explain the history underlying theory and methodologies used in the course. Analyze key elements that shape thought within the subject area Approach issues and problems. within the discipline from multiple perspectives Critical Thinking. Communicate knowledge ideas and reasoning in written or oral forms appropriate to the subject. area Communication, WRITING DESCRIPTION The Writing Requirement WR ensures students both maintain their fluency in. writing and use writing as a tool to facilitate learning The writing course grade assigned by the. instructor has two components the writing component and a course grade To receive writing credit a. student must satisfactorily complete all the assigned written work and receive a minimum grade of C. 2 0 for the course It is possible to not meet the writing requirement and still earn a minimum grade of. C in a class so students should review their degree audit after receiving their grade to verify receipt of. credit for the writing component,o WRITING EVALUATION. This course carries 4000 words that count towards the UF Writing Requirement You must turn in all. written work counting towards the 4000 words in order to receive credit for those words. The instructor will evaluate and provide feedback on the student s written work with respect to. content organization and coherence argument and support when appropriate style clarity grammar. punctuation and other mechanics, More specific rubrics and guidelines for individual assignments may be provided during the course of. the semester, Student Learning Outcomes for Fairy Tales and Identity.
Reflecting the curricular structures of Quest 1 and these Gen Ed designations after taking Fairy Tales. and Identity students will be able to, 1 Identify the representation of identity class gender etc in literary texts and films. 2 Analyze how the choice of medium textual or film impacts meaning in works of art. 3 Evaluate how historical and social contexts inform works of art. 4 Identify the main idea and argumentative structure of scholarly essays. 5 Present clear and effective responses to essential questions in oral and written forms. appropriate to the relevant humanities disciplines incorporated into the course. 6 Transfer communication skills developed in this course to other classes at UF. 7 Connect critical thinking skills developed in the course to other texts films and works of art. especially when such works pertain to the representation of human identities. 2 Bloom Fairy Tales Syllabus,Required Texts, Books Required books for class and the recommended writing guide are available at the UF Bookstore. Other assigned readings will be available through e learning Students are required to bring the day s. assigned reading to class either on a page or on a screen. Required books for class, Perrault Charles The Complete Fairy Tales Trans C Betts Oxford Oxford University Press 2009. Carter Angela The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories New York Penguin 2015. Films This course requires you to view two films You may watch them on reserve at Library West. request them from the circulation desk You may also find these films on streaming sites. Required films for class, Jean Cocteau Beauty and the Beast La Belle et la b te. Jacques Demy Donkeyskin Peau d ane,Recommended Texts.
The Allyn Bacon Guide to Writing 7th Ed by JD Ramage JC Bean and J Johnson Pearson Longman. Week 1 Introduction, Introduction Who was Mother Goose Charles Perrault. Perrault Hop o My Thumb and Bettelheim The Struggle for Meaning. Tournier Tom Thumb Runs Away,Week 2 Peasants and Princes. Perrault The Ridiculous Wishes and Darnton Peasants Tell Tales. Perrault Little Red Riding Hood, Grimm Thurber Dahl and folk versions of Little Red Riding Hood. Week 3 Childhood to Adulthood,Bettelheim Little Red Riding Hood. Carter The Company of Wolves,Week 4 Humans and Animals.
Propp Morphology of the Folktale excerpt and Marin Power of Signs Signs of Power. Perrault Puss in Boots,La Fontaine Fables selections. Week 5 Fairy Tales and National Identity,Pr chac Prince Peerless. Murat The Savage,3 Bloom Fairy Tales Syllabus,Week 6 Fairy Tales and National Identity. Grimm The Four Feathers Rapunzel,D Aulnoy The White Cat. Week 7 Fairy Tales and Gender Masculine and feminine happy endings. Perrault Cinderella and Zipes Breaking the Disney Spell. D Aulnoy Finette Cendron,Jones Thoughts on Heroinism ARTICLE SUMMARY DUE.
Week 8 Fairy Tales and Gender MID TERM PAPER DUE Literary history and women authors. Harries Twice Upon a Time excerpts and Villiers Conversations on Fairy Tales excerpts. D Aulnoy The Island of Happiness with excerpts from Murat The Elf Prince and The Island of. Magnificence, Experiential learning opportunity at SMATHERS LIBRARY SPECIAL COLLECTIONS A presentation by. librarian Suzan Alteri of the Baldwin Collection of Historical Children s Literature will familiarize students. with the libraries holdings of first and rare editions of children s books and show them what kinds of. information may be gleaned from examining physical books instead of electronic editions Students will. be required to complete an assignment analyzing the illustrations of a volume of fairy tales A rubric for. this library response assignment is provided on page 5 of this syllabus. Week 9 Fairy Tales and Gender RESPONSE TO LIBRARY VISIT DUE Beauty ugliness and cross dressing. Perrault Ricky with the Tuft,Bernard Ricky with the Tuft. Lh ritier Marmoisan, Week 10 Fairy Tales and Gender Abusive spouses Marriage and Violence. Perrault Blue Beard and Tatar The Attractions of Blue Beard. Sade Faxelange,Carter The Bloody Chamber, Week 11 Fairy Tales and Gender The Origins of Beauty and the Beast. Apuleius Cupid and Psyche,D Aulnoy Gracieuse and Percinet.
Week 12 Fairy Tales and Gender Gender roles in Beauty and the Beast. D Aulnoy The Great Green Worm,Beaumont Beauty and the Beast. Week 13 Fairy Tales and Gender Gender roles in Beauty and the Beast. Warner From the Beast to the Blonde excerpts and Carter The Tiger s Bride. Cocteau Beauty and the Beast,4 Bloom Fairy Tales Syllabus. Week 14 Fairy Tales and Gender Domesticity and the abject feminine. Perrault Griselda,Perrault Donkeyskin,Duggan Women Subdued ARTICLE SUMMARY DUE. Week 15 Conclusion Surrealism meets queer aesthetics. Demy Donkeyskin Peau d ne FINAL PAPER DUE during exam week. Assigned Work NO LATE WORK IS ACCEPTED WITHOUT A DOCTOR S NOTE. Class participation 15 5 pts each for September October November. 2 critical responses to a fairy tale to be submitted on a powerpoint slide or slides one hour before. the class in which they are due Due dates TBA 2x100 200 words 2x5 10. 1 critical response to our Library Special Collections visit 200 words 5. 2 article summaries 2x500 words 1000 words 2x10 20. 2 papers each comparing 2 versions of the same story 2x1300 words 2600 words 2x25 50. Please note There is NO FINAL EXAM PAPER in this class Paper 1 due week 8 and Paper 2 due. week 16 are of equal weight, Note on participation By completing the assigned reading and reviewing any study questions provided. students should be prepared to contribute both to small group exercises and to the general class. discussion Each month each student must make at least 2 substantive comments to discussion A. substantive comment goes beyond a yes no answer to provide a full sentence or two of response often. supported by a reference to a passage in a text, Rubric for brief responses State in 1 2 sentences how your assigned fairy tale fits one of the themes of.
the course as indicated in bold type on the syllabus Childhood and Adulthood Human and Animal etc. 2 points Select a passage that corresponds to the theme identifying by underlining 2 3 key words in. the passage that correspond to the theme Explain in 1 2 sentences why you chose your key words 3. points You must write a total of 100 words NOT including the quoted passage Please e mail. me your slide s so that I may provide feedback via email. This assignment advances student learning objectives by encouraging students to identify the. representation of human identities class national gender etc in a work of art to draw on evidence by. locating the representation of identity in a passage in a text or scene in a film and to develop and. present clear and effective responses in oral and written forms. Rubric for library response Choose an illustration from a fairy tale collection identify it and describe it. for the reader Why do you think the editor asked the visual artist to create this image 2 points Does. it reflect something about the time in which it was made as opposed to the time when the story was. written 2 points Does it correspond to your vision of the text 1 point. This assignment advances student learning objectives by encouraging students to connect course. content with the resources of the UF Libraries to identify the representation of identities across. disciplines by comparing a text to an illustration to identify the impact of historical context on the. 5 Bloom Fairy Tales Syllabus, creation of the work of art if created in a period distinct from that of the text and to present clear and. effective responses in written form It also promotes self reflection by asking students to compare their. mental image of a work with an illustrator s rendering of a character or scene. Rubric for article summary Explain the main idea of the article and provide an overview of its structure. in a 3 sentence introduction 3 For each major section of the article s argument try to divide the. article in either 2 or 3 main sections write a 3 sentence summary 6 points In conclusion evaluate the. interest of this article by quoting the most striking sentence and then explain why it intrigued you 1. This assignment advances student learning objectives by encouraging students to identify describe and. explain the theories and methodologies used in this course specifically through a close reading of. scholarship in literary criticism and to present clear and effective responses in written form. Rubric for comparative essays mid term and final papers. Introduction The introduction should present the texts and provide a thesis statement that. goes beyond a superficial observation of likeness to state how the chosen works are similar and. different In addition to the thesis there should be a clear indication of the steps of the. argument to follow 5pts, Structure A topic sentence at the start of each body paragraph should express the paragraph s. main idea 5pts, Supporting evidence Direct quotation from the texts must be provided as supporting evidence. at least 6 direct quotations for films use specific references to a scene or other filmic. element 6pts, Analysis of Quoted passages Quoted passages must correspond logically to the main idea of. the paragraph Indicate which words in the quoted paragraph are most important and why 6. Conclusion The conclusion should contextualize the argument within a general understanding. of the structures and features of fairy tales 3pts. Quality of thought The paper must go beyond a superficial comparison of plot points In. addition to a clear argument the paper should show close analysis of the author s or director s. language 5pts, This assignment advances student learning objectives by encouraging students to create arguments.
draw on evidence and articulate ideas about the ways in which identities are represented in works of. art specifically evaluating how people are identified as belonging to various groups according to their. class nationality gender etc The comparison may examine how past societies understood the. construction of identity and how identities may be represented in different ways at different times. Students will use the principles terminology and methodology of literary and or film studies and will. incorporate theoretical concerns from psychoanalysis feminism and other approaches evoked in class. as they present clear and effective responses in written form. For each writing assignment points will be deducted for poor use of English grammar and style 1 point. for shorter pieces 2 points for longer pieces,6 Bloom Fairy Tales Syllabus. Each assignment will be returned to students with a grade and comments that address the students. writing skills Comments will be provided throughout in addition to a completed rubric Feedback on. Paper 2 will be provided electronically by the end of finals. Grading Scale, More information on UF grading policy is available at https catalog ufl edu UGRD academic. regulations grades grading policies gradingpoliciestext. Class Attendance, Class attendance is expected Students are allowed five discretionary absences see Attendance under. Graded Work above to cover excused and unexcused absences Additional absences that meet the. standard of excused per UF s policies may be allowed After 5 absences 1 point will be deducted for. Fairy Tales and Identity UF Quest 1 Identities IDS2935 section 16165 General Education Humanities Writing 4000 words Note A minimum grade of C is required for General Education credit FALL 2019 M W F Period 4 in Turlington 2336 Class resources announcements updates and assignments including daily reading assignments will be made available through e learning Instructor Dr Rori

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