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PSYCHOLOGY TEACHER NETWORK, Psychology Teacher Network is published quarterly by the. Education Directorate of the American Psychological Call for Nominations. Association APA Subscriptions are free to High School American Psychological Foundation. and Community College Teacher Affiliates of APA and. Charles L Brewer Distinguished Teaching,APA Members and 15 a year for all others Address. of Psychology Award, editorial correspondence to Psychology Teacher Network. APA Education Directorate 750 First St NE The American Psychological Foundation APF invites. Washington DC 20002 4242 202 572 3013 Address nominations for the APF 2007 Charles L Brewer. inquiries regarding membership or affiliation to the APA Distinguished Teaching of Psychology Award which recog. Membership Office at the same address nizes an outstanding career contribution to the teaching of. psychology,Coeditors Contributing Editors, Martha Boenau TOPSS The awardee receives a plaque 2 000 and a 2 night 3 day. mboenau apa org Marie Smith PhD all expenses paid trip to the American Psychological. Marie T Smith mcpsmd Association s APA 2007 Annual Convention in San. Emily Leary Francisco CA where the award will be presented and the. eleary apa org awardee will be invited to give a special address. PT CC Requirements,Vivian Hamilton MA,vhamito pcc edu Nominees must demonstrate.
Exemplary performance as a classroom teacher,Development of innovative curricula and courses. Development of effective teaching methods and or,Promoting Partnerships materials. STP Small Grants Program Teaching of advanced research methods and practice in. psychology, The Society for the Teaching of Psychology Division 2 of. APA with support from the APA Education Directorate is Administrative facilitation of teaching. pleased to announce a program of small grants up to 300 Research on teaching. to provide support for departments of psychology to develop Training of teachers of psychology and or. partnerships with other teaching institutions in their region. The goal of the program is to promote communication and Evidence of influence as a teacher of students who become. collaboration among psychology teachers at 4 year colleges psychologists. and universities 2 year colleges and high schools Grant. Application Process, funds can be used to defray the costs associated with meet. ings involving representatives from different institutions Nominations should include the APF nomination form a. e g travel food as well as for other collaborative projects statement that illustrates how the nominee fulfills the guide. Proposals should not be longer than 1 page and should lines of the award and the nominee s current vita and bibli. describe both the use of the money and the anticipated ben ography Letters in support of the nomination are welcome. efits of the collaboration Deadline for proposals is All materials should be coordinated and collected by the. November 15 2006 Please send cover letter and proposals chief nominator and forwarded to APF as a single package. to The deadline for receipt of materials is December 1 2006. Chris Hakala Nomination forms can be found at, Department of Psychology http www apa org apf Teaching nom guideline pdf.
Box 5101 Completed nomination packets should be mailed to the. Western New England College APF Charles L Brewer Teaching Award American. Springfield MA 01119 Psychological Foundation 750 First Street NE. Or via e mail to Chris Hakala Washington DC 20002 4242 If you have any questions. chakala wnec edu please contact Idalia Ramos at 202 336 5814. 2 Psychology Teacher NetworkFall 2006,Social Psychology Network. A Resource for Teaching Psychology,Scott Plous PhD hundreds of textbooks related. to psychology and research,Wesleyan University,methods and the. UnderstandingPrejudice org, f you search Google com for psychology teaching resources. Reading Room has an exten, you may be surprised to find that the first result isn t a large.
sive antibias bibliography for, professional society or psychology teaching organization. Instead the result is Social Psychology Network SPN a set of. Web sites maintained at Wesleyan University,Psychology Headlines. With financial support from the National Science SPN maintains an archive of Scott Plous PhD. Foundation SPN includes sites such as SocialPsychology org more than 1 500 Psychology. the Network s main hub UnderstandingPrejudice org on the Headlines From Around the World full text news stories relat. psychology of prejudice PrisonExp org on the Stanford Prison ed to psychology and its subfields On most pages of SPN visitors. Experiment and Randomizer org on random sampling and can read the latest headlines updated throughout the day or. random assignment among others search the archive by date and keyword Because these stories tend. Together these sites contain more than 13 000 catalogued to focus on new research findings and other timely topics they. resources for teaching studying and advancing psychology On a offer instructors a way to spice up lectures and connect psychology. typical day SPN s databases are searched more than 1 300 times with breaking developments in science and society. and the Network s pages are viewed roughly 70 000 times by. people from more than 100 countries more than 80 million Student Web Tutorials and Exercises. page views since the late 1990s Several SPN sites offer tutorials and interactive exercises for. high school and college students For example students who visit. The purpose of this brief article is to highlight a few of the PrisonExp org can view a 42 page multimedia presentation on. most useful SPN teaching resources Whether you re a Web savant the world famous Stanford Prison Experiment a prison simula. or a Web newbie there should be something here for you tion that showed how social roles can lead to dehumanization. and brutality To date this presentation which includes audiovi. Good Jump Off Places sual clips from the original experiment has been viewed by more. For Web pages that cover a wide variety of psychology oriented than 450 000 visitors. teaching topics three of the best destinations in the Network are. Likewise students visiting UnderstandingPrejudice org can. www socialpsychology org teaching htm take the Ambivalent Sexism Inventory instantly receive sexism. www understandingprejudice org teach scores and learn about the difference between hostile sexism and. www socialpsychology org psylinks htm benevolent sexism After taking the inventory students can also. compare their scores with average male and female scores in the. The first of these pages offers more than 150 links to United States Japan Brazil Australia and more than 20 other. instructional materials teaching tips and related resources The countries. second page is to the UnderstandingPrejudice org Teacher s. Corner which contains dozens of prejudice related classroom Additional interactive features of UnderstandingPrejudice org. activities student assignments and teaching ideas for elementary include a slide tour of prejudice in the world of advertising a quiz. school secondary school and higher education And the third on Native American issues a presentation on slavery and U S pres. page is a gateway to more than 1 000 links classified by discipli idents and instructional versions of the Implicit Association Test. nary area including social and personality psychology cognitive that allow students to explore hidden race and gender biases. science clinical psychology behavioral neuroscience peace psy For a hands on research experience students can participate in. chology and other areas All three pages represent good jump off one of the online psychology studies listed in SPN Typically the. places depending on the instructional needs in question Network displays more than 100 links to approved professional and. student research projects see www socialpsychology org expts htm. Syllabi Textbooks and Bibliographies Along similar lines Randomizer org offers a five lesson tutorial on. For instructors who are preparing a new course or simply want random sampling and random assignment for a sample homework. to see how other teachers structure their courses SPN has a assignment using this tutorial see www socialpsychology org teach. searchable link database of nearly 1 000 Web based course syl randass htm. labi including more than 100 syllabi to distance learning. courses In addition SPN s searchable link database includes Social Psychology Network continued on page 9. Psychology Teacher NetworkFall 2006 3,When Generations Collide in. Sing Along With Mitch Do,you remember listening to the. radio playing 78 or 33 LPs on,the Classroom the record player or getting.
your first television set,Ellen Pastorino PhD,Because this generation. Valencia Community College,lived through two world wars. the Great Depression and the, tudents today are so different from when I was in col. New Deal they learned to do,lege Have you ever made this comment to someone. without because resources,or had this thought Students today ARE different.
were scarce when they were, They are different in terms of gender race ethnicity age learn. young They had simple toys, ing styles languages preparedness for college work and college. as children and saw the advent, experience Yet often overlooked are the diverse values attitudes. of black and white television, and beliefs we develop as a part of our generation Such genera. in their homes These experi Ellen Pastorino PhD, tional influences establish different motivation levels work.
ences helped shape Traditionalists, ethics and worldviews that affect teaching and learning. into loyal and patriotic individuals who have faith in institutions. Understanding generational differences therefore may enhance. They believe in following the chain of command and value the. one s impact and effectiveness in the classroom, opportunity to learn and grow The G I Bill gave many of these. For the first time in history four different generations may individuals the chance to earn a college education Traditionalists. be present in our classrooms especially when you include faculty trust the authority of their professors and college institutions. In 2000 and 2001 Lancaster and Stillman 2002 conducted a They often are model students who are grateful for the chance to. survey of more than 400 respondents representing all parts of the gain knowledge and realize new skills As professors Traditionalists. country and different ethnic groups They found that the values may expect their students to show an appreciation of learning. beliefs and attitudes of people from different generations were and not question how things are done in their classrooms They. related to their attitudes toward work and careers Though may expect students to be grateful for and happy about the. Lancaster and Stillman s research was intended to answer ques chance to earn an education. tions relevant to the generational puzzle in business and indus. try such information can help educators glean how such atti Baby Boomers. tudes may affect teaching and learning in the classroom Baby Boomers may recall Martin Luther King Jr Richard. Nixon John F Kennedy Beaver Cleaver Rosa Parks the. Before reading on take a minute to identify the generation. Manson family the Osmond family Gloria Steinem Janis. of which you are a part If you were born between 1900 and. Joplin Captain Kangaroo Captain Kirk the Beatles, 1945 you are considered a Traditionalist and a member of. Muhammad Ali Malcolm X Elvis Presley and Fidel Castro. the generation that Tom Brokaw 1998 wrote about in his. They likely remember Watergate the Hanoi Hilton Kent State. best selling book The Greatest Generation You are considered. bell bottom pants tube tops mood rings POW bracelets their. a Baby Boomer if you were born between 1946 and 1964. Generation Xers were born between 1965 and 1980 and Generations continued on page 6. Millennials also referred to as the Echo Boom Generation Y. or the myspace com generation represent those people born. between 1981 and 1999 Call for Nominations for STP. Now reflect for a moment on your history the people Teaching Awards. places and events that helped shape your attitudes and values. The Society for the Teaching of Psychology APA Division. Consider the music media fads and technology that you have. 2 announces its 2007 program of awards for outstanding. experienced What might this say about you Lancaster and. teachers of psychology Teaching awards of 750 and a. Stillman 2002 outlined the following conditions that make. plaque are bestowed for outstanding performance in each of. each generation unique They are not exhaustive descriptions. five categories Four year colleges or universities Robert S. but rather give a taste of the varying forces that have shaped. Daniel Award 2 year colleges Wayne Weiten Teaching. each generation, Award high schools Moffett Memorial Teaching Award. early career teaching award first 5 years of full time teaching. Traditionalists at any level and graduate student McKeachie Graduate. As a Traditionalist you may recall Joe McCarthy Dr Spock Student Teaching Excellence Award The deadline for sub. Alfred Hitchcock Ella Fitzgerald Dwight D Eisenhower missions is January 17 2007 For more information visit. Charles Lindbergh John Wayne Bob Hope and Betty Crock. scores and learn about the difference between hostile sexism and benevolent sexism After taking the inventory students can also compare their scores with average male and female scores in the United States Japan Brazil Australia and more than 20 other countries Additional interactive features of UnderstandingPrejudice org

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