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1 Staff contact details 2, Contact details and consultation times for course convenor 2. Contact details and consultation times for additional lecturers demonstrators lab staff 2. 2 Important links 2,3 Course details 2,Credit points 2. Contact hours 3,Summary and Aims of the course 3,Student learning outcomes 3. 4 Teaching strategies 4,5 Course schedule 5,6 Assessment 6. Assessment overview 6,Assignments 7,Presentation 7.
Submission 7,Examinations 7,Calculators 8, Special consideration and supplementary assessment 8. 7 Expected resources for students 8,Textbook 8,Other Reference Books 8. 8 Course evaluation and development 9,9 Academic honesty and plagiarism 9. 10 Administrative matters and links 10,Appendix A Engineers Australia EA Competencies 11. Course Outline MANF9472 1, Contact details and consultation times for course convenor.
Name Prof Sami Kara,Office location Room 301A Ainsworth Building. Tel 02 9385 5757,Email S Kara unsw edu au, Moodle https moodle telt unsw edu au login index php. Moodle discussion should be used for all course related communication For others email. should be used as an alternative, Contact details and consultation times for additional lecturers demonstrators lab staff. Name Dr Shiva Abdoli Additional Lecturer Demonstrator. Office Location Room 301 Ainsworth Building,Tel 02 9385 6851. Email s abdoli unsw edu au,Please see the course Moodle.
Lab Access,Computing Facilities,Student Resources,Course Outlines. Engineering Student Support Services Centre,Makerspace. UNSW Timetable,UNSW Handbook,UNSW Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. Credit points, This is a 6 unit of credit UoC course and involves 3 hours per week h w of face to face. The normal workload expectations of a student are approximately 25 hours per term for each. UOC including class contact hours other learning activities preparation and time spent on. all assessable work,Course Outline MANF9472 2, You should aim to spend about 9 h w on this course The additional time should be spent in.
making sure that you understand the lecture material completing the set assignments. further reading and revising for any examinations,Contact hours. Day Time Location,Lectures Monday 6pm 8pm Ainsworth 102. Demonstrations Monday 8pm 9pm Ainsworth 102, Please refer to your class timetable for the learning activities you are enrolled in and attend. only those classes,Summary and Aims of the course, This subject is primarily concerned with the efficient and effective management of materials. flow through manufacturing organisations in such a way that wastage particularly in the form. of excess inventory is reduced materials throughput time is sped up and customer. requirements are met in a timely manner, This course aims firstly to give students grounding in the basic issues confronting production.
managers today and secondly to present a set of possible solutions to those issues in light. of recent advances in computing and information technology. This course enables you to investigate the basic issue related to Production Planning and. Control which is how much of what material items to produce or order at what specific. times in order to satisfy customer demand in an optimal way The main thrust of this subject. is a study of the dynamics of how materials flow through a manufacturing organisation an. evaluation of the various production planning and control techniques available to optimise. this flow and how effective production planning and control can contribute to a company s. competitive advantage, This course introduces students to the dynamics of material flow through a manufacturing. system basic and advanced techniques of production planning and control and their. realisation within a factory simulation model as well as matching different approaches to. different manufacturing situations Therefore this course is an extension of the MANF6860. Manufacturing Strategy which mainly deals with long term strategic planning process. Student learning outcomes, This course is designed to address the learning outcomes below and the corresponding. Engineers Australia Stage 1 Competency Standards for Professional Engineers as shown. The full list of Stage 1 Competency Standards may be found in Appendix A. Course Outline MANF9472 3, After successfully completing this course you should be able to. EA Stage 1,Learning Outcome,Competencies, Understand the strategic implications of the Production. Planning and Control PPC,Understand the concepts demand management.
2 forecasting and the link between demand management PE1 1 PE2 2. Understand the main PPC systems and appreciate the. 3 PE1 1 PE2 2,importance of capacity planning, Understand the importance of controlling production. 4 PE1 1 PE2 2,activities, This course is included to give you the skills to appreciate and carry out the production. planning in a manufacturing environment The content reflects my experience as a lecturer. as well as my practical experience as a production manager in manufacturing environment. and practical examples drawn from that experience are used throughout the lectures and. Effective learning is supported when you are actively engaged in the learning process and. by a climate of enquiry and these are both an integral part of the lectures and. demonstrations, You become more engaged in the learning process if you can see the relevance of your. studies to professional disciplinary and or personal contexts and the relevance is shown in. the lectures and assignments by way of examples drawn from industry. Dialogue is encouraged between you others in the class and the lecturers Diversity of. experiences is acknowledged as some students in each class have prior industry. experience Your experiences are drawn on to illustrate various aspects and this helps to. increase motivation and engagement, It is expected that assignments will be marked and handed back in the week following. submission You will have feedback and discussion while fresh in your mind to improve the. learning experience,Course Outline MANF9472 4,Week Topic Location Suggested Readings.
Lecture Slides and,Introduction demand management,1 Ainsworth 102 relevant chapter in the. and forecasting techniques,2 Public Holiday,Lecture Slides and. 3 Sales and Operation Planning Ainsworth 102 relevant chapter in the. Lecture Slides and,Enterprise Resource Planning,4 Ainsworth 102 relevant chapter in the. Lecture Slides and, 5 Inventory Management Ainsworth 102 relevant chapter in the. Lecture Slides and, 6 Master Production Scheduling Ainsworth 102 relevant chapter in the.
Lecture Slides and,Material and Distribution,7 Ainsworth 102 relevant chapter in the. Requirements Planning,Lecture Slides and, 8 Just In Time Ainsworth 102 relevant chapter in the. Lecture Slides and, 9 Capacity Planning and Utilization Ainsworth 102 relevant chapter in the. Lecture Slides and, 10 Production Scheduling Ainsworth 102 relevant chapter in the. 11 Playing Production Planning Game TBA N A,Course Outline MANF9472 5.
Assessment overview,Project Learning Due date and,Deadline for. Assessment 4 Length Weight outcomes Assessment criteria submission Marks returned. absolute fail,Students assessed requirements,Assignment will be. released on Week, Individual Lecture material from week Monday 24 Two weeks after the. No 1500 words 10 1 and 2 1 and will be due,assignment 1 1 and 2 June submission. on week 3 during,the lecture,Assignment will be,released on Week.
Individual Lecture material from week Monday 29 Two weeks after the. No 1500 words 20 3 and 4 4 and will be due,assignment 2 4 to 6 July submission. on week 8 during,the lecture,Lecture material from week Two weeks after the. Mid session Test No 90min 35 1 2 and 3 During the week 9 N A. 1 to 8 test,Group Assignment,will be carried out,on Week 10 in the. Group Lecture material from week Sunday 1 Two weeks after the. Yes 4 5000 words 35 1 2 3 4 classroom and the,assignment 1 to 9 September test. report will be due,on Friday the 25,August 2019,Course Outline MANF9472 6.
Assignments, Further information about the assessments and the assessment criteria will be provided on. Presentation, All non electronic submissions should have a standard School cover sheet which is. available from this course s Moodle page, All submissions are expected to be neat and clearly set out Your results are the pinnacle of. all your hard work and should be treated with due respect Presenting results clearly gives. the marker the best chance of understanding your method even if the numerical results are. Submission, Work submitted late without an approved extension by the course coordinator or delegated. authority is subject to a late penalty of 20 percent 20 of the maximum mark possible for. that assessment item per calendar day, The late penalty is applied per calendar day including weekends and public holidays that.
the assessment is overdue There is no pro rata of the late penalty for submissions made. part way through a day, Work submitted after the deadline for absolute fail is not accepted and a mark of zero will. be awarded for that assessment item, For some assessment items a late penalty may not be appropriate These are clearly. indicated in the course outline and such assessments receive a mark of zero if not. completed by the specified date Examples include, a Weekly online tests or laboratory work worth a small proportion of the subject mark. b Online quizzes where answers are released to students on completion or. c Professional assessment tasks where the intention is to create an authentic. assessment that has an absolute submission date or. d Pass Fail assessment tasks, Marking guidelines for assignment submissions will be provided at the same time as. assignment details to assist with meeting assessable requirements Submissions will be. marked according to the marking guidelines provided. Examinations, You must be available for all tests and examinations Final examinations for each course are.
held during the University examination periods February for Summer Term May for T1. Course Outline MANF9472 7,August for T2 and November December for T3. Please visit myUNSW for Provisional Examination timetable publish dates. For further information on exams please see the Exams webpage. Calculators, You will need to provide your own calculator of a make and model approved by UNSW for. the examinations The list of approved calculators is available at. student unsw edu au exam approved calculators and computers. It is your responsibility to ensure that your calculator is of an approved make and model and. to obtain an Approved sticker for it from the Engineering Student Supper Services Centre. prior to the examination Calculators not bearing an Approved sticker will not be allowed. into the examination room, Special consideration and supplementary assessment. If you have experienced an illness or misadventure beyond your control that will interfere. with your assessment performance you are eligible to apply for Special Consideration prior. to submitting an assessment or sitting an exam, Please note that UNSW now has a Fit to Sit Submit rule which means that if you sit an. exam or submit a piece of assessment you are declaring yourself fit enough to do so and. cannot later apply for Special Consideration, For details of applying for Special Consideration and conditions for the award of.
supplementary assessment please see the information on UNSW s Special Consideration. Vollman T E Berry W L Whybark D C Jacobs F R Manufacturing Planning. Control for Supply Chain Management McGraw Hill 2005. Other Reference Books, Russel R S and Taylor B W 2000 Operations Management Third edition Prentice. Hall Inc New York, Other available literature in the area of production and operations management in the library. can be used for certain topics, UNSW Library website https www library unsw edu au. Moodle https moodle telt unsw edu au login index php. Course Outline MANF9472 8, Feedback on the course is gathered periodically using various means including the UNSW. myExperience process informal discussion in the final class for the course and the School s. Student Staff meetings Your feedback is taken seriously and continual improvements are. made to the course based in part on such feedback, In this course recent improvements resulting from student feedback include 1 scheduling a.
smaller classroom so that the microphone is not required 2 preparing more challenging. tutorial questions and 3 providing more feedback for assignments. UNSW has an ongoing commitment to fostering a culture of learning informed by academic. integrity All UNSW students have a responsibility to adhere to this principle of academic. integrity Plagiarism undermines academic integrity and is not tolerated at UNSW Plagiarism. at UNSW is defined as using the words or ideas of others and passing them off as your own. Plagiarism is a type of intellectual theft It can take many forms from deliberate cheating to. accidentally copying from a source without acknowledgement UNSW has produced a. website with a wealth of resources to support students to understa. system basic and advanced techniques of production planning and control and their realisation within a factory simulation model as well as matching different approaches to different manufacturing situations Therefore this course is an extension of the MANF6860 Manufacturing Strategy which mainly deals with long term strategic planning process

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