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You will grow,Puberty and mature in your,own way and at your. Growing up means that you own pace,will experience lots of changes. Somewhere between the ages of about,8 and 16 puberty will begin Puberty means. lots of changes in your body in your feelings and in the relation. ships you have with others, You re growing up and becoming a teenager and eventually an adult. By the time you re around 18 to 20 years old puberty will be over. The next few years are going to be filled with a lot of new stuff All. this change might seem scary No matter what you ll always be. the same unique person you ve always been,You re growing UP OK.
Your Changing Body 4,Taking Care of Your Body 6,The Male Body 10. The Female Body 14,Let s Talk Gender 24,Personal Safety 28. Changing Feelings 31,Changing Relationships 34,Words to know 38. Resources 41,This booklet gives general,information about puberty. Some frank language is,used to explain the facts,about your.
body can be,exciting and,empowering,During puberty you are. growing faster and developing,an adult body Hormones in. your body start these changes, Hormones are chemicals that are made by organs called glands in. your body During puberty the most important gland is the pituitary. gland This tiny gland at the base of the brain tells other glands to. start making hormones The pituitary gland also makes the human. growth hormone which makes the bones and muscles grow faster. during puberty Hormones also cause sexual and reproductive. organs to change and develop, Some of the changes happen only to boys and others take place. only in girls Your changing body has changing needs During. puberty you ll need to start paying more attention to caring for. your body Let s start by looking at some of the changes that. happen to both boys and girls and tips that can help you take. care of yourself,Everyone grows at their own rate, In puberty you can have growth spurts and grow several.
inches in a short time These spurts might give you. sore achy muscles growing pains You might also feel. clumsy while you get used to your new size You might. suddenly find that you re a head taller or shorter than a. friend who s the same age as you,You will also gain some weight. This is healthy and is just part of Puberty is about. becoming an adult Boys shoulders,change How much,and chest will broaden Girls will. change happens and,develop breasts broader hips or butt. and may get a layer of belly fat,how long these changes. take is different for,Both boys and girls voices will get.
deeper This change will be greater in boys,As a boy s voice box larynx grows his. voice can suddenly go from high to low or,from low to high This cracking can be a bit. embarrassing sometimes In time it will stop,Taking care. of your body, During puberty your skin might get pretty oily All that extra oil. can block your pores tiny holes in your skin and cause pimples or. blackheads zits Most young people get pimples at some time during. puberty Some people get a severe case of pimples and blackheads. which is called acne Acne usually clears up after puberty. To reduce the onset of pimples,Wash your face with a mild soap and water.
Keep your hair clean and brushed off your forehead. Avoid using makeup or use it only lightly and wash it off daily. Don t use someone else s make up bacteria can spread. Try not to squeeze pick or shave over pimples This can cause. them to spread make them last longer or leave scars. Sometimes if acne is a problem you might want to, see a doctor If you are concerned about acne talk to. a parent guardian or another adult you trust, Brush your teeth at least twice a day morning and evening are best. using toothpaste with fluoride Floss once a day to remove plaque. between your teeth Remember to brush your tongue It picks up. odours from foods and drinks causing bad breath It is a good idea to. have a check up with a dentist at least once a year. Just like your skin your hair might be oilier than it used to be Wash. it regularly to keep it clean, Both boys and girls will start growing hair in new places their legs. under their arms in the genital area parts between your legs and. on their face The amount of new body hair that grows and when it. starts is different for every person, Not everyone shaves For some it is a personal choice For others it. is cultural When to shave how to shave and how often to shave are. things you can talk about with an older sibling a parent guardian or. another adult you trust,Body Odour, Both boys and girls start to sweat perspire more during puberty.
especially when active The changes to your hormones will give your. sweat a stronger smell This is especially true for your underarms. and feet Some things you can do are, Try to wash bathe or shower and put on clean underwear. Use deodorant or antiperspirant Deodorants cover, odour Antiperpirants prevent sweat from reaching the. surface of the skin Less sweat means less smell, Try to wash your feet and put on a clean pair of socks every. day to reduce foot odour,Taking Care,down there, It is important to keep your genital area parts between your legs. clean This helps to prevent rashes or infections and to reduce. use soap and water to wash your penis,testicles balls and anus bum.
wash under and around the,foreskin loose skin at,the tip of the penis. wash the vaginal area and anus bum with soap and water. The inside of the vagina cleans itself naturally The vagina s. natural cleaning can leave a slight creamy yellow odourless. mucus vaginal discharge on your underwear This is, perfectly healthy Taking regular baths or showers should. leave you feeling clean and fresh, Girls should try to wipe from front to back after going to the. bathroom This will stop harmful bacteria from getting. into the vagina and causing an infection, Both girls and boys should wear cotton underwear Cotton is a. natural fibre that allows the skin to breathe and prevents the. trapping of moisture that can lead to infections If you choose. underwear that is made of something else make sure it at least has. a cotton crotch,The Male Body, At puberty reproductive organs sexual body parts develop.
and mature In boys first the testicles or testes balls and. then the penis will grow larger Like all the changes you ll have. during puberty these changes won t happen all at once Give. yourself time You will develop at your own pace,Prostate Gland. The male sexual organ Both Bladder,A gland that adds. semen and urine leave the The organ that holds urine pee. fluid to sperm to,body through the penis but,make semen. never at the same time Seminal vesicles,Two small organs one on each. Foreskin side of the prostate gland that,The fold of skin that with the prostate gland add.
may cover fluid to sperm to make semen,the end of,the penis Vas Deferens. The vas deferens are tubes,Urethra that carry sperm from the. The tube that testicles to the prostate,carries both urine gland. or semen through,the penis and out of Anus,the body The opening from which stool. poop leaves the body during a,bowel movement BM,Two oval glands that hang Epididymis.
inside the scrotum Testicles Coiled tubes that are attached. are usually a bit lopsided to the back of the testicles. with one hanging a little lower Scrotum and connect with the vas. than the other The testicles The sack of loose deferens Sperm are produced. produce sperm and the skin just behind in the testicles mature in the. hormone testosterone the penis The epididymis and then move. scrotum holds through the vas deferens to,the testicles the prostate gland. Erection and Ejaculation, The basic function of the male sexual and reproductive. system is to produce reproductive cells called sperm. Sperm leaves the body through a mixture of body fluids. called semen, When males are sexually excited aroused the penis becomes. larger and stiffer and it usually stands out from the body This is. called an erection, Many things can cause sexual arousal and an erection even just. looking at someone or wearing pants that rub against the penis. Sometimes an erection can happen when you wake up in the. morning with a full bladder,When sexual arousal reaches its peak males may.
have strong feelings of pleasure called an orgasm,During an orgasm muscles force semen out of. the penis This is called ejaculation After,ejaculation the penis becomes soft again. after a little time It is possible to have an,ejaculation without having an orgasm and it s. possible to have an orgasm without ejaculation,During ejaculation the male body releases. about one teaspoon of semen,Not all erections end in ejaculation If an.
erection doesn t lead to ejaculation the penis,will get soft again. Wet Dreams, Sometimes the penis can get erect and ejaculate semen while a. male is asleep and dreaming This is called a nocturnal emission. wet dream and can happen to both boys and grown men It can. feel uncomfortable to wake up in damp pajamas and sheets but wet. dreams are natural Not every boy has wet dreams and that s ok too. Size and Circumcision, Not all penises look the same There are lots of different sizes of. penises and all sizes are healthy Some boys penises look different. from others because some are circumcised and some are not. The decisions to circumcise or not circumcise may be due to cultural. religious or personal values of the family, Size or circumcision does not affect how the penis works. Circumcised Penis Uncircumcised Penis, A boy who is circumcised has had An uncircumcised penis still has a.
the foreskin removed from foreskin The foreskin is a loose skin. his penis soon after birth that covers the tip of the penis. s for boys,Why does a penis go hard is there a bone in it. Nope The penis is made of spongy tissue there is no bone in. it During an erection the penis fills with blood and this makes it. become hard,Help am I growing breasts, Boys also experience some small changes to their breasts during. puberty They may swell and hurt a little Dont worry this will stop. after puberty,Will I ever run out of sperm, The average ejaculation contains 40 million sperm but you will not. run out Each testicle makes millions of new sperm every day. I ve got an erection is it noticeable, Some erections just happen for no reason at all This can feel. embarrassing but these erections are natural It s not as noticeable. as you think and goes away quickly,The Female Body.
During puberty a girl s reproductive and sexual body parts. reach maturity Her hips broaden her breasts develop and. she will begin to have monthly periods menstruate These. changes won t happen overnight They will take a different. amount of time for each girl,Uterus Fallopian Tubes. The muscular organ also called Thin tubes that extend out on both sides of the. the womb in which a fertilized egg uterus Fallopian tubes carry the eggs from the. implants and a baby grows When not ovaries to the uterus. pregnant the uterus is about the size Ovaries,and shape of a pear The two glands one on. each side of the uterus,Bladder that produce eggs The. The organ that holds ovaries also produce the,the urine pee hormones estrogen and. progesterone,The lower part of the uterus It,forms a canal that opens into the.
A woman s pubic,vagina which leads to,area The vulva. the outside of the body,includes the sexual,Urethra and reproductive. The tube through which urine organs on the outside. leaves the body of the body see below,the clitoris labia and. Vagina vaginal opening,The passage that goes from the. uterus to the outside of the body,Clitoris Labia, A sensitive pea size organ that is Folds of skin that cover.
right above the urethra The clitoris the clitoris and the. gets a bit bigger and more sensitive openings of the vaginal. when it s touched or when a girl opening and the urethra. has sexual thoughts or feelings The Anus, clitoris plays an important part in The opening from which. sexual arousal and orgasm stool poop leaves the,body during a bowel. movement BM, Breasts begin to grow and develop during puberty There is no set. time that this will start It is different for every girl There is also no. one size or shape for breasts to be,Size shape and nipples. Each person s breasts will take a different amount of time to become. fully developed When they start and how long they take has. nothing to do with the size they will eventually be While breasts. are developing one breast may be slightly bigger than the other. Sometimes they even out after puberty is over and sometimes they. don t Either way is healthy, Breasts can sometimes tingle itch or hurt a little while they are.
growing They will not burst or pop and the skin grows with the rest. of the breast, There are no exercises or creams that can make your breasts grow. larger All sizes and shapes of breasts are healthy and are different. for every person,Nipples are also different for everyone. Most stick out but some don t These,are called inverted nipples Even if it. looks different an inverted nipple,can do everything any other. Puberty Growing up means that you will experience lots of changes Somewhere between the ages of about 8 and 16 puberty will begin Puberty means lots of changes in your body in your feelings and in the relation ships you have with others You re growing up and becoming a teenager and eventually an adult By the time you re around 18 to 20 years old puberty will be over The next

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