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Prior to the IPC 1601,To preserve the quality,and reliability of PCBs. during shipment and,storage military,speci cations and. guidelines de ned,packaging methods,Prior to the IPC 1601. Many documents were,incomplete,did not address lead. free assembly,did not cover newer,laminates or nal.
surface nishes,Prior to the IPC 1601,Alternative surface. nishes added concerns,requirements for PCB,packaging handling to. preserve surface nish,and assure solderability,Scope and Intent. The IPC 1601 provides,suggestions for proper,packaging materials. and methods,environmental,conditions,storage for PCBs.
Scope and Intent,The 1601 intends to,protect PCBs from. contamination,physical damage,solderability,degradation. electrostatic discharge,moisture uptake,Scope and Intent. Moisture absorbed by,PCBs will expand at,soldering temperatures. The resulting vapor,pressure can lead to,internal delamination.
excessive strain on,plated hole walls e g,post separation. Scope and Intent,The 1601 covers,Fabrication of the PCB. Delivery to Assembler,Receiving the PCB,Stocking the PCB. Assembly soldering,Scope and Collaboration,Targets these functions. involving PCB,MANUFACTURING,Information was supplied by.
individual serving all of these,functions as well as material. and equipment suppliers,Guidelines for Fabricators. Raw Materials,PCB Raw Material,Handling Storage,guidelines include. Handling and Foreign,Object Concerns,Environmental. Inner Layer Production,right foreign object between inner.
layers Drilling operation,Guidelines for Fabricators. Raw Material Examples, Core Materials Prepreg Store prepreg at in a cool dry. environment 23 C 73 F,and Resin Coated Foils 50 RH. are sensitive to damage Reseal opened bags of unused. Guidelines for handling In cases where storage, storage of prepregs and temperature is signi cantly. resin coated foils include below room temperature allow. prepreg to acclimate to ambient, Handle prepreg by the edges conditions prior to layup Keep.
using clean latex or nitrile prepreg in a sealed package. gloves during the stabilization period to,prevent moisture condensation. Do not fold prepreg,Guidelines for Fabricators,Etched Cores Subcomposites. Because moisture control,is critical prior to inner. layer lamination key,recommendations are,made for the following. Storage Conditions,Pre lamination,Subcomposite Cores.
Sequential Lamination,right edge view of PCB pre press. depicting two cores green,Guidelines for Fabricators. Post Lamination,After the layers are pressed,together the 1601. continues with guidelines,for the following areas and. Processing Validation,Handling Transport of,Environment.
Inspection,Recommended Moisture,Levels Prior to Packaging. Guidelines for Fabricators,Non Product Issues,Non PCB Issues. Phototooling,Temperature and,Handling and Storage,Process Equipment. Capability,right automatic solder mask,coating system. Guidelines for Fabricators,Non Product Example,Temperature and humidity.
levels where photo tools are,used stored should be the. same as where the photo,tools were manufactured,Variation between areas can. cause growth moisture gain,or shrinkage moisture loss. right light passes through photo,tool black casting the circuit. Alternative surface nishes added concerns requirements forPCB packaging amp handlingto preserve surface nish and assure solderability Prior to the IPC 1601

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