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Alison Cockcroft and Emily Joy are visual artists who come together through a. shared interest in the processes of making art and public engagement Sharing. studio space for the past ten years whilst exhibiting undertaking residencies and. teaching both individually and together has led to the close creative collaboration that. is Periscope, Periscope sets out to develop immersive accessible events in which people of all. ages backgrounds and abilities are invited to participate playfully in creative. processes with no set outcomes We carefully curate the environment in a theatrical. way creating a narrative that is both referenced and imagined around the history. of a place or character A Periscope space is a place to play question investigate. and explore a place that feels free from the expectations and constraints of our. everyday lives Objects information and strange contraptions for looking or drawing. invite participants to see and experience things differently and give a sense of. contributing to ongoing research rather than entering a blank space that is awaiting. their input This also breaks down expectations or fears of can or can t do with. which creative practices are loaded so rather than judging results by certain. aesthetic standards participants can discover the sense of contributing to a bigger. communal project Freed from these inhibitions participants can be more playful. experimental and bold Questions hypothesis and prompts materials and equipment. within the environment invite certain types of interaction but beyond this we aim to. avoid specific instructions and time limits and to encourage autonomy We abandon. the idea of the expert tutor with knowledge to impart and see ourselves and. participants as undertaking a journey of discovery together The results may include. textual recording 2d mark making 3d construction observed drawing mechanics. printing etc We accept the validity of different responses and always expect the. unexpected Over the duration of the event the actions of participants are added to. the environment and become part of the source material for subsequent visitors All. our events have been run on a drop in basis over a number of days and are open to. Participants can participate on a variety of levels from simple observation of the. source material visual text sound historical reinterpretation etc to fully engaging. with and changing the entire environment with their creative interventions. Periscope at your venue, We are seeking to extend the scope of Periscope to develop ways of involving. people creatively to widen and diversify our audiences to encounter new historical. narratives that can be reinterpreted and to bring this new creative model to other. areas A look through the lens of our trusty viewing device shows us there is a big. wide world full of places to explore and stories to tell. Past Periscope events have enabled us to develop our methodology and gain. valuable feedback from participants We have begun to see particularly in The. Dream of The Plant Collector 2016 how our events can work on many levels. tapping into people s shared and personal relationship to a place and the individual. and collective imagination Through our projects we aim to tell and re tell the history. of a place whilst also imagining its future and promoting people s sense of place as a. public shared space in which they have a stake We also present this sense of place. within a wider context through hinting at the aspirations follies and fantasies of that. particular culture context and age We are interested in history as a layering of. shared and personal stories that contribute to people s sense of place and. community Heritage is part fact born out by the evidence of objects from the past. and part pure projection a place to travel back to through the imagination We also. recognise that participation in a shared creative experience can promote a sense of. belonging and community, We are committed to enabling people to view the world with fresh eyes and. encouraging curiosity playfulness and open ended research Our own curious. natures make us very excited at the idea of discovering new heritage stories and. bringing them to life We have a successful track record of working with other. organisations and welcome the opportunity of forming new working relationships. Past Periscope Projects, Periscope projects have been developed and run at The Museum In The Park in. Stroud The museum collection is focused on local heritage whilst the gallery hosts a. range of temporary exhibitions, We both have a long standing working relationship with the museum as exhibiting.
artists and as educators In 2011 we undertook a year long residency as founder. members of artist group Quercus within the Victorian walled garden which was then. derelict and awaiting renovation Emily s solo exhibition Gifts for Mother Mnemosyne. was also hosted by the museum in 2014 Alison has devised and run many family. drop in workshops based around the museum s collection and her observation of. people s engagement and the interactions between parents grandparents and. children has informed the development of the Periscope model For more details of. our work please see attached CVs,October 2016 The Dream of The Plant Collector. The Dream of the Plant Collector was a celebration of the opening to the public of the. walled garden at the Museum in the Park following an ambitious renovation project. after thirty years of neglect The garden is now fully open to the public for the very. first time in its history The Dream of the Plant Collector came about after careful. research into the history of the garden from the first known map from 1819 through. to the 21st Century The history of the garden was re imagined presented and. reflected through the many creative activities source material maps and viewing. devices Stemming from the imagined characters the Plant Collectors the event. touched upon ideas of layers of soil and history time passing and growth ways of. seeing and ways of documenting and imagination and projection into a possible. future garden It played upon the romantic notion of secret or forgotten gardens and. Victorian explorers dreaming of far away lands Participants and visitors could use. their layered maps to navigate through the new found land of the garden from the. plant collectors tent to the propagation shed seeing both past and present from the. viewing platform and immersing themselves in the quiet absorption of the plant. collectors drawing studio,For more information on this event please see. https periscopics wordpress com portfolio the dream of the plant collector. March 2016 The Inventor s Studio, The Inventors Studio presented a workshop environment which encompassed. drawing paper mechanics wire sculpture an interactive installation and work with. fabric The space was themed around the character of an eccentric inventor. determined to discover how humans could fly The inventor s thoughts experiments. and diary excerpts were displayed along side the growing collection of trials and. experiments from participants Wing mechanisms were investigated fantasy wings. made feathers and birds observed and drawn and flying models constructed and. sent on test flights whilst we pondered what would be needed on a long flight and. where we might choose to go,For more information on this event please see. https periscopics wordpress com portfolio the inventors studio flight. February 2016 The Paper City, Working within very defined parameters the Paper city was a growing collaborative.
installation that encouraged people to think about the nature of city design The. participants were invited to take part in a reimagining of what a city could be public. and private space work and leisure civic pride transport routes and maps and. plans Participants could choose templates construct from units and create their own. printing blocks Room layout displays and source material emphasised participants. autonomy within this process The placement of buildings though chosen by. individual participants resulted in co operation aesthetic decisions and distinct areas. within the city The result filled half the room inspiring poems and amateur films. For more information on this event please see, https periscopics wordpress com portfolio paper cities. April 2015 The Botanical Laboratory, The Botanical Laboratory was the first Periscope Big Draw event and focused on. drawing methodologies using the materials and language of science and. mathematics The room was transformed into a laboratory complete with scientific. instruments hypotheses and many possible solutions for the participants to discover. and add to the environment all linked in a very subtle way to looking and drawing. Participants were introduced to the environment and then allowed to find their own. way in the space moving from playing with projections and tracing shadows to. detailed measuring and paper engineering to the plant crusher in which specimens. were crushed Areas were subtly focused on working in specific ways and for. different durations from intimate close observation areas with focused lighting to. areas which invited a more dynamic and physical interaction such as the large scale. projections or construction tables There were clear invitations for self directed. participation for example plant specimens ready to be unclipped from the wall and. empty hooks waiting for new creations,For more information on this event please see. https periscopics wordpress com portfolio the botanical laboratory. November 2014 The Wanderer s Drawing Studio, The Wanderer s Drawing Studio was linked to Emily s solo show at the Museum in. the Park which loosely developed the idea of the character of the Romantic. Wanderer throughout the exhibition Source material included maps and mountains. plants and roots echoing imagery from the exhibition The workshop event formed. the prototype for future Periscope events in that it discarded the traditional model of a. taught workshop Instead the room was transformed into a drawing studio in which. many unusual and historically referenced drawing equipment was presented. including old projectors magic lantern slides blind drawing screens tracing from. light boxes and close observation using unusual drawing tools. For more information on this event please see, https periscopics wordpress com portfolio the wanderers drawing studio.
Budget and other Information, Periscope projects are delivered within a budget presented by the hosting. organisation with time allocated for research planning delivery and materials For. short events for example The Dream of the Plant Collector the budget total was. 3000 with a materials budget of 400 With over 800 direct participants the two day. event reached an audience of 1300 with a wider audience web broadcast press of. Individually Periscope artists have experience of managing budgets up to 20 000. managing teams collaborating with other artists musicians and those working in. many other fields We also have excellent experience of working with other. organisations with diverse groups and with those with barriers to the arts Periscope. artist also have experience of gaining successful funding bids including Arts Council. Alison Cockcroft,Within my art practice drawings and sculpture are. produced through actions that are physical and,repetitive examining both the strength and. vulnerability of the physical body I am engaged in an. ongoing investigation that encompasses interests in. the psychology of human attachments how we relate, to the natural world and our sense of ourselves as. physical beings I seek to reveal the direct,connection between the idea and the act of making.
and play with the tension between arbitrary actions and control randomly generated. marks and culturally aware conscious decision making Direct connection with the. body is made by drawing with finger marks printing from skin and hair breathing. scratching etc combined with more traditional drawing techniques The imagery. revealed by these processes teases the viewer by seeming at once familiar and. strange inviting recognition as something natural plant fur skin body animal. whilst remaining ambiguous and standing more as metaphor than representation. Whilst dealing with big questions I keep playfulness and curiosity at the centre of my. In recent site specific work with Museum In The Park and Cannington Walled Garden. I have become interested in referencing the history and current uses of a site within. the visual presentation of the work At times I work directly into an outdoor. environment recording actions made with my body This process was initiated during. a three day course exploring Wild Casting in Pembrokeshire I have also worked. collaboratively with other arts professionals poets dramatists and musicians and this. has led me to consider the performative qualities within my work and the possibilities. for effecting how people feel and behave when entering and immersing themselves. within a curated space,ALISON COCKCROFT Tamarisk, martinandalison2 tiscali co uk Bishops Walk Whiteshill. 01453 766158 Stroud GL6 6BW,Educational Qualifications. 1990 PGCE Bretton Hall College Wakefield, 1986 BA hons Fine Art 1st Class North Staffordshire Polytechnic. Recent Exhibitions,2016 10 Degrees North East of Base Camp Stroud. is Periscope Periscope sets out to develop immersive accessible events in which people of all ages backgrounds and abilities are invited to participate playfully in creative processes with no set outcomes We carefully curate the environment in a theatrical way creating a narrative that is both referenced and imagined around the history of a place or character A Periscope space is a

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