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The Khalipha Mfundi workbooks have been produced to fulfil the need for material. for isiZulu as a first additional language The books range from Grade 1 to 12. They are based on the curriculum and vocabulary proposed by the Zulu User. Group and incorporates the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement CAPS. CAPS represents a policy statement for learning and teaching in South African. schools It replaces the National Curriculum Statement NCS of 2002 2003 and. Thinking and Reasoning and Language Structure which were part of the old. NCS National Curriculum Statement are now integrated into all 4 language skills. listening speaking reading and writing,Grades 1 to 3 The Foundation Phase. The main skills in the First Additional Language curriculum are. Listening and speaking,Reading and phonics,Writing and handwriting. Grades 4 to 6 The Intermediate Phase,The main skills in the First Additional Language. curriculum are,Listening and speaking,Reading and viewing. Writing and presenting,Grades 7 to 9 The Senior Phase.
The First Additional Language curriculum is packaged according to the following. Listening and speaking,ukulalela nokukhuluma,Reading and viewing. Writing and presenting,Language structures and conventions. Grade 10 to12 FET Further Education Training,The curriculum is organized according to the. following skills content and strategies,Listening and speaking. Ukulalela nokukhuluma,Reading and viewing,Ukufunda nokubukela.
Writing and presenting,Ukubhala nokwethula,Language structures and conventions. Izakhiwo nezimiso zokusetshenziswa kolimi,Masifunde Readers. These readers are A5 in size are stapled have a full colour glossy cover with the. inside pages in black and white,Primary School Grade 1 to 7. The Masifunde readers are simple readers, Thesy are available in 5 different levels that increase in difficulty. Levels 1 to 4 contain two questions per page a vocabulary list and summative. Level 5 contains longer passages of text with an increased level of grammar. They are suitable from about grade 4,There are 14 titles available.
Umndeni wami My family, In this reader you will learn a little bit about Thabiso and each. member of his family You will then be able to refer to each. member of your family in isiZulu,Sithengani What do we buy. This reader will teach you basic phrases that you can use when. going to the shops You will be able to happily push your trolley. and refer to the basic items in isiZulu,Ilanga likaThemba Themba s Day. This reader follows a day in the life of Themba Join him as he. wakes up gets dressed goes to school comes home plays. with his toys and then goes back to bed in the evening. Uhamba ngani How do you travel, This reader will teach you how to refer to different modes. of transport in isiZulu It will also teach you how to refer to. some of the places you are going to,Emtholampilo At the clinic.
Thando is sick and needs to go to the clinic As she spends. a few days at the clinic she will meet the doctor get to eat. supper in bed and meet a friend in the play area,Epulazini On the farm. Get out of town and learn about life on the farm In this reader. you will learn about the different animals and equipment. found on the farm,Ekilasini In the classroom, This reader will take you through a typical day at school You. will join the children as they learn Maths use their stationery. and play in the playgrounds,Izulu lingani How is the weather. When we run out of things to say we always talk about the. weather This reader will teach you how to refer to the different. weather conditions in isiZulu,Ngempelasonto On the weekend. John really enjoys his weekends Join him as he shops goes to. see a movie enjoys some fishing plays golf takes his dog for a. walk works out at the gym and visits the zoo,UTommy ugibela ibhasi Tommy rides the bus.
Join Tommy as he takes his first ride on a big noisy bus See who. he meets along the way and how he enjoys his experience. UCaitlin umenyiwe ephathini Caitlin is invited to a party. Caitlin is invited to Gugu s party Can she find something. to wear Follow Caitlin as she goes through a typical social. experience and has to deal with the consequences of her. Omfana ogangile The naughty boy, Mduduzi does not want to study at school until a visit from his. hero gets him thinking,Abangane bakaThembi Thembi s friends. Meet Thembi her boyfriend Matthew and her friends Nombuso. Jabulani Zo Nhlakanipho and Khanyi,UThabo uthandani What does Thabo like. Meet Thabo Buthelezi He is a proudly South African energetic. 13 year old boy who fills his time with all his favourite activities. In this reader you will find out what Thabo likes,High School Readers Grade 8 to 12. Kumnandi Ukufunda, This reader has been compiled with stories suitable in content.
and grammar for Grade 7 pupils,It has eight different two page stories. A reader containing short paragraphs and stories suitable for. grade 8 and 9 learners,The various themes include, Izingane nokukhula Ukuziphatha Usugar daddy Ukukhulelwa. Ukuphuza nokusebenzisa izidakamizwa Unyaka 2010, Amaqhawe aseNingizimu Afrika Imfundo i social grant. yokubhekelwa kwezingane eziyizintandane,I Dayari yeNhlakanipho. A reader suitable for grade 8 and 9 learners, Nhlakanipho is a typical 15 year old boy attending a suburbian.
school His parents get divorced and to deal with his emotional. turmoil his councillor advises him to keep a diary Follow his. thoughts and feelings as he overcomes his anger and teenage. This reader is printed in full colour,These books are A4 in size and are ring bound. Masixoxe Dialogue Book, Dialogues at a high school level featuring themes appropriate. for teenagers,ISBN 978 1 920450 25 0,Lalelani Kahle Listening Comprehensions. This book is aimed at primary school learners It contains simple. 5 to 6 line passages with True or False or multiple choice ques. tions Passages are read twice by a mother tongue speaker. and then the learners are given typed questions, All questions have marks allocated so these can be used as. ISBN 978 1 920450 26 7,Thola amagama Word Searches.
This puzzle book contains word searches of varying levels. Useful for teaching vocabulary but also for advanced learners. who move through class work faster,An answer book is also available for the teacher. ISBN 978 1 920450 27 4,Amaphazeli Puzzles, A puzzle book featuring crossword puzzles match the columns. riddles iziphicaphicwano and other word games,Great for when you just want a fun lesson. The teacher can copy these for her classes,ISBN 978 1 920450 28 1. Funda ngokudweba Picture dictionary, This vocabulary book allows little ones to colour while they.
Words are arranged in themes,ISBN 978 1 920450 29 8. Funda ngokubuka Pictures and questions, A book that uses pictures not passages and asks questions. Good to use for oral exercises,Suitable for high school. ISBN 978 1 920450 30 4,Amagama amasha Beginner s Wordlist. A helpful vocabulary list which will assist learners to build up a. basic vocabulary, Contains all commonly used verbs nouns in themes common.
ly used adverbs and conjunctions,Themes include clothes food nature and objects. ISBN 978 1 920450 31 1,Amagama amasha Advanced Wordlist. Similar to the beginner s list but with themes suitable for a. higher level for example politics crime social issues problems. teen issues and travel,ISBN 978 1 920450 32 8,Uhlelo Grammar Workbook. This workbook revises all grammar from grade 8 11 and in. cludes many exercises as well as questions from old exam. papers With many practice exercises this is a very useful tool. to work through before tackling the finals or just to make sure. students are on track with grammar,ISBN 978 1 920450 33 5. Siyaxoxa Dialogues for Primary School, A teacher s aid that can be copied for pupils as needed.
Siyaxoxa contains simple dialogues on all the common primary. school themes,ISBN 978 1 920450 34 2,Siyakha amagama Vocabulary Building. A vocabulary building puzzle book for grades 1 to 3. ISBN 978 1 920450 35 9,Amaqoqo Worksheets, A pack of 10 different theme based worksheets that can be. copied for your students,Themes include,In the classroom ISBN 978 1 920450 48 9. Technology ISBN 978 1 920450 49 6,Holidays ISBN 978 1 920450 50 2. At the garage ISBN 978 1 920450 51 9,In town ISBN 978 1 920450 52 6.
These are printed on A4 paper and stapled, Ulwazi is a magazine type publication that contains teaching ideas worksheets. exercises puzzles and up to date information on changes in the curriculum. It is our aim to make as much Zulu teaching material as possible available to you. in this publication, There are no copying restrictions so you can use the. material as you please, Each edition is theme based and contains material at all. Posters are A2 or A1 in size and are,printed on a very durable banner. They are printed in outdoor ink,which will not fade.
The posters contain vocabulary and,cartoon like illustrations in various. Size in cm,A2 42 0 cm X 59 4 cm,A1 59 4 cm X 84 1 cm. Our flash cards are A4 in size brightly coloured and laminated so that they do. not get damaged, Developed in themes they consist of a Zulu word and a picture. There are 12 flash cards in a set We have 22 themes available. The Zulu Alphabet,These flash cards are A5 in size and laminated. Each card has a verb and a picture depicting,each letter of the alphabet.
Eg A for Akha,B for Buka,C for Cula etc,Amawele Zulu Snap. A fun game which assists with learning,vocabulary,The person who collects all the cards in. the pack wins the game,There are 50 cards in a pack 48 playing. cards a rule card and a title card,This game is available in 16 themes. Doba Zulu Go Fish,A fun game which assists with learning.
vocabulary,There are 50 cards in a pack 48,playing cards a rule card and a title. Players will learn 12 words per theme,This game is available in 15 themes. Khumbulani Zulu Picking up Pairs,A memory game used to build. vocabulary,Each set is individually packaged,and comes with rules. The person with the most pairs at the,end of the game is the winner.
This game is available in 16 themes,Masidlale Zulu Shutes and Ladders. Made from A3 laminated board,This game is similar to Snakes and Ladders. Each set contains 5 boards of the same theme,counters and dice. These games reinforce vocabulary use of nouns,and verbs and general grammar while learners are. having fun,They are available in 15 themes,UMLABALABA.
Made from A3 laminated cardboard,There are 5 boards in a set. Each game comes with cows and rules,These games are ideal for the classroom. Yakhani Dominoes,This game is loosely based on dominoes and is for. two to four players,Players attempt to get rid of their dominoes by. adding onto either side of the dominoes already on. the table by matching a word to a word a word to,a picture or a picture to a picture.
counters and dice These games reinforce vocabulary use of nouns and verbs and general grammar while learners are having fun They are available in 15 themes UMLABALABA Made from A3 laminated cardboard There are 5 boards in a set Each game comes with cows and rules These games are ideal for the classroom Yakhani Dominoes

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