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Accurate Technologies Inc,Contact Information,Worldwide Offices. United States sales us accuratetechnologies com Japan sales jp accuratetechnologies com. 00 1 248 848 9200 support us accuratetechnologies com 81 3 5325 6222 support jp accuratetechnologies com. China sales cn accuratetechnologies com Sweden sales se accuratetechnologies com. 86 138 1023 6357 support cn accuratetechnologies com 46 0 31 773 7140 support se accuratetechnologies com. France sales fr accuratetechnologies com United Kingdom sales uk accuratetechnologies com. 33 0 1 72 76 26 10 support fr accuratetechnologies com 44 0 1767 652 340 support uk accuratetechnologies com. Germany sales de accuratetechnologies com Web Site www accuratetechnologies com. 49 0 89 9700 712 support de accuratetechnologies com. India sales in accuratetechnologies com General 00 1 248 848 9200. 91 80 41694218 support in accuratetechnologies com 00 1 248 848 9200 sales accuratetechnologies com. support accuratetechnologies com,Manufacturer Supplier Information. Manufacturer,Phone 49 7244 74190,ams Sensors Germany GmbH. Fax 49 7244 741929,Friedrich List Strasse 4 76297,Website www ams com. Stutensee Germany,Email sales europe ams com,Accurate Technologies AB Phone 46 0 31 773 7140.
Fl jelbergsgatan 14 C,Email sales se accuratetechnologies com. 431 37 M lndal,support se accuratetechnologies com. PTCM V1 0 User Manual 2,Accurate Technologies Inc,Documentation. Document Category Document Version,User Manual 1 5. Release Type Status,Public Released,Document Number Customer List Publish Date.
DB PT2g en V1 5 All 09 30 2014,User Manual for PICOTURN 2st Generation. ATI Copyright Information, Copyright 2017 Accurate Technologies Inc Novi Michigan. While Accurate Technologies Inc takes great care to ensure the accuracy and quality of these materials all. material is provided without any warranty whatsoever including but not limited to the implied warranties of. merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The data in this document may not be altered or amended without special notification from Accurate. Technologies Inc Under no circumstances may any part of this document be copied reproduced transmitted. or translated into another language without the express written permission of Accurate Technologies Inc. Information in this document is subject to change without notice The names and designations used in this. document are trademarks or brands belonging to the respective owners Published in the U S A. PTCM V1 0 User Manual 3,Accurate Technologies Inc,Contact Information 2. Contents 4,1 PT2G Series Product List 5,2 System Description 6. 3 System Components 7,3 1 The Sensor Element 7, 3 2 Signal Conditioning Box for Power and Various Interfaces 7.
3 3 Standard Cables Pin Assignment 9,4 Connecting Options 10. 4 1 Standard Wiring 10,4 2 Other Connection Possibilities 11. 4 3 Vendor Dependent Connecting Options 12,5 Sensor Application 14. 6 Technical Data 15,6 1 Vane Number 16,6 2 Diagnostics 16. 6 3 Sensors Mechanical Demension 17,6 4 Technical Data for Specialists 18.
7 Calibration 19,7 1 PICOTURN CT PTCT 19,7 2 Technical Data 19. 7 3 Setup 20,7 4 Calibration process 20,7 5 Verification 21. 8 Miscellaneous 23,8 1 Last Changes 23,PTCM V1 0 User Manual 4. Accurate Technologies Inc,1 PT2G Series Product List. Part No Product Description, Intelligent sensors with integrated signal processing and TTL output.
Sensor length Diameter Cable length Temperature,thread length range sensor head. 1537 PT2G SM5 3 60 mm 54 mm M5 x 0 8 0 95 m 40 C to 230 C. 1591 PT2G SM5 5 46 mm 40 mm M5 x 0 8 0 95 m 40 C to 230 C. 1660 PT2G SM5 6 75 mm 69 mm M5 x 0 8 0 95 m 40 C to 230 C. 1590 PT2G SM5F 2 41 mm 25 mm M5 x 0 5 0 95 m 40 C to 230 C. 1538 PT2G SM5F 3 56 mm 40 mm M5 x 0 5 0 95 m 40 C to 230 C. 1666 PT2G SM5F 5 76 mm 60 mm M5 x 0 5 0 95 m 40 C to 230 C. New H types for higher temperature and higher sensitivity. 2185 PT2G H SM5 3 60 mm 54 mm M5 x 0 8 0 95 m 40 C to 250 C. 2224 PT2G H SM5 5 46 mm 40 mm M5 x 0 8 0 95 m 40 C to 250 C. 2225 PT2G H SM5 6 75 mm 69 mm M5 x 0 8 0 95 m 40 C to 250 C. 2202 PT2G H SM5F 2 41 mm 25 mm M5 x 0 5 0 95 m 40 C to 250 C. 2181 PT2G H SM5F 3 56 mm 40 mm M5 x 0 5 0 95 m 40 C to 250 C. 2182 PT2G H SM5F 5 76 mm 60 mm M5 x 0 5 0 95 m 40 C to 250 C. New H types 250 C peak temperature for 5 min higher sensitivity for use in critical applications. Signal Conditioning Boxes, 1526 PT2G BX Power supply and signal conditioning box with RS232 interface. 1527 PT2G BD Power supply and signal conditioning box with display. 890 PICOTURN CT Calibration device for PT2G BX BD signal conditioners. Accessories, 1771 PT2G XS 01 5 Adapter cable interconnecting 1 5 m long. 1569 PT2G XS 03 PT2G SM 3 m long, 1539 PT2G XS 05 sensor and PT2G Bx signal 5 m long. 1540 PT2G XS 10 conditioning 10 m long, 1541 PT2G C 2B Power supply cable 4 mm banana connectors 2 m length.
1542 PT2G C 2U Power supply cable open end 2 m long. 1659 PT2G C 2B 2BNC Combination cable for power supply and signals. 2 x BNC 2 x banana 4 mm long 3 m 3 6 m, 1543 PT2G X CT Cable interconnecting PT2G Bx box and PICOTURN CT. calibration device, 1767 PT2G X BNCM8 Cable connecting PT2G BD as a display box to a PTBM box. 1684 PT2G C CSM2M Cable connecting one PT2G sensor to a CNTMM counter. Mini module from CSM GmbH length 2m also available in 10 m. 1963 PT2G C Cable connecting two sensors PT2G to one E441 module from. ETAS E441 ETAS GmbH length 2 m, 1667 PT2G C IPTRKLM Cable connecting one PT2G sensor to an IPETRONIK SIM CNT. or M FRQ counter module, Please request directly from ETAS their part number is F 00K 107 568. PTCM V1 0 User Manual 5,Accurate Technologies Inc,2 System Description.
PICOTURN is a system for measuring the rotational speed of turbochargers Its functional principle is one. megahertz pulse induction and eddy current discrimination done with a solenoid sensor that is mounted in. the compressor housing through a bore The sensor detects and counts compressor vanes one by one When. compared to optical detection this inductive method benefits from its lack of sensitivity to dirt oil and dust. When compared to the magnetized nut method the PICOTURN system is safer as there is no concern with. nuts coming loose and destroying the charger and the engine When compared to a competing entirely analog. inductive vane counting system the fully digital PICOTURN device turns out to be rugged reliable simple to. use and very cost effective, Since 2001 PICOTURN in its original first generation has proven to have advantages in prototype vehicles and. on engine test benches It has been successfully used in passenger cars and in commercial vehicles Made up of. discrete electronic components it has been developed in a continuous improvement process up to its sixth. version PTBM V6 2 To continue the improvement it was necessary to achieve a higher degree of. integration by creating a dedicated CMOS integrated circuit ASIC and as a result of this chip the second. generation PICOTURN PT2G was developed, In the PT2G part of the remote electronics has now been placed close to the sensor body for under hood. operation Consequently cable length and placement of the box have ceased to be an issue Passenger car. engineers can now place the box in the trunk while commercial car engineers can now use a 10 meter cable. and loop it around the cabin hinge, A further advantage of this new second generation system is the wealth of interfaces available thus reducing. the number of devices and cables needed This is particularly useful in vehicles When used in a bi turbo. environment unique solutions occur that may be advantageous to many customers i e directly connecting. sensor elements to commercially available frequency counters providing two or more entry channels This. kind of counter solution is somewhat expensive so most customers are likely to prefer the inexpensive. dedicated PICOTURN conditioner box offered by ACAM The measuring chain will then comprise the sensor. element the box and two signal cables plus one supply cable Alternatively a combined cable may be used. that integrates the supply line A combi connector will then be used instead of the BNC connectors from the. first generation system which is also still available Furthermore the customer will choose between pulse. coded analog voltage coded or alphanumeric data output for alphanumeric opt for the RS 232 version of. As before the sensor solenoid is housed in a M5 threaded sleeve with two different pitches and various. lengths available The second generation system is no longer compatible with earlier first generation. components PTBM V1 to V6 First and second generation components must be handled separately Sensor. placement and system operation in general however remain unchanged. PTCM V1 0 User Manual 6,Accurate Technologies Inc,3 System Components. 3 1 The Sensor Element Molded body with ASIC based. electronics inside, AMP Superseal connector Teflon coated shielded cable currently.
Sensor body with standard M5 or fine,thread various lengths. Sensor part number code,Part No PT2G SM,3 2 Signal Conditioning Box for Power and Various. Interfaces, Like in the PICOTURN first generation system the conditioner electronics has been placed in a light gray. aluminum housing having the same BNC connectors and vane number selector as before The female supply. plugs have been removed for safety reasons Instead there is a 5 pole combination connector integrating. power supply and interfaces wired in parallel to the BNC connectors Last but not least the system still has a. diagnostics LED but with re defined signal codes Unlike the first generation system there is now an. integrated seven segment numeric display which has the option of being replaced by a computer connector. 9 pole D Sub RS 232 for numeric data output,PTCM V1 0 User Manual 7. Accurate Technologies Inc, LED for diagnostics LED 7 segment display for speed.
Part No PT2G BD Peak hold switch,Variant with display. Part No PT2G BX,Variant without,display but with,RS232 9 pole D Sub connector numeric interface. with RS 232,Backside both box variants,Number of vane code switch. 5 pole threaded plug connector for supply,input and for interface output wired in. parallel to the BNC outputs,3 pole threaded plug,connector for the sensor.
Output 2 BNC digital pulses Output 1 BNC analog,PTCM V1 0 User Manual 8. Accurate Technologies Inc,3 3 Standard Cables Pin Assignment. Supply cable with or without 5 mm banana plugs,2 meters in length. Part No PT2G C 2B or PT2G C 2U,M12 thread 5 pole combination connector. pin assignment exterior view of the box,Adapter cable between sensor element.
and conditioner box Length 1 5 meters to,Ref PT2G XS xx. xx length in meters 1 5 03 05 10,PTCM V1 0 User Manual 9. Accurate Technologies Inc,4 Connecting Options,4 1 Standard Wiring. This wiring corresponds to the well known PICOTURN first generation system. e g PT2G XS 03,e g PT2G SM5 3,e g PT2G C 2B Digital. Data logger,e g PT2G XS 03,e g PT2G SM5 3,e g PT2G C 2B.
Data logger,PTCM V1 0 User Manual 10,Accurate Technologies Inc. 4 2 Other Connection Possibilities,To computer via. RS 232 at D Sub 9 pole,To CAN bus,Via RS232 to CAN converter. PTCM V1 0 User Manual 11,Accurate Technologies Inc. 4 3 Vendor Dependent Connecting Options,4 3 1 ETAS.
www ETAS com,4 3 2 IPETRONIK,PT2G C IPTRKLM,PTCM V1 0 User Manual 12. Accurate Technologies Inc,www ipetronik com,www csm de. 4 3 4 ATI Accurate Technologies Inc,www accuratetechnologies com. PTCM V1 0 User Manual 13,Accurate Technologies Inc. 5 Sensor Application, Prior to the PICOTURN product installation be sure that the turbocharger is cool.
The sensor body should be mounted in,principle as indicated see sketch on the. right The compressor housing needs to be,removed Drill a hole into the case and cut a. thread according to the chosen sensor,housing Select the position of the hole so. that every vane both big and small will be,sensed Place the sensor directly in front of. the small vanes splitter vanes avoiding,the vicinity of their upper edge which could.
induce error into the system, The correct mounting position and method depends on the individual geometry and. characteristics of the turbocharger in use Contact the manufacturer of the. turbocharger for information about details on possible positions and correct. mounting instructions, IMPORTANT Make sure the tip of the sensor is approximately flush with the inside. contour of the housing Otherwise it may hit and damage the compressor wheel. Lock torque The sensor body is not a 5 millimeter bolt but merely a sleeve with. some 0 3 mm thick walls Apply only a fraction of the torque you would with a solid. bolt 0 3 Nm maximum finger force not fist force, Environment The sensor element with respect to its electronics and superseal connector has been designed. for under hood operation and is considered engine compartment tolerant. PTCM V1 0 User Manual 14,Accurate Technologies Inc. 6 Technical Data,Table 1 Sensor tip to compressor vane distance.
Maximum distance sensor vanes Passenger cars Commercial vehicles. PT2G Series Smart Sensor System for Turbocharger Speed Detection 2nd Generation User Manual Accurate Technologies Inc PTCM V1 0 User Manual 2 Contact Information Worldwide Offices United States 00 1 248 848 9200 sales us accuratetechnologies com support us accuratetechnologies com Japan 81 3 5325 6222 sales jp accuratetechnologies com support jp accuratetechnologies com China 86

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