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Welcome The Benefits to you of our Services,We have been developing Consulting Service. and producing light,We provide you with a professional consulting. storing pigments that,service on the subject of safety guidance mar. glow in the dark for,kings whether within a safety guidance system. over 30 years,or simply for marking your egress routes For.
It is important to us, many years we have been tracking changes in standards and. not only to reach high, laws and can guide you through all the provisions We will be. luminance values but, happy to inform you on necessary viewing distances when to. also to protect our, use which sign shape or which luminance is sufficient for your. environment Our, requirements We can also provide you with relevant excerpts.
products are non toxic, of the rules and regulations Rely on us and give our specia. free of phosphor flame,lists a call at 49 5101 9263 26. retardant and they work, without electricity The purpose of our products is. to save lives in emergencies,Order Service,Every company has to alert of possible dangers. according to the prevailing safety regulations With Catalog products can be ordered quick and ea. Permalight s photoluminescent warning markings you sily We do not have a minimum order quantity. achieve double protection The eye catching marking and a 3 weeks return policy Order either by. prevents unnecessary work accidents and at the same phone during office hours from 8 am to 5 pm or. time functions as emergency lighting in the dark online around the clock at www permalight com. We look forward to assist you and help you find the. most suitable solution for your individual requirements. Estimation Service,Because of the many different options to con.
Your Permalight team sider it may not always be possible to order. right away If you decide too quickly for certain,markings this may lead to higher costs than ne. cessary In those cases take advantage of our estimation ser. vice Let us know about the marking issues you encountered. We will then evaluate the different options and will provide. you with non binding estimates This way you can decide for. the most suitable and safest solution,Sample Service. You can obtain samples of all our base materi,als and luminance values You will be amazed. by the intense luminance and can find out,which luminance is best for your requirements. Should the standard luminance values in the catalog not be. sufficient for your purposes we can custom fabricate special. products with higher luminance values for you Should you. have any questions please give us a call,Reliable orientation in emergencies.
Delivery Service,Escape Route Signs page 8,We deliver our catalog products as fast as. possible without minimum order quantity Fire Protection Signs page 18. Accessories page 24,Printing Service page 26,Installation Service. Our trained team of installers will complete,your installations in a professional and timely. manner We also offer mock ups upon request,or train your in house stuff in doing proper in. stallations that meet all standard requirements,Safety with Permalight Request now.
We know that companies vary greatly so we respond, to your specific requirements and create a service quotation. that is tailored precisely to you,Phone 49 0 5101 9263 26. www permalight com,Complete your,safety guidance system. Permalight for the sake of the environment 3,Our base materials. Self Adhesive PVC film Stainless Steel, The classic for all stickers and adhesive signs The self adhesive soft Ideal for areas with heavy load Stainless steel is an alloy of iron.
PVC is quick and easy to install It is especially suitable for indoors chrome nickel molybdenum and manganese Starting at 13. You will achieve optimal adhesion on smooth and clean surfaces chrome the steel can be considered stainless By adding nickel. the steel has a better resistance against acids We are using this. material mostly for our stair markings Especially suitable for. surfaces with heavy load,Rigid PVC Plates Acrylic, These rigid PVC plates are often used for safety markings The most elegant of our base materials Especially for representati. They have an outstanding durability and are extremely resilient ve areas Egress path signs on acrylic look elegant and fulfil their. Easy to adhere and screw and suitable for indoors applications purpose at the same time We also offer high end egress maps. on acrylic,Aluminum Epoxy Resin, This base material is especially durable and resistant Aluminum Our photoluminescent epoxy resin is the ideal solution for. is made of bauxite and has very positive characteristics Weather guidance markings in areas with extremely high mechanical and. resistance high tensile strength and very light weight Aluminum chemical load Well suitable for areas with high forklift traffic. can be applied indoors as well as outdoors It has an integrated It is very durable on clean roughened surfaces such as concrete. protective layer that protects from corrosion Aluminum is also or epoxy coated floors. relatively unsensitive to heat and mechanical load. Reliable orientation in emergencies,Our luminance qualities. class E Not all light is equal, class D We know that not every guidance system is suitable for every single. class C building and every room We can help you select the appropriate. class B luminance class We offer an extensive range of products with. various luminance classes and materials, class A We have suitable markings for your requirement For sure.
Luminance Quality Lighting situation Application area best suitable for Luminance Decay time Specifications. 10 min 60 min DIN 67510,A Permalight,Bright areas with permanent lighting or daylight. e g office rooms with windows,23 3 mcd m2,approx 6 h. 23 3 mcd m,B Permalight, Areas with constant lighting during operation time. in such office rooms dangerous spots can be recognized. without difficulty, Areas with damped or only temporary lighting Required. for all buildings that are subject to ASR3 4 3 hospitals. 55 8 mcd m2,approx 16 h,50 7 mcd m,C Permalight, nursing homes airports department stores large hotels.
power plants event locations Industry factory halls. warehouses production areas hallways machinery rooms. etc according to ASR 7 3 min 50 Lux constant, lighting 4 000 K exitatory light during utilisation. 150 22 mcd m2,approx 35 h,140 20 mcd m,D Permalight. For areas with poor lighting and specific requirements. on safety Special solutions in accordance with ASR ships. tunnels abroad etc For internal demands of the client. 300 45 mcd m,approx 56 h,260 35 mcd m, For special surroundings with very low lighting or only. very short excitation intervals such as tunnels under 5700 min. 520 70 mcd m 520 70 mcd m, ground crossing subways etc For special solutions in approx 95 h. Permalight,cooperation with the client,S Permalight.
Individual solutions for all special cases, Our light storing products are non toxic non radioactive lead free. depending on requirement,Ask our specialists,highly flame retardant and free from phosphorus. You are not only responsible,for what you do,but also for what you do not do. Laotse 3 or 4 century BC, Sign Shapes The shape of a sign is crucial to the recognition of the sign. By using the proper shape the message of the sign can be intensified. Flat signs L shaped signs, Flat signs are especially suitable for frontal markings L shaped signs are the ideal solution for long hall.
which makes them excellent components inside a ways The message is well visible in a 90 degree. safety guidance system They angle from both sides L shaped. diffuse the light in a 90 degree signs protrude into the room. angle which allows for good and therefore are easily recog. visibility within the system nizable on rather long distances. V shaped signs Ceiling mounted signs double sided print. V shaped signs diffuse light in an 180 degree angle Ceiling mounted signs convey their message in an. in the dark so they easily catch the attention of the 180 degree angle and are primarily used in long. occupants V shaped signs are hallways close to the exit doors. recommended for large rooms,Safe orientation in emergencies. Viewing distances,Excerpt of the ASR A1 3, ASR A1 3 gives the following guidelines for sign viewing distances. Size in mm 100 200 300 400,Viewing distance 4m 8m 12 m 16 m. Size in mm 100 x 100 200 x 200 300 x 300 400 x 400. Viewing distance 10 m 20 m 30 m 40 m, Acrylic Signs appealing look for your egress routes. Due to the appealing design acrylic safety markings are perfectly suitable for representative areas The modern material. makes your signs shine and turns them into an eyecatcher indoors and outdoors Acrylic signs are clear shock and. shatterproof and will be delivered including high quality aluminum accessories. Escape Route Signs,Provide reliable orientation in emergencies.
Egress route signs are essential in a safety guidance system During emergencies they. direct escaping people in the right direction and the quickest way out of the hazar. dous area Therefore they have to function at all times especially during blackouts. You will always be on the safe side with Permalight s photoluminescent signs Our pro. ducts work without any electricity and provide the best possible orientation due to their high luminance over extended. periods of time Our signs are non toxic free of phosphorus and flame retardant which is an important topic in the fire. safety area And of course we always supply according to the latest standards. What s special is that we can offer different luminance values for all signs This way you can equip all your rooms. matching the individual light conditions We will be pleased to assist you give us a call. Reliable for,best orientation,Without obligations,call our experts at. 49 0 5101 9263 26,ASR A1 3 DIN 67510 ASR A1 3 DIN 67510. Emergency route left Emergency route right, luminance dimensions mm material article no luminance dimensions mm material article no. class C 200 x 100 aluminum 86 40147 class C 200 x 100 aluminum 86 40167. aluminum self adhesive 86 40457 aluminum self adhesive 86 40427. class C 297 x 148 aluminum 86 41297 class C 297 x 148 aluminum 86 41307. aluminum self adhesive 86 41467 aluminum self adhesive 86 41427. class C 347 x 198 acrylic 86 42075 class C 347 x 198 acrylic 86 42065. Find information on luminance values on page 5 9,Escape Route Signs according to ASR A1 3. Emergency route bottom right luminance dimensions mm material article no. Emergency exit right class C 200 x 100 aluminum 86 40177. aluminum self adhesive 86 40437, ASR A1 3 DIN 67510 class C 297 x 148 aluminum 86 41767.
aluminum self adhesive 86 41437,class C 347 x 198 acrylic 86 42085. Emergency route bottom left luminance dimensions mm material article no. Emergency exit left class C 200 x 100 aluminum 86 40157. aluminum self adhesive 86 40467, ASR A1 3 DIN 67510 class C 297 x 148 aluminum 86 41287. aluminum self adhesive 86 41777,class C 347 x 198 acrylic 86 42095. Emergency route top right luminance dimensions mm material article no. Emergency exit right class C 200 x 100 aluminum 86 40377. aluminum self adhesive 86 40447, ASR A1 3 DIN 67510 class C 297 x 148 aluminum 86 41447. aluminum self adhesive 86 41457, Emergency route top left luminance dimensions mm material article no.
Emergency exit left class C 200 x 100 aluminum 86 40387. aluminum self adhesive 86 40477, ASR A1 3 DIN 67510 class C 297 x 148 aluminum 86 41787. aluminum self adhesive 86 41797,V shaped Emergency route sign. DIN 4844 E009 DIN 4844 E001 luminance dimensions mm material article no. DIN 4844 E010 DIN 4844 E001 class C 400 x 200 aluminum 86 40197. ASR A1 3 DIN 67510,visible from any perspective, Double sided Emergency route sign luminance dimensions mm material article no. DIN 4844 E009 DIN 4844 E001 class C 297 x 148 aluminum 86 43877. DIN 4844 E010 DIN 4844 E001 class C 400 x 200 aluminum 86 40187. ASR A1 3 DIN 67510 class C 600 x 300 aluminum 86 41277. Individual Print Services, Our product range includes all relevant egress signs according to ASR A1 3. ISO 7010 DIN 4844 and DIN 67510 as well as a large selection of field. proven signs,You could not find what you were looking for.
Not a problem We fabricate individual marking products according to your. specifications such as signs according to international standards different. luminance values or a text of your choice, Read more on our individual print services on page 26. Escape Route Signs according to ASR A1 3, Emergency route right luminance dimensions mm material article no. only in combination with direction indicator class C 100 x 100 aluminum 86 40067. aluminum self adhesive 86 40487, luminance dimensions mm material article no class C 148 x 148 aluminum 86 40767. class B 148 x 148 foil 86 11871 aluminum self adhesive 86 40777. PVC 86 11884 class C 200 x 200 aluminum 86 40077, ASR A1 3 DIN 67510 class B 200 x 200 foil 86 11891 aluminum self adhesive 86 40497. PVC 86 11904 class C 300 x 300 aluminum 86 41317,aluminum 86 11917 aluminum self adhesive 86 41477.
Emergency route left luminance dimensions mm material article no. 10 EscapeRouteSignsaccordingtoASRA1 3 luminance dimensions mm material articleno classC 297 x148 aluminum 86 43877 classC 400 x200 aluminum 86 40187 classC 600

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