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PERISCOPE Newsletter Issue N 5,Editorial Facts, Dear colleagues and followers of the The PERISCOPE consortium unites. PERISCOPE Newsletters internationally renowned experts in what is. currently the largest public private partnership, We are very pleased to present the fifth issue in Pertussis Vaccine Research in Europe It was. of our e newsletter of the PERISCOPE launched in March 2016 receiving support from. consortium This semi annual document offers the Innovative Medicines Initiative IMI a joint. the opportunity to keep you updated on the undertaking of the European Commission and. latest progress of this project the European Federation of Pharmaceutical. Any feedback and suggestions to make this Industries and Associations EFPIA. PERISCOPE newsletter a unique tool to present Additionally PERISCOPE is the first IMI project. our activities are very welcome Please do not to receive funding from the Bill Melinda. hesitate to also share this newsletter with Gates Foundation BMGF The participating. colleagues and friends who might be interested experts are combining many years of. in this project experience in Bordetella pertussis Bp. research clinical trials bioinformatics,You can subscribe and unsubscribe via the. immunology and public health,PERISCOPE webpage www periscope. project eu,Acronym PERISCOPE,We hope that you will enjoy reading our latest.
news Full title PERtussIS COrrelates of,Protection Europe. Best regards, Martina Ochs and Nathalie Mielcarek editors Call Topic IMI2 2015 03 05. The PERISCOPE Communication Team Vaccines,Contract N 115910. Duration 60 months,01 03 2016 28 02 2021,Funding 28 000 000. Partners 22,Website www periscope,project eu eu,PERISCOPE has received funding from the.
Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 Joint Undertaking. under grant agreement No 115910,This Joint Undertaking receives support from the. European Union s Horizon 2020 research and,innovation programme and EFPIA and BMGF. PERISCOPE Newsletter Issue N 5, Objectives of the PERISCOPE project PERISCOPE position paper released. The PERISCOPE consortium was created to The position paper entitled PERISCOPE Road. facilitate an environment conducive for the towards effective control of pertussis by. development of a new generation of pertussis Diavatopoulos et al has been published in the. vaccines by facilitating collaboration between Lancet Infectious Diseases published online. pertussis stakeholders particularly from Nov 28 2018 The aim of this position paper is. vaccines manufacturing and the academic and to raise awareness of the existing gaps to. public research communities in Europe control pertussis and the approaches. undertaken within the PERISCOPE consortium,to solve these issues. PERISCOPE member receives,International Investigators Award.
Members of the PERISCOPE consortium during,the annual meeting 2018 in Lyon. The key objective of the project is to gain a,better understanding of the immune. mechanisms needed to ensure long lasting,immunity to pertussis in humans This will be. achieved through investigation of the immune Hans de Graaf from the University of. response generated by infection and Southampton US was honoured with the. colonization of Bordetella pertussis and by IDWeek 2018 International Investigators. comparing the immune response to whole cell Award He received the prize in recognition of. and acellular pertussis vaccines in humans and excellence in his abstract submitted to IDWeek. preclinical models To achieve this goal the 2018 A Bordetella pertussis Human Challenge. consortium aims to develop an extensive tool Model Induces Immunizing Colonization in the. box of bioassays to apply in vaccination studies Absence of Symptoms This clinical study aims. in Europe and the Gambia It is expected that to develop a safe controlled human Bp. the data generated will ultimately allow the infection model and to define natural immune. vaccine R D community to define an ideal responses against wild type Bp in order to. immunological profile or signature that facilitate the development of bioassays and. vaccines need to generate to ensure durable next generation pertussis vaccines. protection against B pertussis infection and,disease in humans. PERISCOPE Newsletter Issue N 5,Update on the BERT study.
Within the scope of PERISCOPE nine clinical In each newsletter we portray individual. studies will be conducted PERISCOPE members In this fifth issue we. are happy to introduce three of them and,Among them the Booster Pertussis vaccine. their views on the project,BERT study is currently on going and involves. 366 healthy volunteers from 3 different,C cile van Els National Institute. European countries The Netherlands Finland, and United Kingdom with a different for Public Health and the. epidemiological background for pertussis Environment RIVM Bilthoven The. incidence The main purpose of the BERT study Netherlands. is to investigate the effects of an aP booster,vaccination in children young adults and.
elderly with different epidemiological and,priming backgrounds for pertussis on the. magnitude quality and persistence of,immunological memory against B pertussis. The analysis of immune responses in this study,will allow us to assess biomarkers that can be. used to detect early signs of the waning of,immunological memory to pertussis and. biomarkers that can be used to assess long,lasting immunological memory to pertussis.
Why do we need PERISCOPE,Pertussis is difficult to control despite. vaccination calling for solutions including the,development of improved pertussis vaccines. The Dutch team Current acellular pertussis vaccines while safer. than the whole cell vaccines they replaced,seem less effective in the long term This is. thought to reflect different wiring of the,induced immune response To accelerate the. development of the next generation of,The Finnish team.
pertussis vaccines key knowledge is required,on the mechanisms correlating with protection. against pertussis including models and assays,for evaluating such correlates PERISCOPE. brings together outstanding basic and clinical,researchers and vaccinologists who as a team. The Oxford team can bring this field forward,PERISCOPE Newsletter Issue N 5. What is your expertise and role in the Ulrich Heininger University of. consortium,I am an immunologist by training My group.
Basel Children s Hospital, has a longstanding track record on correlates of Switzerland. protection research in pre clinical models and,clinical cohorts in the context of a wide range. of pathogens including B pertussis We have a,research line to elucidate processing and MHC. display of antigen to T cells by antigen,presenting cells Knowledge on targeted. antigenic sites may guide detection and,profiling of B pertussis specific T cells as we.
showed in human and preclinical studies With,this background my primary role in PERISCOPE. is to lead task 5 12 In this task we develop or,fine tune together with other partners. methods for in depth exploration of, biomarkers for superior B pertussis specific T Why do we need PERISCOPE. cell immunity in variously primed PERISCOPE Pertussis research has been fragmented and. samples Other responsibilities are delivering a spread all over the world in the past Rarely has. natural infection cohort Immfact study for research on pertussis been supported in a way. task 2 5 developing and evaluating with my that activities by different research groups. group and other partners a novel whole blood were coordinated to build up on each other. T cell assay for task 5 7 and coordinating This however is urgently needed to avoid. Periscope antigen distribution duplications of efforts caused by lack of. coordination and harmonization PERISCOPE,What aspect will you enjoy most working with. now fulfills this need Pertussis is not one of the. this consortium,major infectious diseases in terms of fatalities.
It is a privilege to work with so many experts,However it is ubiquitous all over the world and. from various disciplines on the correlates of,hardly any other vaccine preventable disease. protection for pertussis PERISCOPE is quite an,than pertussis causes so much trouble to. ambitious project but very timely well done,health care professionals and the public with. initiators Ronald de Groot Dimitri,regards to its recognition diagnosis treatment.
Diavatopoulos and others To me working on a,and last but not least prevention Better. topic with such a high public health impact in,vaccines than those currently used are. our very motivated local team in Bilthoven and,therefore urgently needed I am convinced that. with new and old collaborators throughout,PERISCOPE will deliver results which can pave. PERISCOPE is very enjoyable So far groups,the way towards totally new better acting.
invested in setting up studies assays building,pertussis vaccines than those currently. capacity and communication Yet the first,important PERISCOPE results are emerging. such as the implementation of the What is your expertise and role in the. experimental infection models in preclinical consortium. setting and humans clinical studies and assays I had the privilege to coordinate one of the. in progress posters and papers written and large acellular pertussis vaccine trials that were. accepted and much more to come Exciting performed in the early 1990s These trials were. PERISCOPE Newsletter Issue N 5, very challenging and time consuming They Andrew Preston University of. contributed a lot to our current knowledge on,the performance of acellular and conventional. Bath United Kingdom,whole cell pertussis vaccines and also allowed.
the discovery of some universal phenomenons,which are widely neglected but important. when it comes to the interpretation of vaccine,study results e g the so called observer bias. Cherry JD et al Pediatrics 1998 102 909 12,Ever since I continued to study pertussis as a. disease its epidemiology and challenges of, immunization with all of its fascinating facets Why do we need PERISCOPE. This has given me broad experience in various In recent years it has become apparent that. aspects of pertussis which I am happy to share current pertussis vaccines have shortcomings. with my colleagues and thus contribute to the but that it is going to be very difficult to bring a. success of PERISCOPE Here my specific roles new vaccine to the point of being licensed for. are a leading WP4 interaction with regulatory use Periscope directly addresses this by aiming. authorities and other stakeholders b critically to develop new ways of testing novel vaccines. discussing study protocols and procedures in to reach the point that we can have sufficient. my role as a steering committee member and confidence to take them into use in humans. c leading the Publication Committee which is This includes developing new pre clinical. needed to guarantee fair interactions between models and identifying measurable markers of. all consortium members when it comes to protective immunity against which a new. publications of PERISCOPE findings vaccine can be tested. What aspect will you enjoy most working with What is your expertise and role in the. this consortium consortium, PERISCOPE allows me to spend a significant I am a molecular microbiologist who has.
amount of my time for dealing with the disease researched fundamentals of Bordetella. that I have found most fascinating and pertussis biology for 20 years At the heart of. attractive in my career so far i e pertussis This PERISCOPE are assays and experiments. consortium puts me in a position where I can involving growth and manipulation of B. interact with what I trust are the most pertussis My group provides expertise in. prominent and talented experts in various working with B pertussis to these studies. fields of pertussis research both from the development of novel B pertussis reagents and. pharmaceutical industry and the academic we are investigating specific aspects of B. institutions involved in PERISCOPE This is pertussis pathogenesis. rewarding and it is a real privilege to be part of. What aspect will you enjoy most working with,this spear heading research consortium. this consortium,The PERISCOPE consortium includes many. long standing members of the B pertussis,research community The project enables us to. work together even more closely than before,on matters that are important to us It includes. members new to the field of pertussis who,bring a fresh perspective Together PERISCOPE.
PERISCOPE Newsletter Issue N 5, is a real opportunity to do genuinely novel and Denoel P Londo o Hayes P Chlebus M de. important research Azero MR 2018 Impact of the Innovative. Medicines Initiative on vaccine development,Nat Rev Drug Discov 17 769 770. Diavatopoulos D et al 2018 PERISCOPE Road,towards effective control of pertussis Lancet. PERISCOPE annual meeting Infect Dis Published online Nov 28 2018. 2019 in Salamanca Spain Naninck T Coutte L Mayet C Contreras V. Locht C Le Grand R Chapon C 2018 In vivo,imaging of bacterial colonization of the lower. From April 3rd to 5th 2019 the PERISCOPE,respiratory tract in a baboon model of.
consortium will gather in Salamanca Spain to Bordetella pertussis infection and transmission. use Periscope directly addresses this by aiming to develop new ways of testing novel vaccines to reach the point that we can have sufficient confidence to take them into use in humans This includes developing new pre clinical models and identifying measurable markers of protective immunity against which a new vaccine can be tested

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