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trl psp v6 qxd 5 18 06 12 39 PM Page ii, For safe use of this product carefully read the following section of this manual and the. Precautions section of the instruction manual supplied with the PSP PlayStation Portable. entertainment system before use Retain both this software manual and the instruction. manual for future reference CONTENTS,Health precautions. When operating the unit play in a well lit room and keep a safe distance from the. GETTING STARTED 2, screen Avoid prolonged use of the system Take a break of about 15 minutes during. every hour of play Do not use the system when you are tired or short of sleep When. STARTING UP 3, using headphones do not turn the volume up before putting the headphones on Also do LARA 4. not listen at loud volume levels for extended periods of time Stop using the system. immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms If the condition persists MENU CONTROLS 5. consult a doctor Lightheadedness nausea or a sensation similar to motion sickness. Discomfort or pain in the eyes ears hands arms or any other part of the body MAIN MENU 5. Use and handling precautions Start Game 5, This disc is PSP PlayStation Portable format software and is intended for use with the.
PSP system only If the disc is used with other devices damage to the disc or to the device Croft Manor 5. may result This disc is compatible for use with the PSP system marked with FOR SALE Options 6. AND USE IN U S ONLY Depending on the software a Memory Stick Duo or Memory. Stick PRO Duo both sold separately may be required Refer to the software manual for. full details Do not use while driving or walking Do not use in airplanes or medical facilities. where use is prohibited or restricted Set the PSP system s wireless network feature to TOMB TRIALS 7. off when using the PSP on trains or in other crowded locations If used near persons with Single Player 7. pacemakers the signal from the PSP system s wireless network feature could interfere Head to Head 8. with the proper operation of the pacemaker If paused images are displayed on the screen. for an extended period of time a faint image may be left permanently on the screen. Store the disc in its case when not in use and keep in a place out of the reach of children If. DIFFICULTY LEVELS 9, the disc is left out this may result in warping or other damage to the disc Do not leave the. disc in direct sunlight near a heat source in a car or other places subject to high heat and. SAVING AND LOADING 10, humidity Do not touch the opening on the rear of the disc recording surface of the disc Saving Your Progress 10. see drawing Also do not allow dust sand foreign objects or other types of dirt to get on Saving Rewards 10. the disc Do not block the opening with paper or tape Also do not write on the disc If the. opening area does get dirty wipe gently with a soft cloth To clean. Loading a Saved Game 11, the disc wipe the exterior surface gently with a soft cloth Do not. use solvents such as benzine commercially available cleaners not CONTROLLING LARA 12. intended for CDs or anti static spray intended for vinyl LPs as these Movement Controls 12. may damage the disc Do not use cracked or deformed discs or. discs that have been repaired with adhesives as these may cause. Swimming Controls 13, console damage or malfunction SCE will not be held liable for Combat and Item Controls 14. Recorded surface, damage resulting from the misuse of discs Driving Controls 15.
Ejecting the disc, Press the right side of the disc until it is in the position. shown in the drawing and then remove it If excess force is Combat Strategies 16. applied this may result in damage to the disc Aiming and Firing Controls 16. Melee Attacks 17,Storing the disc Defensive Combat Controls 18. Insert the bottom side of the disc and then press on the top Targeting 18. side until it clicks into place If the disc is not stored. properly this may result in damage to the disc HUD Head s Up Display 19. PlayStation and the PS Family logo are registered trademarks and PSP and UMD are PDA 20. trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc Memory Stick Duo and Memory Stick PRO. Duo are trademarks of Sony Corporation,EQUIPMENT 21. REWARDS 23,CREDITS 24,ULUS 10110,trl psp v6 qxd 5 18 06 12 39 PM Page 2. GETTING STARTED STARTING UP, Right side view PSP PlayStation Portable system configuration.
L button LCD screen R button,Directional,POWER HOLD switch. Front view,Disc cover DC OUT connectors STICK POWER. DUO indicator,Volume HOLD,WLAN indicator,Right speaker. IR port USB OPEN latch Analog stick START button,Strap holder SELECT button. Left speaker Sound button,HOME button Display button.
Set up your PSP PlayStation Portable system according. to the instructions in the manual supplied with the system. Turn the system on The power indicator lights up in green WIRELESS WLAN FEATURES. and the home menu is displayed Press the OPEN latch Software titles that support Wi fi functionality allow you to. to open the disc cover Insert the TOMB RAIDER LEGEND communicate with other PSP systems download data and. disc with the label facing away from the system slide until compete against other users via connection to a wireless. fully inserted and close the disc cover From the PSP local area network WLAN You can adjust the network. system s home menu select the Game icon and then settings to allow connection to a wireless local area network. the UMD icon A thumbnail for the software is displayed WLAN TOMB RAIDER LEGEND supports Ad Hoc only. Select the thumbnail and press the X button of the AD HOC MODE Ad Hoc Mode is a WiFi feature. PSP to start the software Follow the on screen that allows two or more individual PSP systems. instructions and refer to this manual for information to communicate directly with each other. on using the software,Note Do not eject a UMD while it is playing. MEMORY STICK DUO, Warning Keep Memory Stick Duo media out of reach of. small children as the media could be swallowed by accident. To save game settings and progress insert a Memory. Stick Duo or Memory Stick Pro Duo into the memory, stick slot of your PSP You can load saved game data. from the same memory stick or any memory stick,containing previously saved games. trl psp v6 qxd 5 18 06 12 39 PM Page 4,LARA MENU CONTROLS.
At the age of nine Lara survived a plane crash in the Use the menu controls to adjust options from both the Main. Himalayan mountains that led to the death of her mother Menu and in game Pause Menu press the START button. After miraculously surviving a ten day solo trek from the during play to pause. crash site to Kathmandu she spent the rest of her, childhood under the close tutelage of her archeologist START button Pause Display Pause Menu. father the late Earl of Abbingdon, Richard Croft directional buttons Cycle through options. At the age of 18 after the death Z button Cancel Previous menu. of her father Lara inherited X button Confirm Next menu. the Croft estates and became,Countess of Abbingdon Since then. she has been credited with the,discovery of some 16 archeological. sites of international significance MAIN MENU,Lara Croft has been hailed both START GAME.
as an Archeological wunderkind,and a glorified Treasure Hunter Start a new game. depending on who s talking There,are thousands of rumors surrounding LOAD. Lara s exploits invariably involving LOAD GAME Displays a list of saved games Select. the unexplained or outright a save and press the X button to load it. unbelievable Lady Croft herself, LOAD LEVEL Displays a list of completed levels present. is rarely available for comment, in the loaded save Replay these levels to collect rewards. which further adds to the fog, play in different difficulty modes or attempt a Time Trial.
of mystery that surrounds,her life and work,CROFT MANOR. Consequently Lara Croft, continues to be the focus You can visit Lara s expansive manor via the Main Menu. of wild speculation and throughout the game However to gain full access you must. intense debate Idealized have a saved game containing at least one completed mission. and vilified in equal Only then will all the Manor s secrets become available. measure she is for you to discover,perhaps one of the. most fascinating,enigmatic figures,of our time,trl psp v6 qxd 5 18 06 12 39 PM Page 6. OPTIONS TOMB TRIALS, Press the analog stick or directional buttons to Tomb Trials provide a variety of exciting challenges.
select an option and to change the setting Press for both single and multiplayer play Challenges include. the X button to confirm your Options changes or press. the Z button to return to the Main Menu without change MASTER SYSTEM An exciting race to the finish. Sprint leap and dive through numerous checkpoints, SOUND Adjust the volume of MUSIC SFX and VOICE to reach the end before the clock expires. TREASURE HUNT Seek out all the artIfacts hidden, DISPLAY Use the Display Menu to adjust on the level before your timer runs out. SUBTITLES Set subtitles ON OFF or to your RAID N SEEK Hide n seek meets capture the flag. preferred language Hide your own artifact and race to find the opposing. BRIGHTNESS Adjust the brightness of the display player s hidden item. CAMERA Set the following options to YES or NO To access the Tomb Trials games select one of the. INVERT X AXIS following options from the Main Menu. INVERT Y AXIS SINGLE PLAYER below,AIM BINOCS INVERT X AXIS HEAD TO HEAD page 8. AIM BINOCS INVERT Y AXIS TOMB TRIALS USER STATS Check your best times. CONTROL View the list of in game controls and achievements for each trial Press the directional. buttons to turn pages,SINGLE PLAYER, Access information and bonus content within TOMB RAIDER. LEGEND By completing levels and collecting rewards GAME MODE Play either MASTER SYSTEM or. along the way you will unlock items that you can then select TREASURE HUNT. and view here CHALLENGE TYPE present when TREASURE HUNT game. Note To view unlocked items you must first load mode is selected Choose the difficulty of the challenge. a saved game you will undertake,LEVEL Choose a game level to play Various choices.
are available depending on your game mode,START Begin the single player game. trl psp v6 qxd 5 18 06 12 39 PM Page 8,HEAD TO HEAD DIFFICULTY LEVELS. Selecting this option takes you to the Lobby screen From When you start a new game you ll be prompted to select. here you can send and receive game invites to and from a difficulty level. other players When one player accepts another s invite. the player who sent the invite can set the options below DIFFICULTY Select your game difficulty level. Note In Head to Head mode you are identified by the EXPLORER Easy play. nickname of your PSP system set via the PSP system ADVENTURER Medium difficulty. software If your nickname contains a character not TOMB RAIDER Advanced challenge. supported by the game you ll see a v symbol in its place. Note Once you select a difficulty level you will not be. GAME MODE Play either MASTER SYSTEM TREASURE prompted to do so again unless you start a new game. HUNT or RAID N SEEK replay a level via the LOAD LEVEL option page 5 or begin. NO OF LEVELS present when MASTER SYSTEM game a new level in your adventure. mode is selected Choose the number of levels you, will play The levels you actually play will be chosen. at random for you,CHALLENGE TYPE present when RAID N SEEK game. mode is selected Choose the difficulty of the challenge. you will undertake,NO OF ROUNDS present when TREASURE HUNT game.
mode is selected Choose the number of rounds you,and your opponent will play. LEVEL Choose a game level to play Various choices,are available depending on your game mode. START Begin the multiplayer game START,will be grayed out for several seconds. while the game loads,trl psp v6 qxd 5 18 06 12 39 PM Page 10. SAVING AND LOADING LOADING A SAVED GAME, Press the START button during play to display the Pause You can load any saved game on your memory stick from.
Menu from here you can save your progress and rewards the Main Menu or from the in game Pause Menu Select. and load a saved game LOAD then choose a save from one of the four save slots. If data is present details of the save will be shown. SAVING YOUR PROGRESS at the right of the screen Press the X button to load. and resume that game, Every game level has several checkpoints to pass The word. CHECKPOINT will appear in the bottom right of the screen If you have a save that was created at the end of the. to inform you when Lara has passed a checkpoint This is game you cannot load it during gameplay Instead you can. a good place to save your progress Press the START revisit any part of the game via the LOAD LEVEL option. button to access the Pause Menu and select SAVE From page 5 in the Main Menu. here you can choose to create a new save game or,overwrite an existing save. You can also save between checkpoints but Lara will always. appear at the most recently saved checkpoint when a save. is loaded again, Note There is no automatic save when you leave the game. However if Lara dies during a game she automatically. restarts at the last checkpoint passed regardless of. whether or not you saved there If you quit the game. without saving you lose all progress since the last. to the instructions in the manual supplied with the system Turn the system on The power indicator lights up in green and the home menu is displayed Press the OPEN latch to open the disc cover Insert the TOMB RAIDER LEGEND disc with the label facing away from the system slide until fully inserted and close the disc cover From the PSP

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