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Page 2 of 7,Experimental Background, The dissolution profiles of Aspirin Ibuprofen Naproxen and Acetaminophen. tablets and capsules will be studied using a specialized instrument called USP. Dissolution Apparatus 2 It consists of a paddle rotating at 50 rpm in 900 mL of. dissolution media which is supposed to behave like stomach fluid at a constant. temperature bath of 37 C which is the temperature of the human body. Samples will be withdrawn at 5 10 and 15 minutes and filtered prior to analysis. The samples will be analyzed using a UV spectrophotometer based on the. following principles The four active ingredients that are contained in OTC. painkillers shown below are organic molecules that can absorb UV light. Aspirin Ibuprofen,Naproxen Acetaminophen, Note that these organic molecules have a common feature of alternating double. bonds that are called aromatic systems These types of bonds absorb UV light. strongly The wavelength range that the molecules absorb is called its UV. absorption spectrum You will measure the absorption spectrum of each of these. molecules with an instrument called a UV spectrophotometer This instrument. measures the amount of UV light absorbed by a solution of the molecules over. individual wavelengths between 350 nm to 200 nm The amount of light. absorbed by the molecules at a specific wavelength is called the Absorbance A. The instrument records the absorbance at each wavelength In addition the. absorbance is also directly related to the concentration the number of molecules. in a given volume and the path length that light must pass through Thus the. higher the concentration of molecules the higher is the absorbance We will. take advantage of this property to measure the amount of drug dissolved at the. different sampling time points, In the experiments that follow you will perform the following investigations. 1 Each group will perform dissolution rate profiles on all of the products. Each pair of students will run one of the assigned analgesics and share. the results with the group,2011 Students 2 Science Inc All Rights Reserved. Page 3 of 7, 2 After all of the data has been plotted the group will compare results.
and determine which painkillers have the fastest dissolution profile. Experimental Procedure for Dissolution Rate, 1 Instructor will place 900 mL of pH 4 0 phosphate buffer into a dissolution. vessel and equilibrate to 37 C,2 Start paddle rotating at 50 rpm. 3 Place 1 tablet or capsule of your assigned product into a dissolution vessel. and start the stopwatch, 4 Take a 5 mL sample from the dissolution vessel at 5 10 and 15 minutes. using a sampling syringe and 0 45 micron filter Remove filter and. transfer the sample solution into a vial, 5 Dilute sample if necessary with pH 4 0 phosphate buffer See Table. Table 1 Experimental Details,Sample Dilution,Product Active Ingredient.
into 10 mL,1 Kirkland Aspirin Aspirin 325 mg undiluted. safety coated,2 Ecotrin Aspirin Aspirin 325 mg undiluted. safety coated,3 Tri Buffered Aspirin 325 mg undiluted. 4 Shop Rite Acetaminophen 500 mg 200 L,Non Aspirin. 5 Tylenol Rapid Acetaminophen 500 mg 200 L,2011 Students 2 Science Inc All Rights Reserved.
Page 4 of 7,Release Gels,6 Kirkland Ibuprofen 200 mg undiluted. 7 Advil Liquid Gel Ibuprofen 200 mg undiluted,8 Aleve Naproxen sodium 220 mg undiluted. Experimental Procedure for UV Analysis, 1 Clean the quartz cells by rinsing them with pH 4 0 phosphate buffer. 2 Fill both cells with pH 4 0 phosphate buffer and dry the outsides with a. 3 Place the cells in the reference and sample cell holders within the. spectrometer with the clear sides of each cell facing the open slots of the. cell holder, 4 Click the grey start button on the computer monitor. 5 When the dialog box comes up for the blank click OK A background. correction is carried out from the maximum to the minimum wavelength. range 350 nm 200 nm,6 Wait for the next dialog box to come up.
7 Take out the sample cell front cell and place its contents into the waste. 8 Fill the sample cell until approximately full with the 5 minute dissolution. sample and wipe the outside of the cell with a Kimwipe Place the sample. cell back into the spectrometer and click OK to record the 5 minute. sample spectrum, 9 Repeat the process for the 10 minute and 15 minute dissolution samples. and the standard solution theoretical 100 release, After all of the groups have plotted their data you will compare results and. determine which painkillers have the fastest dissolution profile. Evaluation of Spectra, 1 Evaluate each spectrum for a wavelength where the greatest absorbance. occurs UVmax the absorbance A at UVmax For Aspirin the UVmax is 272. nm Acetaminophen 243 nm Ibuprofen 221 nm and Naproxen 330 nm. 2 Record your results for your sample in the table below. 2011 Students 2 Science Inc All Rights Reserved,Page 5 of 7. Table 2 Results,Product Active A 5 min A 10 min A 15min A 100.
Ingredient standard, 3 Convert Absorbances in Table 2 above to released by dividing the. Absorbance at each time interval by the Absorbance of the Standard and. multiplying by 100 Ax min A100 x 100 released record in Table 3. and plot the data to get a Dissolution Profile for your product. 4 Compare Dissolution Profiles of all of the products to predict which pain. reliever will work the fastest,Table 3 Released,Product Active 5 min 10 15. Ingredient min min,Instructor Notes, Since the acetaminophen analysis requires a dilution we have been substituting. a second aspirin formulation in place of acetaminophen to save time If you. compare a normal uncoated aspirin tablet to a fast release or buffered. formulation you see nice differentiation You could actually use 4 different. aspirin formulations and show differentiation for a different twist on the. experiment, Limit the gab when the students arrive Just give them the basics of what the. experiment is about and show them the equipment no more than 5 minutes It is. important to drop the tablets capsules into the vessel and get the dissolution. experiment going After the dissolution experiment begins you have 5 minutes. before the first sample so now you can show them how to assemble the sampling. apparatus how to take the sample and how they will analyze the samples. Put a piece of red tape in front of the one dissolution vessel each group will use. for their experiment This way they will not take a sample out of the wrong. Place the tablet capsule each group will be working on in a 10 mL beaker on the. lab bench before the students arrive,2011 Students 2 Science Inc All Rights Reserved.
Page 6 of 7, The instructor or assistant starts the timing of the dissolution rate. experiment with a stop watch for all groups Make sure a backup person. times the experiment as well Announce a minute in advance of when samples. need to be taken Make sure the students take at least 5 mL of sample and not. After the students take the 5 min sample take 2 of the groups over to the 2. spectrophotometers to analyze their samples By the time they have analyzed. the blank and 5 min sample usually the 10 min sample is due Then they can. analyze the 10 min sample and standard and by that time the 15 minute sample. is due After they have all of their spectra recorded pass them off to an. assistant who can help them with the calculation and entering the data into the. Excel spreadsheet The idea is to get the second pair of students onto the. spectrophotometers so they can finish on time Note that the cells don t need to. be rinsed between samples if done in order from lowest to highest concentration. Just tap dry onto a kimwipe This saves valuable time. At the beginning of the Day 3 series of experiments place an enteric coated. aspirin into the extra dissolution vessel This tablet will continue stirring for the. duration of dissolution experiments to show the students that enteric tablets were. designed not to dissolve at acid pH stomach but in the basic environment of the. intestine to avoid the side effect of stomach irritation There can be a lot of. discussion around this topic This demo can be done when the students are. either waiting to do their spectrophotometric analysis or after the first 2 groups. are done entering their data into the spreadsheet, If time permits a separate demonstration can be performed by placing an enteric. coated aspirin tablet in a 1000mL Erhlenmeyer flask with ph 4 phosphate buffer. then adding 1 N NaOH dropwise monitoring the pH with a pH meter and. showing that as the pH becomes more basic usually around 7 8 the enteric. coating dissolves and drug is released, Try to allow at least 5 minutes at the end of the experiment for a discussion of the. dissolution results using the dissolution curves the students made with the Excel. spreadsheet Discussion topics include, 1 What are some of the factors affecting the Dissolution Rate. 2 Talk about formulations and excipients and the work of pharma scientists. in designing formulations, 3 Ask the students about other dosage forms they are familiar with ie.
Chewable vitamins injections inhalers patches etc, 4 Based on the dissolution rate which product would you take for fast pain. 2011 Students 2 Science Inc All Rights Reserved,Page 7 of 7. 5 Talk about how each product is a different drug chemically and that. there are other factors besides dissolution rate in picking an analgesic. 6 Which of these products do you take and do they work. 7 Why are the Dissolution curves of the tablets different from the capsules. 8 Would enteric coated tablets be a good choice for quick pain relief. Plop Plop Fizz Fizz Oh What A Relief It Is Which Pain Reliever Works Fastest Learning Objectives Study the dissolution rate how quickly the compound dissolves of common OTC over the counter analgesics pain relievers Use Ultraviolet UV spectroscopy to analyze the samples Plot data to produce a dissolution profile

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