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Configuration,apache2handler, Apache Version Apache 2 4 27 Win32 OpenSSL 1 0 2l PHP 7 0 23. Apache API,Version 20120211,Administrator postmaster localhost. Hostname Port localhost 80, Max Requests Per Child 0 Keep Alive on Max Per Connection 100. Timeouts Connection 300 Keep Alive 5,Virtual Server No. Server Root C xampp apache, core mod win32 mpm winnt http core mod so mod access compat mod actions mod alias.
mod allowmethods mod asis mod auth basic mod authn core mod authn file mod authz core. mod authz groupfile mod authz host mod authz user mod autoindex mod cgi mod dav lock. mod dir mod env mod headers mod include mod info mod isapi mod log config mod cache disk. Loaded mod mime mod negotiation mod proxy mod proxy ajp mod rewrite mod setenvif. Modules mod socache shmcb mod ssl mod status mod version mod php7. Directive Local Value Master Value,engine 1 1,last modified 0 0. xbithack 0 0,Apache Environment,Variable Value,MIBDIRS C xampp php extras mibs. MYSQL HOME xampp mysql bin,OPENSSL CONF C xampp apache bin openssl cnf. PHP PEAR SYSCON,F DIR xampp php,PHPRC xampp php,TMP xampp tmp. HTTP HOST localhost,HTTP CONNECTIO,N keep alive,HTTP CACHE CON.
TROL max age 0,HTTP UPGRADE IN,SECURE REQUESTS 1, Mozilla 5 0 Windows NT 10 0 Win64 x64 AppleWebKit 537 36 KHTML like Gecko. HTTP USER AGENT Chrome 61 0 3163 100 Safari 537 36. HTTP ACCEPT text html application xhtml xml application xml q 0 9 image webp image apng q 0 8. HTTP REFERER http localhost pslm login index php,HTTP ACCEPT ENC. ODING gzip deflate br,HTTP ACCEPT LAN,GUAGE en US en q 0 8. HTTP COOKIE MoodleSession 383rvsqhutnn9mfkr5safu1vp1. C WINDOWS system32 C WINDOWS C WINDOWS System32 Wbem C WINDOWS Syst. PATH em32 WindowsPowerShell v1 0 C Users NCSL AppData Local Microsoft WindowsApps. SystemRoot C WINDOWS,COMSPEC C WINDOWS system32 cmd exe. PATHEXT COM EXE BAT CMD VBS VBE JS JSE WSF WSH MSC. WINDIR C WINDOWS, SERVER SIGNATUR address Apache 2 4 27 Win32 OpenSSL 1 0 2l PHP 7 0 23 Server at localhost Port.
E 80 address,SERVER SOFTWAR,E Apache 2 4 27 Win32 OpenSSL 1 0 2l PHP 7 0 23. SERVER NAME localhost,SERVER ADDR 1,SERVER PORT 80. REMOTE ADDR 1,DOCUMENT ROOT C xampp htdocs,REQUEST SCHEME http. CONTEXT PREFIX no value,CONTEXT DOCUME,NT ROOT C xampp htdocs. SERVER ADMIN postmaster localhost, SCRIPT FILENAME C xampp htdocs pslm admin phpinfo php.
REMOTE PORT 64078,GATEWAY INTERF,ACE CGI 1 1,SERVER PROTOCO. L HTTP 1 1,REQUEST METHOD GET,QUERY STRING no value. REQUEST URI pslm admin phpinfo php,SCRIPT NAME pslm admin phpinfo php. HTTP Headers Information,HTTP Request Headers,HTTP Request GET pslm admin phpinfo php HTTP 1 1. Host localhost,Connection keep alive,Cache Control max age 0.
Requests 1, Mozilla 5 0 Windows NT 10 0 Win64 x64 AppleWebKit 537 36 KHTML like Gecko. User Agent Chrome 61 0 3163 100 Safari 537 36, Accept text html application xhtml xml application xml q 0 9 image webp image apng q 0 8. Referer http localhost pslm login index php,Accept Encoding gzip deflate br. Language en US en q 0 8,Cookie MoodleSession 383rvsqhutnn9mfkr5safu1vp1. HTTP Response Headers,X Powered By PHP 7 0 23,Expires no value.
Cache Control private pre check 0 post check 0 max age 0 no transform. Pragma no cache,Language en,Content Script,Type text javascript. Content Style,Type text css,Compatible IE edge,Accept Ranges none. Options sameorigin,Keep Alive timeout 5 max 98,Connection Keep Alive. Encoding chunked,Content Type text html charset utf 8. BCMath support enabled,Directive Local Value Master Value.
bcmath scale 0 0,BZip2 Support Enabled,Stream Wrapper support compress bzip2. Stream Filter support bzip2 decompress bzip2 compress. BZip2 Version 1 0 6 6 Sept 2010,Calendar support enabled. PHP Version 7 0 23,Directive Local Value Master Value. allow url fopen On On,allow url include Off Off,arg separator input. arg separator output amp,auto append file no value no value.
auto globals jit On On,auto prepend file no value no value. browscap C xampp php extras browscap ini C xampp php extras browscap ini. default charset UTF 8 UTF 8,default mimetype text html text html. disable classes no value no value,disable functions no value no value. display errors Off On,display startup errors On On. doc root no value no value,docref ext no value no value.
docref root no value no value,enable dl Off Off,enable post data reading On On. error append string no value no value, error log C xampp php logs php error log C xampp php logs php error log. error prepend string no value no value,error reporting 0 22527. exit on timeout Off Off,expose php On On,extension dir C xampp php ext C xampp php ext. file uploads On On,highlight comment FF8000 FF8000.
highlight default 0000BB 0000BB,highlight html 000000 000000. highlight keyword 007700 007700,highlight string DD0000 DD0000. html errors On On,ignore repeated errors Off Off,ignore repeated source Off Off. ignore user abort Off Off,implicit flush Off Off, include path C xampp htdocs pslm lib pear C xampp php PEAR C xampp php PEAR. input encoding no value no value,internal encoding no value no value.
log errors On On,log errors max len 1024 1024,mail add x header On On. mail force extra parameters no value no value,mail log no value no value. max execution time 30 30,max file uploads 20 20,max input nesting level 64 64. max input time 60 60,max input vars 1000 1000,memory limit 128M 128M. open basedir no value no value,output buffering 4096 4096.
output encoding no value no value,output handler no value no value. post max size 8M 8M,precision 14 14,realpath cache size 4096K 4096K. realpath cache ttl 120 120,register argc argv Off Off. report memleaks On On,report zend debug On On,request order GP GP. sendmail from no value no value,sendmail path no value no value.
serialize precision 17 17,short open tag Off Off,SMTP localhost localhost. smtp port 25 25,sql safe mode Off Off,sys temp dir no value no value. track errors On Off,unserialize callback func no value no value. upload max filesize 2M 2M,upload tmp dir C xampp tmp C xampp tmp. user dir no value no value,user ini cache ttl 300 300.
user ini filename user ini user ini,variables order GPCS GPCS. windows show crt warning Off Off,xmlrpc error number 0 0. xmlrpc errors Off Off,zend assertions 1 1,zend detect unicode On On. zend enable gc On On,zend multibyte Off Off,zend script encoding no value no value. ctype functions enabled,cURL support enabled,Information 7 55 0.
AsynchDNS Yes,CharConv No,GSS Negotiate No,Largefile Yes. SPNEGO Yes,TLS SRP No,KERBEROS5 Yes,UNIX SOCKETS No. dict file ftp ftps gopher http https imap imaps ldap pop3 pop3s rtsp scp sftp smtp smtps. Protocols telnet tftp,Host i386 pc win32,SSL Version OpenSSL 1 0 2l. ZLib Version 1 2 8,libSSH Version libssh2 1 8 0,date time support enabled. Olson Timezone Database Version 2017 2,Timezone Database internal.
Default timezone Asia Kolkata,Directive Local Value Master Value. date default latitude 31 7667 31 7667,date default longitude 35 2333 35 2333. date sunrise zenith 90 583333 90 583333,date sunset zenith 90 583333 90 583333. date timezone Europe Berlin Europe Berlin,DOM XML enabled. DOM XML API Version 20031129,libxml Version 2 9 4,HTML Support enabled.
XPath Support enabled,XPointer Support enabled,Schema Support enabled. RelaxNG Support enabled,EXIF Support enabled, EXIF Version 1 4 Id 8bdc0c8f27c2c9dd1f7551f1f9fe3ab57a06a4b1. Supported EXIF Version 0220,Supported filetypes JPEG TIFF. Directive Local Value Master Value,exif decode jis intel JIS JIS. exif decode jis motorola JIS JIS,exif decode unicode intel UCS 2LE UCS 2LE.
exif decode unicode motorola UCS 2BE UCS 2BE,exif encode jis no value no value. exif encode unicode ISO 8859 15 ISO 8859 15,fileinfo support enabled. version 1 0 5,libmagic 522,Input Validation and Filtering enabled. Revision Id 28fcca4bfda9c9907588a64d245b49cb398249d8. Directive Local Value Master Value,filter default unsafe raw unsafe raw. filter default flags no value no value,FTP support enabled.
FTPS support enabled,GD Support enabled,GD Version bundled 2 1 0 compatible. FreeType Support enabled,FreeType Linkage with freetype. FreeType Version 2 8 0,GIF Read Support enabled,GIF Create Support enabled. JPEG Support enabled,libJPEG Version 9 compatible,PNG Support enabled. libPNG Version 1 6 29,WBMP Support enabled,XPM Support enabled.
libXpm Version 30512,XBM Support enabled,WebP Support enabled. Directive Local Value Master Value,gd jpeg ignore warning 0 0. GetText Support enabled,support enabled, md2 md4 md5 sha1 sha224 sha256 sha384 sha512 ripemd128 ripemd160 ripemd256 ripemd320 whirlpool. tiger128 3 tiger160 3 tiger192 3 tiger128 4 tiger160 4 tiger192 4 snefru snefru256 gost gost crypto adler32. crc32 crc32b fnv132 fnv1a32 fnv164 fnv1a64 joaat haval128 3 haval160 3 haval192 3 haval224 3 haval256 3. Hashing haval128 4 haval160 4 haval192 4 haval224 4 haval256 4 haval128 5 haval160 5 haval192 5 haval224 5. Engines haval256 5,MHASH support Enabled,MHASH API Version Emulated Support. iconv support enabled,iconv implementation libiconv.
iconv library version 1 15,Directive Local Value Master Value. iconv input encoding no value no value,iconv internal encoding no value no value. iconv output encoding no value no value,Internationalization support enabled. version 1 1 0,ICU version 57 1,ICU Data version 57 1. Directive Local Value Master Value,intl default locale no value no value.
intl error level 0 0,intl use exceptions 0 0,json support enabled. json version 1 4 0,libXML support active,libXML Compiled Version 2 9 4. libXML Loaded Version 20904,libXML streams enabled. Multibyte Support enabled,Multibyte string engine libmbfl. HTTP input encoding translation disabled,libmbfl version 1 3 2.
oniguruma version 5 9 6, mbstring extension makes use of streamable kanji code filter and converter which is distributed under the GNU. Lesser General Public License version 2 1,Multibyte japanese regex support enabled. Multibyte regex oniguruma version 5 9 6,Directive Local Value Master Value. mbstring detect order no value no value,mbstring encoding translation Off Off. mbstring func overload 0 0,mbstring http input no value no value.
mbstring http output no value no value, mbstring http output conv mimetypes text application xhtml xml text application xhtml xml. mbstring internal encoding no value no value,mbstring language neutral neutral. mbstring strict detection Off Off,mbstring substitute character no value no value. mcrypt support enabled,mcrypt filter,support enabled. Version 2 5 8,Api No 20021217, cast 128 gost rijndael 128 twofish cast 256 loki97 rijndael 192 saferplus wake blowfish compat des.
Supported ciphers rijndael 256 serpent xtea blowfish enigma rc2 tripledes arcfour. Supported modes cbc cfb ctr ecb ncfb nofb ofb stream. Directive Local Value Master Value,mcrypt algorithms dir no value no value. mcrypt modes dir no value no value,MysqlI Support enabled. Client API library version mysqlnd 5 0 12 dev 20150407 Id b5c5906d452ec590732a93b051f3827e02749b83. Active Persistent Links 0,Inactive Persistent Links 0. Active Links 1,Directive Local Value Master Value,mysqli allow local infile On On. mysqli allow persistent On On,mysqli default host no value no value.
mysqli default port 3306 3306,mysqli default pw no value no value. mysqli default socket no value no value,mysqli default user no value no value. mysqli max links Unlimited Unlimited,mysqli max persistent Unlimited Unlimited. mysqli reconnect Off Off,mysqli rollback on cached plink Off Off. mysqlnd enabled, Version mysqlnd 5 0 12 dev 20150407 Id b5c5906d452ec590732a93b051f3827e02749b83.
Compression supported,core SSL supported,extended SSL not supported. Command buffer size 4096,Read buffer size 32768,Read timeout 31536000. Collecting statistics Yes,Collecting memory,statistics Yes. Tracing n a, Loaded plugins mysqlnd debug trace auth plugin mysql native password auth plugin mysql clear password. API Extensions mysqli pdo mysql,mysqlnd statistics.
bytes sent 9289,bytes received 74329,packets sent 132. packets received 1387,protocol overhead in 5548,protocol overhead out 528. bytes received ok packet 0,bytes received eof packet 0. bytes received rset header packet 405,bytes received rset field meta packet 0. bytes received rset row packet 569,bytes received prepare response packet 33605.
bytes received change user packet 39213,packets sent command 63. packets received ok 0,packets received eof 0,packets received rset header 45. packets received rset field meta 0,packets received rset row 61. packets received prepare response 487,packets received change user 788. PHP Version 7 0 23 System Windows NT DESKTOP GBDFARJ 10 0 build 15063 Windows 10 i586 php ini Path C WINDOWS Loaded Configuration File C xampp php php ini Scan this dir for additional ini files none Additional ini files parsed none PHP API 20151012 PHP Extension 20151012 Zend Extension 320151012 Zend Extension Build API320151012 TS VC14 PHP Extension Build API20151012 TS VC14

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