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the date You move in whichever is earlier If Owner does not give You notice that the move in date is within 30 days after the beginning. date of the term of this Sublease as stated in Article 2 this Sublease shall be canceled and all prepaid rent and security deposit shall be. promptly returned to You,7 CAPTIONS, In any dispute arising under this Sublease in the event of a conflict between the text and a caption the text controls. 8 WARRANTY OF HABITABILITY, A All of the sections of this Sublease are subject to the provisions of the Warranty of Habitability Law in the form it may have from. time to time during this Sublease Nothing in this Sublease can be interpreted to mean that You have given up any of your rights under. that law Under that law Owner agrees that the Apartment is fit for human habitation and that there will be no conditions which will be. detrimental to life health or safety, B You will do nothing to interfere to make more difficult the Apartment Corporation s efforts to provide You and all other occu. pants of the Building with the required facilities and services Any condition caused by your misconduct or the misconduct of anyone. under your direction or control shall not be a breach by Owner. 9 CARE OF YOUR APARTMENT END OF SUBLEASE MOVING OUT. A You will take good care of the Apartment and will not permit or do any damage to it except for damage which occurs through. ordinary wear and tear You will move out on or before the ending date of this Sublease and leave the Apartment in good order and in the. same condition as it was when You first occupied it except for ordinary wear and tear and damage caused by fire or other casualty. through no fault of your own, B When the Sublease ends You must remove all of your movable property You must also remove at your own expense any. wall covering bookcases cabinets mirrors painted murals or any other installation or attachment You may have installed in the Apart. ment even if it was done with Owner s consent If the Apartment Corporation imposes any move out deposits or fees You shall pay any. such deposit or fee when requested by the Apartment Corporation You must restore and repair to its original condition those portions of. the Apartment affected by those installations and removals You have not moved out until all persons furniture and other property of. yours is also out of the Apartment If your property remains in the Apartment after the Sublease ends Owner may either treat You as still. in occupancy and charge You for use or may consider that You have given up the Apartment and any property remaining in the Apart. ment In this event Owner may either discard the property or store it at your expense You agree to pay Owner for all costs and expenses. incurred in removing such property The provisions of this article will continue to be in effect after the end of this Sublease. 10 CHANGES AND ALTERATIONS TO APARTMENT, You cannot build in add to change or alter the Apartment in any way including wallpapering painting repainting or other.
decorating without first obtaining the prior written consent of Owner and if required under the Proprietary Lease the Apartment Corpo. ration Without Owner s and or the Apartment Corporation s prior written consent You cannot install or use in the Apartment any of the. following dishwasher machines clothes washing or drying machines electric stoves garbage disposal units heating ventilating or air. conditioning units or any other electrical equipment which in Owner s and or the Apartment Corporation s opinion will overload the. existing wiring installation in the Building or interfere with the use of such electrical wiring facilities by other tenants of the Building Also. You cannot place in the Apartment water filled furniture. 11 YOUR DUTY TO OBEY AND COMPLY WITH LAWS REGULATIONS AND RULES. A GOVERNMENT LAWS AND ORDERS You will obey and comply i with all present and future city state and federal laws. and regulations which affect the Building or the Apartment and ii with all orders and regulations of insurance rating organizations which. affect the Apartment and the Building You will not allow any windows in the Apartment to be cleaned from the outside unless the prior. written consent of the Apartment Corporation is obtained. B APARTMENT CORPORATION S RULES AFFECTING YOU You will obey all of the Cooperative Documents other than the. provisions of the Cooperative Documents required to be performed by Owner. C YOUR RESPONSIBILITY You are responsible for the behavior of yourself the Permitted Occupants of the Apartment your. servants and people who are visiting You You will reimburse Owner as additional rent upon demand for the cost of all losses damages. fines and reasonable legal expenses incurred by Owner because You the Permitted Occupants of the Apartment servants or people. visiting the Apartment have not obeyed government laws and orders the Cooperative Documents or this Sublease. 12 OBJECTIONABLE CONDUCT, You the Permitted Occupants of the Apartment servants or people visiting the Apartment will not engage in objectionable. conduct in the Building Objectionable conduct means behavior which makes or will make the Apartment or the Building less fit to live in. for You or other occupants It also means anything which interferes with the right of others to properly and peacefully enjoy their. apartments or causes conditions that are dangerous hazardous unsanitary and detrimental to other occupants of the Building Objec. tionable conduct by You gives Owner the right to end this Sublease. 13 SERVICES AND FACILITIES, A REQUIRED SERVICES The Apartment Corporation will provide cold and hot water and heat as required by law repairs to. the Apartment as required by the Proprietary Lease elevator service if the Building has elevator equipment and the utilities if any. included in the rent as set forth in subparagraph B You are not entitled to any rent reduction because of a stoppage or reduction of any. of the above services unless it is provided by law. B The following utilities are included in the rent. C ELECTRICITY AND OTHER UTILITIES If the Apartment Corporation provides electricity or gas for a separate submetered. charge your obligations to the Apartment Corporation and or Owner are described in a rider attached to this Sublease If electricity or gas. is not included in the rent and is not charged separately by the Apartment Corporation and or Owner You must arrange for this service. directly with the utility company You must also pay directly for telephone service and cable television service if the cost of any such. service is not included in the rent, D APPLIANCES Appliances supplied by Owner in the Apartment are for your use They are in good working order on the date. hereof and will be maintained and repaired or replaced by Owner but if repairs or replacement are made necessary because of your. negligence or misuse You will pay Owner for the cost of such repair or replacement as additional rent. E FACILITIES If the Apartment Corporation permits Owner to use any storeroom storage bin laundry or any other facility. located in the Building but outside of the Apartment and provided such use is transferable to You by Owner pursuant to the Cooperative. Documents the use of any such facility will be furnished to You free of charge and at your own risk You will operate at your expense any. coin operated appliances located in any such facility. 14 INABILITY TO PROVIDE SERVICES, Because of a strike labor trouble national emergency repairs or any other cause beyond Owner s and the Apartment. Corporation s reasonable control Owner and the Apartment Corporation may not be able to provide or may be delayed in providing any. services or in making any repairs to the Apartment and or the Building In any of these events any rights You may have against Owner. are only those rights which are allowed by laws in effect when the reduction in service occurs. Serial No PCF11295 Date 09 08 04 Printed using pcFORMationTM Software v 12 98 408 947 2107. 15 ENTRY TO APARTMENT, During reasonable hours and with reasonable notice except in emergencies Owner Owner s representatives and agents or.
employees of the Apartment Corporation may enter the Apartment for the following reasons. A To erect use and maintain pipes and conduits in and through the walls and ceilings of the Apartment to inspect the Apart. ment and to make any necessary repairs or changes Owner or the Apartment Corporation decide are necessary Your rent will not be. reduced because of any of this work unless the rent payable by Owner under the Proprietary Lease is reduced. B To show the Apartment to persons who may wish to become owners of the Apartment or may be interested in lending money. C For two months before the end of the Sublease to show the Apartment to persons who wish to sublease it. D If during the last month of the Sublease You have moved out and removed all or almost all of your property from the. Apartment Owner may enter to make changes repairs or redecorations Your rent will not be reduced for that month and this Sublease. will not be ended by Owner s entry, E If at any time You are not personally present to permit Owner Owner s representatives or the agents and employees of the. Apartment Corporation to enter the Apartment and entry is necessary or allowed by law under the Proprietary Lease or this Sublease. Owner Owner s representatives or the agents and employees of the Apartment Corporation may nevertheless enter the Apartment. Owner Owner s representatives or the agents and employees of the Apartment Corporation may enter by force in an emergency Owner. will not be responsible to You unless during this entry any authorized party is negligent or misuses your property. 16 ASSIGNING SUBLETTING ABANDONMENT, A Assigning and Subletting You cannot assign this Sublease or sublet the Apartment You acknowledge that Owner may. refuse any request made by You to assign this Sublease or to further sublet the Apartment for any reason or no reason. B Abandonment If You move out of the Apartment abandonment before the end of this Sublease without the consent of. Owner this Sublease will not be ended You will remain responsible for each monthly payment of rent as it becomes due until the end of. this Sublease In case of abandonment your responsibility for rent will end only if Owner chooses to end this Sublease for default as. provided in Article 17,17 DEFAULT, A You default under the Sublease if You act in any of the following ways. i You fail to carry out any agreement or provision of this Sublease. ii You a Permitted Occupant of the Apartment servants or people visiting the Apartment behave in an objectionable. iii You a Permitted Occupant of the Apartment servants or people visiting the Apartment violate any of the Cooperative. iv You do not take possession or move into the Apartment 15 days after the beginning of this Sublease or. v You and the Permitted Occupants of the Apartment move out permanently before this Sublease ends. If You do default in any one of these ways other than a default in the agreement to pay rent Owner may serve You with a written. notice to stop or correct the specified default within 10 days You must then either stop or correct the default within 10 days or if You. need more than 10 days You must begin to correct the default within 10 days and continue to do all that is necessary to correct the default. as soon as possible, B If You do not stop or begin to correct a default within 10 days Owner may give You a second written notice that this Sublease. will end 6 days after the date the second written notice is sent to You At the end of the 6 day period this Sublease will end You then must. move out of the Apartment Even though this Sublease ends You will remain liable to Owner for unpaid rent up to the end of this. Sublease the value of your occupancy if any after the Sublease ends and damages caused to Owner after that time as stated in Article. C If You do not pay your rent when this Sublease requires after a personal demand for rent has been made or within 3 days after. a statutory written demand for rent has been made or if the Sublease ends Owner may do the following i enter the Apartment and. retake possession of it if You have moved out ii go to court and ask that You and all other occupants in the Apartment be compelled to. Once this Sublease has been ended whether because of default or otherwise You give up any right You might otherwise have. to reinstate this Sublease,18 REMEDIES OF OWNER AND YOUR LIABILITY.
If this Sublease is ended by Owner because of your default the following are the rights and obligations of You and Owner. A You must pay your rent until this Sublease has ended Thereafter You must pay an equal amount for what the law calls use. and occupancy until You actually move out, B Once You are out Owner may re rent the Apartment or any portion of it for a period of time which may end before or after the. ending date of this Sublease Owner may re rent to a new subtenant at a lesser rent or may charge a higher rent than the rent in this. C Whether the Apartment is re rented or not You must pay to Owner as damages. i the difference between the rent in this Sublease and the amount if any of the rents collected in any later sublease of the. Apartment for what would have been the remaining period of this Sublease and. ii Owner s expenses for the cost of putting the Apartment in good condition for re rental and. iii Owner s expenses for attorney s fees Delete if in. A All of the sections of this Sublease are subject to the provisions of the Warranty of Habitability Law in the form it may ha ve from time to time during this Sublease Nothing in this Sublease can be interpreted to mean that You have given up any of your righ ts under that law Under that law Owner agrees that the Apartment is fit for human

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