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by Isaac McLellan 1806 1899, Monarch of the realms supernal Thou wingest where a tropic sky. Ranger of the land and sea Bendeth its celestial dome. Symbol of the Grand Republic Where sparkling waters greet the eye. Who so noble and so free And gentlest breezes fan the foam. Thine the boundless fields of either Where spicy breath from groves of palm. Heaven s unfathom d depths are thine Laden with aromatic balm. Far beyond our human vision Blows ever mingled with perfume. On thy vans the sunbeams shine Of golden fruit and honey d bloom. Borne on iron nerved pinion Green shores adorn d with tropic wood. Forth from Pole to Pole you sweep Gay grottoes island solitudes. O er sea islands craggy mountains Savannas where palmettoes screen. O er the blue and trackless deep The Indian s hut with living green. Now thy winnowing plumes o ershadow A land like visionary dreams. Northern cliff and iceberg grim Delicious with its groves and streams. Now o er Southern soft savannas Realms such as these behold thy sweep. Thy unflagging pinions skim Careering in the upper deep f. Him who feeds the hungry raven,And the sea bird of the rock. Tempers the inclement breezes,To the shorn and bleating flock. Leads thee o er the waste of ocean,Guides o er savage wild and wood. And from Nature s bounteous storehouse,Feeds thy callow clamorous brood.
O er the mountains of Caucasus,Over Apennine and Alp. Over Rocky Mounts Cordilleras,O er the Andes herbless scalp. Far above their snowy summits,Where no living thing abides. He that notes the falling sparrows,Leads thee watches thee and guides. Two Little Eaglets,By Jim Weller,Two little eaglets I know that you are old enough.
way up in the tree your wings are sure and strong,Two little eaglets Dancing high across the sky. looking down at me is where Eagles belong, You sit there in your aerie You re made for inspiration. staring at the sky You can make the mute heart sing. and every time you flap your wings rejoicing in your majesty. my heart lets out a sigh borne on outstretched wing. Silly little eaglets Why don t you fly I ask out loud. hovering o er the nest When will you learn to soar. Don t you know that you can fly I know that you are ready. Your wings will stand the test What are you waiting for. Do you care that I m waiting here Then deep within my spirit. to see you soaring high the eaglets speak somehow, I m tethered to the earth below They say We ll take that leap of faith. but you you own the sky when we hear God whisper Now f. If I were an eaglet,and could do what you can do, without a moment s hesitation Jim Weller EagleJim writes a blog post for the. I would launch into the blue Eastwood Eagle Watchers a group of eagle en. thusiasts based in Dayton Ohio He often focus, But wait One s perched upon the edge es on two of his favorite eagles Jim Cindy re.
It leans into the breeze porting faithfully about their comings and goings. It spreads its wings Then hops back down Jim s blogs and his eagle poems are treasures to. You re such a little tease read again and again Follow Jim at. eastwoodeaglewatchers wordpress com,Eagles of Inspiration. by Jim Weller,A single eagle atop a tree,speaks of many things to me. I see a sentinel brave and strong,perched up high where he belongs. Diligent throughout the day,aware of all that comes his way. with eyes alert he views the skies,for any threat that might pass by.
A pair of eagles in a tree,speaks of other truths to me. I see a bond that none may shake,and only death itself dare break. Devoted to each other so,yet year by year devotion grows. through every trial that they share,in togetherness and mutual care. But a pair of eagles on the wing, makes my heart both laugh and sing America Eagle Foundation All Rights Reserved.
Together high up in the air,they soar along without a care. In unfettered freedom by and by,they dance their way across the sky. until at last as I strain to see,they re absorbed into its azure sea. What a blessing to behold,this sight more valuable than gold. this sight that sets my spirit free,to be what I was meant to be.
It snaps harsh tethers of earthly care,and sends me high into the air. We re designed by God to be so much more Photo Woodrow Dawson. with hearts to watch and love and soar,The Eagle s Nest Stands Silent. By Jim Weller June 17 2013, The eagle s nest stands silent Speechless through the snowfall. Her annual labor done Atop that barren tree, She s proven herself trustworthy She ll patiently anticipate. Each battle fought she s won The things that are to be. As wandering eagles see her Then just before the springtime. Without a word she ll say She will end her time of rest. This territory s taken And sing anew a song of joy. You d best be on your way With new life in her breast. Through the blistering heat of summer The eagle s nest stands silent. While standing high and proud Yet has so much to say. She ll chant of former glories If we just pause to listen. But not a word aloud As we hasten by today f,Crowning autumn s canopy.
She will breathe a quiet sigh,As her master and her mistress. Dance across the sky,America Eagle Foundation All Rights Reserved. Visions of Eagle Flight,by Tamar D Earnest MD,June 11 2016. Soaring high flying free,Spread your wings for all to see. Head of white eyes of gold,Your picture s found on symbols old.
Now your nest in Arboretum1,Has Eagle Cams so all can see em2. From brooding eggs to eaglets flight,We watch by day and through the night. Eaglets fledged now juvies be3,They ve learned to fly from tree to tree. Hunting takes a lot more time,If juvies learn they ll do just fine. When you return to nest next year,We will all be waiting here.
Eagle cams we long to see,As you raise your family. We will watch by day or night,For visions of your eagle flight. Soaring high flying free,Spread your wings for all to see f. This poem is dedicated to the American Eagle Foundation the cam installers. and operators the chat moderators and to everyone who made this vision possible. U S National Arboretum http www usna usda gov, Washington DC Bald Eagle Nest Cam http www dceaglecam org. DC Eagle Nest FAQs http www dceaglecam org pdf DC FAQs pdf. 4 American Eagle Foundation https www eagles org,By Don R Wilkins.
By strength of wing will soar on high,My future yet to be. to glide beyond restricting Earth,Eternity to see,My place in Nature is secure. I m viewed now with respect, A Symbol for the strong and free Photo by Scott Kelly wild4photos com. I fly with no regret f,The American Eagle,Kate Watkins Furman. Great masterpiece unfurl your wings,Soaring where the water sings.
Blue Heaven touches earth below,Where fruitful fields and flowers grow. Where wars now past have set us free,Sweet symbol of our liberty. Fly on fly on your strength increase,God lift you up on winds of peace f. Photo by Scott Kelly wild4photos com,The Bald Eagle Watchman of the Wild. Don R Wilkins By Cain Pence,2007 Soar above,Oh Eagle of America.
My Aerie built on craggy cliff Symbol of freedom guardian of the wilderness. or in a tree top high Winged watcher witness of pioneer dreams. I soar above the reaching hills Hunter of prey hope of patriots. on lifting winds I fly Protector of rivers provost of river men. Bird of beauty beast of majesty,I raise my young with tender care. until they fly away Soar high above mountain and Mississippi. Their destiny to fly alone Soar high above fruited plain and delta. it is but Nature s way Soar high above foothills and blue lakes. Soar high above canyons and forest,My prey I seek with piercing eye. grasp with talon strong Oh great Eagle of America, Then lift into the endless sky Watchman of the wild. to sing my victory song Remain vigilant and strong. Watch over our great land, By strength of wing will soar on high And let America rise and soar. My future yet to be Like the mighty Eagle who guards. to glide beyond restricting Earth Her rivers and shores f. Eternity to see, Cain Pence is a writer based in Minneapolis Minnesota Mr.
My place in Nature is secure Pence is a graduate of Georgetown University and has travelled. I m viewed now with respect extensively throughout all 50 states Mr Pence grew up explor. ing the banks of the Mississippi River and has always loved. A Symbol for the strong and free, the majestic eagles found along its banks He wrote this poem. I fly with no regret, to celebrate the spirit of freedom symbolized by the eagle and. America He can be reached at caino cainpence com,With courage yet unquestioned. there s challenge in my cry,I lift to heights unhindered. An EAGLE flying high f, Our faithful Chatters who watch our live streaming HD video cams often express their thoughts in.
poem and prose these are whimsical beautiful and poignant bringing back happy memories of. seasons past along with bright hopes of seasons yet to come. Life In the Nest Untitled, From the Diary of a Dollywood Eaglet by a Chatter who loves Eagle Mountain Sanctuary. by Nancy Huff,Soft light falls magically on our nest at night. I am glad to be an eaglet Babies sleep parents close by ever watchful. Born on Eagle Mountain Sentinels, I crave sanctuary This is Eagle Mountain Sanctuary This is their home. I feel security, I obsess to be wild Here they are protected nurtured loved. I know protection Their parents never again able to fly in the wild. My doting mother Independence and restricted to a space on a shady peaceful hill. She rules the roost still find companionship and purpose for life forming. My watchful father Franklin bonds that will last their lifetime. Stands proud sentinel in my midst, They have taught me well The cycle of life repeats each spring Eggs are laid.
I love fish and quail and any old rodent guarding secrets of newly forming life inside The. I hope my feathers grow straight and strong parents guard them with their very lives knowing the. I desire to learn all the eagle ways value of what it is they are protecting. And take them with me when I fly away, You know I may soar back someday A scratch a tear a tiny breathing space And then. My chatters and fans who watched me grow a small hole Hours of work till finally the exhausted. I plan to give them a tiny life escapes the small space of shell and enters a. Splendid world he will someday soar above,Magnificent. Awesome Two others are hatched all in the space of 30 hours. Show f Fighting for dominance and survival,hard wired instincts f. America Eagle Foundation All Rights Reserved 9,Fledge Day A Conversation Between Eaglets. by Chatter Mod Carolyn STE 2012,Two bald eaglets sitting on a pole.
Should they be cautious should they be bold,Said one to the other Shall we try. Shall we sit here or shall we fly,I don t know said Griffith to Braveheart. We need to be cautious we need to be smart,It s awfully nice right where we are. Fish in a dish and we don t have to go far,Braveheart replied I m telling you. Ranger was brave and we should be too Braveheart and Griffith took their time. He jumped and he pranced and he finally flew high until the next day before they decided to. His wings flapped so strongly as he sailed in the sky fledge Eventually they did and we hope. they are having great adventures and, We must have courage and we must take our chance doing well.
Nature is calling us to join the Big Dance,How far will we travel What sights will we see. What does the future hold for you and for me, It s a wide world out there and we have to be strong. And careful and caring we can t get it wrong,We have journeys to make a soulmate to find. So we can raise eaglets have more of our kind,Said Griffith to Braveheart I hope when we nest. We ll come back to this place for sure it s the best f. A side note Ranger fledged first on Aug 14 2012 He. actually landed in the lake first flights are not easy and. was rescued It was observed he had an injury on the Ranger was spotted in 2014 near Lake. bottom of his foot so he was brought back to be treated Erie In this photo he is a 2 year old. and was subsequently released later after his foot healed juvenile. Griffith and Braveheart did not fledge right away hence. the conversation in the poem between them They both. fledged the next day Ranger patagial tag F2 was spotted. Feb 27 2014 near Lake Erie so AEF is very encouraged. about his ability to survive in the wild No sightings have. been reported of Braveheart and Griffith but we hope they. Twas the Night Before Pip Watch, Twas the night before pip watch and all through the nest.
Not a creature was stirring not even a pest,The eggs were all nestled so snug in their bed. While visions of hatching danced about in their heads. Romeo on his Houdini Branch and I on the nest,Had just settled down for a long night of rest. The moss in the nest bowl we placed with great care. With hopes of the eaglets who soon would be there,When out in the Hamlet there rose such a clatter. I sprang to the nest rail to see what was the matter. Out in the distance I saw such a flash,I knew in a moment that thunder would crash. The wind and the rain and the lightning showed fury. Poems About Eagles This is a collection of poems old and new that have been written about eagles Some you may recognize because they are included in anthologies Others are from Kindred Spirits whose musings about eagles lead them to put pen to paper Some have been sent to us to share and we are happy to do so here If you have a poem you d like to share about eagles please

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