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PS 60 3a GR 2 24 05 12 29 PM Page 2,Pump Division,Pump Supplier Pumping Solutions. Flowserve is providing pumping,Dynamic Technologies. Flowserve is without peer in the,Pump designs include. Single stage process, To The World solutions which permit cus development and application of Between bearing. tomers to continuously improve pump technology including single stage. Flowserve is the productivity profitability and Hydraulic engineering Between bearing. pumping system reliability Mechanical design multistage. driving force in the Materials science Vertical, Market Focused Intelligent pumping Submersible motor.
global industrial Customer Support Manufacturing technology Rotary. pump marketplace Product and industry specialists, develop effective proposals and Broad Product Lines. Reciprocating, No other pump solutions directed toward market Flowserve offers a wide range Specialty. and customer preferences of complementary pump types. company in the They offer technical advice and from pre engineered process. assistance throughout each pumps to highly engineered. world has the stage of the product life cycle and special purpose pumps. beginning with the inquiry and systems Pumps are built. depth or breadth to recognized global standards,and customer specifications. of expertise in,the successful,application of,pre engineered. engineered and,special purpose,TriCom Inc 2005 All Rights Reserved.
PS 60 3a GR 2 24 05 12 31 PM Page 3,Pump Division, GR Series Designed for Smooth Efficient Superior External Herringbone Typical Applications. Handling of Viscous Liquids Gear Design Process industries. Between Bearing, The GR Series between bearing Designed to reliably handle Paints. External Gear herringbone gear pump has viscous fluids across a broad Soaps. Pump long been a work horse within range of flows and pressures Gels. a multitude of industrial markets the GR Series simple between Polymers. due to its dependability bearing gear design is the most OEM. efficiency and low life cycle cost robust in the industry Filtration equipment. Lubrication units,Benefits of the GR include Fire foam systems. Pulse free operation Marine,Mechanically and Engine room fuel. hydraulically balanced Engine room,Self priming lubrication.
No gear box required Petrochemical,Speeds to 1800 rpm Viscous crude oil. Run dry capability when Asphalt,packed Tars,Ease of maintenance Grease. Low NPSHR Power plants and,Only one mechanical seal utilities. No external lubrication Fuel unloading,required Fuel oil transfer. Improved reliability Lube oil supply,Minimal shaft deflection.
Long mechanical seal life Complementary,Reduced bearing loads Pump Designs. Superior high pressure GAX Series double,capability helical gear pumps. Suitable for fluids with poor Gearex double helical. lubricating characteristics gear pump,Reduced wear rates Hydrex double helical. Sier Bath Two Screw,HS reciprocating gear,Gearex pump. TriCom Inc 2005 All Rights Reserved,PS 60 3a GR 2 24 05 12 31 PM Page 4.
Pump Division, GR Series GR Series pumps provide high Available in standard sizes Between Bearing Gear. efficiency pulse free pumping from 40 mm to 200 mm Design minimizes shaft. Between Bearing deflection and reduces, even under the most challenging 1 5 in to 8 in ports the GR. External Gear bearing loads High, conditions They are designed Series pumps are self priming pressure and high speed. Pump to handle viscous fluids across Standard construction is cast capabilities are improved. a broad spectrum of flows iron and carbon steel extending pump life and. and pressures The GR Series improving reliability,simple external design has only. two moving parts and only one,shaft seal to insure long life.
and ease of maintenance,High Speed Capability,translates into lower costs. and higher efficiency,Only one coupling guard,No speed reducers. Higher speed motors,Sideplates and body are,doweled to insure accurate. internal alignment Joints,are ground to maintain,clearances and eliminate. the necessity of gaskets,Convertible Stuffing Box,allows for ample packing.
or mechanical seals to be,used for greater flexibility. Large Unobstructed,Suction and Discharge,passages keep entrance. losses and turbulence to,High Capacity Double,Row Roller Bearings. are anti friction to assure,Babbitted Carbon Sleeve. Bushings may be used,when handling liquids with, Operating Parameters Back Pullout Design facilitates poor lubricity or low.
Flows to 275 m3 h 1200 gpm maintenance by allowing faster viscosities Also available. access to pump internals and in antimony impregnated. Pressures to 35 bar 500 psi carbon for high temperature. enables inspection without, Temperatures to 350 C disturbing piping applications. Viscosities to 33 000 cps Extra Deep Jacketed Stuffing Box Shafts are fine grain hot. 1 million ssu is available for hard to handle rolled medium carbon steel. solutions and to cool or heat and are generously sized to. Speeds to 1800 rpm minimize deflection,TriCom Inc 2005 All Rights Reserved. PS 60 3a GR 2 24 05 12 32 PM Page 5,Pump Division,Herringbone Gear Benefits. Quiet pulse free flow,Better load carrying ability. greater strength and minimal,hydraulic shock,Gradual continuous gear.
tooth engagement insuring,smooth flow and no air,entrapment. Elimination of end thrust and,no need for thrust bearings. with inherently hydraulically,balanced design,High speed pump capability. Off the shelf motors,Durable cast iron construction. for maximum wear resistance, Standard Configurations Design Benefits Efficiency.
The GR pump is available in Flexibility Highly efficient opera. three basic gear widths and Variety of mounting tion over broad range. with multiple options With its arrangements of speeds pressures. modular design the GR can be Horizontal and vertical suction and viscosities. customized to satisfy a wide and discharge openings. range of applications Stuffing box accommodates Cost Savings. packing or mechanical seals Extended life due, GR Standard gear width Product lubricated bearings to reduced bearing. GRW Wider gears for higher load and minimal,capacities Reliability shaft deflection. GRH Narrower gears Minimal shaft deflection No speed reducers. for higher pressures Reduced bearing loads Only one coupling. Accurate alignment with two guard,piece doweled construction. Reduced wear rates,Dual Stuffing Box,extends pump life in. high suction pressure,applications,Optional Mechanical.
Seal may be used in lieu,of packing Special duty,seals also are available. TriCom Inc 2005 All Rights Reserved,PS 60 3a GR 2 24 05 12 32 PM Page 6. Pump Division,Options and Direct V Belt Drive option. Standard Materials of Construction,includes inboard bearing with. Technical Data Component Cast Iron Cast Steel,mechanical seal to carry the.
load of mechanical power Body Stuffing Box, Bearing Cover ASTM A48 Class 40 ASTM A108 Class 1040. transmission equipment Cast Iron Cast Steel,Gland Sideplates. without shaft deflection,Gears Cast Iron Cast Iron. Optional Jacketed Pump Body ASTM A108 Class 1040 ASTM A108 Class 1040. allows heating or cooling Carbon Steel Carbon Steel. of liquids before start up and Packing Acrylic Yarn Graphited. prevents overloading of driver,when pumping viscous fluids. INSUROCK Low,Available Integral Safety Friction Wearplates.
Relief Valve provides short may be used to reduce,term emergency bypass sideplate and gear. wear in low viscosity,Additional Options applications significantly. Mechanical seal reducing total life cycle,Jacketed stuffing box cost Field retrofit kits. Dual stuffing box are also available,with external bearing option. for high suction pressures,GR Hydraulic Coverage,Quick Selection Chart.
Refer to the chart at the 1200,right for quick selection 250. of the GR pump model,corresponding to the 1000,desired flow rate The. ranges shown are based,on typical viscosities,and speeds and assume. zero differential pressure,The chart s purpose is,to direct the user to the. appropriate performance 100,curve not to be a substi.
tute for it, 1 5 GR 2 GRW 2 GR 2 5 GRW 2 5 GR 3 GRW 3 GR 4 GRW 4 GR 5 GRW 5 GR 6 GR 8 GR. Pump Model,INSUROCK is a registered trademark of,Richardson Company Inc. TriCom Inc 2005 All Rights Reserved,PS 60 3a GR 2 24 05 12 32 PM Page 7. Pump Division, Global Service Dedication Strength of Experience Business Partner. Flowserve Engineered Services is Commitment to Excellence Flowserve partners with. Engineered Services, focused on providing customers Flowserve has long served customers to respond to.
and Support with uncompromising service and industries requiring superior the dynamic business. support where and when needed equipment performance and conditions that affect. Dedicated to delivering the high service life them Flowserve will work. est quality support Engineered Oil and gas production with customers to drive. Total Cost Reduction Services integrates its extensive Hydrocarbon processing efficiency maximize. pump and materials engineering Chemical processing throughput and control. Asset Management knowledge with creative service Water resources process quality Whether. solutions Engineered Services Power generation user needs involve on. Product Life Cycle fully understands the business Nuclear site technical assistance. challenges facing customers and Mining and mineral processing or broader project. Performance Re rates is prepared to manage solutions Pulp and paper planning with full turnkey. to succeed as a team General industry responsibility Flowserve. Site Diagnostics Engineered Services will, A worldwide network of service Engineered Services is dedicated deliver professional. Repair Services and repair centers staffed by to maximizing equipment reliable results. highly skilled engineers and performance and providing. Energy Management technicians is available around reliability centered maintenance. the clock seven days a week to programs for pumps and related. Spare Parts respond to customer queries equipment regardless of manu. to evaluate and troubleshoot facturer Using the FlowStar. Maintenance Contracts problems and to provide asset management software. reliable solutions Engineered Services tracks,Materials Upgrades performance and supports. improvement programs using a,Turnkey Services service life cycle cost business. approach The results are,Field Repairs improved reliability and. increased profitability,Installation,Project Supervision.
Commissioning,Equipment Upgrades,Condition Monitoring. Systems Analysis,Field Machining,TriCom Inc 2005 All Rights Reserved. PS 60 3a GR 2 24 05 12 32 PM Page 8,Flowserve Supporting Our Customers. With The World s Leading,Pump Brands,Jeumont Schneider. USA and Canada Latin America and Caribbean,Flowserve Corporation Flowserve Corporation.
Pump Division Pump Division,5215 North O Connor Blvd 6840 Wynnwood Lane. Suite 2300 Pump Division Houston Texas 77008 USA, Irving Texas 75039 5421 USA Telephone 1 713 803 4434. Telephone 1 972 443 6500 Telefax 1 713 803 4497, Telefax 1 972 443 6800 Your local Flowserve representative. Asia Pacific,Europe Middle East Africa Flowserve Pte Ltd. Flowserve Corporation Pump Division,Pump Division 200 Pandan Loop 06 03 04.
Via Rossini 90 92 To find your local Flowserve representative Pantech 21. 20033 Desio Milan Italy please use the Sales Support Locator System Singapore 128388. Telephone 39 0362 6121 found at www flowserve com Telephone 65 6775 3003. Telefax 39 0362 303396 Telefax 65 6779 4607,Or call toll free 1 800 728 PUMP 7867. Printed in U S A,February 2005,Flowserve Corporation. Pump Division Pump Supplier To The World Flowserve is the driving force in the global industrial pump marketplace No other pump company in the world has the depth or breadth of expertise in the successful application of pre engineered engineered and special purpose pumps and systems Pumping Solutions Flowserve is providing pumping solutions which permit cus tomers to continuously improve

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