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Every Naim product is conceived designed and engineered. entirely in service of the sound revealing a pure experience. of music that is as close as possible to its original live source. We believe that the exploration 4 Technology,of sound is an adventure that rewards. you with a clarity and connection We constantly strive for new and. that becomes more powerful the innovative ways to achieve our goals. deeper you travel within it integrating sophisticated electronic. Which is why every element design and software development. within our systems is crafted to create with mechanical engineering and. a silence around the sound reducing acoustics to deliver a truly advanced. any interference between you and the sonic experience. intention of the artist, We achieve this through tireless By managing the relationship between. attention to four fundamentals in these four pillars of engineering we. our engineering enable our listeners to hear every. single note in equal measure and,1 Space transcend from audio sound to. musical performance We call this, We give each of the critical unique and emotive transmission. components their own environment the Voice of Naim it s our signature. omitting outside or toxic interference our calling card. which means no compromise on the This voice has been carefully. purity of sound engineered across our product portfolio. and crafted to take you the listener, 2 Circuitry deeper through this journey into music.
from the excellent entry level Mu so, We minimise any interplay between wireless range through to the ultimate. the internal levels so that you can listening investment in our Marque. simultaneously enjoy both the quiet and reference Statement separates. and the loud as originally intended,Let the voice of Naim take you. 3 Purposeful Materiality inside the music Go Deeper. We use materials that excel in,performance not just appearance. Deconstructed the NDS Network Player,features 620 individual parts constructed by. highly skilled technicians to deliver Naim s,trademark pace rhythm and timing.
The Naim Audio Story,Naim founder Julian Vereker MBE 1945 2000. was a successful racing car driver self taught engineer. and entrepreneur with a deep passion for music,Spending his spare time listening to the greatest. artists of the 1960s and 70s as well as his own friends. playing live Julian found the performance of playback at. home fell woefully short in almost every area that matters. Not content with second best he set A First Start The NAP 200 Classic Advertising. about designing his own amplifiers at Capital Radio Power Amplifier. As Naim Audio grew in, and loudspeakers completely unaware Julian won a contract to Our first consumer popularity through the. that he was laying the foundations for supply then start up radio product for home use 70s and early 80s the. a range of iconic and award winning station Capital Radio was launched the NAP team decided to grab the. hi fi products that would reach well into with audio equipment 200 power amplifier attention of the press and. the next century Julian had no ideas Originally designed in public with a series of. of fame or fortune he simply wanted 1971 its descendant power tongue in cheek adverts. to experience music replayed in its amplifiers still aim for. the same performance,truest and purest possible form. goals of pace rhythm,These were our founding values and timing.
in 1973 and they continue to fuel,every aspect of our progress today. The technology we use to achieve,our aims will always change and. evolve with time but our ultimate,goal remains the same to bring our. listeners a deeper and more intense,experience of their music. 1972 1973 1973 1974 1980,Naim Audio The NAC 12 Preamplifier.
Officially Founded,With a network of,Following the success of dedicated independent. Capital Radio Naim Audio retailers now on board in. was officially incorporated the U K the NAC 12,in 1973 with Julian Vereker our first production. and his co founder Shirley preamplifier was, Julian Vereker MBE 1945 2000 Clarke as Directors launched. The CDS CD Player NAP 500 Power Amplifier Statement Reference New Uniti. Amplification System Streaming Platform,Like so many Naim Audio After several years in. products the design development the new The idea for an entirely new kind Following in the footsteps. of our first CD player flagship Naim Audio NAP of amplifier was conceived by of our groundbreaking. the CDS flew in the face 500 power amplifier was our engineers over a decade ago original Uniti range new. of conventional wisdom born and with it the new and development began in 2011 Uniti has been built from. industrial design aesthetic The objective was to set a new the ground up by Naim. that would redefine Naim reference standard in high end engineers. Audio for the 21st century audio and music reproduction. The range features a new, The result is Statement Three industrial design aesthetic.
years of relentless questioning brand new streaming. iterative design and a point blank platform and a host of new. refusal to accept no as an answer features,1983 1991 1993 2000 2008 2014 2014 2017. Naim Mu so Wireless,Music System, NAIT Integrated Amplifier Naim Records is Born Naim for Bentley. Naim Audio launches, Naim Audio s first Created by Naim Two brands with its first complete wireless music. integrated amplifier founder Julian Vereker a distinguished British system Mu so offering real. the NAIT was introduced Naim Records combined heritage and a passion versatility and performance. This iconic little integrated his love for music with for engineering excellence alongside multiroom capability. amp sounded quite unlike his quest to deliver share an 18 month 2016 saw the launch of Mu so s. any other integrated of its the best sound quality development project to charismatic little brother Mu so. day and set a trend for so from the studio to the produce the Naim for Qb our new compact wireless. called super integrateds listening room Bentley in car system music system. Which Naim is Right for You, Discovering which Naim system is right for you will illustrate. the boundless potential of Naim Whether you are new to. the world of high fidelity audio or are a seasoned audiophile. we have the perfect system to take you deeper into the music. As you move through our ranges Naim legendary NAIT integrated amplifiers. core functionality is retained but the It s a ticket to the kind of performance. sound experience becomes increasingly only separates can bring. immersive your music suddenly has If the ND5 XS gets you front. more depth and detail the power seat access then the NDS reference. to move you and create an intrinsic network player is your VIP pass to all. connection with the music your favourite artists It was designed. Your journey into the Naim family and engineered for pure performance. starts with the Mu so range Mu so and when partnered with separate pre. and the new Mu so Qb complete power amplifiers and power supplies. wireless music systems which draw on from our Marque Separates ranges. the digital signal processing expertise Classic and 500 Series makes for an. developed for the Naim for Bentley awe inspiring experience surpassed. in car audio system Both Mu so and only by the flagship Statement. Mu so Qb feature innovative speaker amplification system. design and powerful digital signal From an all in one system to full. processing Whether as an extra room separates hi fi Naim s uncompromising. system for the Naim enthusiast or the attitude to engineering enables you to. perfect introduction to the company s hear every single note in equal measure. digital audio technology the and go deeper into the music. Mu so family offers real versatility,with performance.
For those that crave more,a first step into two channel hi fi is. the place to go with the Uniti range,of all in one players Uniti Star sits. at the centre of a range of products,that feature full Naim streaming. functionality alongside integrated,amplifiers inspired by our iconic NAIT. integrated amplifier design If you love,your silver discs Uniti Star also houses.
a CD player with ripping capability,and local storage options just add. The next stage up in terms of,musical performance is the move to. a Naim integrated player The ND5 XS,is a dedicated network player that. takes the lead in an attractive dual,system when used with one of Naim s. All in One System,Range Mu so,All in One System,Range Mu so.
All in One Player,Range Uniti,All in One Player,Range Uniti. Integrated Player,Ranges SI and XS,Integrated Player. Ranges SI and XS,Marque Separates,Ranges Classic 500 and Statement. Marque Separates,Ranges Classic 500 and Statement, Source Preamplifier Power Amplifier Power Supply Loudspeakers. Source Preamplifier Power Amplifier Power Supply Loudspeakers. Your Digital Music, We are always looking for the best ways to enhance our digital.
audio Streaming speaks directly to the Naim music first. philosophy in enabling the discovery of exciting new artists. albums and performances to become a daily experience. This is where your digital world begins,Naim defined the new world of digital Naim App. music playback with the HDX hard disk, server player in 2008 and since then We ve long argued the case for. we have been refining our network simplicity Simpler hi fi sounds better. music technology and expanding our is easier to use and ultimately more. range of ways to bring top quality rewarding to live with The Naim. music to your system Ripping and Audio app available on iOS and. serve technologies are key to this Android devices provides simple yet. development process our new Uniti comprehensive control over both your. Core offers bit perfect ripping and the music and the network connected Naim. ability to serve music to a wide range of Audio components used to play it. compatible devices You can adjust volume skip pause and. If you are a fan of streaming play tracks scroll through album art. Naim has a constantly evolving feature create playlists and store favourite radio. set that will make the most of your stations to be easily accessed later. collection The latest addition is,Google s Chromecast Built In streaming. service This smart new streaming,service creates a seamless link to. hundreds of supported apps from your,smartphone or tablet and streams.
directly to your Uniti system,It joins a formidable arsenal of. connectivity features that include,UPnP streaming at up to 24bit 192kHz. resolution Spotify Connect TIDAL,internet radio Bluetooth aptX and a. plethora of wired digital and analogue,Your gateway to this world lies. with the Naim app for iOS and Android,Available to download free on your.
smartphone or tablet it offers complete,control of Naim streaming products. with all the playback and browsing,options you could wish for. UPnP Streaming Chromecast Built In New Uniti Only, Stream music from a PC Mac or network attached A new addition is native support for Chromecast. storage in high resolution better than CD quality Built In This smart new streaming service creates a. seamless link to hundreds of supported apps from, Spotify Connect your smartphone or tablet and streams directly to. new Uniti systems,Native support for Spotify to stream millions.
of songs from your portable device,Multiroom Ready. TIDAL Play music between any combination,of our streaming products in up to five. The lossless streaming service is integrated rooms of your home Choose the same song. into the system for an immersive high quality in beat perfect sync or play different music. sound experience in different rooms all via the Naim App. Internet Radio File Format Support, Access thousands of internet radio stations Play back lossless music files in WAV FLAC. and save your favourite presets for easy access AIFF and ALAC format or stream MP3 AAC and. Ogg Vorbis DSD playback is also available for our, Bluetooth aptX range of DAC s and Uniti all in one players. Pair with a Bluetooth device to instantly, play your music Also compatible with aptX HDMI ARC New Uniti Only.
for high performance audio where supported New for Uniti is an HDMI ARC Audio Return Channel. by the device connecting to your system connection so you can easily connect your TV to. experience audiophile sound quality from your, AirPlay favourite film or game optional on Uniti Atom. Stream music from your iPhone iPad or iPod, touch or from iTunes and Apple Music Wireless Updates. Over the air updates via the Naim app will enable you. USB to update your system at the touch of a button. Play music from your MP3 players USB sticks,and NAS drives. Digital Input Optical,Boost audio from digital sources such as TVs. set top boxes CD players or games consoles,All in One System.
Mu so and Mu so Qb are Naim s first wireless music. systems Finely tuned by our specialist engineers in England. they deliver an exceptional quality in sound Both are driven. by powerful digital brains and fitted with custom designed. speakers for a musical experience that has to be heard. to be believed,Connect Mu so or Mu so Qb to your,network via Ethernet or Wi Fi to open. of sound is an adventure that rewards you with a clarity and connection that becomes more powerful the deeper you travel within it Which is why every element within our systems is crafted to create a silence around the sound reducing any interference between you and the intention of the artist We achieve this through tireless attention to four fundamentals in our engineering 1 Space

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