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terrorist assemblages,next wave new directions in women s studies. A series edited by Inderpal Grewal Caren Kaplan and Robyn Wiegman. t e r r o r i st,a s s e m b l ag e s,homonationalism in queer times. jasbir k puar,duke university press durham and london 2007. 2007 Duke University Press,All rights reserved,Printed in the United States. of America on acid free paper,Designed by Katy Clove.
Typeset in Cycles by Keystone Typesetting Inc,Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication. Data appear on the last printed page of this book, An earlier version of chapter 1 appeared as Mapping U S Homonormativities. in Gender Place and Culture A Journal of Feminist Geography 13 no 1 2006 67 88. An earlier version of chapter 2 appeared as Abu Ghraib Arguing against. Exceptionalism in Feminist Studies 30 no 2 2004 522 34. for sandeep singh puar,may 8 1970 february 20 2003. preface tactics strategies logistics ix,introduction homonationalism and biopolitics 1. 1 the sexuality of terrorism 37,2 abu ghraib and u s sexual exceptionalism 79.
3 intimate control in nite detention,rereading the lawrence case 114. 4 the turban is not a hat,queer diaspora and practices of pro ling 166. conclusion queer times terrorist assemblages 203,acknowledgments 223. references 287, If we think of tactics as the art of assembling men and weapons in. order to win battles and of strategy as the art of assembling battles in. order to win wars then logistics could be de ned as the art of as. sembling war and the agricultural economic and industrial resources. that make it possible If a war machine could be said to have a body. then tactics would represent the muscles and strategy the brain while. logistics would be the machine s digestive and circulatory systems. the procurement and supply networks that distribute resources. throughout an army s body Manuel De Landa War in the Age of. Intelligent Machines, Do not build on the good old days but on the bad new ones Walter.
Benjamin Re ections, What do lives of privilege look like in the midst of war and the inevi. table violence that accompanies the building of empire M Jacqui. Alexander Pedagogies of Crossing,tactics strategies logistics. July 19 2006 was declared the International Day of Action against Hompho. bic Persecution in Iran by two lesbian gay bisexual transgender intersex. and queer lgbtiq organizations the self proclaimed militant British. based OutRage and the Paris based group idaho an acronym for Interna. tional Day against Homophobia Marking the one year anniversary of the. public hangings in the city of Mashad of two male Iranian youths Mahmoud. Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni the two groups initiated a call for global protests. that resulted in actions in dozens of cities across the United States Canada. and Europe Demonstrations in San Francisco New York London Amster. dam Moscow Dublin and Stockholm were joined by less predictable lo. cales such as Salt Lake City Sioux Falls Tulsa Warsaw Marseille Mexico. City and Bogot The call was also endorsed by numerous organizations. including the International Lesbian and Gay Association and the Dutch gay. organization Center for Culture and Leisure scores of lgbtiq activists. artists academics politicians and celebrities for example the writer. activist Larry Kramer the founder of the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies. and CUNY professor Martin Duberman and New York State Senator Tom. Duane the Persian Gay and Lesbian Organization a gay Iranian group with. European and Canadian secretariats the website Gay Egypt and the editors. of maha a clandestine gay zine in Iran who wrote that international. lgbt pressure on the Iranian authorities in solidarity with Iranian lgbt. people is most vital and welcome The French activist and founder of. idaho Louis George Tin hailed the executions as the genesis of an interna. tional gay solidarity movement regarding the International Day of Action as. something special that has happened since 19 July 2005. There was however plenty of discord among lgbtiq organizations re. garding the call for international protests The culmination of a year long. argument regarding the facts of the execution these disputes involved Peter. Tatchell s OutRage the director of the International Gay and Lesbian Hu. man Rights Commission iglhrc Paula Ettelbrick Scott Long director of. the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Rights Project of Human Rights. Watch hrw the Gay City News writer Doug Ireland Al Fatiha s founder. Faisal Alam and the usual suspects among gay commentators such as. Andrew Sullivan In the wake of the London bombings photos of the. hangings circulating on the Internet drew international outrage A posting. about and three photos of the execution were initially released on the. website of the Iranian Students News Agency A translation of this article. in an OutRage press release quali ed the hangings as honor killings of. gay youth and the story spread rapidly across lgbtiq listservs websites. and blogs The scholar and lgbtiq activist Richard Kim however in a. meticulously detailed chronology of the events writes in The Nation that it. quickly became unclear whether the two had had consensual sex with each. other or others and were the victims of antigay persecution or if the. teenagers were convicted of gang raping a 13 year old boy On July 22. 2005 the Human Rights Campaign the largest lesbian and gay organization. in the United States issued a statement demanding that Secretary of State. Condoleezza Rice condemn the killings Sweden and the Netherlands tem. porarily suspended deportations of gay Iranians and OutRage called for. the EU to institute trade sanctions against Iran at a time Kim notes when. the EU was engaged in delicate negotiations with Iran over its nuclear. capacity By July 23 according to Kim both iglhrc and hrw were con. cerned that gay rights were being co opted at the expense of a broader. social justice issue execution of minors, Whether the complex case at hand is one of juvenile execution the. persecution of gays or both many commentators note that the United. States continues to resist a growing consensus that capital punishment is. inhumane having only just recently outlawed executions of those under 18. in March 2005 As Faisal Alam notes that three Nigerian homosexual men. were sentenced to be stoned to death earlier that summer elicited no such. global indignation Nor have these abuses elicited so much response from. lgbtiq groups in the past Along these lines there were no protests in May. 2004 when the circulation of photos of the torture practices at Abu Ghraib. exhumed the revolting homophobia of the U S military As iglhrc s direc. tor Paula Ettelbrick asks Why now Why just Iran, Hailed as a member of the axis of evil by the Bush administration and. with evidence of planned U S military action mounting during the summer. of 2005 it seems pretty clear why now and why Iran Further the 2006. anniversary protests took place during the second month of the Israeli. invasion of Lebanon amid escalating pressure to consider military strikes. against Syria and Iran for their support of Hezbollah The frenzied xation. on the homophobia of Iran s state regime is thus perpetuated in many. instances by the very same factions who are responsible for the global. proliferation of protests against a future invasion of Iran At this historical. moment this bizarre conjuncture functions as nothing less than the racism. of the global gay left and the wholesale acceptance of the Islamophobic. rhetoric that fuels the war on terror and the political forces pushing for an. Iranian invasion if not a tacit acceptance of the pending occupation itself. Terrorist Assemblages Homonationalism in Queer Times is an invitation to. deeper exploration of these connections among sexuality race gender na. tion class and ethnicity in relation to the tactics strategies and logistics of. war machines This project critiques the fostering managing and valoriz. ing of life and all that sustains it describing the mechanisms by which. queerness as a process of racialization informs the very distinctions be. tween life and death wealth and poverty health and illness fertility and. morbidity security and insecurity living and dying Race ethnicity nation. gender class and sexuality disaggregate gay homosexual and queer na. tional subjects who align themselves with U S imperial interests from. forms of illegitimate queerness that name and ultimately propel popula. tactics strategies logistics xi, tions into extinction Terrorist Assemblages foregrounds the proliferation.
occupation and suppression of queernesses in relation to patriotism war. torture security death terror terrorism detention and deportation. themes usually imagined as devoid of connection to sexual politics in gen. eral and queer politics in particular Impelled not only by this folding of. queer and other sexual national subjects into the biopolitical management. of life but by the simultaneous folding out of life out toward death of. queerly racialized terrorist populations biopolitics delineates not only. which queers live and which queers die a variable and contestable demar. cation but also how queers live and die The result of the successes of queer. incorporation into the domains of consumer markets and social recogni. tion in the post civil rights late twentieth century these various entries by. queers into the biopolitical optimization of life mark a shift as homosexual. bodies have been historically understood as endlessly cathected to death In. other words there is a transition under way in how queer subjects are. relating to nation states particularly the United States from being gures. of death i e the aids epidemic to becoming tied to ideas of life and. productivity i e gay marriage and families The politics of recognition. and incorporation entail that certain but certainly not most homosexual. gay and queer bodies may be the temporary recipients of the measures of. benevolence that are a orded by liberal discourses of multicultural toler. ance and diversity This benevolence toward sexual others is contingent. upon ever narrowing parameters of white racial privilege consumption. capabilities gender and kinship normativity and bodily integrity The con. temporary emergence of homosexual gay and queer subjects normativ. ized through their deviance as it becomes surveilled managed studied. rather than despite it is integral to the interplay of perversion and nor. mativity necessary to sustain in full gear the management of life In making. this argument I deploy racialization as a gure for speci c social forma. tions and processes that are not necessarily or only tied to what has been. historically theorized as race, The emergence and sanctioning of queer subjecthood is a historical shift. condoned only through a parallel process of demarcation from populations. targeted for segregation disposal or death a reintensi cation of racial. ization through queerness The cultivation of these homosexual subjects. folded into life enabled through market virility and regenerative re. productivity is racially demarcated and paralleled by a rise in the targeting. of queerly raced bodies for dying If the turn to life for queer subjects is. now possible how queerness folds into racialization is a crucial factor in. xii preface, whether and how that turn to life is experienced if it is experienced at all. Further the rise of these nonnormative national subjects is linked in no. uncertain terms to the racialized populations that come into being through. the assignment of queerness an assignment disavowed by the queer subject. embraced by biopolitical incitement to life Terrorist Assemblages thus at. tends to the connectivities that generate queer homosexual and gay disci. plinary subjects while concurrently constituting queerness as the optic. through which perverse populations are called into nominalization for con. trol That is this recasting of queerness as that optic and the operative. technology in the production disciplining and maintenance of popula. tions drives the analyses in this book This disjuncture of the regulating and. regulated queer homosexual gay disciplinary subjects and the queered. darkening of terrorists marks the surprising but not fully unexpected ow. ering of new normativities in these queer times, In Terrorist Assemblages my primary interest is in this process of the. management of queer life at the expense of sexually and racially perverse. death in relation to the contemporary politics of securitization Oriental. ism terrorism torture and the articulation of Muslim Arab Sikh and. South Asian sexualities I argue that during this historical juncture there is. a very speci c production of terrorist bodies against properly queer sub. jects The questions that have fueled this project include but are not limited. to the following What are the historical linkages between various periods. of national crisis and the pathologizing of sexuality the in ation of sexual. perversions What are the heteronormative assumptions still binding the. elds and disciplines of security and surveillance analyses peace and con. ict studies terrorism research public policy transnational nance net. works human rights and human security blueprints and international. peacekeeping organizations such as the United Nations How do we con. terrorist assemblages homonationalism in queer times queer theory cultural studies american studies In this pathbreaking work Jasbir K Puar argues that configurations of sexuality race gen der nation class and ethnicity are realigning in relation to contemporary forces of securi tization counterterrorism and nationalism She examines how liberal politics incorporate certain queer

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