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Praise for,Kingdom Man, Kingdom Man is a playbook for life Tony Evans has laid out the game plan to. follow if we as men want to live a championship life He describes not only what. we need to do but more importantly he also shows us how to do it This book is. a must read for any man who wants to live up to God s design for male leadership. of the family,Tony Dungy NBC Football Night in America analyst. I m a big game plan guy and Tony has the ability to lay out a game plan for those. of us who want to be Kingdom Men As we have gotten to know each other over. the years it s become clear to me that Tony has a heart for the Lord and a gift for. communicating God s principles,Coach Joe Gibbs owner Joe Gibbs Racing. We all long to fulfill our destiny some of us spend a lifetime trying to identify. what our destiny is and what we must do to achieve it There was a time when I. thought my only destiny was to win a Super Bowl but after reading Kingdom. Man I was reminded that God has more in store for all of us and that greatness is. awaiting if we follow God s plan Kingdom Man will allow you to focus on what. you are destined for and how to achieve your destiny. Leslie Frazier Minnesota Vikings head coach, Every woman wants a kingdom man Maybe she can t find the words to describe. what she s longing for but she knows him when she sees him the unmistakable. sense of purpose the reputation marked by integrity the willingness to be a strong. leader and tender caregiver at the same time this is what she desires And this is. the reason every single woman should read this book to be able to spot a man. worth committing to while steering clear of his counterfeit peers It is also why. every married woman should read this book and give it to the man in her life The. man of every woman s dream is the man found in these pages So read and. keep on reading until you re not only clear on what you want but you re also clear. on what you need from the man you have,Priscilla Shirer Bible teacher and author.
If you want to experience all that God has destined for you Kingdom Man is a. must read In it Dr Tony Evans gives helpful and relevant tools that you can use. to bring yourself to a place of influence and impact This book will help you prog. ress from being a good man to being a great man,Tony Romo Dallas Cowboys quarterback. In the NFL we have a saying Don t tell me what you can do show me the tape. The meaning is that the tape tells us all we need to know When considering what. it is to be a kingdom man checking Dr Tony Evans s tape will tell you all you. need to know He is clearly a kingdom man himself who has raised his own sons. to be kingdom men and who has also had a positive impact on so many other. men For the last two and a half years I have been blessed by God to be able to sit. under the authority of Dr Evans as my pastor and more intimately as my discipler. This book is a must read for any man who is tired of living beneath his purpose. and wants to pursue the true greatness that God intends for him. Jon Kitna Dallas Cowboys quarterback,Kingdom Man,Copyright 2012 Anthony T Evans. A Focus on the Family book published by Tyndale House Publishers Carol Stream. Illinois 60188, Focus on the Family and the accompanying logo and design are federally registered trademarks. of Focus on the Family Colorado Springs CO 80995, TYNDALE is a registered trademark of Tyndale House Publishers Inc Tyndale s quill logo. is a trademark of Tyndale House Publishers Inc, Unless otherwise noted Scripture quotations are taken from the New American Standard Bible.
Copyright 1960 1962 1963 1968 1971 1972 1973 1975 1977 1995 by the Lockman. Foundation Used by permission www Lockman org, Scripture quotations marked nkjv are taken from the New King James Version NKJV. Copyright 1982 by Thomas Nelson Inc Used by permission All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any. form or by any means electronic mechanical photocopy recording or otherwise without prior. permission of Focus on the Family, Cover photograph of sky copyright TriggerPhoto iStockphoto All rights reserved. Cover photograph of man taken by Stephen Vosloo Copyright by Tyndale House Publishers Inc. All rights reserved, Author photo by Dan Farrell Copyright by The Urban Alternative All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America,1 2 3 4 5 6 7 18 17 16 15 14 13 12. CON TEN TS,Acknowledgments xi,Introduction 1, PA R T I T H E F O R M AT I O N O F A K I N G D O M M A N.
1 The Cry for a Kingdom Man 7,2 The Concept of a Kingdom Man 21. 3 A Man s Call to Greatness 37,4 The Power of One Real Man 45. 5 Aligning Yourself for Impact 57,6 The Real Meaning of Headship 69. PA R T I I T H E F O U N DAT I O N O F A K I N G D O M M A N. 7 Dominion s Roar 83,8 Authorized to Rule 93,9 Accessing Your Authority 107. 10 Touching Heaven Changing Earth 117,11 Keys to Claiming Your Territory 129.
PA R T I I I T H E F U N C T I O N O F A K I N G D O M M A N. P S A L M 1 2 8,12 A Kingdom Man and His Personal Life 145. 13 A Kingdom Man and His Family Life 163,14 A Kingdom Man and His Church Life 175. 15 A Kingdom Man and His Community Life 191,Conclusion 209. Appendix The Urban Alternative 213,I N T RO DU C T I O N. I love the Indiana Jones movies Who doesn t Indiana Jones was all man Here. was this archaeologist spending countless hours days weeks months and some. times even years in search of valuable artifacts Of course he faced perilous obsta. cles along the way Indy had difficulties resistance and dangers to overcome Yet. he always made it And in the end he always uncovered his treasure. Along a similar line are the National Treasure movies starring Nicolas Cage. Cage s character Benjamin Franklin Gates lived in pursuit of clues that would. lead him to what he was seeking Again he faced danger adversity depravation. and even at times disaster Yet everything was,worth it when he like Indiana got the treasure Q.
Jesus speaks of a treasure And He calls it the Jesus speaks of a. kingdom of God He says that this kingdom is, an unusually valuable treasure for which abso treasure And. lutely nothing should stand in the way In escha He calls it the. tological terms the kingdom refers to the mille,kingdom of God. nial reign of Christ when He will return to run,Earth from Jerusalem for His thousand year. reign Yet in the here and now the kingdom has, also been set up for us through kingdom principles covenants responsibilities. privileges rights rules ethics coverings and authority. The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field Matthew. A treasure is worth fighting for A priceless treasure like this one is worth. everything you have But don t just take my word for it Jesus said it himself. The reason why so many men today are living without so much as a sem. blance of treasure is because they have not understood the mystery of the king. dom instead they settle for trinkets gadgets golf clubs video games careers. cars and vacation packages, Those things are okay unless they take you off course from pursuing the.
2 K INGDOM M A N,Unless they become your goal, My son Jonathan is a big guy In the NFL he s taken downs with some of the. best players He can hold his own But he wasn t always that big One time I. remember him running up to my office at the church asking me to come down to. the gym and watch his five foot three frame dunk the basketball He had been. practicing for months, Once I got there Jonathan grabbed the ball dribbled and dunked I offered. only abbreviated congratulations Then I turned to the athletic director and point. edly told him to raise the basket back up to where it belonged Impatient to grow. taller Jonathan had lowered the goal,Raise the basket Jonathan I said And try again. He did And he didn t make it But he kept trying and in time he made it. Men God has a standard He has a goal His kingdom is that goal Yet what. so many have done is lowered His standard only to then congratulate themselves. for being able to dunk the ball The results of this. Q lowered standard though affect so many more, A lowered standard than just the man on the court A lowered stan. dard affects us all It shows up in our country In, affects us all It our culture In the economics of our world It.
shows up in our doesn t take much more than a cursory glance. country In our around our homes churches communities and. globe to uncover that men not all but many, culture have missed the goal to live as a kingdom man. Q The impact of a lowered standard leaves its,scars no matter what race income bracket or. community a person is in The outcomes may be different depending on the loca. tion but they are just as devastating Promiscuity emptiness depression chronic. irresponsibility family breakup misuse of finances divorce violence chemical. addiction overeating indulgence bankruptcy low self esteem and general aim. lessness plague our society as a direct result of the abuse or neglect of biblical. The deterioration of societies both nearby and around the world has reached. an all time high while the clarion call for men to come forth to stand for biblical. manhood has never rung louder Our world is on a disparaging path of self. destructive behavior,I N T RODUC T ION 3,That must change. Yet that change will not occur unless men will raise the standard to where. God had originally placed it This book is about raising that standard and defin. ing manhood as God intended it to be It s about discovering what it means to be. Kingdom Man is a playbook for life Tony Evans has laid out the game plan to follow if we as men want to live a championship life He describes not only what we need to do but more importantly he also shows us how to do it This book is a must read for any man who wants to live up to God s design for male leadership of the family Tony Dungy NBC Football Night in America analyst I

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