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PRI QualificationSM BoK Aluminum Alloy Service Planner 2. 2 REFERENCES,PRI QualificationSM program documents. PD6000 Governance Administration of PRI QualificationSM Program. PD6100 Industry Managed Special Process Bodies of Knowledge. PD6200 Industry Managed Special Process Examinations System. IAQG documents IAQG Guidance PCAP 001 Competence Management Guideline. 3 DEFINITIONS, Definitions described within are specific to the Special Process BoK For program specific definitions. please refer to either the PD 6000 or the PRI QualificationSM Dictionary. BODY OF KNOWLEDGE BoK Baseline knowledge and experience required to be considered competent for a. target position, GENERAL EXAMINATION The General Examination is designed to ascertain the candidate s general knowledge. required for a particular job role or activity All of the questions will be derived from the corresponding BoK. EXPERIENCE The accumulation of knowledge or skill that results from direct participation in events or activities. over a period of time, IN HOUSE or IN SOURCING Keeping responsibility and control of key or critical processes inside an. organization by using available internal resources In house control Insourcing is often preferred to ensure. compliance of critical with specific customer or statutory requirements The opposite of Outsourcing. KNOWLEDGE Information understanding acquired over a period of time Information acquired through study. and retained over that period of time education training experience etc The combination of data and. information to which is added expert opinion skills and experience to result in a valuable asset which can be. used to aid decision making and problem solving, LEVEL A class or division of a group based on education training and experience There are 3 levels.
Operator Technician Planner and Owner Please refer to the current version of PD 6000 for definitions. METHOD A well defined division of a SPECIAL PROCESS widely recognised by industry A specific area of a. special process for example anodizing within Chemical Processing. NON SPECIAL PROCESS RELATED REQUIREMENTS Miscellaneous requirements such as Health and. Safety Environmental etc, OUT SOURCED is the contracting out of a business process to a third party external supplier It relates to both. product and services, PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES A quality or characteristic expected and required for a particular job role or activity. PRACTICAL EXAMINATION The Practical Examination shall consist of a demonstration of proficiency in. performing tasks that are typical of those to be accomplished in the performance of the candidate s duties The. examination content is derived from the corresponding BoK. SERVICE PROVIDER A company or individual that provides a service or product Service provider is generally. used to refer to external or outsourced third party suppliers of services and product although large organizations. may have Internal Service Providers for example IT. Examples may include Instrument calibration Periodic Tests TUS SAT analysis or testing which is outside the. capability of internal resources Service providers may also be suppliers of goods for example thermocouples. pure gases etc, PRI QualificationSM BoK Aluminum Alloy Service Planner 3. SKILL Ability to perform a particular task The quality of being able to do something that is acquired or developed. through training or experience, SPECIFIC EXAMINATION The Specific Examination shall cover requirements and use of the specifications. codes equipment operating procedures and test techniques the candidate may use in the performance of his her. duties with the employer Examination content will be derived from the corresponding BoK where applicable. WEIGHTING The weighting of each line item using a scale of 1 3 7 10 1 being least important 10 being. most important indicates the relative importance of that aspect of the BoK and will determine the likelihood and. frequency of a question on that topic appearing in the examination. 4 GUIDANCE TO EXAMINATION CANDIDATES, All PRI QualificationSM program examination candidates are recommended to read all documents referenced in.
section 2 of this document, As stated in PRI QualificationSM program document PD6200 every exam question shall relate directly to and be. derived from the information as detailed in the current version of the BoK. Re assessment to this BoK is required every 5 years unless otherwise specified. Candidates are therefore advised to ensure familiarity with all aspects of the BoK as detailed in Table 1 This can. be done through,Self study,Completion of internal training. Completion of external training a list of Approved Training Providers can be found at. https p r i org, Records of all qualified personnel shall be maintained and include. Date of Qualification,Results of Written Exam,Results of Practical Exam if applicable. Summary of Experience Owner level only, PRI QualificationSM BoK Aluminum Alloy Service Planner 4.
Descriptors Operator Owner OW,Planner PL,OP Technician T. For descriptions please,For descriptions please, For descriptions please refer to current version of. refer to current version of,refer to current version of PD6000. Aluminum Alloys Specific Basic understanding of the HT In addition to knowing what the In addition to knowing what the. Criteria Aluminum Alloy process Operator does the Planner Operator and Planner do the. including Quench and must Owner must,Refrigeration. Manage people that perform, Be capable of interpreting the work and evaluate and.
customer requirements and reviews reports must have. converting them into clear knowledge of how to run the. work instructions at the proper testing,level of operator. understanding, Technical Knowledge Basic knowledge of the special Good level of knowledge in all High or extensive knowledge. process its main processes aspects of the special process in all aspects of the special. methods and tools all its processes methods and process all its processes. tools methods and tools to assess,and validate improvements. Ability to coach others on Able to contribute to set. contents and methods in the externally recognized,context of their workplace standards. Ability to define contents and,methods for using knowledge.
effectively in influencing and,developing international. processes Ability to influence,the process with one s. Experience Sufficient experience to deal Has enough experience to Wide proven experience of the. with recurrent activity deal with unforeseen issues subject Is recognized. specialist within the special, Personal Attributes Takes into consideration behavioral characteristics such as but. not limited to team working communication direction and. purpose innovation and problem solving mutual trust and. respect confidentiality and trustworthiness, Skills Describes the activities necessary to perform each level of job. function to comply with the Body of Knowledge, Non Special Process Related Requirements Health Safety Environmental Quality System Requirements.
PRI QualificationSM BoK Aluminum Alloy Service Planner 5. ROLE DESCRIPTION PLANNER, SPECIAL PROCESS HEAT TREATMENT OF ALUMINUM AND ITS ALLOYS. METHOD Performance of Heat Treatment processes on Aluminum and its alloys to comply with customer specific. international standard requirements, REFERENCE GUIDELINES Addendum 1 is a list of the International Standards and Reference Documents. applicable to Heat Treating processes,Row COMPETENCE. Reference Guidelines,See description,Understands, The basic knowledge of the special processes methods and tools. 1 GENERAL QUALITY SYSTEMS KNOWLEDGE, 2 Knowledge and understanding of Aerospace Quality Systems and compliance 7 GEN AS9100 AC7102 2.
3 Full and complete understanding of company practices for content of internal work. instructions as well as interpretation of industry standards see Addendum 1 of this 7 GEN AS9100 AC7102 2. 4 Knowledge and understanding of how non conformance is controlled using tools such as. 7 GEN AS9100 AC7102 2,Root Cause Corrective Action and 5 Why s. 5 Knowledge and understanding of safety compliance requirements as applicable some. 10 GEN AS9100 AC7102 2, aluminum alloys treated in the wrong media could cause serious explosions. 6 Knowledge and understanding of traceability of calibration to NIST or equivalent agencies 7 GEN AS9100 AC7102 2. 7 GENERAL METALLURGICAL KNOWLEDGE RELATED TO HEAT TREATING. ALUMINUM ALLOYS Applicable to all specifications, 8 Understand the importance of generating work instructions that incorporate pyrometry. requirements including temperature sensors instrumentation thermal processing. 7 PRAC AMS2750 AC7102 8, equipment system accuracy tests and temperature uniformity surveys and reporting of. non conformance, 9 Understanding of Heat Treatments applied to Aluminum Alloys.
10 Solution Heat Treatment,Annealing AMS2771 AMS2772. Stress relieving AMS 2770 AC7102 2,Refrigeration, 11 Understanding of the importance of clear planning to allow for meeting and documenting AMS2771 AMS2772. Quench Delay times and time to aging or to refrigeration AMS 2770 AC7102 2. 12 Understanding of the definitions and importance of terms applicable to Heat. Treatment of Aluminum Alloys,Set temperature,Recovery time. Start of soak,End of soak AMS2771 AMS2772,Interruptions AMS 2770 AC7102 2. Quench delay,Eutectic Melting,Temp Heating Rate,Composition.
Homogenization effects on Heat treat, 13 Understanding of why correct selection and flowdown to operators of set temperatures and AMS2771 AMS2772. furnace uniformity is critical especially for solution treatment AMS 2770 AC7102 2. 14 Understanding of the importance of selecting minimum and maximum treatment times. including clear definition to operators as to how start and end of soak are determined and AMS2771 AMS2772. whether they are based on furnace controller readings or actual metal temperature load AMS 2770 AC7102 2. thermocouples, 15 Knowledge and understanding of when planning needs to require the use of protective. compounds ammonium or sodium fluoborate or other equivalent moisture reducing. compounds or the replacement of protective compounds with the monthly check for high. temperature oxidation 7 GEN AC7102 2, Aluminum treated to high temperature in humid environments can develop porosity related. to the generation of hydrogen Entrapped water must be prevented from entering the. furnace The loading of parts directly from a water containing quench tank i e wet parts. PRI QualificationSM BoK Aluminum Alloy Service Planner 6. into a furnace is prohibited by many specifications Fluoborate compounds act as drying. agents to reduce any residual moisture, 16 Knowledge and understanding that planning must reflect use of heat treating equipment and. instruments for the heat treatment of aluminum alloys that are in accordance with 7 GEN AMS 2750 AC7102 2. customers requirements, 17 Knowledge and understanding that planning must specify heat treating facilities that.
AMS2750 AC7102 2, possess the correct temperature uniformity instrument accuracy and resolution for the heat 7 GEN. treating of aluminum alloys in accordance with customers requirements. 18 Knowledge and understanding that when required by specification planning for furnaces. used above 400F 200C must specify operation such that the products of combustion that 7 GEN AC7102 2. could contaminate the load do not enter the heat treating furnaces. 19 Knowledge and understanding that planning must include that salt bath be tested. 7 GEN AC7102 2, periodically for pH in accordance with the applicable heat treating specification. 20 Racking fixturing and spacing, Knowledge and understanding that planning must include the identification of specially 7 GEN AC7102 2. designed racks and fixtures which must be used for the specific parts they are designed for. 21 Knowledge and understanding that planning must include that racks fixtures and or baskets. 7 GEN AC7102 2,must be free from entrapped quenchant. 22 Knowledge and understanding that planning must include that parts must be spaced in. 7 GEN AC7102 2, order to ensure adequate circulation of the heating medium and quenchant.
Knowledge and understanding that planning must include that quench mechanisms must be 7 GEN. capable of meeting the maximum quench delay provisions of the specifications. 24 Knowledge and understanding that planning must include that quench delay requirements. 7 GEN AC7102 2, must be met and documented for each individual load. 25 Spray or forced air quench, Knowledge and understanding that planning must include that spray or forced air quenching 7 GEN. may only be used on alloys and product forms when allowed by the governing specification. 26 Knowledge and understanding that planning must include that periodic electrical. conductivity tests must be performed when required to verify the effectiveness of the spray AC7102 2. and or forced air quench and that these periodic conductivity checks meet do not exceed. maximum conductivity and uniformity requirements for each surface of the alloy tested. 27 Knowledge and understanding that planning must include maintenance to assure that. 7 GEN AC7102 2, nozzles and jets are not blocked and are oriented at the same position as qualified. AMS2771 AMS2772 AMS 2770 amp AC7102 2 15 Knowledge and understanding of when planning needs to require the use of protective compounds ammonium or sodium fluoborate or other equivalent moisture reducing compounds or the replacement of protectivecompounds with the monthly check for high temperature oxidation Aluminum treated to high temperature in humid environments can develop porosity

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