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About the Author, Staci Troilo grew up in Western Pennsylvania writing stories. and poetry in her free time so it was no surprise that she. studied writing in college After receiving creative and. professional writing degrees from Carnegie Mellon, University in Pittsburgh she went on to get her Master s. Degree in Professional Writing and she worked in corporate. communications until she had her children, Now she is a freelance writer and editor living in Arkansas. with her husband son daughter and two dogs She s written. seven novels two novellas and several short stories many. of which have won regional awards, More information can be found by visiting her website. https stacitroilo com emailing her staci stacitroilo com. or by calling her directly 724 567 8474,About the Book.
In the heart of Pittsburgh awaits a secret nearly half a. millennium in the making,Bleeding Heart,Book One of the Medici Protectorate Series. by Staci Troilo,Lagan Press 2015,Hardcover ISBN 978 1 63373 066 3 24 99. Softcover ISBN 978 1 63373 063 2 14 99,eBook ISBN 978 1 63373 064 9 3 99. Available on Amazon Barnes Noble and iBooks,Review Copies and Media Interviews. For a review copy of Bleeding Heart or an interview with the. author please contact Staci directly at 724 567 8474 or at. staci stacitroilo com, When requesting a review copy please provide email.
address and format epub mobi or pdf for eBooks or,street address for a hard copy. Bios for Staci Troilo,2 Line Bio, Author Staci Troilo writes multi genre fiction focusing on flawed relationships Find her at. https stacitroilo com, Author Staci Troilo writes multi genre fiction focusing on flawed relationships Her standalone. titles and series span the mystery contemporary and romance genres and many of their sub. genres including suspense paranormal and medical dramas Her short fiction has won many. regional awards Find her at https stacitroilo com,Medium Bio. Author Staci Troilo writes multi genre fiction focusing on flawed relationships Her standalone. titles and series span the mystery contemporary and romance genres and many of their sub. genres including suspense paranormal and medical dramas Her short fiction has won many. regional awards Staci hails from Western Pennsylvania and despite living in the south now she. holds her hometown dear to her heart setting many of her stories in Pittsburgh and its. surrounding areas She loves the south because of its lack of snow filled winters and summers. find her in the pool as often as at her computer Find her at https stacitroilo com. Author Staci Troilo writes multi genre fiction focusing on flawed relationships Her standalone. titles and series span the mystery contemporary and romance genres and many of their sub. genres including suspense paranormal and medical dramas Her short fiction has won many. regional awards, Her family will tell you her love of words began as soon as she could speak In other words she.
talked A lot She told stories to whomever would listen which pretty much amounted to her. family and her toys She could spell Valentine at the age of three and when she could put. pencil or crayon or pen or marker to the page she began writing stories down True those first. works aren t publish ready but her mother saved a few of her early efforts and occasionally. Staci takes them out if she needs a laugh, After breezing through her advanced English classes in high school one of her teachers. suggested she major in writing in college But she didn t listen right away believing others who. told her she wouldn t be able to find a job with an English degree Two majors later she stopped. listening to the naysayers and followed her heart She graduated from Carnegie Mellon. University with a double major in Professional Writing and Creative Writing She turned down. IBM s job offer to write software documentation in favor of getting her master s degree for which. she was awarded a scholarship She graduated in only one year earning a Master of Arts in. Professional Writing From there she went on to work in advertising development corporate. communications and technical writing Clearly she found a lot of creative and fulfilling work. with just an English degree,continued on next page. She left full time employment to raise her children but she continued working from home. by accepting freelance writing and editing jobs Her family moved around a lot leaving. her beloved hometown in Western Pennsylvania for Ohio then Michigan then Ohio. again The second time they lived in Ohio Staci transitioned from only freelance work to a. part time teaching position at a local college, When her family moved again this time to Arkansas Staci decided it was time to approach. the next phase of her career She redirected her freelancing efforts to editing fiction and. after a while she wondered why she didn t just begin writing stories herself After all in. addition to helping contemporary authors she d been telling stories since she was young. She used to make up stories for her children as often as reading to them And she had. plenty of ideas for longer works So she joined a local writing group and began to write. Her first novel was published just over a year later. Staci added a new credential to her list when she started working for a local publishing. company as an editor She then took a job at a different publishing house where she. spearheaded the marketing efforts of the company After two years learning the publishing. industry from the inside she left her job to focus on writing fiction full time She now. spends her days working on her latest novel although she still takes on editing clients. Well that s when she s not doing something for or with her husband children or dogs. Family always comes first for her, Staci grew up knowing family is paramount She spent time with extended family daily not. just on holidays or weekends Because of those close knit familial bonds every day was. full of love and laughter food and fun Life has taken her one thousand miles away from. that extended family but those ties remain And so do the traditions which she now shares. with her both her family and her readers You can reach her at https stacitroilo com. 5 Fun Facts You Didn t Know About Me, 1 In addition to being an award winning author I m an award winning recipe developer.
Ask me about my stuffed eggplant, 2 I ve never had a cavity Ever Baby teeth or permanent teeth. 3 I can recite the entire opening to the He Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon. 4 One of the first things my father in law ever saw me do when I was first dating my. husband was a monkey impersonation complete with hand motions and sound I m. convinced that s when he knew I d fit right in with the rest of the family but we ve. never discussed it, 5 My guilty pleasure is watching the television show Supernatural I ve seen every. episode many several times each,Contact Information for Staci Troilo. Mailing Address 8615 W,Hidden forRidge,Park Privacy Drive Fayetteville AR 72704. Phone 724 567 8474,Email staci stacitroilo com,Website https stacitroilo com.
Connect on Social Media,Newsletter http eepurl com bPgAI5. Google Plus https plus google com StaciTroilo,LinkedIn https linkedin com in stacitroilo. Twitter https twitter com stacitroilo, Facebook Page https www facebook com authorstacitroilo. Facebook Group https www facebook com groups stacitroilosnovelidea. Pinterest https pinterest com stacitroilo,Instagram https instagram com stacitroilo. Follow on Book Sites,Goodreads https www goodreads com staci troilo.
Amazon https amazon com author stacitroilo, BookBub https www bookbub com authors staci troilo. Synopses for Bleeding Heart, Brief Synopsis Bleeding Heart Warrior Gianni protects Franki secret legacy of the. Medici from prophesied assassins, Short Synopsis Bleeding Heart Franki secret legacy of the Medici is prophesied to. return Italy to its former glory Targeted for assassination and ignorant of her enemy s. identity she is protected by Gianni the warrior destined to defend her He must conquer. her fears and his demons to save them both, Medium Synopsis Bleeding Heart After her father s murder Franki is targeted for. assassination by an unknown enemy She finds her safety depends on the Medici. Protectorate the warriors who guarded her bloodline and their secret for centuries. Gianni Franki s protector struggles to garner her trust As he assumes his new role he also. undergoes inexplicable explosive changes transformations he can t control. Their worlds collide in passion and violence and Franki struggles to trust Gianni When. her life is on the line Gianni will have to conquer both her fears and his own personal. demons to rescue her in time, Long Synopsis Bleeding Heart is the story of a woman with three impossible choices.
work with the enemy die fighting them or rely on a volatile warrior to save her. After Franki s father is brutally murdered she assumes control over the family building. company On the morning of her father s thirtieth day anniversary Mass she is stuck at. work taking a meeting with a mysterious foreign client The meeting goes horribly and she. leaves intending to rush to the church But she discovers she s become a target for a. nefarious faction all four of her tires have been slashed. Gianni the client she wants to part ways with comes to her rescue He drives her to the. Mass and he changes all her tires for her afterward Because of his concern and his. efforts her attraction to him certainly had no bearing on her business decision she. agrees to start working with him But she keeps their meetings secret from her sisters. A desperate kiss ignites passions in her that Gianni refuses to continue acting upon that. is until they can be alone together Her desire for him grows consuming all her thoughts. leaving her alone and vulnerable one afternoon She is attacked in the woods behind her. house and left for dead, But there is more to Gianni than just his good looks and business acumen He is actually a. member of the Medici Protectorate a clandestine organization that has watched over the. House of Medici for centuries even after the world believed the line to have ended. continued on next page, A prophecy written by Michelangelo nearly half a millennium earlier indicated four. daughters would be born into the line and these four daughters would bring about the. second rise of the House of Medici The prophecy also stated that these girls would be. in mortal danger, Franki is the oldest of these sisters and Gianni is the warrior destined to defend her. The members of the Protectorate who guard the descendants each possess a marble. dagger sculpted by Michelangelo and forged with magical properties in alchemical. rituals Gianni uses his dagger to heal Franki from her injuries and save her life. But using the dagger s magic has unforeseen consequences Gianni undergoes. transformations explosive dangerous changes over which he has no control His. body betraying him his decision making compromised he makes mistake after mistake. with Franki costing him her trust, The warriors and the sisters find themselves in an impossible situation Franki is taken. by the enemy Gianni tries to rescue her without backup and everyone is in danger. Can Gianni conquer Franki s fears and his demons in time to save them all. 5 Points of Interest about the Book s Content or Story. 1 The idea for this book takes root in my grandfather s heritage He told us stories of his. father being born the illegitimate son of nobility a duke That made me wonder what. would happen if Italy s government collapsed and the descendants of a royal line were. tasked with stepping into the role of leader From there the story morphed into what it is. 2 The Italian American heritage of the heroine is based upon the author s real life. experiences Foods mentioned religious practices observed and key Italian words and. phrases all stem from recipes her family makes her faith and common Italian words she. learned from family and friends even the not so nice ones respectively. 3 The Medici family or the House of Medici rose to power in 1434 in Florence Italy They. were staunch supporters of the arts and humanities which aided in Italy becoming the. cradle of the Renaissance In addition to three centuries of rulers ranging from. benevolent and profitable to cruel and selfish the family produced four Popes and. married into several other European royal families The last Medici died in 1737 without. a male heir ending the dynasty The illegitimate line in the story is entirely fictional. 4 Michelangelo was a famed painter sculptor and sonnet writer who lived in Florence. Italy during the Renaissance But there is no evidence that he ever studied or. experimented with alchemy Alchemical properties do however play a huge role in the. mythology of the novel as does Michelangelo himself. 5 People who believe in the power of color and stones will be interested to know that red. calcite the material used to create Gianni s dagger opens the base chakra which. stimulates energy and vitality It enhances the physical experience The color red is. associated with both a subtle warmth and a fiery heat. Book Details and Purchase Information,Book Title Bleeding Heart.
Book One of the Medici Protectorate Series,By Staci Troilo. Published by Lagan Press Imprint Oghma Creative Media. For Immediate Release Contact Casey Cowan CEO of OghmaCreative Media August 11 2015 479 684 6772 Political Intrigue Romance Mashup Hits the Shelves New Romance Novel Set in Pittsburgh Mixes Italian Royalty and Contemporary America FAYETTEVILLE AR August 11 2015 Throughout history regimes rose and fell through

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